Two UGA teams get some preseason attention

A.J. Green makes preseason first-team All-America. (Photo by Olivia King)

A.J. Green makes preseason first-team All-America. (Photo by Olivia King)

With the exception of the AP and coaches’ polls, preseason rankings don’t really mean much other than to give you an idea how media types are thinking about a team. Still, it’s worth noting that according to an early posting on a UNC athletics site, the Dogs did manage to crack the Lindy’s Top 25, which hasn’t hit newsstands yet. Georgia placed No. 21.

The same site includes Lindy’s preseason All-Americans, and three Dogs were selected: Wide receiver A.J. Green and punter Drew Butler on the first team and placekicker Blair Walsh on the second team.

Although I expect the Dogs to make a few (though certainly not all) of the preseason rankings still to come, there’s no denying that Mark Richt’s team will be operating way under the radar as this season begins. Too many question marks, what with an inexperienced quarterback and revamped defense.

But it won’t take long for the Dogs to start getting some attention. All it will take is a win in Columbia.

Meanwhile, Andy Katz of has listed Mark Fox’s basketball Dogs in his preseason Top 25. Here’s what he had to say about UGA, which he ranked at No. 25:

“If you’re looking for a sleeper in the 25 slot, then I’ve got one in Georgia. The Bulldogs have two of the top talents in the SEC in Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie. If you haven’t seen these two perform, you’re missing a good show. UGA also adds a terrific scorer in Tennessee State transfer Gerald Robinson Jr. The Bulldogs slowly developed into a big-time pest in their first year under Mark Fox. Remember, this team beat Illinois, took out Georgia Tech and Florida, crushed Tennessee and Vanderbilt and gave Kentucky a serious scare in Lexington. Georgia will be taken seriously from the outset next season. Don’t sleep on the Dawgs.”

After wandering the desert for the past few years, it’s starting to look like the basketball Dogs are headed back to the big time. And I’m hearing from some fans whose anticipation level over Fox’s team just about matches the usual level for the football Dogs.

Are you getting excited about UGA basketball again?

Speaking of Trey Thompkins, blogger Alan Ashley has taken note of a Tuesday Tweet by the UGA player and wonders if it means that Fox’s players have been banned from Twitter. Here’s what Thompkins wrote: “Twitter World, don’t expect anymore interesting tweets from me and @TLeslie… Don’t ask why but there will be NONE ANYMORE!!!!”

Ashley speculates that the Athletic Department has started the clamp down the use of Twitter, adding: “I hope this is not the case. … We, as fans, learned a lot about the guys and gals we cheer for.”

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bug spray

May 13th, 2010
12:27 pm

10 wins bout right if we dont have butter fingers. 8 if we do.

Outside Observer

May 13th, 2010
1:08 pm

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Outside Observer

May 13th, 2010
1:10 pm

It lost my comment. Anyways, Good luck on the season. See you in late November. I also can’t wait to see the basketball team in Atlanta this year.

James T. Kirk

May 14th, 2010
7:49 am

Maybe if the puppies concerned themselves with end of season polls instead of preseason polls they’d find a better outcome


May 17th, 2010
10:49 am

Bill you forgot to mention all the times the gym dawgs were crushed by far inferior teams like LSU and many others. They did play well against ranked teams that overlooked UGA because of our miserable record but notice that other subpar teams loaded up on wins over UGA because they did not overlook us. UGA will win more games next year but not as many as the pundits think. Enough to make the Madison Square Garden maybe…but not the NCAA tournament.