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Meet me half-way

When you are dating someone new and the novelty of the relationship start to wear off, you begin to find out how good (or bad) you are at listening.  Communication is one of those relationship ingredients that can make it a masterpiece or a nightmare.  The really happy couples seem to find a way to navigate conflict resolution and communication in an effective way.

I think one of the hardest parts about getting a relationship off the ground is letting each other know what it is you need and want. It sounds simple enough in theory, and certainly writing about it is a cakewalk, compared to actual real-world relating.

When you are dating someone new, how difficult is it for you to show them what you need in a relationship?

Believe it or not, I am not a “big talker of the feelins”, perhaps yet another reason I’m not married?  I like things to be simple and clear, and relationships can sometimes be anything but that.  However, if I’m with someone I truly adore, I would meet him …

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Think like a woman. Act Like a woman

I am completely hooked on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.  I’m not all that interested in dating a millionaire (although I wouldn’t exactly run from one!) but I simply love Patty Sanger.  She gives good reality TV drama with her sarcasm, insulting zingers, and reality checks she dishes out.

One of the things she always brings up is feminine and masculine energy.  We have the way we look physically and then we have the energy or vibe that we are giving out.  When women say or think that men are intimidated by them, it’s probably related to the feminine or masculine energy they give out.

A lot of men tell me that they were drawn to my warm smile and approachable personality. I even heard one guy raving to his friend on the phone (yes, I eavesdropped!) that he was so happy to meet a good southern girl with manners.  When I walked back in the room blushing, he launched into a diatribe of dating women with no femininity.

After men have checked out the way women look, they also …

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