A season’s high points, low points

bulldogMark Richt is still searching for a new defensive coordinator, the players have exams and I’m on vacation this week, but that’s no reason for the discussion of all things Georgia football to stop here.

I’ll get you started by asking what you think the high points and low points were in this disappointing season. I’m guessing the win at Tech tops many people’s lists of high points, but there are others: the emergence of a running game late in the season for one.

Low points? So many to choose from, but I’m stuck on picking which was worse: the domination by the Vols in Knoxville or the Dogs’ second-half collapse against Kentucky.

Anyway, comment away, but keep it clean and civil, please. And the Blawg will return next week.

Go Dogs!

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No Discipline=7-5 Season & Shreveport

December 18th, 2009
10:57 pm

We are doomed with Richt—He has got to go. Is it true that ADAMS is a Gator.


December 18th, 2009
11:00 pm

Hey man—We are stuck with CMR—-we might as well get used to 8-4 and 7-5 until they get their head out of their a$$ and make a HC change. Until then—-Places like Shreveport are going to be our highlights I am afraid. Go Dawgs

A Few GT Stats

December 18th, 2009
11:06 pm

Just to show BuLLdawg that stats can be used both ways:

- Tech has had 7 seasons without a win…the last being 1902 so who cares

- georgiadogs.com has your bowl record at 22-16-3 and not 25-16-3 (don’t care which is correct, either you are an moron or the official UGA football site is run by idiots)

- Finally on to national championships. I may have to dumb this down for all of you dawg fans that bleed red and black but didn’t even graduate from high school. (On a side note, I think most UGA fans that graduated from there are decent enough. The problem with UGA is that you have so many fans that have an IQ equivalent to a box of rocks that never went there. These morons are what truly gives UGA fans a bad rep. This is a problem that plagues most SEC schools.)

Back to national championships…If Johnny has 4 dawg bones and he gives 2 of his bones to Billy, then how many dawg bones does Johnny have left?

I know it’s tough but think it through…

That’s right, Johnny would only have 2 dawg bones left. So we have determined that 4 is more than 2.

Nobody remembers who came in second and we have more championships than you. Our most recent championship is also more recent than yours.


December 18th, 2009
11:13 pm

and we have won more bowls by percentage—-#1 all-time——-

Never date a Georgia Grad——they are not old enough.

Never date a Georgia Grad—-Gainesville chickens have more teeth,

Never date a Georgia Grad—their mama’s say that sex in the back of the pickup is hard on their backs.

A Few GT Stats

December 18th, 2009
11:22 pm

And your information about the Independent Bowl sell-out is also flat out wrong:

“Georgia has sold about 6,000 tickets — half of its allotment –- to the Dec. 28 Independence Bowl against Texas A&M, associate athletics director Alan Thomas said.”

No Discipline = Undefeated

December 18th, 2009
11:30 pm

Texas is ranked #80 in penalties and is 13-0 and playing for the Natl Championship
Boise ranked #59, 13-0
Florida ranked #63 worse, 12-1

Michigan is ranked #4 best in DISCIPLINE, LEAST PENALTIES
Record: 5-7

So much for your theory NOTWITTY….

Shreveport--Home of 2009 Natl Champs

December 18th, 2009
11:32 pm

Bama did Shreveport in 2007, Natl Championship 2009

We looooooooooooooooooooooooove Shreveport!!!

80 Wins in 8 Years in SEC Club

December 18th, 2009
11:36 pm

For the record, are there any other active coaches, besides Mark Richt, that have 80 SEC wins in 8 years, toughest Strength of Schedule conference? Me don’t think so.

No Discipline = 25 wins, 2 losses

December 18th, 2009
11:41 pm

Mark Richt’s record is 25 wins and 2 losses when Georgia commits at least 10 or more penalties. We love to beat people up. That’s how we get 80 wins in 8 years.

Dawg Chumps

December 18th, 2009
11:48 pm

There are a few other schools in the SEC that have something meaningful to show for the last 8 years of football…like a national championship trophy.

Hey 80

December 18th, 2009
11:59 pm

80 arrests since Richt came aboard—-nothing to be proud of—where is herschel???

don’t ever forget—-1 RN in 1980 and nothing else—-EVER


December 19th, 2009
2:14 am

Georgia Tech has ZERO players on your Entire Roster who have ever won a bowl game at Georgia Tech.


December 19th, 2009
2:19 am


December 19th, 2009
2:23 am

You have LOST your bowl game 7 of the last 10 years, Georgia Tech nerds.


December 19th, 2009
5:54 am

Here Is How the Play-off in 1-A football would look, if applied to this season :


8-Team Play-off touted by so many :

Play-off Round :

1 ALABAMA vs 8 Ohio State.

5 Boise State vs 4 Cincinnati

6 Florida vs 3 TCU

7 Oregon vs 2 Texas


Semi-finals :

1 ALABAMA vs 4 Cincinnati

6 Florida vs 2 Texas.

This sport is so screwed up. Obviously, I believe that Florida would destroy Texas, and that The SEC would have a Alabama vs. Florida TITLE GAME. The other conferences are so fearful of this, that they cannot allow this.

The 2nd part of this is, what does the Rose Bowl have ? Iowa vs Arizona ?

What does the Sugar Bowl have ? LSU against whom ?

What does this leave the Orange Bowl with ? Penn State vs Georgia Tech ?

What does this leave the Fiesta Bowl with ? Oklahoma State against whom ?

The object of college football is to play in the easiest conference possible, win all your games, be ranked therefore at the top of the polls, and get your brains kicked in by The SEC the same as every other year.

I always figured we could co-exist the bowls with a Play-off.

Putting it to paper, it doesn’t look possible.

Have you figured out how many SEC teams win their bowl games again this year ?

8 SEC Bowl Wins.

There are 3 Conferences who LOSE 6 bowl games : Big East Big XII and Big 10.

If the Conference has a BIG in its name, it will LOSE 6 bowl games.

SEC wins 8 bowl games.

Since I cannot apply an 8-team Play-off to the bowl schedule this season, we should just have a 16-team Play-off and cause complete upheaval by having all 34 bowls bid on having those games at their bowl.

But, you are not going to have more than 1 good game New Year’s Day. And, New Year’s Eve will be no good game.

I really hate the way 1-A football is set up, especially the BCS. I do like the bowl games, and I want a Play-off.

BullDawgs an Idiot

December 19th, 2009
8:04 am

So…..if you play in a top 3 rated conference and get your brains kicked in every year….where do you go??? That’s right, Shreveport!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Hey BuLLdawg...

December 19th, 2009
10:18 am

BuLLdawg please answer me one questions…did you graduate from UGA?

St Simons lives on the Island of Misfit Toys

December 19th, 2009
10:48 am

Who wants a water gun that squirts jelly?


December 19th, 2009
11:31 am


Hey idiot—AJC, Saturday 12/19, page C4, “…6,000 tickets– about half of it’s allotment, have not sold….” Have a LOT of trouble with “facts”, do you? By the way,

7 out of 9
17 out of 20.


December 19th, 2009
11:36 am

Tech Fan,

Think, for just a minute, about the argument you are making, referring to UGA’s victory over GT 30-24:
“For it to be the high point of your season and a program defining win – that’s a sign of a program going down hill quickly.

You are acknowledging that beating Tech doesn’t mean anything, in your mind, because Tech is a worthless program, not worthy of any respect. What you don’t get (among many things) is that any time Tech loses it is a good thing for UGA fans. On top of that, getting to beat the best Tech team in the last 19 years on Tech’s home field in front of their pathetic, miserable fans was a thing of beauty. It WAS something for UGA fans to get excited about; every Dawg fan already acknowledges that this was not a good season for us, and we’re smart enough to realize that beating a #7 ranked team does mean something.

Remember, as has been pointed out many times, YOU Tech fans are the ones coming on a Dawg blog, obsessing about UGA and trying to win poorly thought out arguments. No matter what you say and how you want to brag about the Orange Bowl, you know that Georgia owns you this year (30-24) and forever (60-36-5).

Go Dawgs!!!


December 19th, 2009
11:39 am

Hey Dawgvoice


We own you and forever.


December 19th, 2009
2:28 pm

Laugh on GT nerds. you can always say you lost to a 7-5 team

Bo Williams

December 19th, 2009
2:44 pm

35k watching UNC-Texas. How many at Steadman tonite?

Tech Fan through and through

December 19th, 2009
3:29 pm

Shreveport 2009, Natl Champs 2010,

Ok Shreveport 1999, Natl Champs 2000
Bama Shreveport 2007, Natl Champs 2009
Georgia Shreveport 2009, Natl Champs 2010 or 2011

You know the only difference (I believe and I could be wrong) between UGA (now) and OU & Bama (then) is the fact that those years were the first year bowls of new head coaches. UGA still has Richt and he isn’t new to the program.

william cranman

December 19th, 2009
5:07 pm

Bo, it’s not Steadman its Stegman and the game is at the Gwinnett Center.

John McEachern

December 19th, 2009
8:22 pm

my book is out and i want to send you a copy. How? It has forwards by Dooley and Richt. The cover is a picture of Bobby Towns ‘59 and an SEC official and a story on Wally Williamson, the artist that did the spike-collar Bulldog. The title is “It’s Always First Down” Brentwood Publishing Columbus, Ga. author…. me John McEachern letterman ‘60–’61-’62 $12.95 and proceeds go to Butts-Mehre Building foundation


December 19th, 2009
8:53 pm

We are so great, there were no low points. Bobo is the best. Losing to Gators is no big deal…..Eleven other teams lost to them, too. Tech going to a BCS bowl? It’s OK, because they got all those crooked calls by refs all year. Our record in the SEC is OK, because it’s the best conference. We’ll recruit great, and we’ll shut Lane Kiffin up. Life is good !

hunker down

December 19th, 2009
9:53 pm

High Point: Being ACC Champion. Since we mopped up on the bugs that does make us ACC Champs, Right?

Low Point: Not playing up to our capability in some games. Also, LSU game was one that was suppose to be ours that refs had a hand in outcome.


December 19th, 2009
10:32 pm

Why is that guy so happy that GT has the best bowl percentage? All it’s gonna take is for one team to make it’s first bowl and win and then they don’t have that anymore.


December 20th, 2009
5:34 am

Big AL

December 19th, 2009 5:26 pm

“Georgia …..Back to “Mediocrity” where they’ve been for 99 per cent of their history.”

UGA is mediocrity in our history ? Really Al Ciraldo ?

Team Won Lost Tied

1.Michigan 877 302 36

2.Texas 858 314 33

3.Notre Dame 837 290 42

4.Nebraska 833 341 40

5.Alabama 812 316 43

6.Penn State 810 351 42

7.Ohio State 808 309 52

8.Oklahoma 796 304 53

9.Tennessee 790 337 55

10.Southern California 774 307 54

11.Georgia 730 389 54

12.LSU 709 386 47

13.Auburn 688 400 47

14.West Virginia 682 449 45

15.Syracuse 678 479 49

How far DOWN do you have to look to find the MEDIOCRITY that Georgia Tech is in football HISTORY Al ?

I see 5 SEC teams in the Top 15, but there isn’t even any ACC team.

I see 3 Big XII teams, but where are any of the ACC teams ?

I see 3 Big Ten (11) teams, but zero ACC teams, right ?

I see 2 Big East teams, but where are any of the ACC teams ?

I see 1 Independent, and no ACC teams.

I see 1 PAC-10 team, but I cannot find any ACC MEDIOCRITY.


Top 15 Programs in College Football History. The rest ARE MEDIOCRITY IN HISTORY.

Right Al ? That what you said ? Mediocrity in history ?



Al, if you subtracted the 60 LOSSES TO UGA Georgia Tech has in HISTORY, then Georgia Tech would not be MEDIOCRITY IN FOOTBALL HISTORY.

But, Georgia Tech would STILL BE 57 WINS BEHIND UGA.


Georgia Tech 673 445 42


December 20th, 2009
5:50 am

I have no idea what you are talking about on





Georgia 44 BOWL GAMES 25-16-3 .602 WIN %

Georgia Tech 37 BOWL GAMES 22-15-0 .595 WIN %



Georgia Tech is NOT AHEAD OF UGA in

# of Bowl Games

# of Bowl Wins

Winning % of Bowl Games


December 20th, 2009
7:54 am

The high point was beating Tech. I know you said beating Tech didnt really matter and all that, but Florida can kick our a$$ year in and year out and Richt keeps his job…. but if Tech beats us 3 in a row, well… you know the history…. beating Tech is the high point for our season… Tech is the most important opponent we play each year

Florida Dawg

December 20th, 2009
10:46 am

When Mark Richt was hired, beating GT was an “afterthought”.
The conversation went like this…Adams and Dooley to Rick: Mark we MUST beat Florida if we are to compete each year for the SEC or National Championship…it’s a MUST win…the most important win. It has been Georgia’s biggest problem the past 10 years…that’s what we are hiring you to do. Understand? Richt to Adams&Dooley from CMR…yes, I understand.
GT is basically a gimmie every year…see record.

T'ville Dawg

December 20th, 2009
11:50 am

Satchel Bag, hey what is that any way, oh it’s to carry your Kleenex so you can wipe the tears from your eyes after the Dawgs dominated the vaunted veer attack that worked so well against the lowly ACC. As for the win against Good Ole FU, Superman was chased and drug down all night by the defensive front, the minor injury was for all of the excuse makers that want to use their fall back card, oh we weren’t defeated we just didn’t play our best. Well the Dawgs didn’t play their best most of the year for various reasons, but they did kick overated no. 7 Tech’s Gluteus Maximus in front of you silver spoon fed eyes. Go GA. Tech Excuse Makers. WhAT WILL YOUR NEW MASCOT BE,OH HOW ABOUT A STINGING SILVER SPOON!

Old Fan

December 20th, 2009
4:52 pm

High point: Dinner at Applebee’s in Shreveport.
Low point: Breakfast at IHOP in Shreveport.



December 20th, 2009
9:00 pm

BuLLdawg graduated from WHATSAMATTERU thats where he got his SOB degree.


December 21st, 2009
4:42 am



(1) Has ZERO football Final AP Poll National Championships ?

(2) Has had 7 entire football seasons of ZERO wins ?

(3) Has LOST to 1 team 60 times ?

(4) Has a Worse Academic Progress Rate than UGA in football ?

(5) Is 57 wins All-Time in football WORSE than UGA ?

(6) Has a WORSE Bowl Winning Percentage than UGA ?

(7) Has NOT won a Major Bowl in 54 years ?

(8) Has 56 more LOSSES in football All-Time than UGA ?

(9) Is Number 48 in ATTENDANCE for football while UGA # 6 ?

(10) Is # 37 NCAA Schedule Strength while UGA is # 13 including Shreveport ?

(11) Played 6 games vs teams NOT IN A BOWL GAME while UGA played 3 ?

(12) Has NO PLAYER on ENTIRE ROSTER ever Won a bowl game ?

(13) Has LOST 7 of the Last 10 Bowl Games they have played in ?

(14) Has NOT played even in a Major Bowl Game in 43 years ?

(15) 4 Cokes, 2 hot dogs, 2 bags peanuts & free parking pass to buy ticket ?


(17) Knows NOTHING about football ?

(18) Has LOST 8 of the last 9 against its only Arch Rival ?

(19) Had their coach say hit UGA fans in the face ?

(20) Had their coach say that UGA game is NOT important ?

(21) Is in the SLUMS where the CRIME is and Drugs are ?

(22) Has 2 laptops stolen per day, every day ?

(23) Beat 1 ranked team & SAGARIN BCS Poll has them AHEAD of GT ?

(24) Brags they are NUMBER 38 National University ?

(25) Has LOST 4 bowl games in a ROW ?

(26) OBSESSED came in here to brag DESTROY UGA ?

(27) Said afterwards that they don’t think 6-point win is DESTROY ?

(28) Scrapped EVERY HANDLE they used BEFORE 24-30 ?

(29) Don’t have a pair, while ours are brass ?

(30) Have YET to log in as ST. SIMONS ?

(31) Think they have a BETTER bowl winning percentage than UGA ?

(32) Fired JON TENUTA to hire LB coach at So Miss as their DC ?

(33) Have a WAY WORSE Defense, but come in here to put crap on our D ?

(34) Have 1 guy listed on only 2 All-America lists, and say they have real All-America ?

(35) Have ZERO Consensus All-America like UGA this year ?

(36) Named their field GRANT FIELD in Atlanta of all damn places ?

(37) Named their stadium BOBBY DODD after Univ TN DROPOUT ?

(38) Have fans world renown as worst POOR SPORTS in history ?

(39) Try to pass off a car from 1930 as WRECKED TRAIN of 1893 ?

(40) Have more Asian Men than WOMEN ?

(41) Is LESS SELECTIVE than UGA in accepting enrollment ?

(42) Tries to tell us YELLOW jackets are gold ?

(43) Has THWUGA in fight song, call us OBSESSED ?

(44) Are Best Known as NERDS ?

(45) Blew up HALF their STADIUM & still can’t fill it ?

(46) Had CONVICTED TERRORIST Syed Haris Ahmed as student ?

(47) Has NOT been in the Top 50 in football recruiting ?

(48) Plays in a Conference with NO TOP-RANKED TEAM ?

(49) Has not 1 Tight End on entire roster ?

(50) Had EVERY receiver except 1 LEAVE THE PROGRAM ?

(51) Told us the 1 left better than AJ Green, AFTER he dropped ?

(52) Plays a 238 lbs. Left Tackle all game long ?

(53) Plays a high school offense ?

(54) Scrapped said high school offense to throw last 4 plays of game ?

(55) Hyped JOSH NESBITT HEISMAN with 12 TD passes 11 interceptions 38 games ?

(56) Has NEVER had 1 single solitary HEISMAN TROPHY ?

(57) Sends their fans (both of them) in here to tell us UGA is Mediocrity football history ?

(58) Wants to talk DEFENSE when their D gave up 8 yards a rush all game long ?

(59) Think they can clean up a pig, put a ribbon on its tail, spray it with perfume, & it’s not still a pig ?

(60) LOST to UGA 60 times in football, this time by 24-30 ?


December 21st, 2009
6:57 am



limited to only 11 scholarships in Men’s Basketball under


who also has a LOSING RECORD to UGA.

Bill King

December 21st, 2009
10:19 am


The blog clearly said that I was on vacation last week.