UGA quarterback challenge: Who would you pick?

If you could draft among these four at their college peak, who would you take? (

If you could draft among these four at their college peak, who would you take? (

In addition to playing fruitbasket turnover with the player draft, Mark Richt and company are spicing up Saturday’s G-Day a bit with a halftime quarterback skills challenge pitting Matthew Stafford, Eric Zeier, David Greene and D.J. Schockley against each other for charity.

That group includes UGA’s three career passing yardage leaders in Greene (11,528), Zeier (11,153) and Stafford (7,731), and the most recent QB to win an SEC championship for the Dawgs, Shockley.

Through, fans can bid on the opportunity to participate in the challenge by catching passes from the QBs. (No word on whether you have to sign an injury waiver in case you’re the unlucky subject trying to snag one of Stafford’s bullets.) The winning fan will earn the chance to make a pass to win $25,000, to be split between the fan and the fund established for injured Diamond Dog Johnathan Taylor. If the fan misses the toss, they will receive a 42-inch HD LCD Television and two 2011 Georgia football season tickets.

The auction closes Thursday and the winners will be notified Friday. All participants must be at least five years removed from playing high school, college or professional football.

Stafford, of the Detroit Lions, is the only active player in the competition and so should rank as the favorite, but just to make this more interesting, and in the spirit of Richt’s G-Day draft, let’s say that with the help of a little time travel you had the chance to pick a quarterback from among these four in their peak college playing condition.

Unless scrambling was one of the skills, you’d figure Shockley would probably be at a disadvantage in a competition like Saturday’s, but what if you’re talking about drafting a team? Do you take his playmaking ability over Stafford, who definitely had the stronger arm? Zeier was probably the most accurate. Strength and accuracy would probably give Stafford and Zeier the edge in a straight skills competition, but if I were drafting a QB to run my team, I’d definitely take Mr. Reliable, the lefthander Greene, the winningest of the bunch.

How about you, who would you take?

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— Bill King, Junkyard Blawg

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Colonel Reb

April 13th, 2011
5:40 pm

After the third quarter, several UGA running backs, past and present, will attempt to outrun the cops.

DAWGS forever

April 13th, 2011
5:41 pm

Love em all but Zeier is my man!

Musical Chairs

April 13th, 2011
5:54 pm

Joe T and Joe C hands down!


April 13th, 2011
5:57 pm

For me, Stafford is the best!

It Ain't Rocket Science

April 13th, 2011
6:15 pm

Bill King, I can not believe you didn’t at least admonish the poster who goes by the name racistDAWG after the comment he made. I thought you guys were suppose to at least monitor your blog. I realize that this wasn’t exactly a prize winning topic for a blog about UGA, but darn man, surely you should care a little bit about a statement like that made on your blog. I seriously doubt that idiot is over 14, and he does not represent the majority sentiment of true DAWG fans.


April 13th, 2011
6:21 pm

I agree that Greene lack some of the talents of the others. He didn’t have the arm or scrambling ability. But what he did have was the ability to find a way to win. Brett Farve wasn’t as talented as other QB’s but he is/was a winner. In college, Greene was that way also. He knew how to win!
Greene was the best college QB ever at Ga. And I remember Tarkington and Zeke Bratkowski too.


April 13th, 2011
6:27 pm

1-Z Man 2 Shockley 3 Greene 4 Stafford


April 13th, 2011
6:32 pm

DAUUG, I am amused at Bulldog fans that crow about their dominance over Tech like it is a big accomplishment. It’s like the high school bully bragging about beating up the middle school nerd on the bus. When was the last time Tech had a top-40 recruiting class. Until they can offer some “Turf Management” degrees and stop having the highest SAT scores of any public university in the country, Tech will never compete with Georgia. Perhaps that is the way it was planned all along. UGA has no in-state competition for blue chip talent in a state that perennially produces some of the best in the country. Yet what does UGA do with it?

UGA Football – - never has so little been done with so much.

Cops Alive

April 13th, 2011
7:12 pm

“After the third quarter, several UGA running backs, past and present, will attempt to outrun the cops.”

:-) :-) :-)

Sam Robards, Dawg Fan

April 13th, 2011
7:27 pm

For pure skill, I have to go with Stafford. For overall QB play, I’d have to go with Greene. But Shockley’s not that far behind either one of ‘em. We’ve had some damn good QBs over the last ten years, and Murray’s continuing the tradition!

Cant Beat Gatauh

April 13th, 2011
7:52 pm

Timmy Tebow!


April 13th, 2011
7:53 pm

Eric Zeir is the best. Stafford has a strong arm…like Zeir, but he’s not as accurate.

Cindy Hendrix

April 13th, 2011
8:07 pm

Eric Zeier
is my favorite liked Stafford & Green Stafford made me nervous when he threw the ball never thought he could miss. Zeier strong arm accurate passer tough that’s why he was called Iron Man did not get hurt until his sr yr in the final game before the half aganist tech he was also very smart. Shockley he was good because he throw & run a good combo but Zeier broke all our records it was10 yrs before Green passed his records but not by much if He had not gotten hurt in his final game & we had played in a bowl game they would have been higher & closer to Green’s records hope they all do well. But I am pulling for Zeier all the way baby! also he is still very devoted to UGA doing play by play for us on the radio I am glad he is still contributing. AS Always GO DAWGS SIC EM WOOF WOOF!!


April 13th, 2011
8:11 pm

Stafford. Smart and better physical tools. If they other three had played behind the same freshmen-laden lines he had there while at UGA there would be no debate here. Not to mention having to make up for those dreadful defenses. Just thinking about it still ticks me off.


April 13th, 2011
8:27 pm

Biggest no-brainer ever…GREENE!


April 13th, 2011
8:32 pm

Also, If Greene came up lame I’d go with Shockley. He threw a really nice deep out and had beautiful touch on the post. Staff, unfortunately could not connect on the deep routes to save his life and he never did show great touch on the short stuff. Intermediate throws; he was the man. But not overall. Greene is the overwhelming choice for all-around accuracy and consistency.

Gators for Richt

April 13th, 2011
8:32 pm

Either Zeier or Greene. Shockley was a dangerous QB in the NCAA, but not a good enough passer for the NFL. Stafford? Puh-lease! I know the bull-dreg nation loves chubby boy, but he is currently lighting up the NFL with his sub 55% completion rate, which is about the same as what he did in Athens. How this turkey was a #1 draft pick is beyond all reason and comprehension.

Flat Tire on I-95 in Jacksonville

April 13th, 2011
8:33 pm

Zeir played with a staff of idiots

If UGA wouldnt have had him we would have lost every game those 4 yrs except against those FCS schools. He kept us in every game

Green though good lucked out with having at least one coach who knew football VAN GORDER
If it wasnt for those defenses Green would have been just another QB though a good game manager

Flat Tire on I-95 in Jacksonville

April 13th, 2011
8:34 pm

By the way

IF we are 11-1 this year and the loss is to FL I hope we get a new coach


April 13th, 2011
8:42 pm


Bill E Ruben

April 13th, 2011
8:50 pm

Preston Jones would be the man to beat…

Someone is still obsessed with GT

April 13th, 2011
9:38 pm

D A DoubleU G

April 13th, 2011
12:58 pm

As starters, these guys are 12-1 against the pompous nerds from North Ave.

Let’s hear some Techie try and defend that…….
A blog talking about which of 4 UGA QBs was the best and D A has 3 consecutive posts about GT.


April 13th, 2011
9:56 pm

It’s all about who could make a play when the game was on the line. Neither Stafford or Zeier ever came through in the clutch but, Greene and Shock always found a way to make a play when the team needed it. Many of you might not remember this but it was Shock in 2002 that kept UGA from loosing to Kentucky in Lexington. Greene was having and bad game and Shockley came in to bring UGA back to win. I would still take Greene but both of these new how to win!


April 13th, 2011
10:05 pm

As good as all these guys were ,Ya just got to keep in mind how smart Eric Zier was. Ithink that the raw ability , natural talent that Zier had was unsurpassed. David Greene has to be pick # 2 although a close second ,DJ at third & Stafford bringing up the rear ( he should have played his senior season, I still have’nt forgiven him for his early exit.)

Steve Superior

April 13th, 2011
10:42 pm


April 13th, 2011
10:55 pm

Classof’04 feels used? These guys bust their butts for nothing but room, board and a desk and you feel used? They are the one’s providing you with entertainment for nothing. Did you feel used by Herschel, Worley, Henderson, Hampton, Hastings, Hearst etc? Did you feel used when Stafford got his face smashed by Kentucky as a freshman because our pitifully coached line couldn’t block or when Knowshon got George Fostered by Spikes because our pitifully coached line still couldn’t block? They owe you nothing. Get over yourself and recognize that it’s not the players letting you down. Richt has allowed this program to slide back into Goff-era mediocrity. But don’t worry, because he righted the ship by hiring a videographer to train and condition our team. Oh wait, 25% of our team is currently injured. I can’t say I’m surprised.


April 13th, 2011
10:58 pm

Now if it was toughest QB of all time, we would have to put #16 Cory Phillips in the mix, that guy could take a hit….. He had a pretty good arm too, they need let him compete in the QB challenge this weekend…..


April 13th, 2011
11:32 pm


Two things

1. Oh yes those POOR football players!! There are NEVER any perks that come from being a football player in Athens!!! No playstations for winning bowl games. They never have drinks bought for them or get laid! EVER!! Jeez…spare me
2. Eat a bowl of Dick.


April 13th, 2011
11:38 pm

Tough to say one is better than the rest when all were very good players and great DAWGS.

I would take Zeier. Of the bunch mentioned Zeier was the most well-rounded and consistent. Unfortunately Zeier played on the worst teams of the bunch. What would Zeier have accomplished if he had QB’ed the same teams as Greene?????

Without doubt Zeier was the strongest leader. Stafford had the strongest arm. Shockley was the most athletic and Greene was the ultimate clutch player.

Random thoughts:
Strong arms are overrated. Joe Montana had a weak arm by NFL standards. Jeff George had one of the strongest arms ever in the NFL (if not the strongest.) Which QB is considered the greatest ever?

If Shockley had started for 4 years then strong chance he would have been the best.

Got to love Shockley’s attitude. Had to ride the bench for several years behind a starter that he may have been better than (I love Greene but it’s an honest debate.) Shockley never whined, no bad attitude, didn’t transfer etc.

Moreno won more games for UGA than Stafford did. Stafford’s marquee win was the Sugar Bowl vs. Hawaii, Marcus Howard was the biggest impact player and defeated Hawaii by himself. Stafford had a awesome arm, grit and incredible swagger. Stafford was a great player but I would take Greene, Zeier or Shockley ahead of him.

Why no Fran Tarkington or Buck Belue? Tarkington had the greatest pro career of any UGA QB. Belue won the biggest game(s) in UGA history and is UGA’s only National Champ QB?

ATLER (ramblin wreck)

April 13th, 2011
11:52 pm

Mutts sniff and lick poop!!!!!!!! Bla ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!…………………………..


April 14th, 2011
12:05 am

ATLER (ramblin wreck) if this blog is full of “Mutts sniff and lick poop!!!!!!!” Bla ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!” then what that does that say about you? You’re the self-described GT fan chasing UGA fans on a UGA blog.

No hate but I’m just saying 8-)


April 14th, 2011
12:17 am

Everyone has short memories. Eric Zeir was by far the best college QB of the group. He had a much more accurate arm, and was by the smartest of the group. Go to Butts Mehre and look at some of his highlites. The offense was far more sophisticated and productive than anything that Donnan or Richt has put on the field.


April 14th, 2011
12:34 am

dawgs43 – agreed.

Zeier was a master of using all the receivers (going to the 2nd or 3rd guy) and calling plays at the line of scrimmage. Zeier never “lost” a game with untimely, boneheaded, risky play.

If Greene hadn’t been such a hot and cold player I would call it a tie between Zeier and Greene. Greene never lost a game via bad play but he also got some of his wins handed to him by Van Gorder and the defense. Zeier won a lot of games despite the defense; how many games did UGA lose in the Zeier era when UGA scored more than 28 points? I bet if you compare QB stats Zeier is the all-time QB stats leader against Florida despite never beating UF.


April 14th, 2011
12:45 am

Bill……..surely you are kidding. Good grief man we are in the last week of Spring practice and you waste energy on this lame brain story? Bill…….Come on man! There was a time when I found some of what you wrote interesting, but the last several columns have been down-right pityful………..Bill, I challenge you, people want some red meat, they want “real” football stories……..but don’t tell us what your old pal “Ernie” thinks……or your brother…….or anyone else for that matter….knuckle down Bill, you can do it………..I’m pulling for you…….Regards, RED


April 14th, 2011
2:27 am

Very tough question because of different teams, coaches etc. All were just as good as the other in their own individual ways I think. If Zeier had played under Richt I think he may have been slightly better than all of them. Flip a coin really but I would pick Zeier for my team. I think he would beat any of the other guys head to head all else being equal.


April 14th, 2011
4:12 am

Give David Greene one season with A.J Green to throw to…Stafford will never be a true bulldawg like the other three greats in the competition. I want a Dawg leading my team. That guy is Greene for me, but you wouldnt do wrong with Shockley or Eric. I just get mad because we would of won the national championship in 2002 if Richt stays with Greene Quarterbacking the entire game versus Florida. Florida caught some breaks against us this past decade. We should of won that game in 2002 and Shockley spanks Florida in 2005 if he plays against them. There were other years where we were also better and choked. Atleast Muschamp will ruin their program now. Thank God a bulldawg came in to destory their program …:-) GO DAWGS!

Hard Truth Soldier

April 14th, 2011
4:55 am

Hey Racist Dawg, I’d pick your mother because I know she has a strong arm doing the Black jerk off to help all the brotha’s, Sisssssy,

Dawg in Malta

April 14th, 2011
5:12 am

Why didn’t Buck Belue get invited? He’s the only UGA quarterback in the last 30 years with a National Championship?

If not him it has to be Reggie Ball.


April 14th, 2011
7:24 am

Easy pick……………Green


April 14th, 2011
7:28 am

I can’t believe anyone would say Shockley. Personally served up a loss to Fla


April 14th, 2011
7:55 am

Nick Marshall cause numbers don’t lie


April 14th, 2011
8:09 am

Who cares about a contrived skills competition?

Greene started 52 games and won 42. And got us back on the winning track. I don’t care about his pro failure..he is still the gold standard Dawg QB for me because he was a winner. Only Belue is in the same category (for the same reason). I wonder if Greene is coaching material?


April 14th, 2011
8:14 am

I wouldnt pick Shockley, but I also dont write off his career due to one bad game against Fla. He is one of just a handful of QBs who won an SEC championship for Ga. And we haven’t won one since he left.

If we bashed all Dawgs based on their performances against Fla, we wouldn’t have many people left to praise.


April 14th, 2011
8:30 am

auburn 2002

Who do you want to throw that pass in the corner to Michael Johson?

That is the answer as to who is the best in their prime.

It is David Greene hands down.


April 14th, 2011
8:55 am

Buck was the man….

Devil's Advocate

April 14th, 2011
9:42 am


First of all, honor your degree and stop considering 8-4 a losing season. Seriously? I know it’s becoming cooler to have low self-worth but words do have established definitions and are not based on those found on Urban Dictionary so a team with an 8-4 record had a winning season.

Second, why shouldn’t we expect UGA be as good as Florida? How are you going to bash the job that Richt has done then turn around and say you don’t expect us to be as good as Florida and only on par with LSU and Auburn? When LSU and Auburn won national titles they were as good or better than Florida’s national championship teams. When LSU and Auburn have not won national titles, they’ve been worse than UGA. For the record, Florida was one game better than UGA in the regular season in 2010 and that one game difference was their head-to-head matchup won in OT. Sounds like we are on par with Florida right now. We scored more points than Florida for the season but they gave up few points. *SHRUG*

Third, I can tell you’re purely a statistics guy. You’d rather point to boxscores and record books than what actually happens on the field. Auburn’s defense statistically performed worse than UGA’s in 2010. UGA gave up fewer points per game both in conference and overall. The difference is that Auburn’s defense featured playmakers who could get key stops when the team needed them for the game in question. UGA was owning Auburn then the defense stepped up and gave Cam a chance to win the game. Bama was owning Auburn then the defense shut them down and gave Cam a chance to win the game. UGA gave up thirty or more points five times in 2010 and went 2-3 in those games. Auburn gave up thirty or more four times and of course went 4-0 in those games. When is the last time UGA had a Cam Newton caliber player on the field? Hmmm, probably when UGA last won a national championship.

UGA’s recent defenses have been missing the playmakers that those during your time at UGA featured. If you graduated in 2004 then you should have been around for one of the best defensive runs in program history. There have been no Pollacks, Baileys, Blues, Grants, etc recently.

Minnesota Dawg

April 14th, 2011
9:44 am

You always remember David Greene because he led us to the first SEC Championship in years. Stafford has the arm! Shockley could always find a way to win. Zeier was the first real passer since Tarkenton. I’m for all of them!

Charlie Sheen

April 14th, 2011
9:47 am

Me! I have tiger blood,Adonis DNA, and fire brathing fists!


April 14th, 2011
9:50 am

To me it’s a toss up between Greene and Shockley. I get that Greene has all the numbers, but it’s only because he started for 4 years. Multiply Shockley’s numbers from the 2005 season by 4 and they compare nicely to Greene’s. Physically ability goes to Shockley as well. Both knew how to win games, period. I would go with Shockley, but by a slim margin.

In your heart, you know I'm right!

April 14th, 2011
9:58 am

Boise State 77, UGA 10.