Fandango: Pollack debuts on Fox Sports show

An occasional roundup of fan-related items …

Rohan Backfisch, an old Athens High School classmate of mine who worked for Turner Sports in its heyday and now is with Fox Sports, tells me that “SEC Gridiron Live” begins its 15-week run on Fox Sports South, Sun Sports and Fox Sports Southwest at 10 p.m. Eastern Wednesday, Sept. 2.

Former Georgia defensive end David Pollack will be one of the analysts on the 60-minute live show, along with host Charles Davis (former UT player), former NFL player and fellow analyst Randy Cross and “social media reporter” Cassidy Hubbarth.

The program promises interviews with players and coaches, extensive game breakdowns, and debate and discussion of the weekend’s upcoming SEC matchups. The live studio show also will incorporate a social networking component, providing viewers with the opportunity for immediate interaction with the on-air broadcast team and SEC football fans across the country.

“SEC Gridiron Live” will replay several times each week; check your local listings.

Breakfast with the coach

The UGA Alumni Association is offering its Bulldog Breakfast Club, featuring Mark Richt as speaker, from 8 to 9 a.m. on Sept. 11 at the Tate Student Center’s 45 Baxter Street Extension in Athens. Cost is $20 for Alumni Association members and $5 for student alumni association members. An alumni association membership card must be presented. See you there!

Programs! Popcorn! Headsets!

In a move that undoubtedly will spread to other SEC stadiums, LSU has announced it will begin selling headsets at games that will allow fans to listen to the Tigers’ radio broadcasts in their seats without having to bring a radio or worry about reception problems.

At home games, the feed will come through the LSU Sports Radio Network, and on the road it will come directly from the stadium booth.

A tip of the hat to Mr. SEC, who predicted this.

It’s a Southern thang

Columnist Darrell Huckaby, a big UGA fan, gets downright misty-eyed on about all the many reasons Southerners love college football.

A sample: “It is Charley Trippi and Choo Choo Justice. It is Sullivan-to-Beasley and ‘Give the ball to Herschel’ and ‘Archie Who?’ and Lenny Snow going over the top. It is Joe Willie and Snake and Superman disguised as Tim Tebow. And it is Johnny Majors and Johnny Musso and Peyton Manning leading the band after a game. … It is ‘Toe meets leather!’ and ‘Get the picture, now’ and ‘Touchdown Auburn!’ … It is 364 days of bragging rights and ‘wait until next years’ and it is the hope that springs eternal when the recruiting class is signed. … It is a way of life. It is a year-round passion. It is almost holy. In some places it is holy. It is Southern college football and it is only a week away — and I can’t wait. Look for me.  I’ll be the good looking guy in the red shirt.”

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Who is GT??

August 28th, 2009
4:07 pm


Who is GT??

August 28th, 2009
4:07 pm

Saint Simons

August 28th, 2009
4:08 pm

((((( 42 42 ))))) hahahahaha

Saint Simons

August 28th, 2009
4:11 pm

(((((( Im a doosh)))))) !!! hahahahahahha

Saint Simons

August 28th, 2009
4:47 pm

Pollack & O’Reilly !!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


August 28th, 2009
4:54 pm

And that’s what I like about the South.

Thank you Phil Harris for the inspiration.

Makes me want to listen to Andy Griffith’s “What this was, was Football”. Brother how about a drink? Thanks. I think I will have another Big Orange.


August 28th, 2009
5:02 pm

Thanks to the internet, I have found “What this was, was football”. Turn up the speakers.

Still funny.

(45-42) wORLD TOUr

August 28th, 2009
5:10 pm

Mine eyes have seen the glory
Of the stomping of the Dawgs.
We will teach the poor dumb farmboys
They should stick to sloppin’ hogs.
When the Jackets are triumphant
There will be a mighty cheer.
“We’ll do the same next year!”

To hell, to hell, to hell with Georgia,
To hell, to hell, to hell with Georgia,
To hell, to hell, to hell with Georgia:
The cesspool of the South!

Lilly Munster and Edith Bunker

August 28th, 2009
5:28 pm

Why its Herman Archieeeeeeeeeee……….thats who!

Peter Jacobsen

August 28th, 2009
5:52 pm

If Pollack is as bad on this show as he is on 790, his time will be short-lived. Can you say painful? He’s horrid on the radio.


August 28th, 2009
5:56 pm

Dear Lord I love this time of year. I truly do.
The anticipation and all that is college football.

Get the season started for crying out loud!


August 28th, 2009
6:45 pm

Comments from Buck Belue,

Im hearing that he’s the fastest RB Coach Richt has had since he arrived on the scene from FSU. That means #22 is faster than Knowshon. He’s faster than Thomas Brown. Faster than Lumpkin and Ware. And faster than Musa Smith. In fact, Richard Samuel was the fastest guy on the team a year ago. Reportedly, only freshman WR Rantavious Wooten is faster than Samuel this year.

One Bulldog insider put it to me this way, “Samuel is 225 with the pads on and he’s got tremendous straight-line speed…much like the guy you played with.” That would be Herschel.

Richard Samuels

August 28th, 2009
7:36 pm


okay idiots, listen up

August 28th, 2009
7:45 pm

We will clean the clock of Ok State.


August 28th, 2009
7:53 pm

Samuel is a blazer, but can he see the field? Moreno showed how it is more important to have vision than just pure speed. That being said, Samuel has got me really excited with his potential.

Saint Simons

August 28th, 2009
8:52 pm

Samuels the Next Herschel????? More like the next JASPER THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Truth

August 28th, 2009
9:14 pm

I have to agree with Peter Jacobsen. I wish Pollack well with his media career but he needs coaching really bad. He is just gosh darn awful on 790. He really comes across as a dunderhead and just dumb as a rock. During one of Mike Bell’s contests, he really did not know what month Thanksgiving was in….unbelievable. He needs to learn to prepare and be knowledgable about his subjects. A course with Toastmasters would help as well…..god help Fox Sports….


August 28th, 2009
9:18 pm

Tech will lose 6 games this year.Georgia will beat them by 17 points. TECH IS VERY OVERRATED …….and will finish near the bottom of the ACC…by the middle of the season you won’t be able to find a tech fan that will admit it. Gimmic offenses have never and will never win championships.


August 28th, 2009
9:26 pm







August 28th, 2009
9:39 pm

Hey King,
That’s a very nice picture.
Is that your Kenny Rogers before surgery look?
There are thousands of Grady Journalism school grads and you get the gig.
What a useless trip clicking your blog.
Any chance of some interesting information?
Go Dawgs!


August 28th, 2009
11:42 pm

Good Luck David on your new show! You are a class act! Go Dawgs!

Mark S.

August 29th, 2009
12:03 am

He’ll be as awful there as he is on radio. Ugh. He doesn’t represent my alma mater well

thomas magnum

August 29th, 2009
12:05 am

L-Dawg = try selling out a 55k stadium = 1-888-tech-tix


August 29th, 2009
12:34 am

Tim Tebow will be drafted in the 2nd round and will ride the bench for two years before becoming a TV analyst for ESPN………. he will fit right in.

Big time?? Not

August 29th, 2009
6:38 am

Four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes


August 29th, 2009
8:07 am


GT Fan Old Timer

August 29th, 2009
9:42 am

Why can’t adult fans for all programs leave the crap they spew against other fans and their programs to the little kids on the playground?

Answer -
It’s because none of them have the intelligence to express themselves without resorting to cursing, belittling or using bully tactics which mean absolutely nothing to anyone except to those who revel in such things in lame pathetic attempts to gain a “one-up” on the other guy.

It really gets old and is a big waste of time having to read through the blogs for Georgia and
Ga Tech to pass by the cursing, belittling and bullying to finally find something worth reading that actually is an intelligent response to what the sports article is about. Thanks – now that’s been said…

I’m thankful to have been young enough to enjoy the elite programs, players and coaches both institutions enjoyed starting back in the early 50’s – to get excited on Thanksgiving day when the freshmen played giving us all a glimpse of the future of the programs and players for the benefit of the children at the Scottish Rite Hospital – “Strong legs run so weak legs may walk”. Good old fashion hate was there of course but the fans in those days still gave respect to each other as well as other programs. Sometimes that respect also had a bit of envy riding on it’s shoulder from what other programs had in terms of players or coaches or unexpected wins but always respect. Both schools are steeped in history and great legends. Bobby Dodd was a good coach and a great man but then too were Wally Butts and Vince Dooley. All made good and bad choices along the way – that’s life. Fantastic players have emerged from both teams and are far too many to name but their honors are well deserved. I really don’t think I’m different than any other fan when I see a gifted athlete perform, applauding his / her accomplishments and wondering what it must be like to possess the marvelous talent and skills of these young people.

I’m thankful I got to watch David Pollack play ball. He was one of those great players! I don’t have or know his statistics and, although they matter a great deal, what is more important was how he played the game and how he conducted himself off the field. He was then and still is a true leader by example in every way – something that we all should take away from his years of association with the University of Georgia and pro ball with the Bengals.

I’m thankful for all the players, great or otherwise, who have gone to the University of Georgia as well Georgia Tech and all the other programs. They have provided us with some of the great moments of our short lives – given us memories to feed the love of the sport long after we’re too old sit in the seat at the stadium because of illness or reasons.

Thank you Mr. Pollack for being one of the many players nationwide to lead by example and provide us with many memories of your greatness. We are better because you came our way and were part of us all.

[...] See the rest here:  Fandango: Pollack debuts on Fox Sports show | The Junkyard Blawg [...]


August 29th, 2009
1:15 pm

Did you know that David Greene and David Pollack played youth league football together?

Atl Resident

August 29th, 2009
1:19 pm

It’s sad how Pollack’s career ended, but if Pollack is as bad as everyone says he is commenting, then he need to join the crew in Athens with his fellow classmates like David Greene.


August 29th, 2009
4:51 pm



August 29th, 2009
4:52 pm

When did you nerds last STOMP the Dawgs??? I wouldn’t call a three point win a “stomping”! Of course, I guess any win for the poor nerds is considered a HUGE win! I know that the only thing you dorks have to live for is beating UGA. Too bad it very very rarely happens and when it does, it’s only by three points but hey, if you want to call it stomping, knock yourself out!


August 29th, 2009
4:53 pm

The real question here is, will Tech actually fill their teeny stadium this year with their own fans rather than the opposing team’s fans?? I guess it’s hard to fill a stadium though when you have a LOYAL fan base of about ten people.

Reid Taylor

August 29th, 2009
8:27 pm

If you know your history, you know why so many Georgia natives bark like dogs, as opposed to donning the White & Gold. Georgia was established as a penal colony – populated with convicts by the British Empire to function as a “buffer colony” between the tobacco-rich Carolinas and the lawless / Spain controlled Florida. The toothless descendants of these convicts can be viewed in Georgia’s numerous mobile parks and packing Sanford stadium during the months of September thru November.


August 30th, 2009
1:47 pm

GT Fan Old Timer – Well said. unfortunately it didn’t make a difference in later posts. Nonetheless, you are a class act, and welcome here and on the Athens Banner-Herald Football Forum anytime.