Will Adams go for best man or ‘yes’ man?

Greg McGarity (University of Florida)

Greg McGarity (University of Florida)

I’m enjoying the Independence Day holiday, as I hope you are, but I wanted to provide a fresh forum for looking ahead, now that it’s being reported UGA President Michael Adams has asked for and received Damon Evans’ resignation and an announcement will be made Monday.

That’s a good thing. Dragging this tawdry story out would only have further damaged UGA.

One of Evan’s staffers at the UGA Athletic Association apparently will be named the interim athletics director and then the search for a permanent replacement will commence.

As I wrote Saturday, I think the best move would be to hire Greg McGarity, an Athens native who grew up hanging out at the UGA tennis courts, graduated from UGA and spent quite a few years with the UGA Athletic Association. He has been with the University of Florida since 1992 and currently is the senior associate athletics director there.

Whether you think McGarity should have had the job in 2003 or agreed with hiring Evans at the time, UGA couldn’t do better than McGarity now. He has the experience. He knows how a very successful athletics program is run.

Other names of likely candidates are bound to surface. I’ve already seen mention of Dave Hart, the former FSU athletics director who’s now an assistant at Alabama.

But it’s hard to beat McGarity’s UGA bona fides. Whether that will help him or hurt him in the eyes of Adams is the big question.

This will probably be the most important hire Adams makes for some time. There’s been speculation that he’ll be tempted to go with someone he thinks he can control, someone who won’t buck him. Unfortunately, Adams’ past actions probably support that theory.

The spotlight is now on Adams, which apparently is where he likes it. I’m hoping this will be one instance in which he doesn’t disappoint us.

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Greensboro, GA

July 6th, 2010
7:57 pm

…………….Nesbitt for Heisman


July 6th, 2010
7:59 pm

Well if Adams chooses a yes man he can kiss his job good buy to. Then in comes Billy Pain to clean house .

Georgia State Patrol

July 7th, 2010
5:28 pm


AD is simply a fund raiser, ribbon cutter spot

July 8th, 2010
11:27 am

UGA needs to get an administrator. He/she needs to have a sports background, preferably in a MAJOR sport, like basketball of football. It would be very nice IF Adams finds a name branded person.

Why not hire the UT Lady Vols basketball coach? She is a leader, she is a well known person and she has achieved success at the very highest levels as a coach. She also would possibly light a fire under Andy Landers and get the entire basketball program going. She and CMF would get along nicely and Landers might quit. We need far more empasis on lesser sports like basketball in order to be a truly well rounded institution.

She can glad hand, raise money, cut ribbons and inspire any audience. She would be a great candidate.

Go Dogs.
UGA, class of 71 & 73


July 9th, 2010
12:23 pm

“someone he thinks he can control, someone who won’t buck him. Unfortunately, Adams’ past actions probably support that theory”… as long as Adams is President, that person “will be” a person he can control…the Ath Assoc. has zero power…when all is said and done, he will choose Crumbley