Pooch kicks: Richt underappreciated, pounding the Jackets and more!

Mark Richt has been voted the SEC's most underappreciated coach. (Associated Press)

Mark Richt has been voted the SEC's most underappreciated coach. (Associated Press)

ESPN did one of its SportsNation polls recently to determine who was the SEC’s most underappreciated football coach.

Georgia’s Mark Richt won, with 43 percent of more than 13,200 votes cast, beating out LSU’s Les Miles, who took 27 percent of the vote.

Third place went to Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen (12 percent), followed by Florida’s Will Muschamp (11 percent) and Missouri’s Gary Pinkel (7 percent).

Richt and Miles have each won two SEC championships, and Miles won a national title in 2007.

Two years ago Richt was on the hot seat after a 6-7 season, but he turned things around. After opening the 2011 season 0-2, his Dawgs have won 22 of their last 26 games. And, as ESPN noted, two of those losses came in the SEC championship game to teams ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the country.

Still, there are still plenty of gripes from a noisy contingent of the Bulldog Nation about Richt not having won a national title during his time in Athens. That, along with his understated style, probably accounts from him being the conference’s most underappreciated coach.

So, flipping it around, who do you think is the SEC’s most overrated head coach? Certainly not Nick Saban, who has more than earned his accolades at Alabama. And while I don’t like him much, I don’t think you can really consider South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier overrated, even though he hasn’t yet won an SEC title. After all, he has done a pretty impressive job reversing a long underachieving program in Columbia — and he’s beaten the Dawgs three years running.

How about Coach Boom? His Gators were one of the nation’s hottest teams last year, but they still lost to Georgia for the second year in a row and were embarrassed by Louisville in the Sugar Bowl.

Any other candidates for most overrated?


Celebrating at Turner Field Tuesday night. (Curtis Compton / AJC)

Celebrating at Turner Field Tuesday night. (Curtis Compton / AJC)

Any win over the school from North Avenue is worth celebrating, but when it’s the kind of upset that took place Tuesday night at the Ted, it’s doubly gratifying.

It’s mostly been a season to forget for David Perno’s Diamond Dogs, but in the 11th annual Spring Baseball Classic For Kids, Georgia pounded the No. 19-ranked Yellow Jackets 17-0 before a crowd of 18,240, the largest attendance so far this season in college baseball.

It was a historic win, with only a 25-1 victory for UGA in 1898 in Athens having a bigger margin of victory.

You can check out the game story here.

Perhaps this will turn the Dogs’ season around somewhat. Perhaps not. But even if it doesn’t, well, they’ll always have Turner Field!

Go Dogs!


Greg McGarity is looking for "improvement" in the basketball program. (University of Georgia)

Greg McGarity is looking for "improvement" in the basketball program. (University of Georgia)

Perno and and Georgia baseball were one of the many subjects that came up Monday when UGA athletic director Greg McGarity sat down with Anthony Dasher of ugasports.com to answer questions provided by the site’s subscribers.

McGarity was pretty tightlipped on whether there’ll be a change in baseball coaches after this season, saying, “You have a review at the end of the regular season, you’ll go through that process. It would be unfair of me to say anything one way or the other.”

As for another troubled program, basketball, McGarity said he’s looking for “constant improvement” and added: “we need some consistency in that sport, that would be the first goal to have a level of consistency there, but you know, Coach [Mark] Fox and his staff know that improvement is something everyone expects. I don’t think there’s anything unrealistic there.”

Other subjects covered included hiring more football staff (“I don’t think there’s any question that Mark Richt has every resource that he needs”), building an indoor football practice facility (“It’s not really on the map right now”), and football scheduling if the SEC goes to nine conference games (“I don’t foresee us dropping Georgia Tech, but I do think if you went nine games and played Georgia Tech, to play two more BCS schools is going to be pretty difficult to do”).

He also made a strong case for UGA sticking with its super-strict drug policy, no matter what other schools are doing.

“Each school has to set their own parameters and we don’t apologize for anything we do in our drug education program,” McGarity said. “We’re focused on what’s best for the young person. Some people argue that we’re at a disadvantage. No, we’re at an advantage. Me, as a parent, if I knew there were strict consequences for my child if they did something illegal — and what we’re talking about are things that are illegal. We don’t have anything to apologize for.”

“Everybody knows the rules,” McGarity said. “There’s nothing hidden here. When you come to the University of Georgia, if you elect to break the law, there are going to be consequences.”

He did say, however, “What I think we’ll see in the future is see more schools adopt what we do, and make consequences a little bit tougher.”

I hope he’s right, but I’m proud of the stance McGarity and UGA have taken.


Charley Trippi and other UGA greats deserve some recognition inside Sanford Stadium. (Associated Press)

Charley Trippi and other UGA greats deserve some recognition inside Sanford Stadium. (Associated Press)

USA Today featured Georgia football great Charley Trippi on its sports front this week in a story about him being the NFL’s oldest living No.1 draft pick. It’s an interesting read that notes how drastically things have changed over the years for top draft choices.

And speaking of Trippi, I’ll take the opportunity to repeat what I’ve written here in the past: It’s disappointing that Georgia legends like Trippi, Frankie Sinkwich and Herschel Walker aren’t recognized with any sort of tribute inside Sanford Stadium. It’d be nice if the athletic department did something about that while two of those three are still able to attend a dedication ceremony in person!


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April 24th, 2013
9:54 am

First! Go Dawgs


April 24th, 2013
9:55 am

To me, most overrated hands down is Dan Mullen. I don’t think Muschamp has been around long enough as the top guy to earn that title.


April 24th, 2013
10:13 am

Trouble with picking an “overrated” SEC coach is that there aren’t many that have been in their positions long enough to say one way or another. That being said, you could certainly make a case for Richt for being both underrated AND overrated. I don’t think you can completely rule Spurrier out yet. If you took away his time at Florida and considered him solely for his work at S.C. you could make a case that he’s been there long enough to have won an SEC championship by now. But he’s certainly greatly improved that program so I’d still be hard-pressed to call him overrated. Chizik would probably have earned my vote were he still around.


April 24th, 2013
10:14 am

Trippi and Walker deserve to be honored with a statue in front of Sanford Stadium.


April 24th, 2013
10:16 am

If Spurrier leaves SC without a SEC Championship and BCS Bowl win then his tenure at SC would be overrated as a coach. However, overall I would bet most of us would not have minded having him as a coach at UGA


April 24th, 2013
10:25 am

I think Gene Chizik is the most overrated coach in the SEC. … oh wait…

Granthams The Man!

April 24th, 2013
10:31 am

Nick Saban is the ”most Overrated” and it’s not even close.

Give Mark Richt an average of 6-10 Oversigned players every year, then throw in two extra players ( every year) because of bogus medical hardships and watch what happens to the Depth problems.

Saban has not had to play on an even playing field since he arrived at Alabama. His players never get arrested, because the Tuscaloosa PD won’t arrest a Alabama player.

Saban’s players never get in trouble for failing a drug test or anything Alcohol related?

When Saban’s program or players do get caught, the NCAA gives them a lesser penalty, or better yet, no penalty at all ( see the T-town scandal).

Saban is a good coach who has been allowed to get away with anything and everything that will give him an unfair advantage.

Dawgs Run This State

April 24th, 2013
10:36 am

Yes, I agree that the retired jersey players should be memorialized inside of Sanford.

Dawgs just scored again on the maggots, 18-0 now! ;-)


April 24th, 2013
11:05 am

We are going to be putting 9 guys into the NFL…these 9 guys never won a championship at UGA…..Richt has wasted a lot of talent….we have had Stafford…Moreno and AJ Green. Richt is under appreciated. Come on people….he is valued where he should be. Listen he is a good coach….but he will never get us a MNC. Spurrier is closer to winning the MNC than we are…with less talent. The chickens have progressed every year under his regime…..while we had our setbacks in 2006…2009..2010….and you could say 2008 as well. Losing Richt would be a big loss….but at the same time their are several coaches that have won just as many games as he has with less talent…….one that comes to mind is Chris Peterson from Boise State….he could coach in the sec….look he beat us….he beat Oregon and Oklahoma….and Michigan state. Don’t give me that crap he couldn’t recruit in the sec……..Jim Donnan recruited pretty good

Flat Tire doesnt live in Delusionalville Ga.

April 24th, 2013
11:11 am

Im glad we are not going to spend the millions we have saved for things like a full indoor practice facility that other big time programs have or are building.

Glad to see our Athletic Dept doesn’t think upgrading our facilities is that important


April 24th, 2013
11:56 am

That don’t even make any sense you loser


April 24th, 2013
12:01 pm

We have a great coach at UGA that has won 118 games in 12 years and beat Tech 11 out of 12 times.

He averages graduating 25 players a year and the ones that don’t graduate are the ones that leave early to go to the NFL.

We have won 5 SEC Eastern Division Championships and 2 SEC Championships under Mark Richt.

We have won 8 out of 12 straight bowls under Mark Richt.

We have never been placed on probation or had the NCAA camping out at our campus under Mark Richt.

He wins and he wins the right way. No, we are not Alabama but few are and this alum is glad we are not. Its not the Bear Bryant mentality that the fans want a school that the football team can be proud of. As a Georgia alum, I would rather have the Mark Richt program than the Alabama program any day of the week.

I think Mark Richt has done a great job considering he coaches in the tough SEC rather than the weak and worthless ACC.

Other schools would love to have him. The spoiled children fans of UGA need to get behind Coach Richt or find another school to be a “fan” of. We don’t need them.

And I still can’t decide if the Richt haters are really Tech students and fans posing as UGA fans trying to get rid of him because they can’t beat him. But that is their level of character so it may be the case!


April 24th, 2013
12:15 pm

We have put the most players in the NFL from the SEC from 2003-2012….in that time we have 1-3 record in the SECGG…….Like I said before, Richt is not a championship coach….he is a coach that will get you 10-2 record in most years…..but when will that stop being enough??? Richt will not get us a MNC anytime soon….tough schedule this year and a brand new defense. Next year a new QB…..even the 10 win seasons won’t come in the next 2 seasons. I know their is a lot of bulldog fans who agree with me….but they are scared to do so


April 24th, 2013
12:20 pm

Bill nice article ! It just confirmed what we all knew there are a lot of UGA ‘”fans” they have expectations well out side the realm of possibility.And the idea we have won 2 SEC titles and ended the season ranked no.2 but have no chance to ever win a NC is just wrong.

Skokie Dog

April 24th, 2013
12:36 pm

I agree that it’s possible for Richt to be both underappreciated and overrated at the same time. If you’re measuring success by number of big-game wins, then he’s certainly overrated during the past five seasons. Measured by salary, he seems to be very well appreciated by the U.Ga. Athletic Association, particularly in comparison with other employees at U.Ga., other than Pres. Adams, of course.
As for Mr. McGarity’s statements about consequences following breaking of laws, does that include underage consumption of alcoholic beverages?
By the way, I hope that you readers who decide to pay up for access to ajc.com enjoy life beyond the paywall. I won’t be joining you over there, and I’m sure that will please several of our “optimistic” fans. Go ‘Dogs!


April 24th, 2013
12:45 pm

I’ve always had an issue with that term(s).

What exactly IS the “rating” that somebody would be over or under?

It seems to me that the term or scale is entirely subjective for the person using it, and not really about the coaches involved.

Flat Tire doesnt live in Delusionalville Ga.

April 24th, 2013
12:45 pm


After this years NFL draft UGA will most likely move to #1 in putting players in the NFL since 2001

Yet its the same ole same ole of 10 win seasons; losing to top 20 opponents; and losing to almost every top 10 team we play with 2 or more losses every year; never beating every SEC East team in a single year ( yet Spurrier has accomplished that feat at SC. That’s right; SC, a team that has only won 6 bowl games in 100 years of football)

The leadership from our athletic dept doesnt know how to running a successful program. Instead they sit back and point fingers at coaches like Saban and say they are basically cheating by hiring so many consultants even though there is no rule against it.

Also in the big games we get out coached almost every time

So I don’t think its wrong in saying we aren’t winning a national title anytime soon under the current state of affairs


April 24th, 2013
1:05 pm

Did you watch the SEC title game we had a much less overall talented team than Bama and took them to the wire…UF was on a roll and had another great defense and we beat them.As far as running a successful program what team not named LSU or Bama have come close to our record in the last decade? And news flash Spurrier won all the games in the East but didn’t win the East because we had a better overall record…you can whine all you want but I’ve been a Dog for over 40 years and we have never had the success for as long as we have under Richt…also we have beaten everyone of our top rivals UF,UT,AU and Bug U the last two years running how many times in the past could we say that? You can play percentages all you want on winning a national title but the truth is we came very close last year, we beat Bama and we would have been heavy favorites to beat ND….that’s how close we are if you don’t understand how close you have no hope, no faith and no Bull Dog in you.


April 24th, 2013
1:31 pm

This brings up the old question of which you prefer:1) consistent success and no championship, or 2) a championship every once in a while while being mediocre most other years. In other words, are you a UGA fan or an Auburn fan? A Braves fan or a Marlins fan? Those who believe in one or the other will never agree with those on the other side, though we seem to enjoy discussing it ad nauseum…

Flat Tire doesnt live in Delusionalville Ga.

April 24th, 2013
1:34 pm


A much less talented team than Bama’s you are joking right haha hahaha joke right????

We had a QB that led in passing a running back that led in rushing yards among all the running backs in the SEC; a linebacker that led in sacks and a defense that had more experience than bama and 9 of those guys will most likely be drafted

UF’s offense was one of the worst in the nation last year and we barely hung on to win though I will take any win against them

Richt has yet to beat every SEC East team in the same year yet Spurrier has done it a joke program in SC that I might add has beaten us 3 yrs in a row

What team not named LSU or Bama has done better than our record????
um FL and Auburn with 3 national titles among them and one more that should have been played by Aub

Aub LOL has had 2 undefeated seasons under 2 different coaching staffs during Richts tenure

And news flash UF UT AU and Bug U have all been down the last 2 seasons

Bright Idea

April 24th, 2013
1:42 pm

James Franklin most overrated. He has done a good job but has talked his way into a lot of publicity. if he wins 8-9+ for two more seasons then I will be sold.


April 24th, 2013
3:29 pm

The Dawgs will win a National Championship within 2 or 3 years. Why? Because of the playoff. The knock is that Richt loses games inexplicably at least once per year. What do you call Bama losing to A&M at home? Just saying…


April 24th, 2013
5:29 pm

Haha…Richt loses one toss up game and one game a year that he shouldn’t……been happening for years


April 24th, 2013
5:47 pm

Sorry….if Richt don’t win one with Murray this year…he won’t for years to come….simply because in 2014 we will be starting a new QB…..could possibly be starting a new qb in 2015 as well….if mason wins the job in 2014….which he probably will. Hey y’all want to call me a troll but I have some really good points that y’all continue to ignore because you know I’m right. But most of you want to ignore reality! For me though….I’ve accepted that we will always have that missing piece that keeps us from winning the MNC….we’ve had it since 1980 and we will have that missing piece once again this year


April 24th, 2013
5:49 pm

Simple, and fair, ranking active coaches by win %:

National ranking:
#9 Mark Richt .742
#14 Nick Saban .740 (good run of late, but not overall as high as Richt’s)
#17 Les Miles .729
#18 Steve Spurrier .725

Winners win, and Richt’s the winningest active SEC coach.

Mark Richt underrated? I believe so. He should have been No 1.


April 24th, 2013
5:54 pm

If AD McGarity think the gym team is as important as the UGA basketball team, he’s not as smart as I thought.

SEC AD’s are evaluated by how the big 2 do:
#1 Football
#2 Basketball

The golf, tennis, gymnastics, equestrian programs don’t make the school a penny of real profit.


April 24th, 2013
6:01 pm

If AD McGarity doesn’t do a BETTER JOB creating AWARENESS of Mark Richt’s ranking among his peers in the toughest conference in the nation, among SEC coaches in win percentage, then I blame the AD.

If Mark Richt is not appreciated, it’s because AD McGarity doesn’t get the word out about UGA and Mark Richt.

This effects how BCS voters vote.

Start a campaign to educate voters on Mark Richt NOW to help boost preseason BCS rankings, and then ALL SEASON LONG to help BCS voting.

Bill King

April 24th, 2013
6:29 pm

Skokie Dog:
A subscription will be required for Myajc.com. The ajc.com site will remain free.


April 24th, 2013
6:48 pm

Hey Bill,
Question of the night: Who was better in the (17-0) annihilation of the “bugs”….our pitching or batting?


April 24th, 2013
6:57 pm

Agreed….no, Spurrier would not be welcomed at Georgia, he just can’t measure up to Richt, he has no class.


April 24th, 2013
8:24 pm

Some AMAZING things that make Mark Richt No 1 coach in the SEC:

1- Only asst in HISTORY to get 13 top 5 national finishes in national end of year AP rankings 13 years IN A ROW (at FSU)
2- Coached up 2 Heisman trophy winners as FSU QB Coach
3- Only football coach in HISTORY to finish in the top 10 AP Poll end of season rankings 20 OUT OF FIRST 25 YEARS as a coach
4- Higher career win % than Saban, Miles, or Spurrier
5- Only 1 losing season in his 25 years of coaching
6- Finished in the end of season AP Poll in the top 10 at UGA 4 YEARS IN A ROW

Flat Tire doesnt live in Delusionalville Ga.

April 24th, 2013
8:30 pm

NC Dawg

We lose 2 or more games every year

In 2 yrs we will have 4 or more losses, in 3 yrs we will have 6 or more losses; not a national title

Alabama didn’t lose inexplicably to A&M they came out flat in the 1st qtr after an emotional big win the week before; after the 1st qtr Bama scored 24-9 and almost pulled it out; that’s not an inexplicable

They didn’t have inexplicable loses like weve had against teams Boise St, SC, Tenn and many more in almost every season

Flat Tire doesnt live in Delusionalville Ga.

April 24th, 2013
9:18 pm


Richt is not the best coach in the SEC

What Spurrier has done at SC a program that has only won 6 bowl games; he took them to an SEC championship; beat every SEC East team in the same year (Richt has yet to do that at UGA) and beat UGA 3 yrs in a row something SC has never done until last year; turning FL from an under achieving program into a national powerhouse and coaching DUKE that’s right DUKE to an ACC championship is something Richt has not achieved

Les Miles is 84-21 since he arrived in Baton Rouge in 2005 and 2 SEC championships has played for 2 national titles winning 1 …Richt since Miles arrived is 76-30, no national championships, and 1 SEC championship…none since 2005

and how in the world can you put him above Saban who has won 4 National titles with 2 different schools in a decades time


April 24th, 2013
9:25 pm

The NFL agrees with me, not you.

Mark Richt has sent more players to the NFL than Saban, Miles or Spurrier.

They like what UGA does with the players.


April 24th, 2013
9:34 pm

Saban, Spurrier or Miles have all won a Championship, and had 1-4 great years.

Saban’s at the end of his career, Richt’s at the beginning.

Mark Richt has helped 20 of the 25 teams he has coached finish in the top 10 by the end of season, and is the greatest WINNER in the HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. PERIOD.

Mark Richt is also the only SEC Coach to coach 2 Heisman trophy winners.

Only SEC coach above .740 career win %.

#1 SEC coach, as evaluated by the NFL coaches, who draft more UGA players than Saban, Miles or Spurrier.

How many times did FSU finish in the top 5 BEFORE or AFTER Mark Richt coached there? O.
How many times did FSU finish in the top 5 WHILE Mark Richt coached there? 13 IN A ROW.


April 24th, 2013
9:43 pm

Saban is at his peak right now. He will NEVER be any better.

And as good as he is right now, Mark Richt’s team was winning the SEC Championship with 3 1/2 minutes to go, and still only won by 4 points with a lucky stop at the 5 yardline.

As good as Saban is right now, Richt’s going to get more guys drafted this year than Saban.


April 24th, 2013
11:24 pm

Richt has done a great job at Georgia but he could have been much better if he wouldn’t have taken so long to fire under performing position coaches and Coordinators. Also, Georgia has not had the Depth to be able to Compete against the great teams for 14 games. The lack of Depth was Richts fault for coming up 3 to 8 Recruit’s short every year and thinking Walk- on’s could actually make a difference.


April 25th, 2013
5:50 am

7576 Dawg

your post is spot on….Richt’s stubbornness has caused us a lot of down fall when we could’ve been progressing towards playing for a MNC….from 2002 -2005 we were the best team in the sec.
Richts biggest mistakes were
Like u said the scholarship stubbornness
Not firing willie
Poor recruiting…having to start joe.t and joe cox.
Not spiking the football
Keeping garner..jancek….fabris around for too long
Poor recruiting od the o-line


April 25th, 2013
6:36 am

Flat Tire – not argue ( and no it isn’t because I KNOW you are right) I just don’t want to waste my breath (or words). All I can say is “we will see…”


April 25th, 2013
6:37 am

not going to argue.. jeez (bleeping fingers)


April 25th, 2013
6:44 am

7576Dawg – everything looks clearer in hindsight. It is always a toss up whether giving someone a chance to improve will bear the desired results. It could also be said that the results could have been worse or virtually identical. CMR is a loyal person and sometimes that means you get burned. It also means that you sometimes come out the big winner too.


April 25th, 2013
7:04 am

Richt generally hires coaches based on attitude and values far outweighing talent. Richt thinks the talent can be trained.
richt’s self awareness is solid with the hire of Grantham, who is a fiery personality, which is what the laid back Richt needs to balance him out.
Richt is loyal to his coaches, because he knows the value of staff continuity which he saw work at FSU, and that’s worked so well at Virginia Tech too.
So it’s a staff that has great chemistry, common attitude and values, but some talent that makes you scratch your head sometimes, Wilson, Friend and Olivadotti come to mind.


April 25th, 2013
8:15 am

It is frustrating that
1). We do not have an indoor practice facility and no plans for one! WTH?
2). We don’t have some nice bronze statues of Trippi, Sinkwich, Herschel Walker, and Vince Dooley.

Statues like that can inspire coaches and players to greatness.

Old Dawg

April 25th, 2013
8:37 am

I am always amazed at the lack of balanced thinking in regard to coaches, regardless of the sport. Many people revere Tom Osborne for his work at Nebraska; however, his record against Oklahoma during Barry Switzer’s tenure was abysmal. After Switzer left, the Huskers’, and Osborne’s, stock rose in its conference and nationally.

The same can be said for Joe Paterno. Although his record and reputation are now in ashes following the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Penn State’s program was considered second-rate due to its regular season schedule. After the Nittany Lions beat UGA in the 1983 Sugar Bowl (I still struggle with that one), the image of the program was instantly changed.

And Michigan’s Bo Schembechler is considered a god throughout the midwest, even though he had a 5-17 bowl record and never won a national title. True, his teams won or shared 13 Big 10 titles, but when your bowl record is pure slap terrible, the image is more than a little tarnished.

Which leads me to Mark Richt. The shadow of Vince Dooley’s career looms large at UGA. Dooley won 6 SEC titles and one national title in his career with the Dawgs. And his bowl record as 8-10-2. Overall his winning percentage is .715.

Conversely, CMR has won 2 SEC titles in 13 years and his bowl record is 8-4. And his winning percentage is .747.

What I’m saying is that some times teams win. Some times team lose, or don’t meet expectations. Folks, that’s part of life/athletics. Remember the 90s when Alabama stunk? Remember when South Carolina was everyone’s punching bag? And remember when Tennessee ruled the SEC East?

And, in another area of business/life story, remember when Apple fired Steve Jobs, only to rehire him? Now he’s considered one of the most gifted people of all time.

People can and will nit-pick anything. But for me, and the values I hold in regard to college football and athletics, Mark Richt is a coach I’ll always support and admire.

Bulldogs for Muschamp Lifetime Contract

April 25th, 2013
12:25 pm

Good to see I haven’t missed anything over here by not blogging here

Desperate times in Gainesville with Pease using the Harry Potter thing and now joker phillips using a pac man screen wiht all the SEC teams on it with a #ComeplayWRforthe Joker

LOL. Muschamp is on his way out in 3 years.

Richt doubles as a Helen Hunt Standin

April 25th, 2013
12:45 pm

I love it when H U M P E R S continually defend your candyazed coach. Give him a lifetime contract Please!

Richt doubles as a Helen Hunt Standin

April 25th, 2013
12:47 pm

Deadhead you crack me up: Saban is at his peak right now. He will NEVER be any better? The only thing better would be to win 4 years straight instead of 3 out of 4 moron!


April 25th, 2013
2:36 pm

I feel we may lose to Clemson because sammy Watkins will get the better of swann. Swann gave up some big plays in the ending of last year….and he got burnt several times in spring game
I think we will lose to SC again…because of clowney and our inability to stop the mobile Conner shaw. Key for us to win that game will come down to ray drew and JHC……JHC will be spying on shaw the whole game and I hope for gawds sake JHC gets the better of him..
Tennessee will be scary game as well….because it will be in Knoxville…we haven’t played that well up there the last few years…same goes for auburn…a return game there puts a lot of pressure on us…
I think we will beat vandy by at least 17points because I think our o-line is just to much for them. Vandys d-line is not much bigger than Techs and you saw how we whipped them.
I think we will lose to Lsu because of our inability to stop power running teams. We all better hope Murray and gurshall can score 40+points on Lsu…because I’m afraid that’s what it’s going to take to get the Win
I think if we get to the dome we will play against Texas a&m….I think a 3 peat for Bama will be to much for them to accomplish.
I think we will beat a&m…because I think we match up better and can beat them in a close shoot out.
Then we would would probably play Ohio state for the mnc and beat them like a drum….I would love to see us get revenge on urban crier…
We can get to the mnc game….if Murray cuts down on his turnovers…if the secondary can be just as good as last year…if ray drew and JHC can get pressure on opposing qb’s….if the o- line can be more consistent in their run blocking…..the road to Atlanta will be much harder this year…we can do it but I doubt we wil…..unless we have gotten over the hump of losing that one game we shouldn’t lose


April 25th, 2013
2:53 pm

We can’t project ahead based on what happened last year. We can’t project aheadd based on a glorified scrimmage with the team split and the O-line scrambled up. All we can do is wait and see what happens. Who knows maybe NOBODY can run against us this year… or maybe we score 40- 50 points no matter who we are playing… it’s all just guess work.
I can’t wait to see what happens against Clemson. I guarantee that game will have all the young guys on defense’s attention. Sure, we will probably have a some points scored because of freshman mistakes but I’m really keeping an eye on the effort. I want to see some shoulder pads popping and swarms of dogs around ball carriers. The attitude and effort are what I need to see to gauge where the defense is at. The season hinges on where those factors start off. Good attitude and effort equals improvement. I can swallow giving up 30 to Clemson if the effort is good and the young dawgs look hungry. (assuming we score at least 1 more point than Clemson that is).
Bottom line… The Clemson game is REALLY REALLY important to the direction of the season.

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April 25th, 2013
6:41 pm


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Richts record against the top 10 is…………………….

Richts number of national titles is…………………..

and you want to compare him to someone who has won 4 National Titles during Richts tenure


what flavor Kool-Aid is that you are drinking