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Ring Barrier

Getting engaged should be an exciting and happy experience. The woman has the easy part, she just has to be happy and say yes. The gentleman, however, has to navigate all that comes with proposing. Talking to the parents (if he so desires), plotting out the proposal plans, and ring shopping.

I didn’t realize how much guys worry about engagement rings. A friend of mine said that he did not want to disappoint his girlfriend so he made sure to get her sister involved. My co-worker said that his wife didn’t like the engagement ring he selected and she told him as much.  They nearly broke up because of it.  I know of another couple who delayed their engagement until they could afford the ring she they wanted.

Perhaps I just don’t get it,  but what is it about rings that can cause so much stress? It’s supposed to just be a symbol of a couple’s love and commitment, isn’t it?

Have you ever had a ring cause a breakup? What is the “proper” etiquette for women who receive rings they don’t like? What do you think men should spend on engagement rings?

What happens to the ring if the wedding is called off? Do you think the ring should matter as much as it does?

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Mo (aka Moeisha )

January 29th, 2010
4:35 pm

Alright ya’ll, im out as well! Off to start my weekend!

Ya’ll be easy and be careful! Have a great evening and weekend!



January 29th, 2010
4:37 pm

hope no one finds them while they scrub the ground You mean the dance? lol “lemme hear ya say sccccccccrub the ground! Now dip baby dip. Cmon now dip baby dip.”

Professor is.....

January 29th, 2010
4:38 pm

Dang DreamsM, why did I start moving when I read the words to that song? Okay it is time to dip baby dip as in taking my boo-tay home!

…stepping out!


mytw♥cents... maybe even marcasite

January 29th, 2010
4:57 pm

Hey LEGGS/MO/TAZZ/DREAMS ‘nem. I’m good, just so ready for my drank! I’m a woman of the people so sounds like Tequila shots to set this weekend off. We gotta watch it, Mo. Dreams gonna swap out that 1800 for Don Julio when we ain’t lookin. And Leggs might see it, but she’ll let him! Now which watering hole…

P.S. Taz, just channel your Hawaiian Pro Bowl excursion to buffer the pain :)

Runaway Fiancee

January 30th, 2010
2:18 pm

I have been engaged three times and have all the rings. Each time, the ring was bigger.


February 1st, 2010
8:18 am

When i received my engagement ring i was so happy with the man , The ring isnt one i would of picked out . It isnt heidiously expensive , but my man took time and bought what he thought i would love . Thats what means the most to me ..As far as a wedding i wont spend a fortune ,I had a white wedding the first time and did it under a thousand dollars dress included . This time it will be friends family and fun …


February 1st, 2010
8:24 pm

A woman who gets too concerned about a ring is entirely too materialistic. My husband didn’t buy me a ring, but an engagement bicycle, because he knows I have no use for rings and would prefer something practical and fun. If he’s going to spend several thousand dollars, I want something more than shiny!

Anyhow, the ring is supposed to be symbolic. If you find yourself more concerned with the material object than the proposal, you’re marrying the wrong person.