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I am NOT taking a leave of absence – just a vacation

I’ll be off the rest of the year. Such a declaration would be more dramatic if made on Labor Day, but guess who waits until the calendar is about to turn before trying to use up all his vacation days? Moron = me.

Leave of absences being all the rage, I  did want to say this. I don’t understand how the health issues Urban Meyer faces were serious enough to make him fear for his life Saturday but not so serious as to prevent him from deciding Sunday he’ll be OK to coach in 2010. His about-face won’t have much impact on Florida; I hope it doesn’t have a deleterious effect on Meyer.

Before I sign off, I need to re-tell a story: I spent last New Year’s Eve in a hotel room in Orlando wondering why more folks weren’t sitting home reading this dumb little blog. It was a major deal to me because I was hoping to reach two million page views on the year.  We ended up at 1.976 million, this despite the best efforts of various daughters and nieces who paused during their own New Year’s Eve …

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