Dogs start slow but finish strong

Caleb King returned for a good day. (Frederick Breedon / Special)

Caleb King returned for a good day. (Frederick Breedon / Special)

After three quarters of the usual one yard and a cloud of dust, Georgia finally found some semblance of a running game in the fourth quarter, even if it was against the next-to-worst rushing defense in the conference.

With Mike Bobo on the sideline conferring with Mark Richt and quarterback Joe Cox instead of up in the booth, the Dogs’ offense initially picked up where it left off last week, looking sluggish as the linemen seemed to spend a lot of time down on the ground.

But once the brilliant A.J. Green at last got to touch the ball, taking a simple screen pass and zig-zagging his way downfield 65 yards for a touchdown, the Georgia offense seemed to wake up and at least looked at least adequate for the rest of the game.

It was encouraging to see Caleb King make a welcome return, winding up with two touchdowns, which hopefully will bolster his confidence.

And in the fourth quarter, mostly in sets with two tight ends to bolster the blocking, Washaun Ealey and Carlton Thomas provided the punch needed for Georgia to put the game away with a drive that was all on the ground. That included a gutsy fourth-and-5 run for a first down by Thomas, followed by a 9-yard rumble by Fred Munzenmaier for the score.

The Georgia defense, which spent much of the day pressuring and battering Vandy QB Larry Smith, also looked more effective, except for the Commodores’ opening drive of the second half, when they quickly drove downfield for a score, narrowing Georgia’s lead at the time to seven points.

So Georgia beat Vandy. Not anything to get especially excited about, but at least the Dogs looked competent most of the game and managed to get a conference win.

As Richt said after the game, they started out slow but finished strong.

One small step for a team that badly needed it.

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October 17th, 2009
4:27 pm

It is a win.


October 17th, 2009
4:31 pm

To paraphrase Larry, “My God, the freshmen”. At long last there was coverage in the lanes on kick and punt returns. The freshmen defensive backs, Boykins, Smith, and Rambo played well and deserve far more time. It was good to see Quinton Banks back at safety. The talent on offense continues to impress. Wooten, Charles, Ealey, Jackson all looked like there is a flame lit. We played a game, granted against Vandy, that was as close to the a complete game as has been seen this year. If they can step it up about 10 notches, we’ll have a chance against FLA.

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
4:42 pm

They still started B Evans at Safety/ DB, and he got burned for 5 catches against AND a TD!!!

Keep it up, Willy, you are going to be fired.

Oh, and I thought it was really telling when Rambo would come in for numnutz(Evans), he broke up 2 passes AND almost had another INT.

Hmmmm. Our coaches are just plain stupid.

We aint no Baby Goats either

October 17th, 2009
4:45 pm

yeah but this was Vandy Folks.
with our “talent” UGA should have hung 50 easily but didnt.

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
4:46 pm

And just for the record, I was pretty sure we would win. I mean, come on blind faithfull UGA fans that have a problem with pessimists(or people that call it like they see it),
Vanderbilt did lose to ARMY last weekend.
So let’s be REAL BLUNT here.

If UGA lost this game, the firings would commence next week, and not at the end of the year.

Oh, and Cox is just plain terrible. If it were not for AJ Green AND playing the 11th ranked pass D in the SEC, his numbers would be HALF as good as they were(if you call 55% passing “good”)

He is just terrible.

Florida is going to whoop us by 40

Top Dawg

October 17th, 2009
4:47 pm

We should not lose next week against “Open” and then we have Tennesee Tech later in the year. Those will likely be the final two W’s this year, and then it’s bon voyage to Willie Martinez and his assistants.

Sad Richards

October 17th, 2009
4:48 pm

Vandy still put up 300 yards of offense on our D. Pathetic!

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
4:49 pm

I still can’t believe that with our O line, we had 27 TOTAL YARDS ON THE GROUND in the first half.

27 yards, folks. That is just not exceptable. It’s not.
I could give a holy rats arsse about BOBO being on the sideline, either. Un freaking believable. Like that is going to make some sort of difference? Ummm, NO.

Thanks CMR, also known as CAPTAIN OBVIOUS

Sad Richards

October 17th, 2009
4:52 pm

This team lost to ARMY..!!!! Whoopee!!!


October 17th, 2009
4:54 pm

We played the same. We just had better athletes than VANDY. I’ll take the win, but we had better come up with something amazing i we don’t want to get beat by 30 in 2 weeks. AJ Green is a god among men.


October 17th, 2009
4:56 pm

Enter your comments here

Frank Lane

October 17th, 2009
5:00 pm

Part of UGA’s problem this year may turn out to be schedule. When the easiest game on your schedule after seven games is an SEC team, that tells something. Arkansas is leading Florida. South Carolina is 5-1 after having only lost to us. OSU and LSU still in the rankings race. I will take UGA even against any team ranked #4 or lower at this point in the season. There are top ten teams thave have no business there.

Sad Richards

October 17th, 2009
5:06 pm

We still some huge problems on this team. Fake punts,Penalties, and no focus.


October 17th, 2009
5:14 pm

trembling chihuahuas upset Vandy???

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
5:15 pm

Frank Lane…

You are in Fantasy Land if you think we beat ANY TEAM ranked #4 thru #25 that is in a BCS conference.
You are drinking the CMR/CWM/CMB KOOL-AID just because we just beat lowly Vanderbilt, who I may remind you, lost to the ARMY last weekend!!!???

Please wake-up and stop giving CWM/ CJF/ and CMB ANY ammunition to try and stay on with our team. We can’t endure another year with these coaches, we have already endured all of the past 4+ years with them(and last year was HORRIBLE).

Please get a grip. We only beat LOWLY VANDERBILT!!!!


October 17th, 2009
5:17 pm

NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! Willy still have to go. Defensive schemes still sux. Vandy QB is no passing QB bu he did against us with ease. And the RUN, ofcause any team can run through Willy D anyway.


October 17th, 2009
5:18 pm

Orson Charles averages nearly 20 yards per reception and only rates 1 or 2 passes a game? Wake up.

don't get your hopes up

October 17th, 2009
5:18 pm


its vanderbilt.

the #11 rated rushing defense in the SEC. I would hope that we would have a running game.

we are now celebrating victories against vanderbilt.

that is sad…. a sad commentary on the Mark Ray Donnan era.

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
5:20 pm

Scheduling is NOT THE PROBLEM !!!

Coaching is THE PROBLEM!!!!

Everyone, including non-UGA fans / non SEC fans can see that is the problem with this team!!!
I said and saw this last year with Willie AND Bobo, and this year? Same thing.
The only difference? CMR can’t deny or make excuses this year that people will ‘buy’, cause everyone has seen the lack of coaching(especially the Defense) in EVERY GAME WE HAVE PLAYED!!!!


Alabama, Florida, LSU don’t settle for Mediocrity! Why should Georgia fans!!

Wake up!


October 17th, 2009
5:24 pm

Can we call it the Jimmy Ray Richt era?

DawgMan 24/7

October 17th, 2009
5:26 pm

It was a win, but vandy is awful! Now let’s see what happens in two weeks in j-ville!


October 17th, 2009
5:27 pm

Pissed off Bulldawg:
We get the point. We beat vandy, they aren’t very good. They lost to army last week. However, simply saying “our team is terrible Florida is going to dominate us” does absolutely no good. We beat vandy by 24 points. Vanderbilt has allowed more than 25 points only ONE OTHER time in the past 2 seasons, and that was to Florida last year (who was killing EVERYONE). Give us kudos where we need them, we put up 34 on a stingy defense.

Do I think Bobo and Martinez need to go? I’m certainly not qualified enough to make that decision even though I have my opinions, but if you think you are why don’t you go put in your application.

Beyond that shut up and support the team. These kids need our support not a “we only beat a crappy team we’re still crappy.”

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
5:27 pm

No, but we can call it the “Coach Richt gonna get his own a** fired era” if he doesn’t make the hard decisions to get rid of the coaches that are not earning their paychecks with the performance of the players on the field.

Bottom line, that is what it is about.
And our brilliant team gave Bobo and Willie raises back in January. Yes, I said it. Look it up.

Un Freaking Believable


October 17th, 2009
5:31 pm

Geesh, some of you fans sound pissed we won. It was a good game for us.

gainesville dawg fan

October 17th, 2009
5:33 pm

It seems in order to comment on this blog that you have to be anti-UGA. If you cannot support the dawgs during a time of frustrations, then go to that Atlanta school and blog to your hearts content.
Go, Dawgs!!!!!!!

Dawg Days

October 17th, 2009
5:34 pm

We won, period. Shut your traps.

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
5:37 pm


You obviously do not get my point, because you are arguing against it.

Alot of fans were saying the same thing at the middle/end of last year, and fans like you stated what you did above.

Well, guess what, it is going on for 2 plus years now, and getting WORSE.

Sorry if you are offended by my ‘bluntness’, but I am in the majority now, and your opinion, which you are 100% entitled to, is in the minority.

With that said, you stated Beyond that shut up and support the team. These kids need our support not a “we only beat a crappy team we’re still crappy.”

Whatever, man, I am not going to stop one single bit. Not once.
Support the team? Are you joking?
These kids need our support? Huh? Don’t like criticism much, huh?
Well guess what, Charlie Brown? I am not criticizing the players as a whole, and I contibute/cheer/watch/attend enough of UGA football that I will state this…
I am supporting the team AND supporting our kids…They Need a better D coordinator AND a better O-coordinator.
They NEED a kick in the pants here and there.

This is SEC football, my friend. Not the MEAC. Don’t try and quiet my objections to the coaching staff with these blind loyalty bullcrap “support the team” comments.

Too funny.

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
5:41 pm


I am so HAPPY!!!!








Now, happy?
What I want to know is, what were you blind idiots saying after that game last weekend against Lame Kitten?


October 17th, 2009
5:43 pm

Most of the Tech fans posting under the guise of Dawg fans will disappear shortly…got a feeling they will be real quiet by say 830-9pm.

Pissed off Bulldawg(2 years running)

October 17th, 2009
5:44 pm

All praise and no cricism = Kindergaten class.

Wakeup, people, the world is a cruel place. To deny that is true is not living in reality.

Oh, I know. It’s just football, right?

Herchel Walker and Knoshown Moreno and David Pollack and Thomas David and Greg Belue and Boos/ Champ Bailey did not think that, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT fellow UGA fans


October 17th, 2009
5:52 pm


Please. Get the ball to the playmakers!! Get Boykin the ball on offense! Give it to Munzenmaier again. :) GO DAWGS!!


October 17th, 2009
5:57 pm

I want to be straight up with everyone. Yes, if UF loses tonight, we could technically win the SEC yet. I hope that happens. Look at how our stats stack up nationally though. I don’t think we can pull it off.

Our offense: 97th nationally
Our defense: 75th nationally

I’m pulling for the Dawgs. We have a lot of talent. Now–if we can just get our coaches to get it together. It was encouraging to see Bobo down on the field with the team. Now, if he will just stop calling Toss Sweeps. Never again do I want to see a Toss Sweep.


October 17th, 2009
6:13 pm

Nothing to worry about Dawg fans. Huge win today. Looks like you’re back!!!

The Ole Ball Coach

October 17th, 2009
6:22 pm

Good Lord some of you are pathetic whiners.


October 17th, 2009
6:53 pm

Is anybody watching Arkie Florida? The SEC should be embarrassed by that officiating. That is a gift to Florida. Terrible pass interference call and even worse unecessary roughness call. And why isn’t Florida called for unsportsmanlike?

Sad Richards

October 17th, 2009
7:29 pm

We sure didnt look competent on the fake punt and one play we were penalized for not having enough guys on the line of scrimmage. This is 7 or 8 weeks into the season and still not getting it done correctly.


October 17th, 2009
7:41 pm

Can SEC teams that have to play FL and AL request out of confrence officials? It’s obvious that the SEC wants to help keep certain teams highly ranked at the expense of the others. Has TV money corrupted our confrence? Ak was ROBBED!!!


October 17th, 2009
7:42 pm

GatorGreg – YEH… BUT… the Dawgs beat Ark by 11 at Ark, and Fla beat them by 3 at the swamp. If you’re into comparisons, there you are. Now tell me you weren’t peeing in your pants when Ark went up by 7 and had the ball tied 20-20. If they make 2 FGs, your sorry butt loses, See you on spooky day!


October 17th, 2009
7:45 pm

pissed off dawg, i bet you are a miserable soul, i bet your wife and kids hate being around you. get a life – i bet uga football is all there is in your pathetic little world. its fans like you that give all the true uga fans a bad name and make recruits think twice about coming to uga after reading and hearing all your incessant negativity. i too believe changes need to be made – but give me a break. if changes are not made at years end then i’ll listen to some of the extreme criticism, but no changes are coming till jan/feb, so until then JUST SHUT UP !


October 17th, 2009
7:51 pm

Well put, pensadawg… I don’t even read POD… he’s a lost cause.

Dawg '79

October 17th, 2009
7:56 pm

PO’d Bulldog – Chill man. Your gonna have a heart attack!


October 17th, 2009
8:06 pm

After watching the Gators struggle to beat LSU and now Arkansas, believe it or not, the Dawgs have a shot at knocking them off in Jacksonville. The game today should definately knock them out of the #1 position, but it won’t because the bias media continues to slobber over the over rated Tebow. Time and time again I see the refs determine the outcome of another Gator game. The fix has been in for a long time. If you cannot see it, then you know nothing about the sport.


October 17th, 2009
8:15 pm


I agree with everything you said except the part about the Dawgs having a shot in Jax.

Minnesota Dawg

October 17th, 2009
8:27 pm

Why is it that we can beat Arkansas by 11 and Florida can only beat them by 3? It proves it ain’t over till it’s over! That game betwen Arkansas and Florida came down to missed opportunities on Arkansas’ part! I’m not giving up on Georgia. Like I said, “Beware of wounded DAWGS!”

Carl Spackler

October 17th, 2009
8:55 pm

Good to see Bobo on the sidelines, saw the two freshman QBs actually standing alongside sending in plays…Cox certainly benefited from having Bobo on the sidelines and made some better reads…this must be the Cox they see at 3/4 speed at practice…well, that’s it for any chance of seeing Murray this year, they won’t burn his redshirt for what’s left of this season

Army Vet

October 17th, 2009
9:00 pm

We beat Vandy…..has UGA players started talking trash yet? Look what’s on the horizon?


October 17th, 2009
9:15 pm

pissed off dawg is a retard. Go support GT. We don’t want you to waste your time/money/effort any more. Thanks.


October 17th, 2009
9:16 pm

The schedule is not the problem Frank Layne. You would take UGA against anyone not in the top 4…with our current coordinators ? are you crazy? don’t get excited about beating vandy. I saw they kept showing that vandy has only given up more than 25 points twice in the past 20 games…willie would kill for that statistic. on a positive note…banks, rambo. C robinson, commings looked active on D. was it just me or did Jackson look shifty with a burst …would like to see him again.


October 17th, 2009
9:48 pm

To pissed off dawg:

I will bet you are one of those fans like the one I sit next to at the home games. If we went 12-0 and then only allowed one team to score, you would be fuming that we failed, did not have good recruits, bad coaching, bad fans, etc. You must be a real failure in life to have to live football for your own expectations. We don’t need hystronics such as yours….

David Granger

October 17th, 2009
9:49 pm

Yeah, when we play Vandy we’re a regular Charley Badass…