101 Reasons to Be a UGA Fan

Does anything with that elongated “G” catch your eye? Does the sound of the Redcoat band quicken your pulse? Do the words “hunker down” bring a smile to your face? Do you have numerous articles of clothing that are red, black or red and black?


University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Congratulations, you’re one of us! And if you are, you know that there are many reasons for your devotion to all things Dawg. Starting today, just for fun, we’ll run down 101 of them — not in any particular order. They’re all part of who we are. Here are the first 20 …


1. “It’s Saturday in Athens!”

2. Uga VII and all his predecessors. The most recognizable — and, as Sports Illustrated said, the best — college mascot in America.

3. “The ball ain’t heavy.”

4. Erk’s bleeding forehead.

5. The Arch.

6. “There goes Herschel.”

7. The most beautiful stadium in college football.

8. The “G” helmet design — even better than Green Bay’s original and the best-looking in all of football.

9. Hines Ward.

10. Silver britches.

11. It’s still “10 to 9″ in Dallas.

12. Ringing the Chapel bell after a victory.

13. David Greene and “70-X-Takeoff.”

14. “Unbeaten, untied and unbelievable!”

15. North Campus in the spring. Or fall. Or any time, really.

16. How many other teams have a Beatles song named after them (”Hey Bulldog”)?

17. “Run, Lindsay!”

18. We don’t wear orange! Or blue, green, purple or yellow (ugh)!

19. A drive down Milledge Avenue during Pledge Week.

20. “Between the Hedges.”

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July 29th, 2009
5:13 pm

UGA wouldn’t let Spurrier handle the water, much less coach. He can realistically start this season 0-4. My prediction is:

NSCU 35 SC 21
UGA 21 SC 7

He resigns and goes golfing.

45-42, bleah

July 30th, 2009
1:49 am

My 17\ year old son is a Gator a fan and has been sinc he was 6 years old. I love him and forgive him for his traitorus allegience. He actually claimed that he was born in Gainesville, Ga, when he was born in Athens, GA. But we both agree, SEC over everyone else, And if he idolizes Tebow, all I can say is, that’s a young man to pattern your life after.

Tebow, I hope you win the Heisman this year, but I also hope you lose to Georgia by the score of 77-0 this year.