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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Archive for June, 2010

Hot summer fun

The temps are rising people! It’s hard to stay sexy in the summer but I think I’ve managed to make the best of it.  Atlanta has a lot to offer and some of it goes down inside a building with great air conditioning! Or the event takes place right when the heat relents as the sun sets.  What do you do for hot summer fun?

This is the time of year that men really love too.  The ladies are wearing less..for survival and sexy purposes. Everyone is vacationing or planning for one, so people are friendly and happy.  This pretty much makes conditions perfect for mixing and mingling. So how do we find each other!?

What places have the best patios to be seen? Where can you meet someone who shares your interests and hobbies?

We need names and addresses people! A summer time guide to the Atlanta dating scene. Spill your secrets and we promise to thank you..somehow, in some way. Whatever, just be generous, it’s good for your health.

Happy Friday!

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Can a man freely express heartbreak?

Hello everyone! I hope you had a safe and happy Memorial Day!

If you’ve been reading Misadventures in Atlanta for a while, you may remember that I have an annual trip to Mexico this time of year. My mother and I participate in a home building/medical ministry mission with the group Constructores Para Cristo.

Since I’ve left the city, I asked some of my all-star buddies to assist me this week and guest blog. I hope you enjoy what they have to say and welcome them! I will be reading along with you guys and jumping in when I can!

Today, we have a wonderful writer buddy of mine who has guest blogged before. Fly Guy asks the question, can a man freely express heartbreak? Check out what he has to say:

In my dad’s world, and in the world of many like-minded men, expressions like hurt, pain and heartbreak aren’t welcomed. It’s as simple as that. To borrow a direct quote from my dad, “that’s stuff that girls go through.” That’s typical for him … he’s the …

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