UGA coach: You don’t replace Moreno asks former Georgia receiver Bryan McClendon, now coaching the Dogs’ running backs, how you replace a Knowshon Moreno and McClendon’s answer is forthright: “Well, I don’t think that’s possible. … If people are looking for that, everybody is going to be a little disappointed. You can’t replace a guy like him. I have to make sure the young backs know that it’s not their job to be the next Knowshon, but it’s their job to be the best they can be; just focusing on that … on getting better. … Even though [Moreno] played an integral part of what we did as an offense and as a team, he has moved on and we need to move on, too.”

Along those lines, I’ve been thinking this week about how Georgia’s offense is likely to play out this season. Assuming they’re not hit by another rash of injuries, the line should be pretty good. Maybe great, but let’s keep our expectations moderate. Whether we end up with one featured back or tailback-by-committee, most observers expect a drop-off in the running game, at least initially. Which probably means the Dogs will be throwing it more this year than they did last season.

Joe Cox may not have the arm strength of Matthew Stafford, but he throws a nice pass and if the line gives him time he should be able to spread the ball around between the various receivers and backs. A.J. Green, obviously, will be a big weapon but the double coverage he’ll draw makes it likely Cox will have to throw it to a lot of different folks. We have some exciting freshmen hitting the receiving corps, too.

Mark Richt likes balance in his offense, but even with Moreno in the backfield last year, Georgia passed for a lot more yards than it ran (3,610 to 1,928) and made more first downs through the air than on the ground (163 to 95), though the scoring was pretty even (24 touchdowns rushing, 23 passing).

So what do you think, something closer to Air Georgia this season? And if so, is that a good thing?

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June 27th, 2009
1:38 pm

CUZ keep it up you do know your dawgs and you are funny most of the time. KnowShow can be replaced just like a worn Jock Strap though. Have a great weekend and DAMN can we just KICKOFF and get all this “THINKING” BS behind us with W’s & L’s?


June 27th, 2009
5:44 pm

Can Knowshon be replaced?

In terms of sheer yardage? Yes. We have the OL that our backs (either by committee or not), will be able to effectively move the ball.

We lose the TD’s that Knowhson gave us. That part will be harder to replace. I fear that we might slip back into the same team we had earlier this decade with a horrendous red zone percentage.

I do expect the balanced offensive attack. Playcalling to be roughly 50/50 (slight edge to rushing as we run out the clock in our easier wins). TD’s might be more through the air in ‘09. AJ, Moore, & Charles (by seasons end) should pick up the recieving TD production.

Red Dawg

June 28th, 2009
7:48 am

replacing staff-moreno will NOT be as difficult as some think. moreno was on the sideline a lot, stafford missed way too many easy throws.when they were good,they were great,when they were NOT,they played below average.

Thunder Dawg

June 30th, 2009
3:47 am

Special Teams is where we are hurting the worst, Penalties, & Defence.
Richt is the Man and the Man has to fix these problems! Urban personally
coaches his special teams-That’s a mess that demands attention.I think Martinez will get the Defense back on track—I don’t think he will ever be as good as Van Gorder. Willie lacks the insight into the opponent that Van Gorder had—That’s why CMR selected him as the Def Cordinator in the first place. Something else! another Dawg pointed out that we need to tie up Rodney Garner with a big Raise
and a buy out clause in his contract !—I think that’s a damn good Idea. It’s hard to put a value on Garner’s contribution to the UGA program—We would be in a hell of a mess if we had to recruit against him!