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Our first Guest Blogger: Why Tech will finally win at UVA

Today we present something new on the ol’ MB blog: A post written by someone other than MB. (For many of you, this will represent the best development yet.) Our first Guest Blogger is Matthew Harrison, who won the right to write by answering a trivia question that turned out not to be so trivial. He grew up in Atlanta and lives in Midlothian, Va. He started going to Georgia Tech games at age 5 with his grandfather, who had season tickets.

Matthew’s two favorite things regarding Tech games: “Before the games we would sometimes go to Krystal [or the Varsity]. I remember how excited I was when I could finally eat 2 Krystals! Another thing that was neat? I got to say a bad word at the Tech games with my grandfather. ‘Helluva engineer’ — love that fight song!”

As was part of the guest-blogging arrangement, Matthew got to pick his topic. And here, by golly, it is:

Nineteen years is too long
By Matthew Harrison

In 1990, gas was $1.16 a gallon; “Murphy Brown,” “L.A. Law and “Northern …

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