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It’s Human Nature, Really?

There is nothing more distracting to a good weekend of football then breaking gossip news reports about a high profile sports figure having an affair.  I take that back, there is one thing more distracting, when said prominent sports figure allegedly argues with his wife and wrecks his SUV about having an affair.

While Tiger Woods is making all attempts at damage control, a lot of people are speculating about the entire situation.  As always, a lot of people subscribe to the school of thought that anyone who is wealthy and powerful will never remain faithful.  Then others think that monogamy is simply not natural.  This argument always perplexes me because I have yet to see it this way.

What does it mean that it’s human nature to cheat? Is that logic simply based on biology?

I remember telling a guy that I wanted to be like the penguins and mate for life.  He argued back that they ALL look alike, so of course it is easier for them to mate for life. GREAT.  So much for my …

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Should we be thankful for dating?

Thanksgiving is the holiday that invokes gratitude and appreciation.  You can count your blessings and say what you are thankful for because it allows you to recognize what you have.  We can even appreciate the dating game, for better or for worse.

Of course it is no fun being rejected or getting dump, but a lot of our dating experiences are fun.  I would even argue that if we took the time to really think about it, there are few things we actually regret.  By the way, if this is not the case, then you may need to evaluate why you are constantly picking the wrong people. Or perhaps you are picking the right person and handling things the wrong way.

At any rate, what do you appreciate about the dating game? Which experience are you most grateful for?

If you took the time to find the lesson, which was the most important one you learned?

I think each date is like taking a little step toward the person you want, so we may as well make it a meaningful step. Do you think we …

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Meeting the (Crazy) Family

Let’s face facts, people. Some of us come from families that are a little…eccentric.  You have to be sure that when you bring someone home for the holidays they can actually handle seeing you in your family element.

If you are brave enough to take someone home for the holidays this week, you should warn them about what to expect.  Especially if you have a wide cast of crazy characters in your family that could possibly embarrass you.  Let them know what to expect!

Have you ever gone home with your date for the holidays? Did it end well? How do you know if it is a good time to bring someone around your relatives? May I suggest you watch Meet the Fockers for homework before bringing someone over.  You can learn what to do when you meet crazy relatives of your date!

Who is the most outrageous family member that you actually worry about introducing your date to?

What are your Thanksgiving Day plans this year?

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She’s All In

Sometimes women have a hard time just outright admitting how much she likes someone.  Although we really don’t like it when men do it to us, we can be just as bad with sending a guy mixed signals and being vague.

So how can men tell when a woman really likes him? Sadly, just because she is agreeing to go out on a date doesn’t necessarily mean she actually likes you.  There are other ways to tell she is happy you are in her life though:

1. She is genuinely concerned about your well-being. You may notice that she pays attention to something you need and then fulfill those needs.

2. She doesn’t criticize you harshly.  Women definitely pay attention to your behavior and can see when you are acting like a bonehead.  When she likes you, she can call you out in a respectful manner, handling your ego with care.

3. She doesn’t make outrageous demands on you to prove to her you like her.  A really smart woman does not require a man to spend a boatload of cash on her. In fact, when …

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Takes One to Know One

Today Gwinnett Arena is being descended upon by a lot of trucks and dirt for the Professional Bull Riders events that kick off  (no pun, intended)  tonight.  Later today, I have a meet up with PBR’s official “barrel man” Flint Rasmussen for an interview and hopefully I can get a crash course in man wrangling!

Flint RasmussenFLINT

I’m secretly hoping he will be dressed just like this. Either outfit would work.

Some of the best advice I have received about dating men - who want to marry – has come from men who have done it and are happy about it.  That’s right, happily married men exist and they are chock full of good information single men and women can take heed to.

I just think it’s good practice to seek out people who have reached the destination that you desire. Often times they can offer great insight on their journey, including mistakes and pitfalls.

It could also be helpful to introduce someone you are dating to your trusted married friends.  Some of my married guy friends can spot a …

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Time’s Up

I think my date double-booked on me. Last weekend, we agreed to meet up after work for a little “happy hour” and flirting.  After a couple of hours, he seemed to be ready to move on to the next stop. Needless to say,  I wasn’t invited.  He wasn’t exactly checking his watch every few minutes but sometimes a girl just knows.

He sent a text message the next day, I declined to meet up with him later in the weekend. It was not because of the double-booking, I had other plans already. I am actually guilty of double-booking guys in one day, so I couldn’t really get mad that someone did it to me.

When you schedule dates or agree to go out with someone, do you pay much attention to the time of day or the day of the week that they suggest?  If you are “penciled in” for drinks or meet up for coffee, do you consider that insulting?

My friend Greg said that he “threw me a date bone” because I only was granted the less then desirable happy hour hook up. I have to admit, I thought he was …

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Men Without Fear

After checking out the Professional Bull Riders’ official website, I am getting even more excited about seeing the riders in action. There is something about a man whose job is dangerous that is so, well intriguing, masculine, admirable, I could go on!

Seriously, can you imagine talking to someone about their day at work when he does something like this?

Professional Bull Rider

I always wonder, what motivates a man or woman to take on a dangerous career? Why do they do it and what does that mean about their seemingly fearless character?

I’ve dated a policeman and a fireman and I can remember having an ongoing uneasy feeling when they went to work. I can’t imagine living with that anxiety all the time if I were to marry into a dangerous career.  Yeah, the uniforms were hot, but could I really handle all that comes with being with them?

What do you think of the men and women who work in a risky career? What about the daredevils who have some pretty dangerous hobbies?  Does it take a special kind of …

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Think Outside the Box

I have pretty much been on all the traditional dates you can imagine. You know, the safe and predictable ones. I know that I am not the only one who is tired of going to dinner and a movie for a first date, am I?  I think it’s time we all shook things up a little.

Why not use the remaining weeks of 2009 to think outside the “dating” box and move out of our ridiculously safe (read: dull) comfort zones.  Let’s all make a list of the most outrageous, non-traditional, completely out of your character date activities you can think of and then go do it!

We all need to participate so we can all report back to share how great/terrifying/outrageous thinking outside the dating box really is.  We could even vote on who has the best idea and who was the bravest!

You know a great place to start? How about in a bull pen!

The Professional Bull Riders are charging in to town (har!) this weekend at the Gwinnett Center. Ladies, if you want to meet men you have to go where they have a good …

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Playing It Cool

Sometimes I marvel at the fact that we singles even manage to make it to the first date.  Some of us get up hung up in the approach, showing interest, and determining compatibility part that comes with dating.  I think a lot of times we take it way too seriously, pretty much sucking the fun part out of the whole process.

Keeping it simple is virtually impossible.  I know women have a tendency to complicate matters when they shouldn’t be, but I have met and dated men who do the same thing.  Is it so hard to play it cool until things develop?

There is nothing wrong with being excited about spotting someone you want to get to know more.  However, acting desperately can be a real turn off. Nobody likes it when people come on too strong. How do you handle it when someone is a little over the top in pursuing you?  Do you find it flattering, annoying, or are you confused by it?

If someone you are interested in seems to be playing it cool, do you take it as a sing of disinterest …

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Hurts So Good

There is nothing like the emotions you go through when you are falling for someone.  I liken it to what I think falling out of an airplane would feel, but I haven’t skydived yet so I am speculating.  You are taking a calculated risk. You have your parachute and your tandem partner that you trust completely.

You take the leap and you have an initial feeling of utter bliss and joy.  The moment you fall out feels surreal and unbelievable.  Then perhaps you look at exactly how high you are and maybe start to panic a bit.  You hope that your rip cord works and that you and your partner won’t fall too badly because you know it will hurt if your parachute doesn’t open.

I know this makes falling in love sound terrifying and exhilarating all at once.  That’s kind of the point, really.  It can be the best feeling in the world when it’s good.  When it’s bad? Ouch.  It doesn’t matter how scary it is, most of us won’t stop chasing that feeling of being in love.

Have you ever been …

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