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Single people meet, fun ensues

The Atlanta Film Festival kept me pretty busy but on one of the evenings I managed to squeeze in a singles event.  I got word via my Twitter pal, “Alone in Atlanta” that there was a very cool “sexy scavenger hunt” going down.   I arrived a pinch late  but as soon as I got there I was immediately impressed. First off, it was at the Chocolate Bar. You can’t go wrong there!

When I scanned the crowd I found that everyone was smiling (yes lovely Ladies smiling too) and laid back. A really great vibe!  I checked in and stuck a name badge on and headed to the counter to try a cocktail.  The organizers had everyone participate in a really fun ice breaker game.  You had no choice but to mix and mingle but it was never awkward.

I asked a couple of attendees if they enjoyed the event and everyone I spoke to said they did. The ages ranged from 25 to um my age *cough* and it seemed to mesh well.  Ms. Manson said that this was her second event like this and the first event had a perfect mix …

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Do you need better bedroom etiquette?

I can think of a couple of things a lot of people don’t feel comfortable telling their partners about their bedroom etiquette.  When it comes to being intimate, you would think that no conversation is off limits.  The reality is that some people have hang ups about sex and talking about sex with their partner.

What do you do when your partner has made a few wrong moves and you need to let them know? I think many people are oblivious to some things.  Maybe you are not showing proper etiquette to your partner and they don’t want to outright tell you about it.

For the purpose of enlightenment (that’s what we do here, right?!), what are ways to improve your “etiquette” in the bedroom?  What should you be mindful of when it comes to you and your partner?

According to your good/bad experiences, what should you do/ never do?

Even though it’s an “adult”, try your very best to keep things PG, people.  Imagine your seven-year old daughter/son/niece/nephew is reading. Talk in …

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Dating interrupted: Why women need male friends

I have a small group of male friends that I consider like brothers.  I’ve known them long enough to trust their judgment and definitely listen to their advice on dating!  I don’t always like what they say, and I definitely don’t always love the way they say it.  These guys mean well but they aren’t real big on tact.  It’s pretty straight, no chaser kind of feedback I get from them.

When I asked one of them to go to the Nightline Face-Off debate earlier this month, I somehow got a dating  lecture.  Vince didn’t understand why I needed to go to any debate/forum about relationships.  He seemed to think that a lot of women (read: me) sabotage our own chances with potential matches because we don’t like being happy.

I, of course don’t agree and prepared an impressive rebuttal with evidence of my concerted efforts to get coupled up.  He counter argues (he’s finishing law school, a clear advantage over me) with my line up past of seedy characters and bad selections.

In my defense, I …

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Will chivalrous expectations last?

I was very happy to make it out to the wonderful Atlanta Film Festival.  If you’ve never been, I would definitely recommend it, even if you are not a huge fan of films.  There was literally something for everyone, including films/shorts on music, art, comedy, history and many other genres of film were represented.  The attendees were as diverse as the films that were featured.

One of the featured shorts that stood out to me in the African American Shorts showcase was Train.

Train (2009) Darius Clark Monroe, Executive Producer

Train (2009) Darius Clark Monroe, Executive Producer

It was a short, yet powerful film about what men go through when they have to decide how to handle difficult situations in regards to chivalry.  I am being intentionally vague as not to give away the entire premise, but it made me think hard about what single women expect from men.

If a man is not interested in a woman romantically, we still would expect some sort of chivalry from them.  With all the confusing gender roles that can create dating and …

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Misadventures in New Orleans

Hello everyone! I’m “blogging on location” from the wonderful city of New Orleans.  I’ve been here since Saturday to attend the weekend bachelorette activities of a fabulous bride-to-be.  We descended upon the Big Easy during the New Orleans Jazz Festival.  It’s been great friends, food, and the best music in the world!

As I was trekking through Hartsfield-Jackson, a very handsome guy was noticing me. I noticed him noticing me and then I noticed him right back.  He ended up escorting me all the way to my gate (gentleman?) and then he asked me to take his number down.  I joked that I didn’t want to risk forgetting that I met him since I was headed to a weekend of debauchery.  He took mine and minutes later, he sends a text giving me his phone number.

Alright so, when men ask women to do the calling, is this a new twist to even the playing field of dating? Am I expected to call him when I get back? I actually don’t mind calling but I found it strange that he was so adamant about …

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Mix and mingle in Atlanta

It’s been a super busy week with about 20 different events going on in the city! It’s one of the many reasons I love Atlanta.  I went to a film festival, listened to live hip hop music, Nina Simone tribute that was a spoken word/art event and singles mixer! I am exhausted as that sounds but I had a wonderful time running around town.  I will tell you about the events in more detail next week.

On Tuesday, I braved the crowd and ventured to Buckhead to attend the 13th Annual Unsigned Urban Showcase the Havana Club in Atlanta. The event was hosted by R&B crooner Lloyd and DJ Drama, the showcase featured performances by hip-hop heir apparent Drake and Atlanta-bred Travis Porter.

One of the exciting moments for me was when BMI Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations Catherine Brewton and members of Organized Noize and Goodie Mob presented rapper/producer Big Boi with the Legends of ATL Award.  I am a HUGE OutKast fan, so it was great to see Bib Boi aka Sir Luscious Left …

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Reaction to the ‘Nightline’ debate on successful black women’s romantic woes


Sherri Shepard (left) and VH1 star Jacque Reid represented for the ladies on ABC ‘Nightlline: Face-Off” debate, ‘Why can't a successful black woman find a man?’, It was taped earlier this month (April 2010) in Decatur, Ga (ABC/Guy D'Alema)

I hoped you watched ABC’s Nightline last night! I always find it fascinating how much production goes into a piece that airs. Of course, they have to edit a great deal but I think they highlighted the key points of the discussion!  The debate that aired last night hit on a couple of interesting points.

I recall Hill Harper saying that 95% of professional women want the top 5% of men who they see as their counterparts.  I have my oh so brilliant Love Squad on deck to answer our own face-off questions:

Is it a misconception that Atlanta women are looking for highly educated, successful men?  Or is there a grain of truth to this? Considering the many single professional black women I know and meet in the city,  I honestly can not think of many …

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‘Nightline’ looks at successful black women’s relationship struggles

Photo: ABC/Guy D'Alema

See tonight's show, then discuss it on my follow-up blog Thursday morning. (ABC/Guy D'Alema)

You will definitely want to watch, record, or hold a viewing party for “Nightline Face-Off” on ABC, airing tonight at 11:35 p.m.  The hot topic on the debate table was why successful black women can’t get a man. Not only was the debate taped locally in Decatur earlier this month, yours truly was there to witness it all!  That’s right, people, the relationship revolution will be televised…tonight on ABC!

The debate moderators included author and radio host Steve Harvey and Nightline’s Vicki Mabrey.  The lively and decidedly entertaining panelists included CSI star, Hill Harper, journalist/VH1 star Jacque Reid, Comedian and ‘The View’ panelist Sherri Shepherd and author Jimi Izrael. Atlanta’s own Dr. Tartt (and Misadventures in Atlanta guest blogger!) was featured as an audience guest panelist as well, as was soon to be published author, Helena Andrews. Andrews is the author of an …

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Single parent dating

Dating a single parent brings its own set of unique challenges. More often then not, it becomes a real test of how compatible two people really are.  I have met some single fathers who have the “single dad dating” thing down.  They know how and when to bring up the fact that the have children.  They also know the proper time to introduce their significant others.

Others have a hard time with balancing their dating life with the parenthood.  I always tell my friends with no children that getting involved with a single mom or dad takes understanding.  What kind of advice would you give someone who is dating a single parent?  If you are a single parent, how do you manage to work, parent, and date?

I dated one guy who waited weeks to tell me that he had a son.  It was a huge red flag because he was keeping a lot of things hidden from me.  What would you do if you discovered the person you were dating had a child or children?

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Pick-up lines work

I did something I haven’t done in ages the other day.  I used a pick-up line on a man! I couldn’t let the opportunity to flirt slip away so I had to act fast.  I was at the opening gala for the Atlanta Film Festival last week when I noticed a very handsome guy.  Once I saw no ring (or tan line for one!), I shimmied his way after grabbing a second glass of Pinot aka liquid courage.   I said something about how he looked like a good challenge I could get into. I can’t even remember the exact words.  It didn’t matter that much!

It was enough to make him chuckle and say something like, “Oh really” and we spent the next couple of minutes chatting it up. I really should pick men up more often, it’s scary at first but getting a great response is an adrenaline rush! Ladies, do you use pick up lines on men? What has worked for you? Does it bother you when men approach you with a pick up line? What if it’s a really great one?

Guys, do you ever get approached by women in public? Do they …

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