On Mettenberger and way-out bowl predictions

Zach Mettenberger hopes for a second chance somewhere other than UGA. (wsbtv.com)

Zach Mettenberger hopes for a second chance somewhere other than UGA. (wsbtv.com)

Well, one thing we know for sure about Zach Mettenberger: He won’t be transferring to Valdosta State, as some had speculated, since he’s banished from the town that calls itself Winnersville.

Monday’s news that the former UGA quarterback had pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery stemming from the spring break bar incident in the Valdosta area frankly came as no big surprise. As I said on the day news of Mettenberger being kicked off the Bulldogs first broke, the fact that Mark Richt had taken such drastic action pointed to more than just underage drinking. And, for once, the most prevalent rumor on the grapevine — which I first heard literally minutes after the news of Mett’s dismissal — pretty much was on the money.

A couple of other thoughts on the Mettenberger situation: He indicated in his statement taking “responsibility” for his actions that he hopes to get “a second chance to compete at another university.” That should put an end to the hopes some fans had that he could return to UGA. But despite being tainted by a transgression of a sexual nature and a very public demonstration of poor judgment, that NFL-caliber arm he has and his showing in Georgia’s spring game probably will mean Mettenberger’s wish will come true. There’s talk (how credible, I don’t know) that Tommy Tuberville is interested in bringing Mettenberger to Texas Tech.

And it’s been gratifying to see that most UGA fans speaking out on the subject accept that Richt kicking Mettenberger off the team was absolutely the right thing to do. I have, however, seen a couple of postings here and there from folks who don’t think there was anything wrong with Mettenberger grabbing a young woman’s breasts and buttocks against her will and who believe it’s ridiculous that he was punished for what they seem to think should be categorized as just being a guy.

Obviously these yahoos don’t have daughters.

Moving on, CollegeFootballNews.com calls its bowl picks for the coming season “ridiculously early,” but really it’s only taking things one more step than all the prognosticators who already are picking Florida in the SEC East and Alabama to repeat as SEC champ. Besides, as CFN says, “it’s always goofy fun to look at the possibilities.”

Notable for UGA fans is that CFN sees the Dogs beating Florida this season and winding up playing Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl in Miami on Jan. 3 as one of the BCS at-large picks,  with the “Florida/Georgia loser” facing Penn State in the Outback Bowl on New Year’s Day. Says CFN of the Dogs: “Georgia has the right schedule and the returning talent to slip through to win the East over a rebuilding Florida. The Orange would snap up the Dawgs getting the first pick of at-large teams (after the Rose).”

CFN sees Alabama as an SEC champion carrying a couple of losses and winding up in the Sugar Bowl against Nebraska, though it notes “this could very, very easily be Florida, Georgia or LSU if Alabama winds up playing for the national title”— which they think would happen only if Bama has just one loss. If, as they expect, the Tide has two losses, CFN predicts Ohio State and TCU meeting in the BCS Championship game.

So … Dogs fans should root for Bama?

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May 5th, 2010
10:43 am

As the father of daughters and the grandfather of grand-daughters, I can assure you that there were probably plenty of things that happened ‘back then’ that I never knew about…and if I live long enough, stuff that will happen that I’ll not know about – or be able to remember…but I assure you that even if I were to find out about it today, ever how many years later, and I had a target, then Obama’s comment about employing ‘predator drones’ wouldn’t be that out of line. You may think it’s OK for your ‘boy’ to be drunk in a bar – after all boys will be boys – but not OK for a girl to be in that same bar – and I doubt if any here really know how she was dressed or was acting – but, again, I assure you it your ‘boy’ does to my ‘girl’ what Metts did to this young lady, you and/or your boy are gonna have hell to pay.


May 5th, 2010
10:55 am

CFN always like the dawgs-which is why i am an avid reader

Bill King is a ..................

May 5th, 2010
11:00 am

ask your daughters if it has happened to them at somepoint in their lives. If your daughters are somewhat attractive….i bet it has happened to them at some point in time. I’m not saying it is an appropriate thing to do but ask them and see what they say. IF it has happened to them….ask them why they didnt tell you about it. Some girls like it…..some girls dont.

St. Richt

May 5th, 2010
2:19 pm

Bill King is a ….., if it happened to my daughter then Mettenberger would have a Louisville Slugger imprint on his face.


May 6th, 2010
12:22 am

Root for Alabama now, on May 6 ?

Put the bottle down. Our season is not lost, not yet. Not like last year when we were down to nothing but root for Alabama with our own season down the drain, long since.

Virginia Tech, that has been is who UGA aspires to play as our reward this year, for having Coach Richt take over complete responsibility for the lousy horrible offense we have had from our current still here offensive coaching staff, all coaching positions they never played themselves. And so we produce nothing but penalties, fumbles, throw interceptions, and cannot figure out to put our better players out there on offense.

I doubt seriously that anyone will even begin to consider us a Top 25 team before we go out and prove something offensive in the new season. Look at the last 2 years we prepared zero quarterbacks. That would be 2006 with our 4 Losses that season, and 2009 with our 5 Losses that season. Here we are again. No quarterback prepared again, exactly as we accomplished 2006 and 2009. Well, it is entirely clear that with 14 seniors and 5 juniors all leaving after this season, it is totally impossible to call this a rebuilding year. 11 returning starters on offense.

We have several more years ahead of us in this downward spiral since 2005.

10-3 or 9-4.

Beat Florida.

Oh, give me a damn break Bill King. Every year we hear the same damn thing. 3 times in the last 2 decades. And, you have the unmitigated gall to quote College Football News’ idiots that we will beat Florida this year. God Almighty, son. But the damn bottle down Bill King.

We will beat Florida and play in 1 of 2 BCS Bowls, either the Orange vs Virginia Tech or the Sugar vs Nebraska.

Your choice of what you talk about, is just amazing Bill King. It always has been. But discussing what you call multiple postings saying, like Aron White, that what Zach Mettenberger has done is not all that bad, reaches new levels, even for you Bill King.


May 6th, 2010
1:14 am

There is NO difference between what Montez Robinson a 4-Star Top 10 Recruit at his position did in 1st slamming the little lady student at UGA against a dumpster October 20 which got him a 1 game suspension, then November 30 attacking her car in a parking lot breaking the tail lights, finally April 4, picking her up at McWhorter Hall in public and slamming her repeatedly to the floor, to pick her up again and slam her yet again and again criminally into the floor

and, what

Zach Mettenberger a 4-Star Top 10 Recruit at his position did in repeatedly grabbing a college student at Valdosta State, and in public committing multiple sexual criminal offenses against her.

If you cannot see how wrong those 2 top football recruits here, are, then there is nothing I can write to you that will make you understand.

There is no difference in what the 2 have done to bring such shame on their fathers and to bring such shame on anyone else in their life such as Aron White.

I have no respect for Montez Robinson or Zach Mettenberger. You act like what Zach Mettenberger did was to get drunk. Uh, no that is not at all what Zach Mettenberger did. Oh, it is; but it is so insignificant in the entire time from March 7 when he got drunk and being kicked off the team once all this was known to Coach Richt. It is just like Montez Robinson. I don’t believe Zach Mettenberger. He got drunk. Hey, even the police dropped all those charges, 2 fake ID, obstruction, public drunk, causing a disturbance. That was NOT what Zach did that was so bad that I took such a hard stance against Aron White for defending him. He lied to the police, lied to Coach Richt, lied to himself that he thought he could get away with it, just as anyone who thinks that what Zach Mettenberger did to the young Sorority lady was any less than what Montez Robinson did to his girlfriend.

What we have here is 39 in the last 3 years alone who have been Arrested / Suspended according to David Hale last week on macon.com on this Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Team, and it is the same they do off the field they do on the field averaging # 96 in NCAA Penalties the last 4 years in a row too.

They think they can do whatever the hell they want to do.

On the field or off the field.

The G-Day Game ended with Nick Williams holding down Washaun Ealey. Then, Washaun gets up finally and hits Nick Williams in the face.

No Penalty called.

We are not teaching these kids a damn thing.

And, we absolutely are not recruiting the right type of players here, not with 94 Arrests / Suspensions I have URL Links to everyone of in the Coach Richt Era for us.

And, to those of you who say there are no comparisons with other football teams that is available for you to read, you too should spend more time reading, and less posting.

I still don’t understand with all the discussion about Zach Mettenberger’s poor mom, and nothing ever said about his Dad.

Does no Dad sit down with his Son and talk to him about young ladies anymore ?

I am appalled.



These Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players have NO RESPECT. If you are going to suspend a guy 1 game for slamming a young lady who is a University of Georgia student into a dumpster and 2 more games for breaking her taillights, and only then throw him off the team for repeatedly picking her up and slamming her to the McWhorter Hall floor; then this is what you get.

A guy thinking he can do whatever the hell he wants to do on TV in the G-Day Game, with NO PENALTY CALLED.

Or, off the field to any young lady any way he wants.

I am a big football player at UGA.

I am entitled.

I can get away with it.

I did not even do anything wrong. Days later he tells Coach Richt he did nothing else wrong. No more will come of the incident. I am going to be good. I was good. I just made a small mistake.

Now, in Coach Richt’s defense, he did not know. When he did know, he kicked him off the team and could not tell us why. But, I don’t think team rules was right. It was clear that it would all come out. There were 50 people in the bar. We all read what they all said, that they saw first hand.

AM680 the Fan carried the story and reported 3 SOURCES.

I read 2 more.

Coach Richt should have said, we have to have some respect around here, and act like gentlemen. I am sorry but Zach Mettenberger is kicked off the team and his Scholarship given to a walk-on. This press meeting today is about that walk-on and how he promises me that he will not let me down.

You sit in here making excuses.

And, this what we get.

10 Losses to 10 SEC East teams the last 20 games, and 5 of those Losses are to teams not ranked in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll these last 4 years and 39 Arrests / Suspensions OFF THE FIELD with # 96 every year the last 4 years in a row average in Penalties ON THE FIELD.


We have NONE off the field or on the field and we are # 9 in The SEC out of 12 football programs in Graduation Rates.

You make all the excuses up you want. You say that what Zach Mettenberger did is not as bad as what Montez Robinson did all you want. I will tell you the truth, that what they both did was exactly the same.

And, you are not going to turn this around in this program.

I am quite sure, I will.


May 11th, 2010
6:36 pm

Miami beats OSU which eliminates OSU from the championship game.


May 16th, 2010
3:11 pm

Mett made a bad decision no doubt, but I dont think he should have been kicked off the team. I know what he did was wrong, and I think for that he should have been suspended for the year. Then given the chance to fight for a spot on the team next year. Then if he decided to leave you know he is not sorry for his actions. But he is a young kid and I hate to see his career just thrown away like that.

Where is our Ryan Mallet?

August 18th, 2010
4:19 pm