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I’ve moved — let me show you my new neighborhood…

Roddy White, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are seeking a little redemption. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Roddy White, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan hope to be doing this Sunday. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

Roddy White, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are so excited because the the AJC has a new digital platform!

OK, not really. But we have moved. You can still find my old blogs on this site. But for the new ones, please go to

Hopefully we can get through this transition period with a minimal number of hiccups. Also, please note that readers commenting on blogs now need to register first. Just go to my latest blog (about the Falcons) for all of the info.

Thanks for reading, Jeff

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Digi-Blog: Welcome back to SEC Media Daze

Hello, I'm Mike Slive. I can crush you with my wallet.

Hello, I'm Mike Slive. I can crush you with my wallet.

HOOVER, Ala. — Made it to SEC media days, the biggest-dumbest annual event of the college football season, if we assume July is college football season, and it must be because here’s another chance to make Nick Saban jokes.

Today’s schedule includes news conferences with newbies Texas A&M and Missouri, who probably feel like those astronauts in “Planet of the Apes” when they crash-landed on a planet and didn’t realize they had just passed through a time warp and they’re really still on Earth (sort of). Also on stage today is South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier (who’s generally well-equipped with talking points and this time won’t have to defend how Stephen Garcia is just misunderstood) and Vanderbilt’s James Franklin.

Also, SEC commissioner Mike Slive will have his State of the Empire address.

I’ve done a full Digi-Blog on SEC media days in the past. Here’s a link from the 2009 SEC Media Daze. But here are a few shots from …

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Digi-Blog’s snapshot of New Orleans before BCS title game


NEW ORLEANS — As a general rule, the Digi-Blog tries to take you to unusual places you might not be familiar with. I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with New Orleans, perhaps even that there are bars there. But during my morning drive here for Monday’s BCS title game between LSU and Alabama, I thought, “Why not?” One more little blog justifies at least a few more meals on the expense account. (This is the only road trip I don’t measure by deals — I measure by meals.) So here’s a snapshot of Nola, with a few surprised guests!


So I picked up all of my stuff for work in the media room, just in case I actually do any. (I’ve always thought it would be a much better job if the stories didn’t get in the way of things. You know: travel, eat, drink, go to a game, talk to the players, second-guess the coach, then go back to the hotel and get ready to do it again in the next city. Damn stories throw off the pacing.)  Anyway, you’ll find this free souvenir BCS bag and …

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Digi-Blog gives a game 5 preview of Hawks, Magic


(Updated: 2:05 p.m.)

ORLANDO — The Hawks are one win from clinching their NBA playoff series against the Orlando Magic. That’s not going over very well in Mouseland.

As you can see from headlines in today’s Orlando Sentinel above — “Curtains for Magic?” and, “A case of swishful thinking” (cute) — some panic has set in. And while we have spent a little time in Atlanta this season discussing the possible ramifications of a quick Hawks’ playoff exit, consider the case of the Magic. General manager Otis Smith could/should be out. Coach Stan Van Gundy is catching some heat. Center Dwight Howard can opt out of his contract next season, assuming he doesn’t try to force his exit before then, which he probably will.

The Hawks? Hey, it’s all good! They’re suddenly the blueprint!

OK. Nobody is going to assume a series victory, even with a 3-1 series lead going into tonight’s game. We’ve seen too much. But I just came from the morning shoot-around and there’s certainly no sense of …

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Digi-Blog goes to Braves’ spring training at Disney (no charge)

LAKE BUENA VISTA — Welcome to Braves’ spring training and our first Digi-Blog in a while. If you’ve missed past episodes, we’ve taken you on photo tours of every place from SEC Media Days to  Stillwater, Okla., to camp to Falcons’ training camp to the Masters (Part I: looking for Tiger Woods) and Part II (looking for squirrels).

You can find them all archived here.

Today, I’ll give you a little peak of the Braves at Camp DisneyRip. I’m just so happy that they actually let me in here for free. Most folks they actually charge for the privilege of watching David Ross stretch. OK, let’s begin our tour.



This sign is not on the Disney property. On a completely unrelated matter, I was late to practice Friday morning.



OK, finally made it. Disney officials considered taking down the, “Where Dreams Come True” sign a few years ago, but fortunately Mike Hampton’s contract finally ran out.



This is the entrance to the Braves’ spring training home at “ESPN’s …

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Digi-Blog goes to Falcons camp (no Flowery Branches)

photographerFLOWERY BRANCH — The Digi-Blog hasn’t ventured into cold weather before. But given we’re in Snowmaggedon 2011, I figured: “Why not?” And how ironic is it that the week the Falcons play the Green Bay Packers — who are used to this sort of thing — the Falcons’ practice fields are under snow?

All the Falcons’ players and coaches made it to today, but 0n Monday running back Antone Smith was a no-show. “He said he couldn’t make it out of his neighborhood,” running back Michael Turner said. “Something like he was the first one on the street and it was it was all ice. He gave some war story. So we had to fine him a little bit.”

I’m still looking for Ledbetter. He must have some war story, too.

(UPDATE: Falcons coach Mike Smith said there actually were two players who didn’t make it to Flowery Branch Monday and one Tuesday. Cornerback Dominique Franks could not make it out of his subdivision Tuesday. Also, I just spoke to Ledbetter. He said the weather has not affected his wine and …

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Digi-blog warms you up for Braves-Giants

This is what Fisherman's Wharf looks like without the fog.

This is tourist central, where nobody is thinking about the Giants.

SAN FRANCISCO – True story. When my wife and I lived here, we went to the San Francisco County Fair one year. This isn’t your typical county fair. Farmer Ed’s 700-pound pig and Aunt Edna’s Sweet Apple Pie are not the star attractions.

Rather it was: The Fog Calling Contest.

As you might know, fog rolls in and out of San Francisco Bay daily. It’s actually a pretty cool sight, even when it’s 57 degrees on a summer night. Any way, the fog is the star here so it follows that the county fair has a fog calling contest. And so we witnessed: 1) People walking onto a stage and making “wind” sounds; 2) People making fog mating calls; 3) People saying, “Here Fog. Here Fog.” I think my favorite, was the “Fog ATM” machine walking around the grounds.

And you wonder why the politics are such a mess. (Wow! A radical, left-wing liberal with a bias media agenda actually wrote that!)

Back to San Francisco. David O’Brien and I …

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Masters Digi-Blog II: In search of squirrels


AUGUSTA — Here at Digi-Blog, Inc., we have taken you behind the scenes of everything from SEC media days to the new Cowboys Stadium to the charm (kidding) of Stillwater, Okla. (see links below). This week, we went in search of Tiger Woods Sunday — and found him!

But you know what we couldn’t find at Augusta National? A squirrel. Seriously. I don’t know how many trees and bushes and nuts and stuff there are in this place. But nobody can find a squirrel. We’ve noticed this in past years also. Join us on our search, as we look for one of nature’s little fellas. (The three on the left were photographed outside of a package store in Grovetown. They wouldn’t comment. Former AJC columnist Dave Kindred is attending his 43rd Masters and says he never has seen a squirrel. “Then again, I’ve never seen a kangaroo, either,” he said. “But, yeah, with a million trees, you would think you would see one squirrel.” And here’s another thing: They sell almost EVERYTHING in the gift shop. So why …

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Digi-Blog goes to Masters in search of: Tiger Woods (UPDATED: He’s here)



I looked almost everywhere for Tiger. But not in the restrooms. I don't want to jeopardize my membership chances. I hear I'm on deck.


AUGUSTA – I went to Augusta National. Looked on the practice tee. Looked on the practice putting green. Looked in the interview room. But no Tiger Woods.

So then I fooled him. Went to Hooters and he no show up. (Chico Marx, copyright.)

“I would think he’d be smarter than to show up here,” said my new best pal, Amanda Collins. “If he came here, that would be kind of risky. Don’t you think?”

True. Tiger is not one to take risks.

Wait a minute . . .

Amanda not only will bring you wings and a beer with a smile, but here it was Easter Sunday morning and she already was sweeping up trash in the tented expansion of the Hooters off Washington Road, just down the street from Augusta National, host of this week’s Masters and Tiger-palooza.

Honestly, the scene early Sunday was relatively low key. Most fans …

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Live from New York! (11 hours, 29 minutes, 1 bad burrito later)

Team AJC was delayed slightly en route to the Falcons-Jets game. That's me on the left and Darryl Ledbetter on the right, starring in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Part II."
Team AJC was delayed en route to the Falcons game. That’s me on the left and Darryl Ledbetter on the right, starring in “Planes, Trains, Automobiles.”


Don’t do as much travel as I used to. Remembered why I don’t miss it a lot when I received an automated phone call Friday night from Delta saying my scheduled leisurely Saturday afternoon flight to New York had been canceled and replaced by a cartoonish Sunday itinerary that had me routed through Columbus, Ohio on something called Chautauqua Airlines, which Delta happily reported would still get me into LaGuardia at 2:02 p.m., assuming Chautauqua didn’t first have to circle back and fulfill its other obligation of dusting crops just outside of Springfield. The 2:02 Sunday arrival would’ve been just fine if the NFL hadn’t scheduled the Falcons-New York Jets game for a 1 p.m. kickoff in East Rutherford, N.J., or if commissioner Roger Goodell had the common decency to phone me and offer the use of his private …

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