Why not give the old Dawg a full season?

A lot of fans are particularly fond of interim mascot Russ. (University of Georgia)

A lot of fans are particularly fond of interim mascot Russ. (University of Georgia)

As had been expected, Sonny Seiler has made it official that a new Uga won’t be ready in time for the start of the season, meaning interim mascot Russ will be around for a few more games. In fact, Uga VIII might not make his debut until the homecoming game against Vandy on Oct. 16.

But what might surprise Seiler and the folks at Butts-Mehre is that there’s a growing contingent in the Bulldog Nation that thinks changing mascots in midseason isn’t that great an idea. And just imagine what the chatter would be if the Dogs were to be undefeated coming into that homecoming game. Is that really when you want to make that kind of switch?

Sure, it’s understandable that Russ at age 5 is considered too old to become the next Uga. But there’s a definite fondness for the not-quite-all-white half-brother of the late Uga VII, probably because his tenure as a sub kicked off in such spectacular fashion last year with an upset of the Jackets in Atlanta.

Why not let Russ serve out the entire 2010 season and let Uga VIII begin his reign with a full season in 2011?


It might not have been a pressing issue for most fans, but I’m quite relieved to hear this morning that the Dogs’ Oct. 2 game against Colorado will kick off at 4:30 p.m. ET. I’ve been worrying about the possibility of a night game ever since it was decided the Athens High School Class of 1970 40th reunion will take place in Athens on that evening. Now I don’t have to juggle the two.

Speaking of game times, though, David Hale of Bulldogs Blog mentioned in a roundup of notes from the SEC meetings in Destin that the athletic directors had met with representatives of ESPN about the conference’s TV deal and that UGA’s Damon Evans brought up the issue of kickoff times.

While Evans recognizes that Georgia is likely to continue to have a lot of night games at Sanford Stadium because of the ESPN deal, he would like a better balance than last season. Evans noted that early kickoffs appeal to a broader demographic of fans and cause less of a burden on campus police and support staff.

I don’t know whether Evans speaking up is likely to make any difference (I tend to doubt it), but I’m glad he did. I’ve sort of gotten used to the extended game day routine that a night kickoff requires, but I’d still love to see more afternoon starts.

(UPDATE: UGA announced today the Sept. 18 game against Arkansas at Sanford Stadium will kick off at noon.)

What are your feelings on the shift to mostly night games in Athens?

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Debbi Lewis

July 11th, 2010
2:35 pm

Give the DAWG a chance. He is 2-0 and I agree.. we should not change mascots in the middle of a season…


August 22nd, 2010
2:01 am


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