Bulldog tales for Father’s Day


Program from the 1942 Georgia-Alabama game.

Program from the 1942 Georgia-Alabama game. (Prideofthetide.com)

With the Father’s Day weekend upon us, I thought I’d wind up the week opening up the forum for Bulldog-related memories of our fathers and I’ll start it off with a couple of my own.

The first concerns one of the greatest UGA victories ever, the Oct. 31,1942, battle between Wally Butts’ Bulldogs, who had an 11-game winning streak going, and Alabama, who’d won eight in a row. It was one of those “neutral” site games at Grant Field in Atlanta and the Crimson Tide led 10-0 with 10 minutes remaining, but the Dogs, featuring Frankie Sinkwich and Charley Trippi, came from behind to win 21-10, with Sinkwich throwing two TD passes and Andy Dudish intercepting a fumble in midair and running it back for another. 

Georgia went on to win the Rose Bowl and a consensus national championship. After he retired many years later, Butts picked that game against Alabama as the greatest comeback by one of his teams and his greatest single day in football.

And my father was on the Georgia sideline.

Dad, who shortly would be going into the Army, had traveled to Atlanta with a friend for the game, but there was just one problem: They didn’t have tickets. They hung around outside the stadium, though, and one of the UGA coaches took pity on them and gave them sideline passes. “We’ll call you high school prospects,” he said. So for one game, at least, my father was a UGA “recruit”!

Another football memory of my father also involves a great game against Alabama, this one in 1976 in Athens. Dad didn’t have a ticket but didn’t think that would be a problem. He’d always had a knack for getting into games. I remember in one of Dooley’s first seasons when an Athens cop who knew Dad was working the main gate and let us through without any tickets. After quite a few seasons of escorting some of his customers at C&S Bank to games using bank tickets, Dad had decided to strike out on his own again in 1976. But he wasn’t able to score a ticket for the Bama game and ended up watching it from the bridge (you could still do that in those days) with “the drunks and the hippies,” as he put it. 

Dad got season tickets of his own the next year.

He doesn’t go to games any more at age 86, but he still watches them on TV, wears his Georgia cap and has a UGA football calendar on the wall of his bedroom. 

Happy Father’s Day, Pop!

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Guys, please don't tell my mom I'm blogging and not studying for my Tech exam; she won't cut the crust off my sandwich

June 19th, 2009
4:09 pm


June 19th, 2009
4:10 pm

Good one Bill. Thanks for sharing.

Guys, please don't tell my mom I'm blogging and not studying for my Tech exam; she won't cut the crust off my sandwich

June 19th, 2009
4:12 pm

Here comes Helluva with some tacky comment Bill.

Steve Carter

June 19th, 2009
4:16 pm

Some of my best memories ever are of me sitting under a big oak tree with my pop listening to Larry Munson on the radio tell everyone, “There goes Herschel!”


June 19th, 2009
4:28 pm

I think maybe Helluva took my suggestion and jumped. Anyone see any greasy spots down there?

Helluva Engineer

June 19th, 2009
6:00 pm

Well,well,well…..what do we have here?


June 19th, 2009
7:15 pm

Didn’t have tickets to the ‘76 Bama game either. But I was 13 and ended up sneaking in through the main gate. The trick at that time was just acting like you were with an adult near you who had your ticket. (I don’t think that works any more. But I haven’t tried it in 30 years.) That was a good one to witness in person. But it was almost anti-climactic since the Dawgs annihilated Bama.

sonny hurst

June 19th, 2009
9:02 pm

That one was great!!! I am 66 years old and going to the Auburn game in Columbus,I think it was somewhere around 1952 or 1953. I went with my father.. I carried my own son to so many games in the 80’s. Now I am going to have my grandson accompany me to the games. It is fantastic!!!!

Clell DMD

June 19th, 2009
9:28 pm

Wow, thanks for making me think of Daddy and UGA football games. He took me to the Mary Persons game on Friday night and then was up till 1:00 am frying chicken, making ham buscuits, Mom made potato salad and pimento cheese sandwiches. The tailgate the next day was way different than I do it now (2 grills, ribs, steaks..You know!) It was a blanket, a big basket and a football. Daddy loved UGA football. He always had 4 season tickets since the early 60’s. His HS coach was Mike Castronis before he went to GA. He played catch with Zeke Bratkowski a few times while in school at UGA and said he would bruise his chest. Dad was old school. He hated Tech for what they did to us back then. He said it was ugly.

I lost Dad in 97. He didn’t get to see the resurgence. We all know what the 90’s were for the dawgs. As a matter of fact, one of his last games was UGA/UF when they put it to us in Sanford Stadium.

Ahh the memories… Thanks for reminding me this weekend.

Happy Father’s Day Bulldogs and anyone else outthere.


June 20th, 2009
8:12 am

Listen up you idiotic dawgies:

Paul Johnson might not be your father….but he is YO DADDY.

45-42….just the beginning.

Mitch Cumstein

June 20th, 2009
8:58 am

My father and I watched many a game together, not because he’s a Dawg fan (he is, but not fanatical)but because I loved to do so. He would do anything for his children, within reason, included whipping the hell out of us when we deserved it.

M’s mom refers to his father in the Obama vernacular, “Baby daddy”. I can hear her now in the Piggly Wiggly, “Who dat is?”….”Dat my baby daddy!”


June 20th, 2009
10:10 am

Bill glad your pop is still watching. Hope he is well and I know he miss your mom. My two Memories are great late ones. Mom, Dad, and I went to the Frist Tech Victory at Virgina Tech a few years back and that is a beautiful campus. We ran into some of Mom & Dads old friends from Ga. Power living in Blacksburg and we tailgated with Va. Tech fans and it was great after the game we all went to their home ate more food and wathced UGA vs Tenn. The next fun outing with just Dad was Our trip to Notre Dame. That campus has so much history, and the College Football of Fame was really fun to see. No RUDY this trip to Notre Dame and the outcome was much better. Enjoy POP’s Day about 75 days til kickoff and damn that seem like forever.


June 20th, 2009
10:48 am

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June 20th, 2009
10:53 am



June 20th, 2009
1:32 pm

G stands for

June 20th, 2009
6:14 pm

Gaydawg you dummy


June 20th, 2009
7:02 pm

My first college game ever was with my dad. We drove to Athens with his buddy and his son. We sat in the bleachers in the end zone in front of the tracks. My dad was a long time Tech fan. It was probably 1969 and Eddie McShan was QB for Tech. He was one of Tech’s first african american players.
For some reason, I became a Georgia fan that day. Maybe it was to be different than pops, I am not sure why but there was something magical about the guys in red. Georgia won, I eventually went to UGA and finished in 1980. I took my dad to a game last year in Athens. It was very difficult to get him into and out of the stadium. It is most likely the last college game my dad will ever see live. He is 85, it is just to difficult for him to walk and he is too proud to use a wheelchair. My first game and his last together. It doesn’t get any better than that.


June 20th, 2009
7:18 pm

I saw the Georgia – Alabama game in Atlanta in 42′.I was a student at UGA at the time and my roomate and I drove over to Atlanta on friday night,could not find a room and ending up spending the night in the car.I remember it was a real cool day and some nice young telephone operator shared her fur coat with me that day.The game was great also.


June 20th, 2009
8:37 pm

I’m 41 years old…have only missed 4 HOME games since 1973…haven’t missed a ROAD game in 19 years straight….go to most of the HOME basketball games and about 60% of the HOME baseball games (including a few road games here and there)…Dad is the one that took me from Columbus for the first umpteen years (1973-1986)….some of my fondest memories EVER are football related (Georgia style)….

Go Dawgs!!!!

Love ya Dad!!!!


June 20th, 2009
10:25 pm

My dad took me to many uga games. we were there at 76 bama game. My greatest story about uga and my dad is that he and some of his buddies went to a game in athens without tickets and they carried in UGA (each one of the four carrying a leg) into the stadium and watched the game from the sideline. I would have given anything to see my dad carrying in UGA.


June 20th, 2009
10:46 pm

Hey M …… first of all, you picked the wrong time / blog to prove how completely MORONIC you are ….. this is about Father’s memories. Come to Houston, we’ll talk about it …..boy … you IDIOT ( and Punk …. both applicable ).

Secondly, for the Dawg fans …. anybody remember Wayne Swinford ? Was a DB / Punt Return man in Dooley’s 1st or 2nd season. Remember sitting on the bridge with my father watching the GT game ( we won, of course ). That was the moment I was set as a Dawg fan …..


June 20th, 2009
10:53 pm

To 80dawg & DawgSinceBirth ……

Fantastic stories and thanks for sharing ‘em …… my wife thinks I’m a fanatical fan. Compared to you guys, I need to pick-up the pace !


June 21st, 2009
2:36 am

I have too many memories of such. In the spring and summer with Dad, we fished. In the fall, it was Georgia football home and away. One memory that really stands out was the Regurgia Tech game of 1978. With the crane holding the TV camera parked at an angle on the bridge, it was almost impossible to get across. That was an electric crowd since the Dawgs came back on the nerds and won. I was 10. I had never seen my Dad jump up and down until Kevin Butler hit the 60 yarder against Clemson. That was a magic moment.


June 21st, 2009
8:10 am

I grew up late ’70’s & early ’80’s listening on the AM dial to Dawg games in the dove field in scorching heat in Sowega. We’d never missed an Aub/GA & Ga/Fl & while I never really felt my Dad a huge Dawg fan, he knew I was…so he sure enjoyed my excitement when “Butler did it” time and again & Herschel was well…Herschel. Happy Father’s Day Dad, never said it enough, if at all but I miss you.

s_it on a dog

June 21st, 2009
8:15 am

my two favorite times with the dogs and dad were when pepper rodgers team went to ugay and beat them in the snow and ice and the other was when bill curry took a team with a ugay reject at qb named dewberry and put a whuppin on the leg humpers.

Ramblin Rick

June 21st, 2009
9:04 am

typical father day gathering for UGAy fans: deddy.. why does florida kick our a$$ every year? son…. its the refs fault, we should of won. lets have a toast for this year national champs! crack open a PBR ice.

45-42 Paul Johnson owns Stanford Stadium mutts

Hal Vernon

June 21st, 2009
10:10 am

So the Georgia coaches were cheating way back in the 40’s too. Good to know.


June 21st, 2009
10:15 am

Great memories of my Dad taking me to many UGA games in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I was also at the 76 Alabama game. Couldn’t get a ticket so we sat or stood on the bridge. Also remember greats like Buzzy Rosenberg, Glen Harrison, Kevin McLee, Ray Goff, Royce Smith,et al. Great times at the Varsity before every game and having to listen to my Dad discuss who would play where, who we signed recruiting, having him scream out in the game “he’s open” when a receiver broke open and our QB would not see him yet.. My Dad passed away 9 or 10 yrs ago but his memory is still with me, especially when the Dogs prepare to play. We buried him head to toe in UGA wear. My Dad was a UGA grad.

To the few classless losers who choose to flame away on this Fathers Day thread..get a life..you don’t represent the majority of the Tech fans. Most hate Ga but actually have some class I guess your dad didn’t spend enough time with you. You need to be taken behind the woodshed to learn some manners.

Ted Striker

June 21st, 2009
10:27 am

Bill King — good column, thanks for sharing.

@ 8:15 am: (1) Dingleberry may have had a fair couple of hours that particular afternoon but his overnight stay in the Athens jail was incredibly crappy once he got busted .18 BAC for DUI. (2) If crowing over a 20+ year old victory gets you excited, go for it. We understand they are few and far between though you finally strung together 1 in a row recently. (3) Leg humpers? Dogs may be humping your leg, but us Dawgs are humping hot chicks.

@ Rambling (isn’t that appropriate) Rick: It must be difficult not to have your own blog on the AJC. Perhaps when your team is actually good enough to fill up your own stadium with your own fans, the AJC will give you a Tech blog.

Saint Simons

June 21st, 2009
10:32 am

45-42!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha


June 21st, 2009
10:35 am

M=Meathead! Tech has about as much of a chance in 2009 as Sarah Palin does of NOT calling herself grandma!


June 21st, 2009
10:39 am

Great writing, BK
My last memory of my Dad and UGA football was sitting in his den in SGa listening to Larry tell us about sugar falling from the sky. Great moment, Miss you, Pop


June 21st, 2009
10:40 am

Saint Simons, Don’t you have a blog on Tech’s sight, or would you rather hang around this one and remind yourself daily of what it is to be with big time people. Don’t stay to long, the boss need you to bring his dinner, and shine his shoes!

Dawg=Gator Bait

June 21st, 2009
10:57 am

to js: its funny you would even mention ray goof aren’t you still paying him? even funnier you would talk about class in any form since the ugay thugs don’t even know where theirs is at much less attend one. you really have me wondering now what do you ugay thugs do behind the woodshed.

Dawg=Gator Bait

June 21st, 2009
11:08 am

Who is Saint Richt kissing on the sports buzz pic?Is it his quarterback Murray or his Def. Cor.


June 21st, 2009
11:09 am

tech has ugly women

Dawg=Gator Bait

June 21st, 2009
11:10 am

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Dawg=Gator Bait

June 21st, 2009
11:12 am

come on dawgs enter those stupid comments like you always do’ DD whats that stand for Dead Dog

Lowcountry Bulldawg

June 21st, 2009
11:56 am

Good blog Bill! Some of the best memory’s I have are the roadtrips thru Ellijay and Jeffersonville when my Father and Grandfather could have traveled the freeway and saved a few minutes on the drive. Those Fall Saturday mornings where extra special when you are 13-14 years old and with your hero’s. The time spent on those Saturdays is invaluable and now that I am a Father of my own I look for any moment to create those magic moments with my little ones! TC and may you have many for Falls with your Father!


June 21st, 2009
11:57 am

Nice column Bill. I remember when I was around 8 Dad came home with a whole pile of UGA stuff for me and my two brothers. We shared a bedroom and Dad showed with 3 Georgia footlockers, a couple of helmet lamps and a picture of UGA II which went with me and proudly hung on the walls of my apartment when I was at Georgia. He also bought us a cool SEC clock. We thought we had the coolest bedroom of all our friends.

We have all, from time to time, gone to games but what we do now every Saturday during football season is get the family members who are still in town (even for radio games) and gather at my brother’s and eat and have a good time together cheering on the Dawgs. That is Dad’s favorite thing we do all year because it brings us all together every Saturday that the Dawgs are playing.

Old Fan

June 21st, 2009
12:55 pm

Some great stories folks! Great memories was my dad putting me under his overcoat (seems the games weather was colder then) in the early 40’s, and walking me through the gate. I am sure the ticket takers could see those little legs, but it always worked. I watched Sinkwich, Trippi, Bernie Reid, and some great efforts. Trippi was a phenominal player, could do it all. I still love’em, and after all those years gave up my season tickets and great seats, in 2005 because it just got to be too hard to make it to the games. Thank goodness for TV.
Just so you Tech fans will know, there were some great games over all those years. I remember going to Grant Field, and the restrooms were like dungeons with troughs for urinals. Had great respect for the great Bobby Dodd.

Diamond Dog's Parole Officer

June 21st, 2009
12:58 pm

I remember “the hill”… before they enclosed/built stands there. I always thought that was something unique about Sanford. Good times

U Gotta B Kidding Me

June 21st, 2009
1:05 pm

it’s never a surprise that the folks from GT who take so much time to tell all how great they are and how classy they are continue to display the exact opposite when they come over to post on the UGA BLOG.

Such classy posts containing “ugay”, etc only serves to prove my point.

I would say act like you been there before but since you are and always will be UGA’s whipping boy, it only makes sense you suffer such an inferiority complex.

With today being Father’s Day, it does make sense to remind you classless GT folks that UGA is indeed YOUR Daddy, and until you win the 20 in a row needed to even the series and make it a rivalry again, you will ALWAYS be the inferior loser stepchild that you ACTUALLY are. That’s the facts, JACKettes

But, deep down you already know this………..


bank walker

June 21st, 2009
1:06 pm

Diamond I agree, my Dad and I had some great memories there! My first game was in Sanford, sitting on the grassy nole with my Dad watching Herschel. It was 1979 or 80, can’t remember, but it was awesome!


June 21st, 2009
2:33 pm

I don’t have great stories of me and my dad AT any Georgia games. Frankly, he wasn’t some big Dawg fan, but he was a huge fan of his family and he knew I was. It was his hard work and struggles sending his kids to college that allowed me to even think of attending UGA. So every game I have ever had the privilege to sit in, as a student and alum, I owe to him.


June 21st, 2009
3:14 pm

Funny how the nerds can’t stop talking about their THREE POINT win over UGA! I guess when you’re a Tech fan though, that is the highlight of your season… and life. Go Dawgs! 7 years in a row…

Paul W

June 21st, 2009
5:01 pm

Every memory I have of UGA football is due to the fact that my father, who left high school before graduation for WWII and never had a chance to attend college, broke his back to allow me to go to Athens. I still miss him terribly, 20 years after his death.

The 1976 Bama game is still probably the most memorable game of my life. I had a single ticket in the upper deck but had lots of Jack Daniels, so I worked my way to about the 20th row in the student section by sharing my libation. We were completely dominating Alabama and their All American fullback, Johnny Davis, and everybody there loved everybody else that day. I was from Cochran and realized in the 4th quarter that my new best friend that day (he had run out of Jack) from Wilkinson County had an aunt who was a friend of my mother, and we had played and swam together in our pre-school years whenever he visited Cochran.

I always think of that game when I hear the song with the line about being at Stanford with “eighty-five thousand of my closest friends.” Everyone there that afternoon was friends, and Milledge Avenue that night was unforgetable.

BBA 1979

Dawg=Gator Bait

June 21st, 2009
5:04 pm

And to you dawg don’t you wish you could only lose to the gators by 3

Diamond Dawg

June 21st, 2009
8:10 pm

Dont you wish you didn’t think about UGA so much that you write on our blogs tech and fla fans?? Nice to know you think about us so much! hahahahahah


June 21st, 2009
8:27 pm

It’s a pretty safe bet that gatorbait is a NATS fan hiding behind UF. Gator fans aren’t anywhere near THATinsecure.