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That’s not my name

Today’s post is courtesy of “Brian”, a 29 year old man from Smyrna. Brian wanted to offer his perspective  after a recent experience he had with a young lady he was seeing:

I have been going out with someone for a couple of months. A couple of weeks ago, when we were in the heat of the moment, she said someone else’s name. I think it was her ex-boyfriend or something. I didn’t say anything about it at the time but it is making me question if they are still seeing each other. Even if they are not in contact, he is obviously in her thoughts. It was probably an honest mistake but it has never happened to me before.

Wow, Brian, that’s quite the conundrum! I can’t say that has happened to me before. I don’t think it has, anyway. Ladies, have you ever made this mistake? Did you own up to it or ignore it? Do you think Brian should bring it up even though it didn’t just happen? What would you do if you were with a guy and he called you another name by mistake?

Guys, how would you …

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The Question

Today’s guest blogger is a buddy of mine, “The Fly Guy“. When he isn’t jet setting to Los Angeles or New York interviewing celebrities, the man actually finds the time to date! Check out what happened on one of his recent dating misadventures:

I couldn’t have planned our first date any better. The ambiance was nice, the food was outstanding, and our conversation seemed to strike a perfect flirty/innocent balance. In other words, we were really enjoying each other’s company … that is until she asked me “the question.”

“So Mr. Fly Guy, why are you single?”

As the words left her lips, my body began to cringe—almost in the same way that one would cringe if they heard fingernails scrapping across a chalkboard, or Paula Abdul singing the acappella version of “Opposites Attract.”

Now some may wonder why I would be so up in arms about such an innocent question. After all, she was probably just asking as a way to express interest, right? Maybe.

At face value, I have …

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Path of least resistance

Yesterday, author Maryann Reid provided an interesting perspective about the submissive role that some women could take in relationships. Today, I wanted to wrap that discussion up with another interesting concept she discussed in an article, “How to Control Your Relationship through Silence”. I fully admit that the control freak in me was drawn to “control your relationship” part. However, after reading further, I realized that was not the point.

She wrote that she was referring to “women who live in ’silence’ with confidence and a quiet ambition” as it pertains to the submissive role:

You cannot force a man to accept your submission.  He has to be a man secure enough to carry the relationship and would most likely be more experienced than you in this area, whereas, he would not abuse it or overplay his hand.  Too many men think they can handle this.  Who can’t handle a quiet, submissive woman? Any man who asks that is NOT the man to be with in this kind of …

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A Woman’s Discreet Power

I am so excited for the readers of Misadventures in Atlanta because this will be a week of guest bloggers! Don’t worry men, you will be well represented in the coming days, but ladies first.

Today’s featured guest blogger, Maryann Reid is an accomplished author who has written novels that many of you have read. You may also know her from the Marry Your Baby Daddy event that she produces each year.

She recently wrote about being a submissive woman to a young lady who was seeking advice. It really got my attention the way she broke things down. Thankfully, she agreed to have an excerpt featured here today. I would love to know what you think, so please weigh in with your comments!

Being a submissive woman is not about being in a weakened state, but being in a completely empowered state with full understanding of your feminine power. It’s about learning the most efficient ways to communicate issues for the benefit of yourself and others. This is not for every woman or every …

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Keep It Real

I received an email from a reader who has a little dilemma. She says that she has not been “authentic” with her man when it comes to the bedroom stuff. She pretends to be inexperienced and lately she has been pulling a “Meg Ryan” and faking it. (I don’t think Meg Ryan will ever live down that diner scene!).

Since the relationship is pretty serious now, she wants to be more honest with her man. She is concerned about his reaction to the truth: there are times when she has her own tricks that she wants to try. There are also times when she is too tired and doesn’t have the energy.

So how do you keep it real with your mate in the bedroom? Do you prefer full disclosure, tell me every thing approach? Do you want things to be said in the moment or while you two are at brunch?

Guys, do you want your women to be real in the bedroom or are you perfectly fine with the fake out? Ladies, do you find it hard to keep it real with your man when it comes to things like this?

Happy Friday  & …

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The Name Game

You take the ring, you take the name. This is the one sentence response I got when I asked an ex-boyfriend how he felt about me not changing my name if we married. I am a Daddy’s girl and he has no sons, so I used to believe that I owed it to Pops to keep the name. The Ex was not warming up to that idea, at all!

I received an email from a reader said that she has noticed the name game among her married friends lately: “Either their names have pretty much stayed the same or the hypenation has been in full-effect!”  She said that it was “surprising to her because so many ladies grew up doodling (and still sneak-a-doodle) the last name of our beloved crush after our first, just to see how it looks.”

She wrote, “I somehow doubt men give this much thought in their formative years, if at all.  Maybe it’s the mindset of the dreaded “Independent Woman” or those who have just gotten so used to solely identifying themselves by maiden name, they can’t go all in with totally …

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Which side are you on?

After I interviewed Abiola of the dating reality show, Tough Love, I made sure to watch the finale of the show to see how the dating boot camp would end. I think my favorite part of the show is when Steve Ward surprised the women with the “Cute or Crazy” game.

The audience was filled with men and Steve read off the list of quirky habits/facts about the women on the show. The guys then informed the ladies how they ranked: was it cute or crazy behavior! I’ve said it before, but women don’t always know how men perceive them and their behaviors. It was shocking to the women how something seemingly so innocent made the men think ca-ra-zy chick alert!

We all have those quirky things that makes us unique. Should we worry about concealing them though? What happens when we have some type of behavior that we think is cute and quirky- but in reality, it makes potential dates cringe, laugh, or seek out therapy for us!

If you are feeling brave, share your odd or quirky habits or …

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It’s Not A Guy Thing

I know men are often blamed for being the ones that hate confrontation, but it’s not a guy thing. Plenty of women detest having long drawn out discussions about “where is this going” or “what are you thinking/feeling”. I know this because I lean toward the, so called guy side in these situations. In a relationship, I don’t like the uncomfortable confrontations that will surely come with a new relationship.

I’m the type that just likes to say what’s bothering me and move on – quickly. I don’t want to dwell on it or dissect it. I’m also the type that cuts her losses really quick when I notice things going south with a new guy. There was a guy who insisted on calling me repeatedly after we decided we weren’t going to work. He would engage me in these heated discussions and it was draining. Why can’t I ever date the men who avoid confrontations like I do?

Guys, have you ever dated a woman who was like you in the sense that she hated confrontations? Do you think that was a good …

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Keeping Abreast of the Situation

The warm weather is on it’s way which means that single women are hitting the gym. We’re in bootcamps, working out with personal trainers, signing up for the classes we have avoided in the past. We want to feel good and look great for summer, and of course turn a couple of heads!

I am sure men are happy that we are peeling away the layers too. They say that men are visual creatures and it’s the woman’s job to appeal to a man.  I think a lot of women want to appeal to men but there seems to be a fine line between admiring a woman and objectifying her. This is especially true when it comes to cleavage.

It would be nice to get some male input: Is too much cleavage distracting? Should women use their cleavage as some  type of weapon of mass distraction? Which situations call for toning it down and when should women flaunt it a little?

I am asking because I think women know that our bodies are part of our visual allure, but we definitely don’t want to hypnotize men to the point …

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The Girlfriend Experience

There was a film entitled “The Girlfriend Experience” that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last week that is creating quite a buzz. The premise of the film is basically about a “working girl” who charges $2,000 an hour to act as a client’s girlfriend for the night, providing more intimacy than just physical intimacy.

This week Oprah interviewed a young lady who worked at a brothel in Nevada. She also said that many clients are return customers whom she has an ongoing connection to. They  basically pay for “the girlfriend experience” and seek her out to provide the experience of having a relationship. What do think about men or women that pay for emotional intimacy? Is it just another commodity or are these people fooling themselves?

I am not interested in becoming a working girl, don’t worry! I just started thinking about how some single men date women to get the girlfriend experience without the expectations, commitment, or exclusivity. Now I know there are men that are …

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