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Careful with those compliments

I know this won’t support that whole “women aren’t complicated” argument I’ve had going on here but I have to be honest: Women like compliments….however men have to be careful how they lodge those things at us.  We tend to dislike when men are not complimentary but we also get turned off when it’s insincere.

Now, in our defense, ladies, we have certainly heard crazy and dumb stuff some men say to women.  We generally can tell when a guy is gaming us to get our phone numbers for sport hook ups; we also know when a guy is genuinely impressed with us.  There are times when a compliment can go all wrong and you actually feel insulted.

As my friend Damon Young recently noted,  “how the compliment is actually received depends primarily on the type of compliment you’re giving and the type of woman you’re complimenting.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Do men know that the type of compliments they offer can either sink or swim their chances with women?

How do men receive compliments?  Do you enjoy it when a woman pays you a compliment?  Should women be careful how they compliment you so that you feel flattered instead of ridiculed?

Can you think of the best compliment you ever received from someone?

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blue - Waiting.....

August 23rd, 2010
5:13 pm

its me – my SO parents have been on a first name basis from day 1, only got one mom one dad.

vejay ring – aww he!! no, just owww. tried the tongue ring once, thinking about doing it again….may need to be like crazy drunk this time tho, lol…..

Simple Man!!!!

August 23rd, 2010
6:25 pm

Damn….missed all of the good stuff!!! Late day meetings are a b**ch!