UGA fans can show support for the team by showing up Saturday

dog LOGONothing is a sure thing in college football, but Georgia shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up its first win of the season against Coastal Carolina. So the biggest uncertainty about Saturday’s game is whether the game will continue UGA’s string of home sell-outs, and even if it does, how many Dogs fans actually will show up to cheer the team on in a one-sided nonconference match-up.

Unsold tickets to this game keep popping up, first when the opponents returned some and now with unclaimed UGA student tickets going on sale to the general public today. The athletic association says tickets can be purchased prior to 3 p.m. Friday online or by calling the ticket office at 1-877-542-1231.

And tickets will also be sold Saturday at the east end will-call windows beginning at 10 am., which reminds me of those Saturdays of my youth when kids could line up on the morning of a game for cheap “high school” tickets. Unfortunately, there won’t be any discount this time; they’ll still be the full $45.

As for those of us who already have tickets to the game, the decision remains on whether we’ll show up. My wife and I will be there, but several other fans I’ve talked to this week have been undecided about going. After all, it’s only Coastal Carolina.

Yes, but it’s also one of only a half-dozen opportunities this season to see the Dogs play Between the Hedges, and I can’t see passing that up, no matter who the opponent is.

I’m not a big fan of UGA President Michael Adams, but I like how he put it Thursday: “I’d love to see the stadium full Saturday for probably what will not be the most high-profile opponent we’ll play this year. I go to the locker room. I know these young men. I know a number of our student-athletes. We had a heck of an effort last Saturday. There’s nobody here who likes to win more than I do. But it’s time for us as a community to get behind this team, support them from now ’til the end of the season.”

Some fans already have thrown in the towel on this season after only two games, but others are like Eric Zeier and think Georgia can run the table, as Adams urged the players after the South Carolina loss. Whether you’re that optimistic or not, if you call yourself a Georgia Bulldogs fan and you are able to go to Saturday’s game, I hope you’ll do so.

For those who can’t, the game will be televised on a pay-per-view basis. Cable and satellite systems in both Georgia and South Carolina will offer the telecast for $34.95 and commercial establishments may purchase the game for $400, so I imagine most area sports bars will have it on. For viewers in other states, the game will be available on ESPN Gameplan and ESPN3 online; the ESPN feed will be blacked out in Georgia and South Carolina, though fans in those two states will be able to access the broadcast online at for the same price as the pay-per-view.

Production of the game will be handled by CSS with Bob Neal doing play by play and Buck Belue as color analyst.

Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. and it should be a fairly glorious fall day with the high expected to be in the mid-70s. The 1971 Bulldogs, led by my old classmate Andy Johnson, will be honored at halftime.

Even at 0-2, it doesn’t get any better than Saturday in Athens. So let’s fill those seats!

Go Dogs!

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September 16th, 2011
7:34 pm


Dont worry about it too much. Watch the games on tv when they are televised and root them on.. It may be a tough year to be a Dawg fan. I’ll drink one for you tomorrow morning when I’m tailgating!!. Take care and Go Dawgs!!!!!

South Carolina Dog

September 16th, 2011
7:42 pm

Support and respect goes full circle. Do not disparage fans who are unhappy with being next to Vandy in wins during the past 5 years!!! We are the only school except Vandy who still tolerates inept performances from the President, ahtletic department, and those showboating, dancing kids who claim to be students. I have 2 children at UGA, but this is the one time I think it is time for a change.


September 16th, 2011
7:44 pm

Larry, please get better! I’ve always loved you and your voice! God bless you! Go Larry Munson Go!

DAWG with two bags over head

September 16th, 2011
8:19 pm

I’ll be there tomorrow, but mainly to watch my daughter perform at halftime. It would be nice if they could run the table, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s interesting that the ‘71 team is being honored at halftime. I was at the ‘71 game as a 12-year-old Auburn fan because my older sister was in school there. Two years after that I switched from the dark side to the Dawgs. Six years later I was in school in Athens. As I recall, that was an impossible ticket to find. My mother was friends with Bill Hartman Sr. and he came through for us.

Here's an Idea

September 16th, 2011
8:24 pm

If you have tickets and can’t attend, then find a young couple who normally couldn’t afford to attend a game and give them your tickets. Can’t hurt your Karma…


September 16th, 2011
8:29 pm

This is a game that we should be able to play our starters less than one quarter and still win hands down. I hope our coaching staff get some quality time for our backups. Looking forward to seeing what the backup QBs can do. If I was local and had a choice of paying $36 for PPV and $45 to see the game live what a no brainer. Living our of state and far away not to be blacked out I an thankful of ESPN gameplan. The one thing I don’t think is fair with Gameplan is the Blackout. If you pay for the service you should get the games. I don’t think blacking out a game will affect the attendance anyway.


September 16th, 2011
8:45 pm

Bill are you a HACK for UGA Administration?

Exhorting Dawg Nation to show up tomorrow for a sure win against a team that has no name recognition among most?

And what will you say if The Dawgs struggle for even ONE SERIES against COASTAL CAROLINA?

I submit that anyone showing up for the game tomorrow supports a losing coaching staff and an administration that is in a tither as to what to do next.

Of course, the above is only my personal opinion but from reading many of the blogs on this site I suspect it is similar to many others in Dawg Nation.


September 16th, 2011
8:51 pm

God Bless Larry Munson,

“Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott”

“Sugar is falling from the sky”

Man Oh Man Larry, were those the days!

Please get well soon to see a new era dawn next season in Athens.

Class of ‘79


September 16th, 2011
9:09 pm

Fla Dawg, we need some days like that NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


September 16th, 2011
9:22 pm

Yep! It can happen again but I don’t think it will with this coaching staff.
The Dawgs have talent galore but in my opinion no one to coach them to their potential.
Man, as much as I dislike Spurrier just imagine what that Evil Genius could have done over the last five years with the talent we’ve had!

Just Imagine It For A Second!

SEC Championships and maybe one or two BCS Titles!

Glory Goes To Those Who Are Brave Enough To Accept It


September 16th, 2011
9:33 pm

If they giving away tickets I will be there if not pst whatever!


September 16th, 2011
9:43 pm

It looks like Toledo is better coached than the bulldogs…I’m just going be empirical evidence

Fire Mark Richt

September 16th, 2011
9:43 pm

I think it’s high time that the University and AD show “support” for us fans and quit giving us meaningless crap to watch like Idaho State, Louisiana Lafayette, Coastal-freakin’-Carolina, and NM State.

Dewey Cheatham & Howe

September 16th, 2011
10:05 pm

Pit Bull

September 16th, 2011
10:30 pm

Yeah, I think I might go to the game. I can woop it up while we are beating up on high school like team. Give me a freaking break! I bet the Coaches will be high fiveing afer the game. Get a life! Maybe we can play Toledo next! Well, not them, we don’t need another trip to the wood shed! All the GA FANS WHOOPING IT UP. BIG DEAL!


September 16th, 2011
10:36 pm

The UGA OKIE-DOKE: ” Everything is going to be fine. We’ll turn it around. Nothing to worry about. Things will get better, you’ll see”.

Its the fans! Yep that’s the problem. Fans saying mean things on blogs. They’re the reason this team isn’t performing. Yep… we the fans need to quit being so mean to the administration and coaching staff and demand less. That will no doubt improve the situation dramatically.


September 16th, 2011
10:58 pm

Glad we don’t play Bama or LSU this year, Miss St, Auburn and Fla will be challenge enough, Maybe even Tenn. Lets hope Coach Richt can turn things, As far as supporting the team I think the fans have been very supportive, How many SEC coaches could go 14 and 14 over last 28 games and still have a job?

Dewey Cheatham & Howe

September 16th, 2011
11:06 pm

Probably two.


September 16th, 2011
11:38 pm

Lets Go Dawgs! And let’s support the team Georgia fans!


September 17th, 2011
12:07 am

I’ve thrown in the towel, their dead to me.

Thomas Brown

September 17th, 2011
12:14 am

“Spoke with #Chiefs LB Justin Houston the other day about U of Georgia. Asked him about Richt. He said it’s time for a change.”

“Houston said Richt is a good coach but that the Bulldogs haven’t won big under Richt. Said he’d like to see someone new in there next year.”

Thomas Brown

September 17th, 2011
12:34 am

I-A Wins 2006-2011 ( 6 Seasons )

1. Boise State 63 wins

2. Florida 58 wins

3. Texas Christian 56 wins

4. Oklahoma 56 wins

5. Virginia Tech 54 wins

6. LSU 53 wins

7. Southern California 53 wins

8. BYU 52 wins

9. Texas 52 wins

10. Utah 52 wins

11. West Virginia 51 wins

12. Wisconsin 51 wins

13. Missouri 50 wins

14. Oregon 49 wins

15. Auburn 49 wins

16. Alabama 49 wins on the field Ben Dukes (vacated 11 wins 2006 2007)

17. Penn State 48 wins

18. Hawaii 48 wins

19. Boston College 47 wins

20. Cincinnati 47 wins

21. Texas Tech 47 wins

22. Navy 46 wins

23. Ohio State 46 wins I thought they are supposed to be great ?

24. Tulsa 45 wins

25. Oklahoma State 45 wins

26. Nebraska 45 wins

27. South Florida 44 wins

28. Nevada-Reno 44 wins

29. Georgia tek 44 wins – outside Top 25 over these last 6 seasons now

30. Georgia Bulldogs 44 wins 2006-2011 – six (6) seasons

I-A Wins 2006-2011 ( 6 Seasons ) (on the field)


September 17th, 2011
12:35 am

Will not support any program that has a loser’s mentality, and unfortunately that is the mentality of the UGA program. It starts at the top with Adams, and it goes from there to McGarity(who is nothing but a bag of hot air), and it goes from there to Richt, who has the 2nd worst record in the SEC the past 2 plus seasons, to the players, who have bought into Richt’s moral victories, to the fans, who accept this mediocrity, and continue to brag about a coach that has lost more games than any school in the conference with the exception of Vandy. UGA should keep Adams, McGarity, and Richt, and leave the SEC and try to get accepted in the ACC, where the pathetic soft ass, finesse style of football will succeed. Adams states nobody hates losing more than he does, what a crop of sh-t, this clown said at the SEC meetings of the presidents that a losing record wasn’t acceptable at UGA, but a winning season was expected. He never said anything about an SECE, or conference title. But the real blame for this disaster should be put on McGarity’s shoulders. He should have canned Richt’s sorry ass after the bowl game, and UGA would already be in the rebuilding stage this year, and hopefully they would be able to turn the corner next year. But McGarity was so afraid of losing last year’s recruiting class, and now, what does he have? Another .500 season, and next year’s recruiting class has already been lost with UGA only having 1 of the top 11 players in state committed. It is a sad day in UGA football when Bama, Auburn, and Fl. have more of the top 11 players in the state of Ga committed to their schools than does UGA. That in itself should be all that this bag of hot air Mcgarity should need to make his decision. That coupled with the first 2 games, and he should realize that Richt is a joke, and that this program is at the bottom of the conference. How could any A.D. sit there and continue to watch as his program sinks to the very bottom of the SEC. My god, it will only hurt UGA if Richt is allowed to finish the season. The perception and the reality of this program is at an all-time low, and the fan base has never been this divided. Yet Adams and McGarity continue to support this loser coach. The perception of the program is even lower than when Goff was the head coach, and by the end of the season, the perception will be almost irreparable. If Adams and McGarity allow Richt to stay on until the end of the season, it will take the next coach 4 or 5 years to turn this program around. Thank you Richt, you have destroyed a once proud program, and your lack of coaching ability, and your arrogance has cost UGA not only the last 4 years, but an additional 4 or 5 years to rebuild. Richt has cost UGA at least 8 years of mediocrity, so for all you Richt lovers, 8 bad years outweighs his 3 or 4 good years. When will this NIGHTMARE end????/


September 17th, 2011
12:51 am

dawg4ever? Were you spouting this crap when Richt had 10 wins, an SEC championship, David Green and Pollack? Just curious. I was. I saw then he didn’t have what it takes to get to the next level. Folks looked at me like I was crazy. Looks like I was right. But what does that have to do with going out and supporting your team?

I’m no more happy with the coach than I was 6 or 7 years ago, but I STILL like the team. Oh and I was never a big fan of bobby Cox and his ONE world series win. A GOOD manager with the teams he had should have had at least 4 if not 5…………. but I still went to the games. I cheer for the TEAM, not the coaches or management.

Coastal Dawg

September 17th, 2011
2:08 am

All that sounds good. Come support the team, blah, blah, blah.

I am in Athens getting ready for the game in 11 hours and will support the team. HOWEVER, people need to realize that supporting the team is not as easy as driving across town or catching the rapid transit to the stadium. I have driven 6 hours to get here and another 6 hours to get home.

Easy for you folks in the Athens area to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do. And tell us IF we are loyal fans…… It takes a lot of money and time for those who have to dedicate a weekend to “support” them.

AD McGarity knows what it takes to fill that stadium each week. He also knows that a great product on the field is the way to keep the cofers full and not by just raising prices and taking our “brand” nationwide. Thank God I haven’t heard anything about OUR BRAND in the last year.

Any time 3 home games are on consecutive weekends the stadium is not going to be filled for Coastal Carolina, but at 0-2 even less so.

Thomas Brown

September 17th, 2011
5:14 am

Yes, it is a lot of money Coastal Dawg, and a lot of time invested in our football program, to just sit and watch as we are criticized all of us, for daring to want more than what we have seen after 1983.

I read a blog article by Ben Dukes, 2 days ago he wrote about what he called “the slide” where he took a list of 30 teams doing better than we are on the field (he didn’t discuss 1 word about off the field) after the 2005 season. He turned his head sideways and held his breath and came up with instead of us being # 30 in wins over the 6 seasons after 2005, that we are instead in the Top 10 in the nation.

Doesn’t feel like the Top 10 in the nation to the rest of us. No, it is like that who are ruining our program. Obviously this isn’t working, not when we have lost 13 of the last 26 games against the SEC Eastern Division – dating all the way back to every game vs The East after 2005.

Man of class. There are a lot of men of class.

I thought we hired a football coach; instead it turned out to just be an assistant coach with none of the skills and none of the experience to hire and fire a coaching staff for a football team, and no desire to be any better than about # 7 in The SEC. His great season in 2002 was in fact a season in which only 1 other team ended up in the Coaches’ Poll Top 25 of all 12 of The SEC teams. (To which they reply, is that Mark Richt’s fault?) He lost in 2002 to a team who did not end up in the Top 25, Florida when his # 52 avg Total Offense all 11 years, went 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions. His great season when the BCS cheated him out of the NC game in 2007, he lost to lowly South Carolina a 6-6 teams not even in any bowl game and he lost in a blow-out to a vols team who lost to a 7-6 California and the same vols team lost to a 7-6 Alabama, but they beat us in a blow-out of Biblical Proportions, while LSU beat 2 teams who ended the season in the AP Poll Top 10. I am sorry but we did not get hosed by the BCS in 2007.

We will be just fine after we beat these cupcakes like Coastal Carolina.

Vince Doodly

September 17th, 2011
7:26 am

Taking a kid to a Georgia game is reprehensible and child abuse. 90,000 drunken rednecks is no place for a kid.


September 17th, 2011
7:33 am

Tickets gas and parking would cost me $300 to go to the game. AH no thanks.


September 17th, 2011
7:44 am

No TV?

Guess I’ll look for Isaiah, The Annointed One II, highlights during halftime of the GA State game on CSS…………

At lease Vandy is on at noon………

Go Dores

Go Buckeyes

Go Falcons


September 17th, 2011
7:45 am

And I hope Coastal scares the crap out of you dogs………..


Oh My


September 17th, 2011
8:05 am

Grantham’s defense has given up 80 points in just two games.

My God that must be an SEC record for an opening season.

I could care less about the game today. A win today means absolutely nothing. A loss will make us an even bigger joke than we are considered now.

Will look for the score tonight or tomorrow.
Many of us in Dawg Nation have given up.

No child left behind

September 17th, 2011
8:36 am

@Vince Doodly: “Taking a kid to a Georgia game is reprehensible and child abuse. 90,000 drunken rednecks is no place for a kid.”

Vince makes a very good point. Those people should be arrested.

Good deals for dawgs

September 17th, 2011
8:49 am

Sanford Stadium: ten tickets, ten hotdogs, ten drinks. Get to pet the flea-bitten mutt. Free autograph from Saint Mark. Call the game from the broadcast booth. Free parking. Golf cart shuttles you to the stadium. Kiss a cheerleader of your choice.

[...] Bill King’s Junkyard Blawg this Friday, he addressed UGA fans more than UGA football. While he did mention that the game was a [...]

Pago Pago Dawg

September 17th, 2011
9:45 am

Actually, a small MAC team, The Rockets, played BS as good a game (maybe better) as UGA!
Interesting comments from BS players after the game…


September 17th, 2011
10:00 am

Hope Larry Munson is doing well.


September 17th, 2011
10:03 am

Poor Buckeye can’t afford tickets or pay per view. What a waste of human skin


September 17th, 2011
10:29 am

Buckeye you have a computer you can hook it to your TV and get the UGA game on ESPN 3.


September 17th, 2011
10:31 am


Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather watch Vandy.


September 17th, 2011
10:33 am

All my sincere best for Larry Munson too.

Burma Shave

September 17th, 2011
10:36 am

Taking your kids
To a UGA game
Is child abuse
And a crying shame



September 17th, 2011
10:51 am

What Gimmick is Richt using for this game?
Maybe it should be HUTSON MASON.


September 17th, 2011
10:59 am


As a UGA fan, I believe a more appropriate rhyme would be:

Taking your kids
To a game in Sanford Stadium
Is passing the torch
To the young Bulldog Nation.

Go Dawgs!


September 17th, 2011
11:05 am


Snoop Dawg

September 17th, 2011
11:17 am

dawg4ever says it all. Adams, McCavity, and Marjoe Mark Wrecked are all two time losers. So is UGA football until big change in the coaching staff occurs.
Boycott the games and demand change now.
To do otherwise makes you a enabler.


September 17th, 2011
11:23 am

Snoop Dawg:

I understand your frustration, but can’t we just support the team this year and see how it all plays out? .. Go Dawgs!


September 17th, 2011
11:32 am

Have a good weekend, all. A flare-up of my rheumatoid arthritis wouldn’t allow me to travel to the game today, so I game my seven tickets to young Dawg fans where they could take their wife and kids to their first Georgia game in Sanford Stadium. ..

Go Dawgs, play focused today, and hope you stay injury-free. We’ll need you all healthy in the upcoming games.


September 17th, 2011
11:36 am

Sorry, should have been:

Gave my tix to two young Dawg fans..

boo norris

September 17th, 2011
11:53 am

UGA and Michael Adams can show they care about the fans and lower ticket prices; go back to the days of allowing people to park reasonably near the stadium without paying; and refrain from restricting any semblance of a good time while tailgating.


September 17th, 2011
1:48 pm

He77 No!!! UGA should give me my money back from USC game. Showing support is a two way street. UGA can’t win close games. UGA can’t beat good teams. UGA plays sloppy. UGA has poor coaching. Now why would I pay to support garbage. Get new coaches. Get new players. Win ballgames. Then I’ll pay for a ticket. FU UGA.