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We Just Don’t Care

Well here’s a dating dilemma I wouldn’t mind having: A reader wrote to me asking for the blog’s input on what she should do about her man’s extreme PDA behavior.  It seems that he has a thing for fooling around in very strange and inappropriate places.

She admits to being a little prudish when it comes to this kind of thing, but she has seen the thrill value in it.  She wants to know if she should admit that it makes her uncomfortable? Is it possible that he will eventually get tired and the novelty of it all would just fade away? How would you handle it?

Have you ever been in a relationship and your partner seems to cross the line from frisky to “no way am I doing that” territory?

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Romance and Finance

I was having a discussion with some people at dinner recently.  There was a married couple, an engaged man, and the rest were single people.  We were talking about our so-called post-feminist age and I noticed how uncomfortable people became when the topic of money came up.

The engaged man commented that his wife-to-be had more education and a higher income then he did.  She had already expressed a desire to change careers and possibly be a stay at home mother when they have children.  Some were surprised and (in my opinion) a little judgmental about that, including the men. They didn’t seem to agree with the idea of giving up income/earning power for the greater good of the family unit.

Are women who have a desire to be provided for – in this day – really that rare?  Aren’t men still interested in the traditional dynamics of being the bread winner, even if it’s “less bread” then what his partner is making?

Do you think men who have difficulty being attracted to women who …

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Girlfriend Expectations

A lot of times people desire relationships and marriage because they have all these expectations, including some that aren’t so realistic.  Even though men love to stick with their, we’re simple and easy to please, I think guys still expect a lot of things from their women.  It’s how she gets from “random woman” he’s met to she could be “the one” status.

When a guy proposes, he believes that his girlfriend has far exceeded his expectations and wants to make her his wife (or he doesn’t want to risk losing her).  Either way, men have girlfriend expectations and they should.  I just wonder if women know what they are.  I’m going to guess that we don’t and maybe we shouldn’t know beforehand.

After you have dated and hopefully communicated with one another, you have expressed your needs in a relationship. I believe that we express our desires and expectations in different ways.  Would you agree? Do you think that we have realistic expectations of a dating relationship?  What about …

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