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From the vault: M. Bradley on G. Maddux – April 19, 1994

As a rule, I don’t like re-reading my stuff. (It was bad enough reading it the first time.) But I make an exception because Greg Maddux will be inducted into the Braves’ Hall of Fame tonight and I’ll be there and, of the dozen or so Maddux columns I’ve written over the years, this one I hated least. (And not because I did anything special therein. Because Maddux’s quotes were ace.)

I wrote it early in what would become the Strike Season, the truncated entity that yielded Mad Dog’s third (of four) consecutive Cy Young awards. And I do remember Mr. Ron Martin, then the AJC’s editor, saying he liked this one. So maybe it wasn’t too awful. Anyway, I re-submit it for your approval:

To an artist like Maddux, pitching seems simple

Barbra Streisand once described Andre Agassi, the tennis player from Las Vegas, as a Zen master. Greg Maddux is likewise from Vegas, and doggone if there isn’t a hint of Zen about him, too. He seldom changes expression. When speaking, his voice rises only …

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