For Bulldogs and Jackets, ‘Hate Week’ never goes out of fashion

georgia vs tech punchSomeone once dubbed the in-state rivalry between Georgia and Georgia Tech “Clean Old Fashioned Hate.”

Visit the putrid environs of the Yellow Jacket discussion boards, where Tech students and fans make ridiculously tacky comments about the state’s flagship university and its fans and athletes, and you might question just how “clean” it is.

But old fashioned? No, the rivalry between the Bulldogs and the Insects is as current as any social media meme: Check Twitter or Facebook or just talk to a supporter of either school during what’s known as “Hate Week.”

Yes, UGA has other football rivalries that mean more to the program since they’re conference games — Florida, especially. And the series hasn’t been as competitive as some of our other football rivalries in recent years as the Bulldogs have dominated the annual meeting with the North Avenue Trade School.

But despite that, the game with Tech is the one that the players and the Bulldog Nation least want to lose, which in my book pretty much defines a great rivalry. A win over Florida may be celebrated a lot more than a victory over Tech, but a loss to the Jackets, however rare, is just plain unacceptable.

Of course, along with the domination of the series by Georgia, there also are questions about whether Mark Richt’s Bulldogs can still get themselves riled up over the Jackets in what’s proved to be a disappointing season. Some, like my colleague Jeff Schultz, wonder whether Georgia now being officially out of the SEC race and having lost its starting quarterback might affect the Dogs’ morale and perhaps give Tech more motivation going into Saturday’s game at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

I think that’s unlikely. The players on both sides generally know members of the other team personally, and in some cases have played high school ball with each other. The losing side hears about it for a year from all quarters in this state.

And, as Georgia receiver Chris Conley noted to the Athens Banner-Herald on the subject of some of the classless comments that Techies have posted online reveling in Aaron Murray’s season-ending injury, there’s no “searching for motivation for this game.”

Feelings run high in this series every year. It’s a game that, as newly anointed starting quarterback Hutson Mason and other Bulldogs have said this week, always tends to get “chippy.”

Senior Dog offensive lineman Chris Burnette explained it to ESPN this week: “Growing up watching Georgia football, you understand that … you want to beat Tech first and foremost. … You never want to end your career with a loss to Tech. So that’s definitely something that’s not going to be hard to get up for. We understand what they bring on offense and what they bring on defense and all that type of stuff, so we’re going to be ready.”

“I think our guys understand how important this game is,” Richt said at his Tuesday press conference. “I don’t know if we’ve had a game [against Tech] where I’d say that we came out flat. I think we’re playing our best football when we play Georgia Tech.”

Other great college football rivalries may be falling victim to conference and schedule reshuffling, and there’ve even been discussions among disgruntled Tech fans about how their program might be better off ending the series with UGA because of the latter’s dominance. But you rarely hear anything like that from the Georgia side.

Beating Tech is just too much fun.

I do think it’s true that, as I wrote back in 2009, the rivalry looms much larger in the year-round consciousness of folks at Tech. They seem a bit more obsessed with the Dogs than the Dogs and their fans are with Tech. Yes, it’s considered a must win by the Bulldog Nation, but Georgia players and fans don’t really focus on the game all year long like they do on the Flats.

Back when I wrote that, I heard from Tech fans lecturing me that if the rivalry didn’t mean just as much to me, I wouldn’t be writing about it. Their tortured logic aside, my point was that Georgia players and fans hate losing to Tech, but aside from Hate Week, they don’t really think about it all that much.

I was talking with a UGA fan the other day who admitted, “Until this week I hadn’t even followed Tech closely enough to know what their record was. I knew they’d lost big to Clemson and a few others, but that was about it.”

All that changes, though, during Hate Week, when Georgia fans also have the luxury of looking back over the past five decades of mostly good times going up against Tech. (You can go here to see what I’ve written in the past about my top 10 favorite wins over the Jackets, and here to learn my all-time favorite victory in the series.)

So, from what I can see, Hate Week is still thriving despite the one-sided nature of the rivalry, but I’d be interested in hearing where you rank Tech among UGA’s rivals. Is it still the one must-win game every year? And would it ever be acceptable for the two schools not to meet annually in football? Feel free to share your thoughts (just don’t descend to the level of those folks at Stingtalk!).

I’ll be back here Friday with more on Saturday’s game and some Junkyard Mail. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Go Dogs! Wreck Tech!

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— Bill King, Junkyard Blawg

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November 27th, 2013
10:18 pm

I’m already getting sick of these tech fans!!! I hope we beat the crap out of them!!!


November 28th, 2013
12:50 am

Knew that cut blocks would scare Dawgs blawggers! LMAO! Tough game ahead of us but Gurley will go for 200-320yds so yall eat ur Turkey and drink ur Jack Black and worry bout Muscrat and FSU game! Sic em!


November 28th, 2013
8:29 am

Unacceptable to lose to any team.


November 28th, 2013
8:36 am

Always have to beat TechNerds, but they’re about 12th on the list.
Why? Because they are always the 12th game on the schedule.
Actually, they’re about 5th on the rivalry list. And the VERY RARE time they beat UGA, they then become rival #1 again the following year.


November 28th, 2013
9:19 am

I think we should rank the most soul crushing losses for Tech fans in recent memory:

5. 2010 (Missed extra point!!!)
4. 2007 (Ball rolls through back of end one for TB)
3. 2006 (Reggie!!! Reggie!!! Reggie!!!)
2. 2002 (51-7)
1. 2009 (The moron Techies were running their fat mouths like no other time before this one. It was simply hysterical watching them walk out of the stadium afterward.)

God it must suck to be a Techie

1969 Graduate

November 28th, 2013
9:32 am

I’ve been in the stadium for some thrilling games against the trade school. Sometimes they’ve won, of course, when maybe they shouldn’t have, but mostly our guys break their pathetic hearts.

I’m sure we have the horses to beat Tech again this year if our pathetic coaches (particularly including one who only pretends to be a coach and knows about nothing defense related, but somehow makes a lot of money anyway) don’t screw things up for us.

Our running backs and our second string quarterback are going to give Tech fits, I think. If our defense can finally tighten up just a little bit, Tech will be going no where fast. That could be a very bad thing for the losers from Atlanta.

Look at Tech’s record. Tell me one good team they’ve beaten. Just one. I’m waiting. Oh, yes, it was Elon!

You know how much they hate it when they lose to Georgia! It’s going to be another bad, bad day for the Nerds.

Let’s say I’m wrong. Let’s say Tech wins. That will still be a good day if it means we fire a certain pretend defensive coordinator. We only way Tech could possibly win is if he can’t figure out how to stop their high school offense.

Go, Bulldogs!


November 28th, 2013
10:50 am

I am a 46 year old alum and been a UGA fan my entire life. Any “old” dawg fan, like me, will tell you beating gt is priority one. Now the young and “johnny come lately” fans seem to think it is Florida. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy beating Florida, but Florida ranks well below, gt, auburn, clemson, and tenn. If you can’t take care of business at home, nothing else matters. Ask Coach Donnan,


November 28th, 2013
11:35 am

Bill, why do post just disappear???


November 28th, 2013
11:37 am

I also like the 2003 game where reggie ball was so jacked up that he got ejected from the game because he tried to shove one our coaches!!! Bwhaaaaaaaabhwaaaaaaa!!!


November 28th, 2013
1:26 pm

I wonder if there will be another warning to Tech fans this year not to throw things on the field like spoiled children like there was in ‘09?

Nothing but class down there on the Flats.

Hairy Dawg

November 28th, 2013
3:11 pm

We own the techmites cause we got the talents. We expose that talents on them on sat where bugs getting the beating they deserving. The pestky bugs and pointy heads is do to be smashed for being nerds. They not like real men like Dawgs that knows how to win on field. This not some schools boy game but the real mens that goning smash mouths. And Dawgs is just one to make bugs pay for focus on pointy head instead of football. That why Dawgs always own running a state from flatten bug faces in mud.

Hutson Mason will show bugs how they second rate chump looser even to second team QB that still more talents than bugs QB that cant pass. But Gurley is ready to light up the scoring with over 200 rushing in game. And that make final scores bad for fatso coach with gimmickey offenses.

Dawgs 55 – Pestky Bugs 13

We own you!

Go Dawgs! Sick E’m!

Show pestky bugs what being Dawg is all abouts.

Tech fan

November 28th, 2013
3:50 pm

Poor little puppy dogs don’t like cut blocks? Maybe you want to play touch?


November 28th, 2013
5:05 pm

The thing about cut blocks is that it’s just such a shame to risk being injured when playing a team that has so little talent that they have to resort to such gimmicks.


November 28th, 2013
6:01 pm

Let’s see how your sissy defense likes tackling Gurley before we pop off at the mouth about touch Techie.


November 28th, 2013
6:07 pm

We’ve lost a couple of guys to these cowards the past two seasons right before the SECCG. No SECCG this year which could play to our advantage. No holding back. Gurley is close to full speed now and should get 20 carries bare minimum and game over. He will pulverize these chumps.


November 28th, 2013
9:02 pm

Real men play football standing up. They don’t dive for people’s knees.


November 28th, 2013
11:46 pm

I guess we can add Bill to the list of people who got trolled by Stingtalk this year. Seriously, you guys fall for it every year. It’s a little embarrassing at this point.

GTBob Jr.

November 29th, 2013
1:45 am

Dad…Dont look forward to a bowl game just yet!

Butler's Son

November 29th, 2013
1:49 am

Tech Fan…..Cut block your way to ACC Championships!!!!! Or decide that gimmick Offense is so 1970s! lmfao!


November 29th, 2013
7:17 am

@Butler’s Son

I agree. If you need a gimmick in order to compete, at least use a more modern gimmick, like Oregon does. Run a hurry-up spread offense and you won’t even need an O-line that can block. That way, you can actually practice what you do at game-time without having to worry about injuring your own defensive players.

Athens dog

November 29th, 2013
8:50 am

I’ve been to grant filed probably 20 times. Never have I been subjected to such vile, rude, tasteless people. I don’t go any more. Nerds.


November 29th, 2013
9:01 am

Bill, I’m ashamed that a guy that’s supposed to have a boat-load of Bulldog ‘Chops’ would say ‘…someone once dubbed it…Clean, Old Fashioned, Hate’. Give that Great American, greater Bulldoger and all-time great softballer, Bill Cromartie, credit. His books, of the same name, became an annual addition to our Georgia library and always appreciated Christmas gifts. Bill (Cromartie) might try to claim that he just ‘borrowed’ the moniker, but don’t believe it. As for it being appropriate in today’s terms, no Georgia fan, certainly none with a few generations of it, would ever ‘not’ say that the win over Tech is a must, and hopefully, a given, or otherwise any season is a ‘bust’. As my Dad always said, ‘I’m not prejudiced…I don’t care who beats Tech’.


November 29th, 2013
9:33 am

Wonder if Hutson can lead the team to a COMFORTABLE win? Murray’s 6 wins were less than 5 points each. Now we see if Murray was THE ISSUE.


November 29th, 2013
9:50 am

If we lose too tech! I want the whole coaching staff fired!!! No excuse too ever lose to those nerds! If our Ol can some what dominate them then we will get the W! The defense just has too hold them too FG’s! Which they can give our DL can get it together!

The Tide is Rolling and Nothing can Stop it!

November 29th, 2013
9:55 am

If GT is so bad, why can’t a program sharing one of the most talent rich states in the country with win anything meaningful?


November 29th, 2013
10:04 am

Well this should be one for the ages..we have a DC that couldn’t pour pee out of a boot if you put the instructions on the sole. And the Bug’s best player is a Roid addled hobbit who’s name is I kid you not….Godhigh…yep this one will be writ large in the annuls of Good Old Fashioned Hate…and I kid about the Roid’s but you have to admit any hobbit sized person that can bench press 400 lbs is a little suspect , but Godhigh is a baller no matter what team or conference he plays in. Looking forward to a good game…Go Dogs !


November 29th, 2013
10:06 am

We had 7 games this year then ended up 5 points or less, 4 ended up a field goal. Murray didn’t have the “IT” factor, couldn’t put teams away, made too many turnovers (50 over his UGA career).

If we win the turnovers, we win the games in 2013, and 2012, 7-0. Lose the turnover battle, and our record is something like 1-9 in 2012-2013.

Hopefully, Hutson Mason will not be a turnover machine like Murray was. If he is, this teams are even, and we’ll lose.


November 29th, 2013
10:06 am

@BEN here you go take your “Moron of the Week” trophy and crawl back down to Momma’s basement..

True Tech fans know

November 29th, 2013
10:07 am

UGA man here. Long time observer of GT, however. TECH’s BIGGEST rivals of ALL TIME, were UT, Auburn, UGa and Clemson. Alabama was about 5th. Yes, GT always played Duke and they too were huge GT rivals LONG before their sissy ACC affiliation.
If history is a guide, GT usually whips UGA, when UGA is lousy (7-4) to horrible, like when Ray Goof coached UGA. The aberration to this history was the Jim Donnan era. He simply had 0 respect for GT and UGA was always flat on game day in that era and fortunately, that cost him his job.


November 29th, 2013
10:08 am

Ben, great post, WDE, dumbest ever, as usual.


November 29th, 2013
10:11 am

If Murray were starting, we would lose this game. An untimely turnover, safety, sack fumble, lateral pass fumble, something dumb.

But with Mason, we should win it. Qb play is the difference in wins and losses in the SEC, and those who understand turnover margin, like AJ, win a lot. Those who have no clue about turnover margin, lose a lot, like Aaron Murray did.

In Super Bowls, team that wins turnovers win game 29-2.


November 29th, 2013
10:13 am

Ben has a good point. If Mason beat Tech by more than 5 points, with SAME OLINE, SAME Defense, SAME Special Teams, we’ll all know why we went 7-4 this year was Aaron Murray’s turnovers and “leadership”.


November 29th, 2013
10:15 am

AJ– 10 interceptions over career at Bama.
AMurray, 41 int’s at UGA.


November 29th, 2013
10:52 am

RedEye ol’Ben gets a sign your my trollish friend get a crown…I hope Mason beats Bugville by a 100 however he will not have beaten two teams that at the time they played us this year were in the top 10..So really we learn little no matter how this game turns out cause Tech ain’t top 10 material at any point of this season. And if Murray had played his career behind the Bama OL he would have ALL the major passing records in college and a few glass balls and SEC crowns just like AJ does.

The Tide is Rolling and Nothing can Stop it!

November 29th, 2013
10:04 pm

There’s a reason Murray is starting over Mason. Think about it.