UGA fans can show support for the team by showing up Saturday

dog LOGONothing is a sure thing in college football, but Georgia shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up its first win of the season against Coastal Carolina. So the biggest uncertainty about Saturday’s game is whether the game will continue UGA’s string of home sell-outs, and even if it does, how many Dogs fans actually will show up to cheer the team on in a one-sided nonconference match-up.

Unsold tickets to this game keep popping up, first when the opponents returned some and now with unclaimed UGA student tickets going on sale to the general public today. The athletic association says tickets can be purchased prior to 3 p.m. Friday online or by calling the ticket office at 1-877-542-1231.

And tickets will also be sold Saturday at the east end will-call windows beginning at 10 am., which reminds me of those Saturdays of my youth when kids could line up on the morning of a game for cheap “high school” tickets. Unfortunately, there won’t be any discount this time; they’ll still be the full $45.

As for those of us who already have tickets to the game, the decision remains on whether we’ll show up. My wife and I will be there, but several other fans I’ve talked to this week have been undecided about going. After all, it’s only Coastal Carolina.

Yes, but it’s also one of only a half-dozen opportunities this season to see the Dogs play Between the Hedges, and I can’t see passing that up, no matter who the opponent is.

I’m not a big fan of UGA President Michael Adams, but I like how he put it Thursday: “I’d love to see the stadium full Saturday for probably what will not be the most high-profile opponent we’ll play this year. I go to the locker room. I know these young men. I know a number of our student-athletes. We had a heck of an effort last Saturday. There’s nobody here who likes to win more than I do. But it’s time for us as a community to get behind this team, support them from now ’til the end of the season.”

Some fans already have thrown in the towel on this season after only two games, but others are like Eric Zeier and think Georgia can run the table, as Adams urged the players after the South Carolina loss. Whether you’re that optimistic or not, if you call yourself a Georgia Bulldogs fan and you are able to go to Saturday’s game, I hope you’ll do so.

For those who can’t, the game will be televised on a pay-per-view basis. Cable and satellite systems in both Georgia and South Carolina will offer the telecast for $34.95 and commercial establishments may purchase the game for $400, so I imagine most area sports bars will have it on. For viewers in other states, the game will be available on ESPN Gameplan and ESPN3 online; the ESPN feed will be blacked out in Georgia and South Carolina, though fans in those two states will be able to access the broadcast online at for the same price as the pay-per-view.

Production of the game will be handled by CSS with Bob Neal doing play by play and Buck Belue as color analyst.

Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. and it should be a fairly glorious fall day with the high expected to be in the mid-70s. The 1971 Bulldogs, led by my old classmate Andy Johnson, will be honored at halftime.

Even at 0-2, it doesn’t get any better than Saturday in Athens. So let’s fill those seats!

Go Dogs!

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September 17th, 2011
1:52 pm

Coastal Carolina?!? I’m gonna buy tickets to see one garbage team play an even worse garbage team? No thanks. Our stupid players will probably strut and jump around after every score like they just beat Auburn of Florida. No thanks. Our coaching staff will probably go on and on about how well we played. No thanks. Maybe if UGA could beat a good team, fans could show up in Athens and not be embarrassed. FU UGA.