UGA students could see more football seats taken away from them

UGA students need to show up for football games this season, or their ticket allotment could be cut again. (Curtis Compton / AJC)

UGA students need to show up for football games this season, or their ticket allotment could be cut again. (Curtis Compton / AJC)

The success of UGA football’s Young Alumni Program, which took frequently unused seats away from the student body’s ticket allotment and made them available to recent graduates, ought to send a loud and clear message to the undergrads:

Show up for games, or there might be even fewer student tickets sold in the future.

The young alums program, instituted for the coming football season, offered those who graduated from the University of Georgia within the past five years (May 1, 2008-May 31, 2013) the opportunity to request renewable season tickets for football without having to make the usual required donation.

The 2,000 tickets in question, previously part of the 16,000 allotted to students, are those in the northeast upper level of Sanford Stadium, where UGA averaged about 6,000 empty seats last year. That was especially embarrassing to the university on television.

Ticket applications are being sent Friday via e-mail to those young alums whose eligibility was validated, and their orders are due back June 3. Since UGA got more requests than they have tickets, the seats will be doled out in a lottery this summer.

Some 3,500 young alums signed up for the chance to buy the 2,000 seats, UGA athletic director Greg McGarity told the Athens Banner-Herald.

The AD noted that “with two tickets a person, that just shows that we could’ve moved 7,000 tickets.”

McGarity added: “We only have 2,000 available this first year, but who’s not to say that if students’ attendance continues to decline that we may up that number in the future.”

Those students who do show up for the games are usually the loudest and most supportive fans in Sanford Stadium, so it’ll be a shame if fewer UGA undergrads get the chance to attend Bulldogs football games in the future. But the student body will only have itself to blame.

Bottom line: Those students who get tickets to the games this season would do well to use them or turn them back in by the deadline so they can be resold.

Meanwhile, the William C. Hartman Fund raised more than $23 million in donations this year, surpassing last year, with 500 new donors welcomed to the Georgia Bulldog Club. The season ticket assignment process began this week and generally takes well over a month to complete.

A detailed announcement concerning season tickets, parking, and availability of single home-game, and away-game tickets will be made in mid-summer, the Bulldog Club says. Tickets will be mailed in August.


ESPN is telling the frustrating story of would-be offensive lineman Kolton Houston. (Brant Sanderlin / AJC)

ESPN is telling the frustrating story of would-be offensive lineman Kolton Houston. (Brant Sanderlin / AJC)

The incredibly frustrating story of UGA offensive lineman Kolton Houston’s battle to regain his NCAA eligibility, taken away because of his body’s inability to get rid of a banned substance he was given for an injury in high school, will be featured on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” at 9 a.m. Sunday.

And the story of Albert Hollis II, another Bulldog football player whose career didn’t go as planned, was featured this week on USA Today’s high school page.

Hollis, now known as Dynast Amir, was a highly ranked running back when he came to Athens in the fall of 2000, but during spring practice in 2001 he dislocated his right knee while making a cut, severing his hamstring muscle, multiple ligaments and stretching his peroneal nerve.

After three years of therapy, he drew a standing ovation from fans for gaining 6 yards on his first carry in a G-Day game, but residual nerve damage limited his effectiveness and ultimately he gave up football even though he had not used up all his eligibility.

The USA Today story looks at what he’s done with his life since then. It’s worth a read.

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May 10th, 2013
9:15 am


May 10th, 2013
9:17 am

Bill, what continues to go unsaid by McGarity, by you, and by anyone in the media is THIS WASN’T A PROBLEM until UGA starting taking money from StubHub and StubHub forced UGA to stop giving students paper tickets.

Why did StubHub force UGA to stop giving students paper tickets?

Because UGA students who couldn’t make it to this game, or that game, or didn’t want to go to a cupcake game, would then sell those tickets to Freshman and Sophomores who were only given partial ticket packages, or to young alumni they knew who didn’t have the money to get season tickets.

So those students were cutting into StubHub’s business, so StubHub made sure UGA stomped-out their black-market, insidious, evil and just… wrong… dealings.

Please note my sarcasm.

This is not the fault of the students. This is the fault of UGA allowing StubHub to dictate to them how they will handle tickets for their students.

Other schools partner with StubHub and still give out paper tickets. So why not UGA?

Because Evans, and now McGarity, are WEAK WILLED.

They are weak administrators. They hire weak coaches. Or refuse to fire weak coaches who, say, may be good with the chalk but can’t recruit worth a damn which is how you win basketball games in today’s NCAA (ahem).

Evans and McGarity see the dollar signs and have no problems with sponsors demanding they screw over their own fans and student body.

Screw us, we don’t matter.

McGarity may have worked under Jeremy Foley for years, but it is now beyond obvious he didn’t learn a damn thing about being an effective administrator of an athletic department.

Class of '98

May 10th, 2013
10:11 am

I remember the day Hollis committed to UGA. I was very excited. He was in the same class as Musa Smith, and while Smith had a fine college career, most recruitniks were more excited about Hollis. That kid just couldn’t catch a break at UGA. He kept getting injured. I wish him well.

Class of '98

May 10th, 2013
10:16 am

Matt, I agree with you. I don’t know why they don’t just issue paper tickets that could be re-sold or simply given away. When I was an undergrad, we did it all the time.

If there are empty seats in the northeast corner, the UGA administration has no one to blame but themselves. Not every student can go to every game.

And heck, even the SEC Championship Game ticket I just paid $300 for was a real, live PAPER ticket!! Imagine that.


May 10th, 2013
11:51 am

i am back with the reds


May 10th, 2013
11:56 am

How much does a student ticket cost nowadays?


May 10th, 2013
1:02 pm

Some things are accidental and some are deliberate. What was happening with the tickets were illegal but it was so trivial to some , it was allowed. All McGarity did was fix something that was wrong even though most didn’t care and to most was not an issue . Don’t put McGarity down because his integrity is that strong.
When I was a student in the 70’s at Georgia there were certain number of tickets available for student for every home game and you could buy up too 2 ticket per student on a first come first serve basis for , I think I remember $7.00 each. What was so great about these tickets were they were on the 40 or 50 yard line, bottom desk. Who changed that?
It’s all about money these days and students don’t have any. I can’t fault McGarity for that. Remember he is the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR not only the football administrator. The money he get’s BECAUSE OF FOOTBALL pay’s for the other 20 something sports at Georgia , male and female that lose money every year. It is his job to do whatever it takes to make as much money as possible where it is popular or not.


May 10th, 2013
1:08 pm

Why mess with student seating….McGarity needs to quit wasting time with this seating situation!!! He can’t even get us real silver pants!!!


May 10th, 2013
1:09 pm

This is the first I have heard about empty seats. I wish somebody had informed me.
Who cares about empty seats, the camera is going to be on me anyway.
What do you think of my cool hairdo and bodytan?


May 10th, 2013
1:19 pm

I’m really nervous about the start of this season….it can take as long as it can…..I’m going to the Clemson game….if we lose it will be a rough rough start


May 10th, 2013
1:52 pm

I am always completely puzzled by the responce (and I think its basically the same guy) from student advocates who blame this on what student who bought seats and had no intentions of attending the ball game, can do with them. It seems to me that is a symptom, not the problem.

Here is an idea: go to the ball game. Or know that you aren’t a few days before and use pretty simple technology to pass it on.

I realize there is not much to protest these days, but Student dragging out of bed late, or blowing if off entirely, leaving early…………. dates back long before stub hub came along.


May 10th, 2013
1:58 pm

I have been saying for YEARS in here, on record, that recent alumn would be THE fans to try to accomodate. Louder and more attentive than student (or older alum) and MUCH more likely to use the tickets, than anybody.

Any student that wants to be in the Stadium, IS in the Stadium


May 10th, 2013
2:05 pm

Do you see empty seats in Williams Brice stadium????? They have had this in place forever.

Stop making excuses.


May 10th, 2013
2:10 pm

How would the Georgia Dome administer this type of student ID based electronic ticket to the SECCG? of cource that was paper. What else could it be. (along with thousands of counterfeit paper ones too, as a side note)


May 10th, 2013
2:17 pm

You have till midnight on Wednesday to donate you ticket back into the pool. I believe you can even specify who gets it. And if you donate it back, you do not loss points.

How many student who isnt going, and “could” have sold the paper ticket to a pal, didn’t know that by midweek? 7, 27, 127? It’s not 2000.

IF any student does not get into the game for lack of a ticket, he only has his fellow student to blame.


May 10th, 2013
3:36 pm

BullDawg35……enough w/ the silver pants, already. Give it a rest. You are a voice in the wilderness on this one!


May 10th, 2013
3:38 pm

Wednesday night is the cutoff. You don’t get your money back but you can “donate” it to a student (Who then pays for it also to the school). The catch is the student who you donate too must have applied for tickets and paid their athletic’s fee. So you cant donate it to a student who didn’t qualify to apply for a package, ie. a student taking less than full time hours.
I have been in school here since 2004. Working on my 3rd degree. I probably missed a total of 3 home games since then.
I share the passion of thousands of my comrades in the stadium and bleed red and black, but one thing I hate about UGA is how they treat game days. They want you to pay for a ticket but not park and not tailgate. Slowly they have exiled fans due to ticket policies like going to student ID cards and tailgating restrictions. Just go back to paper tickets and OPEN UP NORTH CAMPUS. If I want to tailgate at dawn I should have the right.


May 10th, 2013
3:50 pm


dogs don’t like dogs.


May 10th, 2013
3:52 pm

bull dog,


Scared of Clemson???]

I might just but on Stubhub, make the drive up 85N to see you and the other dogs quiver in fear.



May 10th, 2013
5:48 pm

Buckeye…’re a pathetic moron….for Mother’s Day….I hope your mom takes away your Internet privileges


May 10th, 2013
5:50 pm

Yeah bro come see me….I bet you you won’t leave to happy….let me know where you will be crybaby


May 10th, 2013
5:51 pm

Paddy…I will never shut up about the silver britches… do u feel now??


May 10th, 2013
6:05 pm

Hope McGarity and staff take 2,000 more if those seats are empty again this year. My group is in parking lot at 8:00 every game and in stadium for warmups, students should be able to do the same.


May 10th, 2013
7:38 pm

The paper ticket excuse is so pitiful, I can’t believe anybody is putting that that out there.

And anybody believing that just does not understand what a student “paper” ticket was, or how it’s handled now.

The problem is that about a third of the student holding ticket do not show up for the lesser games. Period! Obviously seats aren’t empty for the big SEC contests.

Even IF they still issued paper tickets, nobody but students can use them, and they ALL have tickets to the lesser games. There was no healthy “black market” for student tickets. Damn sure not 6000 of them. Nor does stub hub give a toot about those. Just a factually flawed argument. Complaining about the form of tickets is just whining because some senior can’t ream their younger peers for the SC or LSU game.


May 10th, 2013
7:39 pm


May 10th, 2013
10:17 pm

The College game needs to stay away from Ticket Tyrants like StubHub and Ticketmaster. The Athletic department needs to suck it up and acknowledge that this methodology has been a public relations boondoggel and just go back to the old way of dealing with student tickets.

So what if they sell them? The tickets aren’t being used and there are empty spots in the student section for heaven’s sake. Sanford stadium could pack in 10,000 more fans against the likes of SC and there will be a gap in the student section for no good reason other than someone doesn’t like the fact that students are enterprising.
The athletic department makes plenty of money without resorting to practices that alienate the student body.

Please Mr. McGarity just cut bait and call it good.

Dr. Phil

May 11th, 2013
8:07 am

It wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to tract this issue directly to Mike Adams’ $500,000 desk. With the incoming president and the chancellor both Adams’ lackeys, expect business as usual in Athens.

Sugar Hill Dawg

May 11th, 2013
8:50 am

Both my boys are Auburn guys. My oldest was in the Auburn University Marching Band, so tickets weren’t a concern to him. My younger son (a rising senior in the mathematics department) as a freshman wasn’t able to get a full season ticket, nor could he get a tick for his Kennesaw State girlfriend. No problem, Auburn uses the paperless system – the tickets are downloaded onto the student ID. My boys (my older one had to buy tickets on the open market this year since he graduated in 2012) have been buying the game ticket from Auburn students for years – you simply take their ID. If you don’t return the ID, the student simply pays the fee ($ 10.00 I think) to get another. Other than the cupcake games, all the games I’ve been to over the years (including this past year’s magnificent display) included a full, rabid student section. (Of course, there’s not a lot to do in Auburn, so I guess that’s why they always show up.) The ticketless argument is bogus.


May 11th, 2013
9:13 am

Do these students freakin know about FOOTBALL! Fill up the whole stadium so we can YELL to the top of our lungs on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th downs Sanford Stadium needs to be as loud as a Williams-Brice, Tuscaloosa, or Death Valley! I wish it was….


May 11th, 2013
9:19 am


May 11th, 2013
9:23 am

Top must-see SEC Games that will be nationally televised in 2013 (THE BIGGEST GAMES)

Jay hall

May 11th, 2013
10:18 am

When I was in school I went to every game, cupcake or not. Go to the games or lose your seats……


May 11th, 2013
2:56 pm

I don’t see why this is so controversial. A “use it or lose it” policy seems pretty fair. Empty seats mean supply is exceeding demand among the students. It’s obvious that demand is exceeding supply in the young alumni market. The only mistake seems to be stopping at 2,000.


May 11th, 2013
2:58 pm

@my guy @9:19

I can make that exact same prediction for every team in the top10
Example at SC: Clowney is injured in a pick-up basketball game or the young SC defense that lost 8-9 starters has a porous pass defense, Lattimore’s replacements are injured, the SC QB is declared ineligible, etc. The link you provided is incredibly true, but exactly the same BS can be said for just about every team this side (and the other side) of Bama!!!


May 11th, 2013
5:30 pm

First of all students should be allowed into games on their ID…no reserved seats. This should be covered by their “student activity fee”. I think Kolton Houston’s problem is more than reported or UGA would sue the NCAA to have him reistated. I think his athletic scholarship should be pulled. Go Dawgs!!!!

Lee Turner

May 11th, 2013
8:19 pm

Just let students sell paper tickets and then have the students validate tickets for a fee.

Lee Turner

May 11th, 2013
8:20 pm

Not have the students validate it for a fee but the purchaser

Wiliams Brice

May 11th, 2013
9:40 pm

We have plenty of empty seats. Check my upper decks in the end zones and at the 20-30 yd lines.

Tomás Broun

May 12th, 2013
5:28 am

Who cares, it’s only thUGA.


May 12th, 2013
5:46 am

A few universal truths for Dwag Nation to chew on:

Teams with intelligence, class, and heart win, which is as it should be.

Kool-Aid doesn’t win the big games, no matter how much of it you swill.

Drunks, potheads, and woman-beaters are not winners in anything.

And, just a reminder that real coaches like Saban win championships, while overpaid pretenders like Richt do not.


May 12th, 2013
4:03 pm

remember lewis grizard s definition for clemsons iptay (i pay 1000.00 a year) was “its probation time again yall”

Sue Lynn in Taliaferro County

May 12th, 2013
7:53 pm

McGarity and Richt are both gone after the coming season is over. Losing four or five games will do that.

They will not be missed.


May 12th, 2013
9:20 pm

looks like it time to add onto the staduim. another 20,000 to 25,000 would be nice.

Tide Pride

May 13th, 2013
7:36 am

Two ways to build winning teams:

1. Hire 1st rate coaches and recruit players with talent and character (example: Alabama).

2. Hire 3rd rate wannabe coaches and recruit low class trash, then schedule a lot of crap teams (example: Georgia).

Method #1 works. Method #2 gets you a decent W-L record, but no championships.


May 13th, 2013
7:53 am

Sounds like we have some Bama fans (or one under 3 names) that fought with his mama over the weekend and in a foul mood this morning.


May 13th, 2013
8:14 am

Jeez … only football worshiping Bama fans would equate winning football games to being better people. I guess when football is your religion you start thinking that the Almighty favors you because you are The Chosen Ones and everyone else loses because they sin and God has forsaken them.
Am I right you self righteous idiots? That is what YOU think isn’t it?
So when you don’t win at football and have to watch other teams take home Crystal Trophies will you don sackcloth and ashes and wail to the heavens for mercy?
No, you’ll say they cheated.


May 13th, 2013
10:38 am

Suck it Dawgs…. Roll Damn Tide!!


May 13th, 2013
10:46 am

I agree 100% that you give the students paper tickets, they all get used. This is an awful policy. Students make the game day environment. They give the home field, home field advantage by standing hollaring, makig noise!!! Us old alumni, myeslf included, like to sit on our hands and watch the game. Very little advantage to the home team as compared to other schools.

But it is all about the $$$$.

I tell you what, we need to do the same thing to those groups who leave in the third quarter so they can get home and take a dang nap!!! Look at all those empty seats in the alumni section when the 3rd Q rolls around. If they dont start staying till the end of the game…. I say the ticket office should limit their allotment of tickets.

BRING ON TH STUDENTS MAKE IT EASY TO FILL. Student section was PACKED back in the 70’s and 80’s before the $$ became such the priority!! Replaced them with loudspeakers… moved the band… sent them to upper deck!!! Fix it GM… Easy.


May 13th, 2013
11:32 am

I just don’t think some really understood what a “paper” ticket is, or was.

WHO exactly would they sell the ticket to, if they could?


May 13th, 2013
11:43 am

IF you were really concerned about noise and home field advantage, there is no group that would louder, and more likely to get there early and stay the entire game than: recent grads. Correct?