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Archive for October, 2009

Over the Bad Boys

I remember having a discussion with the younger guy I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks. He made a comment about how I “needed a man with edge” or something.

I thought about it and realized that I feel like I am over the edgy dudes. In fact, they kind of annoy me mostly because it’s just a bunch of bad boy bravado. There usually is a super kind, generous guy underneath all the hype.

I can’t seem to meet the type that I am drawn to: square, a little corny, and not at all the bad boy type. Tattoos, piercing, earring, or whatever the bad boy uniform is doesn’t do it for me. I like them clean cut and polite. I did meet someone recently that seemed to be the type but after our first date, I got the bad boy edgy vibe!

Do you think that bad boys and “good girls gone bad” types lose their appeal as we get older? If you really think about it, this is the type you usually seek out when you aren’t looking for anything meaningful. How do we end up in relationships and …

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Say Something

Romantic connections fail all the time. It’s a part of the whole dating process. You don’t always know what brings on the sudden change in the interest and intensity, and that can be frustrating. From my own experiences, it seems that a lot of us have a very small margin of error for people we are just starting to date.

It’s like we have some sort of weird expectation that the “probationary” period of a new relationship should be all blissful and happy. When it’s not, then that person is just not be for you! Well, I am more of a practical gal. I prefer we not be all guarded and sugarcoat things in the beginning because once I really get to know you, I don’t want to have to discover a totally new personality. One that looks a lot like a raging jerk and nothing like the prince I met and dated in the beginning.

From what I’ve observed, during the dating phase a lot of us refuse to talk about  something that bothers us.  We don’t want to rock the boat or have awkward …

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