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Monds makes the case for voting your ‘conscience’

Let’s say you’re a Georgia voter, and you’re unimpressed by or downright discouraged about the Republican and Democratic choices for governor, Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes.

Let’s say you dislike one of them, but you super-dislike the other one. Let’s say your dislike and super-dislike are so great that you don’t want to vote for either one — but that you also think voting for a third-party candidate, even in protest, amounts to wasting your vote. And so, you think you may as well buck up and vote against one of them.

John Monds wants you to know that you can have your vote and like it, too.

Monds is the Libertarian running for governor. That role, for as long as it’s existed in this state, has been seen as little more than a spoiler: Think of national candidates (but not Libertarians) like Ross Perot in 1992, or Ralph Nader in 2000.

But this year in Georgia, Monds told me Wednesday, “people are pretty much resigned [to the fact] that there’s going to be a runoff. …

“So, if they …

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