Simply Saturday: Adding some Dawgs to list of college-only legends

Simply Saturday: David Greene left college as the winningest quarterback, but didn't achieve NFL stardom. (Associated Press)

Simply Saturday: David Greene left college as the winningest quarterback, but didn't achieve NFL stardom. (Associated Press) spent the past week trotting out its Simply Saturday series, a countdown of the 50 greatest college players who didn’t go on to become great NFL players.

Ohio State’s Archie Griffin topped the list, which was heavy on names from Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma and FSU. Strangely, only five SEC players were included, and three of them were from Auburn.

No Georgia Bulldogs made the list, possibly because many of UGA’s best-known players have gone on to long and occasionally even stellar careers in pro football. But ESPN SEC blogger Chris Low did include a couple of Bulldog defensive legends on his own Simply Saturday list: David Pollack, whose NFL career was ended prematurely by a neck injury, and Scott Woerner, who played mainly in the USFL after a brief stint in the NFL.

I’m not sure it’s really fair for a list of Simply Saturday stars to include players like Pollack or running back Robert Edwards, who might well have had hugely successful NFL careers had they not fallen victim to injuries, but there are quite a few other Bulldogs who achieved All-America status in college and yet didn’t make much of a name in the NFL.

Like linemen Ray Rissmiller, George Patton and Joel Parrish, for instance. And defensive backs Jeff Sanchez, Bill Krug and, more recently, Greg Blue, who’s been playing in Canada. And All-America running back Tim Worley, who showed promise as an NFL rookie but saw his career fall off quickly amid injuries and suspensions.

And then there are the Dawgs who didn’t make the All-America lists but won plenty of college plaudits that didn’t translate into NFL success, like All-SEC running backs Willie McClendon and Musa Smith, and quarterbacks Eric Zeier and David Greene.

In fact, you can make a good case that Greenie really should have been included in ESPN’s Simply Saturday Top 50, since he finished at UGA as the then all-time winningest college football quarterback but never got to play in a regular season game during his brief career as an NFL backup. If that’s not Simply Saturday material, what is?

Feel free to share your thoughts on any other Dogs who ought to make a list of Simply Saturday legends.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Independence Day holiday!

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Rabun Dawg

July 2nd, 2011
7:06 pm

Sicker every day, you are a sick puppy. You comments read like some bitter person who probably rants about anything that doesn’t go your way. I would like to think that you do not speak for the majority of the people of whatever Univ. you choose to support. Probably not fair to judge you this way, but I suspect you are a fan of a certain Institute located in Atlanta. You need an “attitude adjustment”, my man.


July 2nd, 2011
8:18 pm

Chazzo ReeeChard played Rugby-(for UGA as well) and he had a long NFL career—and as great a guy as you will ever meet–He was a back in Rugby thought he would be the next Herschel-but his quickness served him well as a sacker

tar and feathers party

July 2nd, 2011
9:02 pm

UGAG linemen gotta oil up for their homoerotic porno shoots!


July 2nd, 2011
9:54 pm

Bill King -

After reading some of the posts on this article, you think some of mine are bad??? What a joke. If you are selective about what posts you delete based on their school affiliation then you truly do not want comments. Just write the article and end it with “comments closed” instead. Leave this up for another 48 hours or so and you might reach 100 hits. Do you actually have an income stream for this?

Bitter trolls

July 2nd, 2011
10:29 pm

GOD say’s shut the f—- up trolls———your killing me with this crazy spuu——-go back

———to your wal-mart job “@tar and feathers————-@einstiendawg—–charlotte



July 2nd, 2011
11:34 pm

Actually the whole team that dressed in those cute little black uniforms the last time I was in Athens. So many wins had to remember was it 31-0 at halftime.

Boise State 66 Dawgs3

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
2:13 am

David Greene’s wounded ducks were not much in college. He ended his career having played more games, and of course as the Starter at Quarterback – not unlike Aaron Murray; but strangely we have a completely different set of rules for what makes Aaron Murray the greatest quarterback, ever. Aaron Murray, you might recall has a Losing Record as a Starter and is 0-5 vs teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 25. In fact, Aaron Murray Lost 2 games vs teams who did not finish in the AP Poll Top 25. We say that David Greene was great as a Quarterback – because of his record as the Starter – but we say Aaron Murray is great despite his record. Clearly, this dichotomous position by us on this point, is inconsistent. Aaron Murray played against 1 team who ended the season in the AP Poll Top 10 and Lost. David Greene in his 4 years as our Starter, beat a team who finished # 4 in the AP Poll, the vols in 2001. Knocked the lid off this program with that win; and Lost 4 games the same season of 2001. David Greene never did beat a team who finished in the Top 10 AP Poll ever again. David Greene, not unlike Aaron Murray, Lost to teams who did not finish in the AP Poll Top 25, such as Florida 2002 and such as Colorado for Aaron Murray 2010. Greene, you recall was 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions vs Florida 2002, including that wounded duck he threw over the head of a wide open receiver to end the Florida Loss 2002. If we are to set up a set of criteria for which a Quarterback here is great, then we have to apply the same rules to the next one we also then call great by the same standards. Neither will go on to do anything in the pros. And, of course, I submit neither is great.

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
2:24 am

I noticed Georgia tek built an Indoor Football Practice Facility, wasted $ 9 million dollars on a Quonset Hut with glass, and could not even put in a football field of 100 yards. Maybe had you invested just one more million, $10 million dollars, you could have built a real football field instead of just a 90-yard football field. 90-yard football field – how stupid is that for $ 9 million dollars Georgia tek ?

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
2:58 am

Jim Donnan had 19 Losses in his 5 years here, for which we fired him. We didn’t want to settle for 19 Losses over a 5-year period, which was # 19 in the nation in Won/Lost Record 1996-2000 for Jim Donnan, now bankrupt. Mark Richt has 21 Losses his last 5 years here 2006-2010, which is # 23 in the nation in Won/Lost Record over these last 5 years, average in Excess of 4 Losses per Season over these last 5 years.

19 Losses 5 years Jim Donnan – for which we Fired him

21 Losses last 5 years Mark Richt – for which he is the greatest coach in the nation

Or, is it winning doesn’t matter. Mark Richt is a nice guy.

David Pollack gets cut some slack for his tackle as a linebacker in the NFL without having played the position in college, and the injury as a direct result – thankful that it wasn’t a worse injury. He was sure fun to watch in college on the DL. David Greene never was on any All-America List in college. Including him therefore is a joke. Judge Aaron Murray by the same standards. Herschel Walker had several Pro Bowl seasons in the NFL and ended his career # 17 on the All-Time All-Purpose Yards in the NFL; so, obviously he doesn’t deserve to be on the list. Little Joey Hamilton ? All anyone will ever remember about him was Paul Johnson hiring Little Joey Hamilton as Paul Johnson’s Director of Player Personnel Development and that Little Joey Hamilton promptly went out and spent his 1st Paul Johnson paycheck on drugs found in his vehicle on a hit and run downtown where he was drunk in an accident he fled the scene and left the drugs in his ashtray – smart ? Nice Director of Player Personnel Development Paul Johnson – Little Joey Hamilton.

It Ain't Rocket Science

July 3rd, 2011
5:43 am

Thomas Brown,

Who is the all time winning coach at UGA with 5 years of more head coaching?
Who has the best bowl winning percentage of all UGA coaches with 5 or more years at UGA?
Who has been to a bowl game every year he has been a coach at UGA?
Give you a hint, his initials are CMR.
Statistics are interesting in that you can manipulate them anyway you want to oppose or support you point. Taking half of a coaches career, and using just those statistics for those years, supports your point. Using the statistics for 10 years opposes your point.

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
5:55 am

Last Five (5) Years :

56-9 Ohio State
56-12 Florida
61-5 Boise State
55-10 TCU
54-15 Oklahoma
52-16 Virginia Tech
51-14 Southern California
50-15 LSU
50-15 Texas
50-15 BYU
49-16 Wisconsin
49-16 West Virginia
50-15 Utah
49-18 Alabama on the field
48-16 Oregon
48-19 Missouri
47-18 Penn State
46-18 Auburn
46-22 Hawaii
45-20 Cincinnati
45-21 Boston College
45-20 Texas Tech
44-21 Georgia Mark Richt last 5 years # 23 Win %

Rocket man, 5 years is a long time to have to look past, to try to tell me a guy who has a 17-24 record against teams finishing in the Top 25 AP Poll over 10 years time, a guy who has a 3-9 record against teams finishing in the Top 10 AP Poll over 10 years time and those only 3 wins were in seasons he Lost 4, 3, and 4 games (meaning he never has had a great year against great teams), and a guy who has Lost 10 games in 10 years to teams who did not even finish in the Top 25 AP Poll over 10 years time, is somehow the greatest coach ever. Why then is he on the hot seat and why then did you mention 5 years twice and neither time the in fact mention the last 5 years – you know, NOW.

It Ain't Rocket Science

July 3rd, 2011
7:49 am


You mentioned the 5 year period. I believe a coach should be judged over his entire period of work. Like I said you can twist statisitics around to support you anyway you want. How about, he has 2 SEC titles, and 3 SEC east titles in those ten years. If you are expecting for every year to be successful to your expectations, I don’t imagine any coach will measure up to your standards. Football is a game and a coach, although he can try the best he wants, can not control injuries, attitudes and a host of other things that can affect a teams performance. You point to the last five years and say he is 23 in winning percentage. According to another poll, he is nbr 8 in winning percentage all time, for coaches still active today. I get that you don’t like CMR and that is your choice. But if you are going to rely on statistics alone, there is always going to be an opposite figure that can be used to support or oppose your reasoning.
This year will determine most likely whether CMR is with UGA or not and my belief is that UGA will do pretty well. Your belief is different, and you are entitled to your belief as well. Let’s see how the season plays out rather than condemn the man before the season is even played.

Hardtruth Soldier

July 3rd, 2011
8:02 am

Simple, down South the vast majority go pro! Why do ESPN(Exceptionally Soft and Punked Network. ) hate to see them SEC Boys? Because those analyst be saying damn that shoulda been me playing, instead I went to Indiana Weslyen and we got the crap kicked out of us. Oh back to the main subject.. Hate UF, But Chris Leak has got to be the most devalued Nat’l Championship QB EVER IN THE SEC. Damn people do ya’ll realize it wasn’t Tim Tebow that started that on that O6 team. What a disgrace not to honor the guy, but Tebow get’s a key to the city. I guess when Black folks say racism they have a point. Don’t they?

Bronco Fan

July 3rd, 2011
8:37 am

Boise State 222, Georgia 0

old time dog

July 3rd, 2011
8:51 am

It Ain’t Rocket Science…. Whoa nellie!!!! A coach can’t control attitudes? He might not can control them but he sure as hell can influence them. Mr. Richt better redevote himself to trying to actually be involved and in charge of this team while it is under hia watch.

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
9:05 am

I am judging him over his entire period of work.

3-9 vs teams finished Top 10 AP Poll all 10 years

10 Losses to teams finished not Top 25 AP Poll 10 years

no bowl win against team finished Top 10 AP Poll all 10 yrs

# 2 All-Time Fulmer Cup Standings – Mark Richt

His 2 best years 2002 – only other SEC Coaches’ Poll Top 25 # 14 Auburn

2007 – LSU had 2 wins over teams finished Top 10

(1) Mark Richt has never had a great year & beat team finished Top 10

(2) How great were 2002 and 2007, therefore Rocket man ?

Bad publicity, that is all we get around here – Mark Richt

# 7 average rank recruiting, averaging both Rivals and all 11 classes

Only 3 other states with more hs recruits who go on to the NFL

8 games under .500 all 10 years vs teams finished Top 25 AP Poll

- nice guy, like the guy as a person

Excuses, litany of Excuses for fact Jim Donnan Lost 19 his 5 years

Mark Richt WORSE than Jim Donnan these last 5 years

When you can bring yourself to face Jim Donnan’s recruits WON here

Mark Richt’s the last 5 years, have been MISERABLE on & off the field

Won’t hear me HYPE coaching staff of Mark Richt, nor his recruits

Recruits, you give him credit for, but Fail to hold him responsible for

I actually want BETTER than 10-4 this season

10 cupcakes we play this season, 10

Mark Richt 4th best coach in his own Conference these last 10 years

Exhibit (A) We lose to 1 team not finishing AP Top 25 every year on avg all 10 yr
Exhibit (B) We lose to 9 of 12 teams finishing AP Top 10 all 10 years

Therefore, Mark Richt Loses to the cupcakes, bad losses 1 a year for 10 years

Mark Richt also, therefore, does not and cannot beat the truly great teams

We ARE whether you ever admit it here and complete and utter AFTERTHOUGHT on the national stage. At the end of the season when elite teams beat a team finishing in the AP Poll Top 10, under Mark Richt – we are NOWHERE to be found, not this coming season and in NONE of the previous 10 years of the Mark Richt regime of his poor hires as his “coaching staff.”

# 52 Total Offense average all 10 years here of Mark Richt

We cannot beat our way out of a wet paper bag. I am NOT satisfied, and you ARE.

ray goff for next coach

July 3rd, 2011
9:18 am

outstanding analysis, Thomas Brown. But the CMR cult ain’t listening. Personally, i hope he stays. Guess it’s the voyeur in me; i like watching rednecks make fools of themselves.

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
9:27 am

Rocket man’s litany of Excuses

include that

Mark Richt gets credit for his recruiting, which is NOT Top 5 this 2011 Signing Class, according to

But, that he is NOT RESPONSIBLE for their ATTITUDES

The very essence of any coach is motivation of his team to a goal

But, if your only reason to write on AJ-C blogs is to SUPPORT Mark Richt’s hires on his “coaching staff” then, you will ONLY list this litany of EXCUSES

and, try like heck to paint a picture such as he is the # 8 coach of those still in the game today over the last 10 years. Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Les Miles, Pete Carroll, Jim Tressel, Bobby Bowden, Lloyd Carr, … how many should I list you just IGNORED by putting in that little qualifier – STILL AT THAT SCHOOL.

What does that make him ?

Actually about # 18 ?

For which his total compensation is three and one-half million dollars a year

And, he cannot motivate. If he could, then Rocket man would not have to DEFEND him with 1 of his litany of excuses that somehow it is not his fault that the team LOST to a team who ended up unranked in the Poll Florida 2002, a team whom he went 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions (He went # 56 in the nation just this past season in 3rd Down Conversions – by the way.), Not Mark Richt’s fault that he could not / would not motivate his players against South Carolina in 2007, a USC team who by the way Lost 6 games 6-6 and did not even play in a bowl game 2007.

Where was the motivation on the play that cost us the game in the last game Rocket man ? 4th and goal from the 2-yard line and kicks a field goal. We never recovered that,



July 3rd, 2011
10:04 am

Well, since a Georgia grad compiled the list, it’s hardly surprising there were no Dawgs represented. Otherwise Herschel Walker, who was nowhere near being an NFL legend would have been mentioned. As I recall he wound up being a special teams guy after not having enough moves to make it at RB. Rest assured, you’ll never see him in the NFL’s Hall of Fame.

Flat Tire on I-95 in Jacksonville

July 3rd, 2011
10:24 am

Thomas Brown

Thank you for your post. I’ve tried to reason with Rocket Mouth and his buddies CHEEZO, ALTAMAHA DOG, SOUTH GA DAWG and Dawg

They dont get it bud, all they see is Richt has 10 wins which I explained to them its really not that hard to get 10 wins

Ive basically said the exact same things you have
you should add,

UGA having top 10 recruiting classes 10 yrs in a row (streak broken last yr )only other team to do it Oklahoma
Ranking #4 in putting players in the NFL since 1999 ahead of FL but those who love to make excuses to losing to FL say they have the better talent
1-9 vs FL (I dont count the other win because Zook was fired the week before)
Has never beat FL the yrs he appeared in the SEC championship
30+ arrests in 5 yrs
11 last yr

What gets me is you make a comment about a player and they are silent. Make a comment about Richt and they all team up to try to either get you thrown off, call you names, or say your not a UGA fan.

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
10:55 am

Yes, but both of us our UGA fans.

We may not be, either of us, good Christians.

And, therein lies the rub.

I believe in the Separation of Church and State.

Thomas Brown

July 3rd, 2011
11:08 am

What I don’t believe is that because he is a Christian, that that makes him better as a coach.

A coach is a guy who hires a coaching staff.

Here, he is woefully, inept.

A coach is a guy who gets credit for his recruits and who takes responsibility for those whom he was given credit for, both on the field and off.

Here, too, he is woefully inept. I have the records. It is not 30 in 5 plus years, instead it is over 120 in 10 years.

And a great coach is 1 who either beats every team he is supposed to beat. 10 Losses in 10 years to those who finished the season not in the Top 25 the same season they beat him, is woefully inept here, as well.

A great coach wins the games against the teams whom the nation says in fact were the great teams that season; and on this sour note he is 3-9 vs teams finishing in the AP Poll Top 10 the same season they too beat him and ended up Top 10 teams. By stark contrast, LSU beat 2 in 2007; Mark Richt none and Auburn won 7 games last season against teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 25 while Mark Richt is 17-24 all 10 years; and of course Auburn won 2 games last season alone against teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 10.

The 2 I loved from Rocket man (maybe this is rocket science – to him anyway, obviously) are :

1. There are 8 better coaches still in the game who over the last 10 years have been better; and, I named another list longer than that of those clearly better too who aren’t in the game – so, over the 10 years, we are SETTLING for about # 18 really and paying him $3.5 million in total compensation for it.

and, …

2. It isn’t, somehow, Mark Richt’s fault that his coaching staff and his recruits whom they heap praises on Mark Richt for getting here, have in fact a BAD ATTITUDE.

For myself, I will continue to expose those who would dare HYPE the coaches and players again another pre-season. This is the very last effort anyone should be attempting again in the off-season. Instead, the coaches and the players must GATA. If you aren’t saying that, you are motivating them all the wrong way again. I’m not happy and not satisfied; obviously Rocket man is – although he has yet to state, why ?

Flat Tire on I-95 in Jacksonville

July 3rd, 2011
11:19 am

Richts Christianity has nothing to do with anything

here a stat for that

Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Joe Gibbs, Tony Dungy, Bill Walsh all Christians and won more than a decade of NFL championships

Flat Tire on I-95 in Jacksonville

July 3rd, 2011
11:26 am

Richt put friendship ahead of the program, thats my issue with him as well as his complete lack of discipline which has led to the embarrassement of the program and also consistantly not taking the FL game with importance

I know you point out Murry but Im not on his case for several reasons yet:

1. We have predictable play calling which has even been said on numerous non biased call in shows I listen to everyday
2. No offensive line
3. Defense last yr sputtered
4. and again lack of team discipline
5. down field blocking just look at AL

THE Dixie Redcoat Band

July 3rd, 2011
12:15 pm

We heard that espn radio/tv was hiring more and more women to read sports scores, getting rid of more males, we just click off.


July 3rd, 2011
12:20 pm

I am also a little off target but I live in Barranquilla, Colombia and when ESPN does play a Baseball game during the week it is almost always an AL team (mostly Yanks, I hate) and, or a sorry NL team playing a superior AL team, usually from the Northeast. I dislike ESPN so strongly that if galls me to have to rely on them for some of my college football. Their bias in football is also evident.

It Ain't Rocket Science

July 3rd, 2011
12:33 pm

The attitudes they develope if things are not going well for them in a game. Guess I need to spell that out. I.E. Washburn Ealey, I think he does when he needs to. He probably is guilty of trying too hard, but that is the person he is.
Just gonna have to disagree becuaue my opinion of him is not going to change on his abilities. Call me a homer or whatever all you want, but over ten years, he is still the 3rd winningest coach in the SEC.
Just curious to know what would be accedptable to you? But then again, I guess it doesn’t matter because I think one thing about him and you think another.
There is just shy of 70 days before the serious stuff starts and then we shall see.


July 3rd, 2011
12:36 pm

@ Rumbo, you recall nothing. Hershel was misused in the pros and coaches never used him to his potential. Except in Dallas where everyone knew he was going to get the ball up the middle. He still averaged over a thousand yards rushing and a thousand receiving the last few years there. When Minnesota got him he would average maybe 5 touches of the football a game and maybe 7 if you counted KO returns. Add in his yardage and stats in the USFL and he would be top ten in football in total yards. He was a team player that never complained and a class act. You need to use other sources than ESPN for your opinions because you obviously never watched him play. By the way h played the second half of the Championship game against ND with a dislocated shoulder and was the difference in the game. No coincidence that Rumbo rhymes with Dumdo.

Lester Miles

July 3rd, 2011
2:18 pm

Willie McClendon was not at fault since he was the back up to Walter Payton for years. Hardly anybody would have been successful in that predicament. Put him on another team and he had the ability to be very successful. Happy Independence Day.


July 3rd, 2011
3:09 pm

how about jasper sanks

Win Place and Show

July 3rd, 2011
4:48 pm

“Donnan’s bankrupt.”

He bet on UGA to win. Thall’ll bankrupt anyone.


July 3rd, 2011
5:45 pm

tar and feathers party..

You should know this as you probably watch them in your mama’s basement…

Fran the Man fan

July 3rd, 2011
6:25 pm

The greatest UGA player of all time – college and pro – was Fran Tarkenton. Period.

mustard dog

July 3rd, 2011
7:01 pm

tar and feather…..You would probably know about that oiling up if anybody would. How’s everything at the butt ward?

It Ain't Rocket Science

July 3rd, 2011
7:33 pm

See you later folks. I have found a place where they actually discuss football and stick to the subject being written about. No more stupid attacks by people and statements not backed by facts. You all can have the AJC blogs.


July 3rd, 2011
7:40 pm

Flat tire,
You are hilarious, dude (and paranoid). You tell me to shut my mouth, and I hadn’t even thought about you. I guess you think about me, though.

I think Bear is the Greatest, too! No argument out of me there. But, by your standards, considering he never won an NC and had a few 7 win seasons, you would have been calling for his head. LOL


July 3rd, 2011
8:01 pm

It doesnt matter to me David Greene is one of my favorite all time dawgs.


July 3rd, 2011
10:31 pm


It appears you don’t know the definition of the word “thug” and thus that is likely one on many words you don’t understand. I’ll help you out with this one, from, it means “a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.”. AJ meets none of those criteria and for you to even suggest it implies you are neither a UGA fan nor a decent person. He made a mistake and accepted his punishment for it. You might want to look in the mirror the next time you think about throwing that term around.


July 3rd, 2011
11:15 pm

DVR: Thank you. Clarification was most definitely needed.

Yeah: It’s a thug’s life driving on a suspended license. How come the white kid that gets drunk, sexually assaults a young woman and resists arrest isn’t referred to as a thug???????


July 3rd, 2011
11:16 pm

Who is Terrell Davis? 2 Super bowls for Denver Broncos. who is Rodney Hampton? Who is Garrison Hurts? Who is Hines Ward? What about Lawrence Edwards?


July 3rd, 2011
11:47 pm

rocket man, please give me the link. Hopefully they require registration.


July 4th, 2011
2:12 am

UGA 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000,000 – Boise St. 0

Thomas Brown

July 4th, 2011
4:48 am

Rocket man, you say Mark Richt over the 10-Year Mark Richt era, you claim he has The Georgia Bulldogs Football Team # 3 in the entire SEC in Winning Percentage :

.723 Winning Percentage 83 SEC Games : Florida 2001-2010
.702 Winning Percentage 84 SEC Games : LSU 2001-2010
.683 Winning Percentage 82 SEC Games : Auburn 2001-2010
.663 Winning Percentage 83 SEC Games : UGA Mark Richt 2001-2010

You called me out, Rocket man; and, post these out-and-out lies about Mark Richt. Then, call yourself a homer, and then you say wait until next year. What is acceptable, sir, is better than 10-3 or 10-4, which clearly I have stated he will be again, this season 2011.

Winning Percentage Finish ranking each of Mark Richt’s 10-Years :

# 67 at 06-7 for 2010
# 35 at 08-5 for 2009
# 18 at 10-3 for 2008
# 09 at 11-2 for 2007
# 33 at 09-4 for 2006
# 12 at 10-3 for 2005
# 11 at 10-2 for 2004
# 12 at 11-3 for 2003
# 02 at 13-1 for 2002
# 34 at 08-4 for 2001

Over the LAST FIVE (5) YEARS :

# 34 is Mark Richt’s Average Ranking in Winning Percentage last 5 years

Over the FIRST FIVE (5) YEARS (Jim Donnan Recruits) :

# 14 is Mark Richt’s Average Ranking in Winning Percentage first 5 years

There are 20 places worse these last Five (5) Years in Average Winning Percentage Rank per Season than there were with the Jim Donnan recruits.

Rocket man, you have some aversion to discussing these last 5 years. I played your little silly game. You Lost. Now, you do what I tell you to do. You look at these last 5 years, by God, Rocket man.

Thomas Brown

July 4th, 2011
5:26 am

Flat tire, sir, I am not on Aaron Murray, either.

What I take exception to is the Aaron Murray for Heisman Trophy. Aaron Murray is the Best Quarterback in The SEC. Aaron Murray is great. Aaron Murray is anything, but.

Excuses mean nothing to me, other than we have yet another post of Excuses.

Facts are he stole 8 carries a game from the running backs last season. The running backs averaged over 5 yards a carry. He averaged 1.9

Facts are he threw 24 TD passes, 19 vs 8 teams who ended the season not ranked in the AP Poll Top 25, and lost 2 of those games where the better quarterback on the field was not he, but the opposing quarterback. He threw only 5 TD passes in the other 5 games, and these were against the only 5 teams he played who did end up in the AP Poll Top 25. He lost all 5 of those games.

David Greene deserves to be on this list because he threw some passes in NFL pre-season games and was absolutely horrible, throwing wounded ducks. He fumbled the football and threw interceptions; and nothing else. This is what he did. Yet, these same fans who heap greatest college quarterback EVER on David Greene, say so because at the time, he was the 1st QB under these new watered-down 14-game seasons for the top teams, who started every game from Freshman year, on. A Jim Donnan recruit, as well. Jim Donnan redshirted him 2000.

David Greene lost a ton of games that mattered. But, again, all they talk about here on AJ-C blogs is that he was the greatest college quarterback, ever.

By that standard, he is a supreme bust of the highest order in the NFL. I saw every game he played in the NFL preseason. I saw every play he played. He was not a flop; he was horrendously horrible with his wounded ducks, fumbles, interceptions, flat feet, and with his flabby arm-strength. College hype by we UGA fans, and abject loser in the NFL.

David Greene’s standards – greatest college quarterback ever at the time he graduated – is a pipe dream and a total lie. He beat Florida 1 time, his senior season, and that against what was at the time the worst Florida team, a 5-Loss team.

5 Losses. His only win 2004 over a 5-Loss Florida team.

Unranked just like the 2002 team who beat David Greene 0-11 on 3rd Down Conversions.

1 look, 1 glance, at David Greene’s arm not in a Jersey or in a cut-off jersey, and you knew you could not float past me that David Greene was the Best Quarterback in College History. You’ll not re-write history on my watch, now, about this.

But, David Greene at the time, since we just embarked on these 14-game seasons, started every game for 4 years and we averaged the # 15 team in Won/Lost Record over those 4 years. Played a very soft schedule 2002 where the only other Top 25 Coaches’ Poll team in The SEC was # 14 Auburn. Beat a 5-Loss FSU in the Sugar Bowl. 5-Losses and that is a grand national stage game between 2 great teams, with the nation watching ?

Obviously, not.

2001 he knocked the lid off the # 11 all-time program in 1-A wins by beating a team who finished # 4 in the AP Poll, the vols. But, lost 4 games. He never did have another win like that over a team who finished in the AP Poll Top 10.

Brag about that all you want, and try to float to me today here that he was the greatest college quarterback of all-time, at the time, because of his wins in 14-game seasons, when previously no Quarterback got to play 14-game seasons, if they were in fact one of the top teams in a Conference Championship Game.

Fast forward to today, and say Aaron Murray is the greatest ever. Heisman Trophy Quarterback. Now, of course, you have to change those very same rules to say that because Aaron Murray wasn’t the better quarterback against Florida, wasn’t the better quarterback against South Florida ( Is that the name of the team ?) Wasn’t the better QB vs Missy State. Wasn’t the better QB compared to Colorado, either. Wasn’t the better QB vs Arkansas. Wasn’t the better QB vs South Carolina, either. And, he wasn’t the better QB on the field that day against Auburn as well.


Have to go back to 1953 to find a QB at UGA who Lost more games than Aaron Murray as our Starter 2010. 58 years ago, you have to go back to find an UGA team who lost more games than UGA 2010.

If David Greene is the Greatest College QB ever at the time he graduated based upon Wins as Starter at QB; then by God, Aaron Murray is the WORST.

Thomas Brown

July 4th, 2011
7:56 am

Aaron Murray was clearly our best player all year last year. There isn’t even a 2nd place vote.


July 4th, 2011
8:32 am

Wow!!!!What a terrible article and a waste of time.


July 4th, 2011
8:37 am

One thing everyone overlooks in this discussion….. There were 21 other starters during all the football games that ever was played…. Darn, Ben Jones must be a terrible center because his record is the same as A. Murray’s. Or why was A.J. so great because of his receptions from MURRAY. He also had the same record…. Statistics, Yes you can make them say whatever you wish them to say. Support the dawgs or just shut up.


July 4th, 2011
11:03 am

Fred….why not Ernie Davis? It would not matter what college team he played on, he would make this list.


July 4th, 2011
11:15 am

Brucerugby79: Thanks. Tardits was one of the bright spots back in the day. I was always curious about what he went on to do. He was definitely an interesting character.

Thomas Brown

July 4th, 2011
11:40 am


No, you can not.

Aaron Murray stole 8 carries a game from the running backs.

The running backs averaged more than 5 yards a carry.

Aaron Murray averaged less – a lot less – 1.9 yards per carry.

Aaron Murray Lost 3 games with out AJ Green.

Aaron Murray Lost 4 games with A. J. Green.

A. J. Green was not the difference, now was he ?

Aaron Murray threw 19 TD passes vs 8 teams who did not finish AP Top 25

Aaron Murray threw 5 TD passes vs 5 teams who did finish AP Poll Top 25

Aaron Murray was the QB and as the Starting QB if David Greene was great because he won football games he started, then Aaron Murray surely has a Losing Record as our Starting QB.

Aaron Murray led his Offense to 1st Downs and was # 72 at 1st Downs last year.

Aaron Murray led his Offense to # 52 Total Offense

Aaron Murray led his Offense to # 55 in Converting 3rd Down Conversions.

Aaron Murray lost to 2 of the 8 cupcakes he faced and ALL FIVE of the teams who did finish the season in the AP Poll Top 25.

Aaron Murray is itty-bitty and has zero hope of ever being even drafted.

Aaron Murray is not great. Not by any measure.