What worries you most as the Dogs head to Knoxville?

The poor play of Georgia's offensive line in pass protection is affecting Aaron Murray (Associated Press)

The poor play of Georgia's offensive line in pass protection is affecting Aaron Murray (Associated Press)

As the Bulldogs prepare to journey up to Rocky Top, what worries you most as a Georgia fan?

Is it the loss of ace pass rusher Cornelius Washington, who might have been expected to apply considerable pressure on Volunteer QB Tyler Bray? Are you remembering how Kellen Moore picked apart the Georgia defense when he wasn’t under any pressure?

Are you fretting about the continuing special teams problems and wondering just what Mark Richt’s going to do if a game comes down to the choice between going for it on fourth down or calling in Blair Walsh and the field goal unit?

Does the fall-off in offensive production in the second half over the past couple of games worry you the most?

Or is it the shaky play of sophomore quarterback Aaron Murray, who threw three more picks Saturday?

Actually, I think most of Murray’s problems, and perhaps even some of the second-half offensive slump, are a result of what worries me most about the Dawgs right now: the poor pass protection by a spotty offensive line that’s overworked because of a severe lack of depth.

It looked to me Saturday like maybe one of the reasons Mike Bobo got conservative in the second half and didn’t make as much use of the spread (where Isaiah Crowell appears to be more effective since he thrives on space) was because he was trying to protect his quarterback with more blockers in the backfield.

In addition to getting sacked a couple of times by the Maroon Bulldogs, Murray was hit hard several times in the first half and he never seemed comfortable in the pocket after that. In fact, a couple of times he seemed so uncomfortable that he hurried passes when he didn’t even have to. Bobo also had Murray rolling out more, which doesn’t appear to help the young quarterback’s accuracy.

And remember the last time this OL played before a really noisy crowd, in the Georgia Dome, and all those false starts? Neyland Stadium will definitely be just as loud, if not more so.

So that’s what concerns me the most as the Dogs head to Knoxville: the deficient OL and the effect it’s having on our quarterback and playcalling.

How about you?

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October 6th, 2011
2:31 pm

I want to know when was the last time Murray had his eyes checked? He seems to be having vision problems.


October 6th, 2011
8:36 pm

Oh no – This may be the “jinks” that UGA needs – Tennessee’s QB Tyler Bray is featured on the front page of the ESPN.com College Football page. Doesn’t that usually come with a jinks on the player?