Which is Dogs’ bigger concern, QB or defense?

Washaun Ealey and the running game should take the pressure off Georgia's inexperienced quarterback. (Georgiadogs.com)

Washaun Ealey and the running game should take the pressure off Georgia's inexperienced quarterback. (Georgiadogs.com)

So the Dogs are not getting a lot of love in national media previews of the 2010 football season, aside from ESPN.com’s Mark Schlabach putting them at No. 19 in his Way-Too-Early Top 25. Fellow ESPN.com writer Chris Low went so far as to put UGA in the second tier of his SEC power rankings, behind Auburn and South Carolina.

But this early lack of respect isn’t really a big surprise considering that Mark Richt’s program is coming off a mediocre (for Georgia) season and is facing the prospect of an inexperienced quarterback and the complete rehauling of a troubled defense.

Otherwise, the picture is pretty positive. Aside from QB, the Dogs return the rest of their offensive starters. The kickers are among the nation’s best. With Jon Fabris gone, special teams — particularly kickoff coverage — ought to improve (it certainly couldn’t get any worse). And the schedule isn’t as tough as in 2009.

But how the Dogs answer those two big question marks probably will define what sort of season they have.

We’ve seen before how inexperience at QB can hurt. It took Matthew Stafford most of his first season to figure out when to throw the ball and when not to. And even though Joe Cox was a fifth-year senior, you have to figure his lack of playing time before becoming the starter was at least partly responsible for the poor decisions he made on most of the many picks he threw last year.

And the past two seasons have shown all too clearly what havoc defensive problems can wreak on a program. Todd Grantham definitely looks like a major upgrade over Willie Martinez, but there are sure to be glitches in the transition to a different defensive alignment and philosophy. Plus he’ll be doing it minus players like Geno Atkins and Rennie Curran. By season’s end, Grantham likely will have the Dogs once again deserving the “Junkyard” sobriquet. But getting there could be painful.

As Cornelius Washington said this week, “I don’t feel like this season there is such a thing as a freshman player because everybody has an audition and I guess in a sense everybody is a freshman.”

Of course, what he was talking about was the defensive coaches having to figure out who will play where and the players battling for a position and playing time. But with new schemes, they’ll all be freshmen in a sense come game time, too, which makes me think the D might be the bigger question mark for the Dogs.

Yes, inexperience will be a big obstacle for the Dogs’ QB, whoever that is. But Aaron Murray made a salient point talking to reporters on Wednesday when he said, “I really don’t feel that whoever wins the job is going to have that much pressure on them. It’s not going to be like we’re going to go out there and throw the ball 40 times a game. We’re going to be able to hand the ball to our running backs most of the game and let them do the work.”

Assuming a rash of injuries doesn’t suddenly throw the offensive line or running back corps into disarray, he should be correct.

Which worries you more, starting a green QB or rebuilding the defense?

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February 13th, 2010
10:43 am

D is the concern. Look at Alabama. New QB McElroy had good RBs, great O line, and good WRs. I would rank UGA better at all of those except for RB this year. The real success this year was special teams and defense at Alabama. UGA needs to focus its efforts to better kickoff coverage and a defense that forces the issue. All they need is a QB that can hand off, throw to AJ, Orson, Aron White, TK, and Marlon Brown. The QB will not the be the leader of this team. The D needs to set the tone. The O needs to protect the football. The special teams need to cover kick offs. All of those things will equal at least 10 wins with our schedule in 2010.


February 13th, 2010
10:52 am

I agree.

I get more than a little sick

more than a little tired

of reading folks on this blog try to tell me that John Brantley has not played against SEC teams

that we are going to win the SEC Championship

that we are going to win the National Championship

and cannot begin to address 2-7 vs. Florida in the entire Coach Richt Era.

17-19 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams the entire Coach Richt Era

8 LOSSES to teams NOT RANKED in the Top 25 Final AP Poll

And, now we have to come up with yet again some excuse why we cannot get

ANY OFFENSIVE RECRUIT in this entire freaking state

No Fun Offense.


February 13th, 2010
10:59 am

Hot damn, we’ve really been great on OFFENSE.


We cannot line up and run a play without a Penalty.

We cannot line up and run a play without turning the football over.

We cannot figure out who Our Best Players are, and play them.

We give up on 3rd and 10 and run the football.

We cannot block for the pass.

We cannot block for the run.

We can hold.

We can false start.

We lose to an UNRANKED team in Final Poll EVERY YEAR for 9 years now.

We LOSE to the Top 25 teams MORE THAN WE BEAT THEM.

We have had 0 years when we got a great bowl game to cap a season.

We are an afterthought on the National Stage.

We are WORSE than LSU and FLORIDA in the Coach Richt Era.

We are WORSE than Alabama now too.

We are WORSE than Texas in the Coach Richt Era.

We are WORSE than Oklahoma in the Coach Richt Era.

We are WORSE than Southern California in the Coach Richt Era.

We are WORSE than Boise State in the Coach Richt Era.

We are WORSE than Ohio State in the Coach Richt Era.


17-19 vs AP Poll Final Top 25 and 8 Losses to UNRANKED teams.

Our Offense is the Problem. We do NOT have good play calls.

We waste the firepower handed to our Offensive Coaching Staff.


Bryan McClendon was ONLY a RECEIVER for UGA.

His dad did. Maybe we should hire his DAD ?

He clearly cannot determine who should be our Running Back.

He clearly cannot teach any Running Back how to carry the ball so he doesn’t fumble it.

Bryan McClendon was a good Receiver when he played. Maybe he should coach Receivers ?

Why does it take until 3rd Quarter of 5th Game to play Washaun Ealey not Richard Samuel and not Caleb Freaking King ?

We Started Richard Samuel and Caleb Freaking do nothing King EVERY GAME at Tailback except 2 starts by Washaun Ealey.


I am not the 1 who is so damn smart, who should be hired as O.C. or head Coach. YOU ARE. You all say that Washaun Ealey CLEARLY IS OUR BEST RUNNING BACK.

So, why ?

Because we play FAVORITES, even those who have proven they are NOT as good as the ones BEHIND them on the Depth Chart.

Because our Running Backs’ Coach KNOWS NOTHING about Running Backs.




Tony Ball taught AJ Green to be great ? I think not.

Tony Ball cannot teach Marlon Brown but CAN AJ Green ?

What’s that all about ?

Tony Ball was a Great Running Back.

So, why then is Tony Ball Coaching the Receivers Coach Richt ?

Shouldn’t Bryan McClendon have Tony Ball’s job and Tony Ball, Bryan McClendon’s job ?

They NEITHER are doing the job you put them in with NO NFL EXPERIENCE and with NO EXPERIENCE at the POSITION you have them BOTH as POSITION COACH for.

Why did we play Marlon Brown and LOSE AN ENTIRE SEASON throwing him only 2 passes all season long for only 15 yards ?

Why ?

Because our Receivers’ Coach KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT RECEIVERS.

He didn’t teach AJ Green. AJ Green was already All-America before Tony Ball was handed this CUSHY DAMN JOB “coaching” AJ Green.

In the Florida game at half time, they interviewed Coach Richt and asked him what they had to do to get AJ Green involved in the game ? Coach Richt glibly shot back : Throw him the ball ?


John Lilly was a Quarterback.

What the F does John Lilly know about Tight Ends ?

John Lilly coached Tight Ends for Coach Richt the last couple of years.

John Lilly 1st year TE Coach, NO TE caught more than 5 passes all season.

John Lilly this past year has 3 of the best TE in the nation.

He cannot figure out that ORSON CHARLES will star in NFL for 10 years.

He thinks Aron White is BETTER because he caught 3 passes entire 2008.

Orson Charles caught 23 passes for 374 yards his freshman year, not 3.

John Lilly has Aron White Starter at TE for 3 passes caught freshman yr.

Why did we LOSE to Okie State, LSU and the vols ?

Losses because we did NOT Start our Best Players, play FAVORITES.

FAVORITES who proved they are NOT as good as one behind them on the Damn Depth Chart.

You want to KNOW WHY WE BEAT Georgia tek & Texas A&M ?

Because ORSON CHARLES was Starting TE in those 2 games.

Why does it take 11 games to figure out Orson Charles GREAT Aron White back-up ?

Why ?

Because we play FAVORITES; that’s why.

Give me a Freaking Break 3 catches all of 2008 makes Aron White Starter until Game 12 of a 13 game season. YOU SAID Orson Charles should have been the Starter in Game 1. I am NOT the one who should be O.C. or head Coach. YOU SHOULD BE.

It takes us until Game 12 of 13 to make Orson Charles Starting TE ?


THERE is NO WAY to RANK the PLAYERS, and get your PLAYMAKERS on the DAMN FIELD and have Orson Charles NOT START until Game 12 in favor of Aron White.



Alias Bozo.

He had a fine senior season for UGA, 1 of the best ever as our QB # 10 UGA.

Having taught our QB Matthew Stafford to have 51 Interceptions and Fumbles to his 51 Touchdown Passes, he is PROMOTED to Offensive Coordinator.

You may recall the previous OC was arrested for DUI. Neil Callaway.

Then, again, you may not. I do.

Neil Callaway finally left after his DUI as our Offensive Coordinator.

He apologized for the DUI, Neil Callaway did.



2006 with Matthew Stafford and Neil Callaway Offensive Coordinator :

79 NCAA Number 79 Passing Offense

90 NCAA Number 90 Total Offense

70 NCAA Number 70 Most Penalties



1 DUI by the Offensive Coordinator.

1 Beer Keg Photo at Talladega following Callaway’s example by his Starting QB

Any correlation there you think ? Nice coaching job.

Neil Callaway is 11-25 at UAB replacing Watson Brown 62-74 at UAB.

The DUI and Beer Keg Photos were Major Distractions in 2006.


SO, WITH THAT BACKGROUND NEXT OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR hired by Coach Richt is MIKE BOZO, I mean Booboo, I mean Bobo, sorry.


2007 UGA with Matthew Stafford Mike Bobo Offensive Coordinator :

84 NCAA Number 84 Passing Offense

74 NCAA Number 74 Total Offense

85 NCAA Number 85 Most Penalties




2008 UGA with Knowshon Moreno Mike Bobo as Offensive Coordinator :

56 NCAA Number 56 Rushing Offense

116 NCAA Number 116 Most Penalties




2009 UGA Mike Bobo Offensive Coordinator :

80 NCAA Number 80 Passing Offense

75 NCAA Number 75 Total Offense

113 NCAA Number 113 Most Penalties



This, not only is NOT a good trend, but Mike Bobo has NEVER BEAT a Final AP Poll Top 10 team, LOSING EVERY GAME.


5-6 vs. Final AP Poll Top 25 with 4 LOSSES to UNRANKED TEAMS.



Talks about VALUING THE FOOTBALL and how we have to do BETTER at VALUING THE FOOTBALL, because of ME in here.

Then, promptly goes out instead and HAS SOME OF THE WORST PERFORMANCES by his Quarterbacks on Offense EVER on ANY TEAM in the HISTORY of FOOTBALL with combined FUMBLES and INTERCEPTIONS now EXCEEDING the number of Touchdown Passes as OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

Plus, he cannot even line his players up and run a play without a penalty.

3rd and 10 ? Running Play. Every time.

1st down ?

Throw a Pass.

Mike Bobo is so predicable that UNRANKED TEAMS’ coaches UTTERLY take him to the DAMN CLEANERS.

4 LOSSES to UNRANKED TEAMS as Offensive Coordinator.


Bozo OC scored 12 points vs 6-Loss no Bowl Game South Carolina 2007.

Bozo OC scored 14 points vs 4-Loss vols 2007. vols scored 35.

Bozo OC put up 20 points vs 7-Loss Vandie 2007.

Bozo OC put up 24 points vs 5-Loss Kentucky 2007.

This was with Knowshon Moreno AND Matthew Stafford.



Bozo put up 14 points vs 5-Loss South Carolina 2008 Knowshon Stafford AJ Green.

Bozo put up 10 points vs Florida 2008 Knowshon Stafford AJ Green.

Bozo applauded by FL players when Logan Gray scored with 1 minute to go.

Bozo put up 17 points vs 7-Loss Auburn with Knowshon Stafford AJ Green.

Bozo 24 Mich St 27 vs 7-Loss Ar St, 26 vs 7-Loss vols, 24 vs 6-Loss Vandie

This was with Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford AND AJ Green.



Bozo put up 10 vs Okie State UNRANKED Not Top 25 Final AP Poll 2009.

Bozo put up 20 vs 8-Loss Arizona State 2009.

Bozo put up 13 vs LSU who beat no Final AP Poll Top 25 team.

Bozo put up 19 vs 6-Loss vols. vols put up 45.

Bozo put up 27 vs 6-Loss UNRANKED Kentucky.

Bozo put up 17 vs Florida this year after 10 last year when he got applauds from the Florida players on the sidelines politely applauding Bozo for finally scoring with a minute left the only touchdown he got with Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford and AJ Green.



It has been a MISERABLE RUN with Mike Bobo as Offensive Coordinator.



But, we have to have a coach with 11 years NFL Experience to be our Defensive Coordinator, but our Offensive Coordinator can be of the same mold as all the other coach Richt hires on his “coaching staff” other than this 1 Defensive Coordinator with 11 Years NFL Experience.

No Knowledge of good play calls and no one ever said he did.

No Experience as Offensive Coordinator.

No NFL experience.

No Proof he can call plays.

Boos by EVERY FAN at Sanford Stadium for Bozo’s PLAY CALLS.

Dawg Tired

February 13th, 2010
11:28 am

Obviously, I could be wrong but I think all the concern over Grantham changing the defensive scheme is not justified. Personally, I don’t care how the front 7 line-up. Our problem under Martinez was a lack of aggressive play on defense. As long as the front 7 pressure and attack the offense, we should be better on defense.

As far as QB goes, while it is true that Stafford struggled his first year, he was a true freshman, not a red shirt freshman. That should make a difference. What we do not know is just how good Murray or Mettenberger really are. David Green certainly was not a weakness as a starter as a red shirt freshman and he was not as highly rated as either of these two. However, he was a great leader and obviously had a very high football IQ. If either of these two guys has those qualities, we should be fine.


February 13th, 2010
11:29 am

BuLLdawg, that cannot be good for your heart.

Dawg Tired

February 13th, 2010
11:35 am

I think we should hire BuLLdawg as offensive coordinator. He seems to obviously know more about football than Bobo, or, at least he thinks he does. Pretty amazing when you consider that Bobo was the offensive coordinator when we finished ranked 2nd in the nation two years ago. My disappointment in now knowing that we could have had BuLLdawg as offensive coordinator that year and no doubt have won the national championship is great.


February 13th, 2010
11:55 am

The biggest concern this aging fan sees is the HEAD COACH! Sabin was able to take a group literally on their back side, and in relative short order, turn them into a National Champion! It seems to be just the reverse with Richt after his first couple of seasons. He was very fortunate in having a David Green, a Stafford, and a Marino. Something is just not right — either it is the signing of wrong players; lack of discipline (which appears to be evident on and off the field); or lack of good coaching. Sadly, it could be a combination of all of the above!


February 13th, 2010
12:12 pm



February 13th, 2010
12:40 pm

a redshirt froshman qb can win in the SEC,just look at bama last year who won a national championship with one.

dawgs have qb’s who have wealth of talent.it may require that several qb’s may need to play to utilize their individual strengths.

the new defense is more attacking and speed than read and react.the dawgs have the team speed and athletism to master with ease.

georgia will be the surprise in the SEC with a much easier schedule without having to play bama or lsu from the west.


February 13th, 2010
12:43 pm

QB is the larger concern of the two issues. A first-year QB almost always creates
some problems. The defense is a concern too, but it’s not just a matter of our players
knowing what to do……our opponents also don’t know what we’ll do – and that’s very
valuable, as demonstrated in last year’s GA-TN game in which the TN QB professed
to know “exactly where they’d be” on every play. That’s the antithesis of what defense
SHOULD be, and it’s foolishness like that that has been getting us beat in games that
we should win.


February 13th, 2010
12:52 pm

Hey buLLdawg…sorry I missed your comment earlier before BK ‘moved on’…but my response now is the same as it would have been then…kiss my Bulldog a$$…and the sooner this site gets rid of you and your diarrhea of whatever passes for a brain, the better. Don’t know when, or if, you matriculated over in Athens, but it was clearly a mistake on somebody’s part. Regardless, my guess is that the program can do without your money and your commentary. I know I can do without your lunatic postings.


February 13th, 2010
3:14 pm

BuLLdawg- You aren’t a Dawg, either. You are someone who achieved a moderate following slamming Martinez until he was gone. Now you have embarked on this year’s sojurn to keep posting to get rid of all our coaches including Coach Richt. You are not a Georgia Bulldog. Anyone that would believe what you type can easily see that one can substitute the name of any team and coach into the negative diatribe that you put toward this team and fanbase that you try to persuade that the “Sky is falling” and some parts will hit home. A sad few comments that mean nothing toward the success of this coming season. But you are not a Bulldog. You are a sad piece of rant that digs into the football game histories and attempts to sway a few fair weather fans toward the negative mind set destruction of our team. You signify nothing with your rant. We all can see it for what it is…. an underhanded attempt to get fan opinion positioned to look for everything that can be perceived as negative against this team and relagate it toward the coaching. You are not a Georgia Bulldog fan and you never will be.

Camden Mark

February 13th, 2010
3:42 pm

Coaching is what makes good teams great,as much as half the total sum in collage.Its a fact that the decline at UGA has been steady with Van Gorders departure.The D needs a good teacher and attacking style coach to bring out the game in the talent we have had all along.
Pointing out the fact that Willie is a dismal failure as a DC is just stating the apparent and dose not make anyone any less a “fan”.
This coming from a 47 yr born and bred Dawg.


February 13th, 2010
3:44 pm

I think we will be improved on both sides of the ball. Whoever wins the QB job has to be an upgrade. Its true the new QBs are inexperienced but I think Aaron and Zack are both more gifted than Joe Cox. We may make some mistakes early but we’ll improve quickly. On defense we certainly do lose some big names. But better coaching and improved schemes will make a huge difference. We are still very well stocked with players on both sides of the ball. Steady not spectacular is all we need at QB and I’m excited about the changes on defense. I believe 2010 will be a very enjoyable season and a much improved one in all phases of the game. Go Dawgs!


February 13th, 2010
4:23 pm

Learning the 34 defense is a fairly easy defense to learn (I have experience with both). It is based upon gaps the offense presents you with. It is filling gaps not assignments as in the 43. Now the problem is the secondary, that is very similar to a standard 43 defense, can we improve here, let’s hope so.

QB is a concern in managing the game and correctly reading defenses. I know my dawg friends will disagree with me, but the most mobile of our QB’s is likely to be to our advantage. This favors Gray and Murray. Look for more running out of the QB’s, draws and rollouts with some option. I do not think either will survive as a pocket passer. Mettzie is to inaccurate and needs better mobilty, but
could be a in a battle with Mason for 3rd QB because Mason throws very accurately with shortt route passes.

Dawg 39

February 13th, 2010
4:29 pm

Two spring Practices and 2 fall camps s/b enough time to get a QB ready to play in the SEC. They do practice against a SEC defense. Check out the “spring practice roster by class” site. Only 4 CB’s listed. Lack of depth at DB and DL is my largest concern. Our offense will be great.

Dawg Tired

February 13th, 2010
4:53 pm

Were is BuLLdawg? He seems to have gone into hiding. First good idea he’s had.


February 13th, 2010
5:50 pm

BuLLdawg, please get back on you meds. OK, you obviously missed that stat that UGA last season scored every 19 plays they had the ball….tops in the SEC. Penalties and turnovers were a problem, but much more of the problem was the Defense. I can only imagine the fun you BuLLdawg had in your closet with Martinez!

Snoop Dawg

February 14th, 2010
8:57 am

Players don’t worry Snoop Dawg none. What worries Snoop Dawg is UGA’s Marlboro Man, Mark Richt and his sidekick BooBoo. These are clowns, not coaches. Players need coaching to reach their potential,stay motivated, and win against other teams. Pass the Koolaid…

Snoop Dawg

February 14th, 2010
9:03 am

Oh yeah, another thing. BULLdawg is right and the rest of you zombies don’t get it. An old Chief of Staff of the Army, Gorgon Sullivan, wrote a book called, “Hope is not a Method.” I highly recommend it for all you Koolaid drinkers out there…

Dawg 39

February 14th, 2010
2:11 pm

I am impressed by everythig about this website/blog ? including the number of comments, the subject(s)we are commenting on, and (usually) the validity of the comments (even those I disagree with). Keep It Up.


February 14th, 2010
2:15 pm

I’d put the emphasis in worrying about defense because I would think our QB can rely on talent around him, but the defense has to be better if the Dawgs will compete for a BCS type bowl. No matter who we lost on defense, Grantham with any remaining players would beat Martinez with all players last year returning this year.


February 14th, 2010
3:18 pm

Dogs will be fine..One of the QB’s will be another David Greene! Tech will be a major disappointment! Johnson will be exposed as Obama has been exposed! Florida has all these players but Meyer is a true headcase and the gators will be crying to let him go! Vols have nothing!


February 14th, 2010
4:14 pm





February 14th, 2010
4:20 pm

Why ask whether QB or the Defense will be worse? They are both going to be substandard! Don’t expect great things from the Dawgs this year, either. Even as a fan, I can admit that it’s likely that we have seen the best of UGA already under Coach March Richt. Sad to say, but the damage is done.


February 14th, 2010
4:28 pm

What bothers me the most?

Mark Richt. Hands down my number one concern.


February 14th, 2010
6:00 pm

The two areas go hand in hand. Our defense kept spotting the other teams 2 or 3 touchdowns last year which put pressure on Cox to perform. If the D doesn’t do that again, the QB should be okay…asked to “not lose” versus “win” the game.
The D will be fine if we do three things differently from the past few years:
1) Have good fundamentals like tackling and angles
2) Play disciplined and avoid all the stupid penalties that kept opposing drives alive
3) Learn to make a halftime adjustment


February 14th, 2010
6:01 pm

QB obviously has to be the most concern. After all, the defense can’t get worse than it was under Martinez’s cowardly schemes—so that is bound to improve. QB is a mystery at this point.


February 14th, 2010
6:04 pm

The Dog’s season is looking good just as long as they start Murray as QB. Saw him in the Spring game last year and he looked a lot better than the others. I believe that his Freshman year will be better than Stafford’s was. Gray should be used as a WR or try the 2 QB system.

With Grantham as coach the D will improve this year with his experience and will most definitely rush the QB’s and cause mistakes. Not to mention all the recruits they got for the D to fill any holes. The holes if any will be filled.

Looking for the Dogs to Finish in the top 10 or National Champs.


February 14th, 2010
7:05 pm

Isn’t it time for Andy Landers to follow Willie to…anywhere but here. No one in college sports has squandered as much superior talent over the years as he. He never overcame the inferiority complex he developed over that mean lady dragon from the TN hills. Lose him now, and hire a decent women’s coach that can match Mark Fox’s intensity.

Ok. Back to the other Coach Mark, now. The defense will get some momentum just being free [of] Willie. The 3-4 will be more fun to play and the speed the Dawgs have will accommodate the alignment. They may run around like wild men for a few quarters, but at least they won’t be lost on clay feet. It will finally be fun to watch the Dawgs play defense again.

About the QB. Wild guessing is all we can do. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Aaron Murray get the start with Gray finally agreeing to move to a flaker/WR position used often in a set with Boykin on reverses, fake reverses and rollouts, composing a sort of hybrid option. Can you imagine that with a tied to a play action game using the two backs. Defensive coordinators will spend at least half the season catching up. Look at some of those Tech sets. Those are perfect alignments for running some of this stuff.

For change up in games where that alignment doesn’t produce quickly, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a more traditional approach with the conventional GA play action pro set using the Met to fire some passes downfield or draw to the halfbacks. If he can sell the fake, Bobo may have the guy who can pull off the classic like he and Greenie were able to do. Met has the touch to hit those open guys down the middle on the great fakes.

I hope Saban and Kirby are not reading our blogs.

Dawg 39

February 14th, 2010
8:45 pm

60 years a Dawg Fan. Knowledgeable. Butts & Dooley Supporter. CMR is not going anwhere for the next 4 years. Leave It alone. CMR is the best HC and we now have the best staff we have ever had, period. Just Saying.


February 16th, 2010
11:47 am


Georgia’s in great shape defensively with Grantham and we have 3 Elite 11 QB’s.

WR is a concern, not defense or QB.


February 16th, 2010
12:02 pm

You know we are gonna beatGT again this year….


February 16th, 2010
2:29 pm

Defense definitely. If the defense can somehow return to the aggressive, turnover causing Junkyard Dawg status it once had, then it can offset the inexperience at QB. If the defense is not good then it does not matter whether the QB is experienced or not, other teams will have the advantage. The defense is probably going to have to compensate for the inexperience on QB, interceptions, fumbles, etc.. Another positive that can offset inexperience at QB is the emergence of a consistently productive running game, which we have also lacked in recent years.


February 16th, 2010
4:27 pm

I agree with Buddy. Neither is a concern, we’re in excellent shape with our #1 SEC defense, and our 3 Elite 11 QB’s are spectacular.

Concern is whether we win each game by 14 or 28.