Stuffed Predictions: Dogs over Jackets; LSU and Bama roll

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Hello and welcome to that special time of year, and I speak of course of when we overindulge on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes au gratin, Mr. Potato, potato chips and onion dip, creamed corn, that string-bean-mushroom soup-Styrofoam-onion-ring thing that nobody really eats but the dog loves it when you mix it in his kibble, probably something with cheese, rolls (three kinds), margarine (light) and three to seven desserts, after which we fall face down in our plate of Cool Whip remnants and lapse into a tryptophan coma … until we wake up at 3:45 a.m. and scream, “NOOO! I OVERSLEPT! Play-doh goes on sale at Toy Zoo for 39 cents in 15 minutes! Where are my keys!?!” And then you take one step and suddenly there’s a strange jingling sound coming from your stomach.

If you're in this picture, you really need to get a life.

If you're in this picture, you really need to get a life.

By the way, if you go to Walmart on Black Friday, just don’t tell Paul Johnson, or he might punch you. (Actually, after Johnson mocked a barking Georgia fan on his call-in show, saying, “He just got off from Walmart,” I had this vision of Johnson’s version of Hades: Handing out happy face stickers as a greeter .)

So here we are again: It’s Georgia (Tech) vs. Georgia (Tech). (You decide which school goes first. I’m Switzerland. Or Snellville.)

Georgia has the advantage of a better defense. But it has the disadvantage of every running back always seemingly injured, suspended or sufficiently numbed.

Georgia Tech has the advantage of a running game that Georgia hasn’t really stopped in three years. But it has suffered from the hiccups of youth and just allowed 31 points to Duke.

If Tech wins, Johnson may smile.

If Georgia wins, I figure the Richts get to at least second base.

Ever see that famous kiss scene in, “From Here to Eternity?” Get ready for Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr on the Georgia sideline.

Pucker up: Dogs win and cover 6.

Mark and Katharyn (or Burt and Deborah)

Hey! He got two!

Black Friday Blowouts!

(Guaranteed until 3:15 a.m.)

(Too late)

I wonder if Nick Saban also branded this on players' foreheads?

Wonder if Saban branded this on players' foreheads?

Arkansas at LSU: The Piggies think they can pull the upset, but I don’t see how getting waxed by Alabama 38-14 puts you in the same category as LSU (which beat Alabama). Rest easy, BCS. Tigers win but take Arkansas and 12½.

Alabama at Auburn: Bama blew a 24-0 lead to Auburn in Tuscaloosa last year and lost 28-27. Nick Saban probably still remembers the deli guy who accidentally put mayo on his turkey sandwich 37 years ago, you think he’s forgetting this? He even had a “Never Again” poster with images of the scoreboard and Cam Newton plastered on the locker room wall. Duck. Tide covers 21.

Clemson at South Carolina: Clemson has gone from BCS contender to getting dropped by Georgia Tech and N.C. State and beating Wake Forest by a field goal. For about seven minutes, they had everybody fooled. Gamecocks cover 4½.

Florida St. at Florida: Urban Meyer claims he hasn’t had coaching relations with Ohio State, at least not as he defines it, which should not to be confused with the truth. Just wondering: Given that gut-wrenching, emotional exit from Gainesville, will there be a “quality family time” clause in his new contract? Seminoles cover 2½.

It’s Urban Meyer as “Tommy Flanagan”

Laid An Egg Bowl: I’m not sure why Ole Miss subjected its fan base to extra weeks of Houston Nutt. Does masochism now qualify as a tax deduction? Miss State covers 17½.

Boston College at Miami: Miami president Donna Shalala didn’t consult with Al Golden before declaring the Hurricanes dead for bowl season, which is fine with Golden because he had planned to meet with realtors in State College that week, anyway. Canes work out their anger, cover 14.

NFL Fridge Pack

If Mike Mularkey is looking for a way to pass the time ...

If Mike Mularkey is looking for a way to pass the time ...

Minnesota at Falcons: The Vikings got themselves back into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes by breaking Adrian Peterson’s ankle. At least, that’s the story I’m going with. Biggest question this week is whether Matt “No Huddle” Ryan let Mike Mularkey call any plays Sunday. Birds cover 9½.

Gainesville West at San Diego: Tebowmaniacs are mad at Denver exec John Elway because he refused to pledge his undying devotion to Tim Tebow. So I guess this means winning two Super Bowls and being recognized as one of the 10 best quarterbacks in NFL history doesn’t qualify somebody as an expert. Blasphemy! Chargers cover 6½.

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets: Rex Ryan’s stock has dropped so much, his wife just put her socks on. (Lost? Google.) Jets win but take Buffalo and 8.

Sorry, I just had to revisit this

Chicago at Oaktown: Jay Cutler is out with a broken thumb. Bears fans are irate. This makes two straight years he ducked out for something less kidney failure. For the love of Nagurski. Raiders cover 4½.

New England at Dream Team: The Eagles have won one in a row and LeSean McCoy thinks they can run the table and make the playoffs. Is there drug testing this week? Patriots cover 3.

Important “Sack Schultz” update: Congrats to Tony Vinelli (brother of Milli?), who won tickets to the Georgia-Georgia Tech game. He is 143-37 to this point. There are four contestants tied for first for the Hawaii trip and 27 folks within two of the lead going into the final week! I’m in 3,080th place. I think that means I have to drive the winner to the airport and feed their dog while they’re gone.

fbgamble“No wife can endure a gambling husband, unless he is a steady winner.”  — Thomas Robert Dewar.

Last week (hot garbage): 9-2 straight up, 2-8-1 against the line.

Overall (still profitable): 99-39 straight up; 78-58-2 against the line.

By Jeff Schultz

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Tech Rules

November 23rd, 2011
10:55 pm

“It’s Georgia (Tech) vs. Georgia (Tech). (You decide which school goes first.”

The concise way to state it is “Tech vs. Georgia”

Tech Rules

November 23rd, 2011
10:55 pm

Wow, I was first! Go Jackets!


November 23rd, 2011
11:02 pm

Go Jackets and Gators!!!

Tech Rules

November 23rd, 2011
11:06 pm

Can’t wait to watch the Tech vs Georgia match on Saturday! Drinking some Mountain Dew and Eating Funnions with my buds! Go yellow jackets!

on brother!

November 23rd, 2011
11:08 pm

This will be the last time in this state that anyone from Tech is first. They will get rolled this week by 21 pts.


November 23rd, 2011
11:09 pm

When I visited my hometown of Zanesville, OH (55 miles from columbus) several weeks ago, a friend of mine said it was common knowledge in that area that Meyer already purchased a house in the Columbus area. I would like to know if that was really true. You heard anything about that, Jeff?

miles from my home

November 23rd, 2011
11:13 pm

Tech’s not getting picked by anyone…therefore they’re gonna kick the dawgs. My belly ached reading that opening paragraph!


November 23rd, 2011
11:13 pm

9 out of last 10 for UGA. 30 out of the last 41 for UGA. Looking forward to another victory with 25,000 or so Bulldog fans at “Grunt Field”.


November 23rd, 2011
11:14 pm

Schultz, put the Buddha down. Try to write coherent sentences. That’s your job. Glad you finally see the light. Dawgs win and PJohnson pouts.

PJ Blowhard

November 23rd, 2011
11:19 pm

Attention WalMart shoppers – Tickle Me Paul Johnson dolls – no giggles, just smirks – Black Friday special. DAWG FOOD on SAT

Don Draper

November 23rd, 2011
11:22 pm

Jeff — Any truth to the rumor that Tech is demanding to move the Tech-UGA game to a neutral site vs. having UGA be the home team every year? Also, has the AJC confirmed that the UGA Athletic Association is looking to expand Bobby Dodd Stadium and add luxury boxes? Lastly, is it true that GT returned 5k unsold tickets to UGA for this weekend’s game? It appears they were unable to move their full allotment of tickets.


November 23rd, 2011
11:25 pm


November 23rd, 2011
11:25 pm

God, I miss Reggie Ball!!

Matt "CHOKE" Ryan

November 23rd, 2011
11:28 pm

I mean seriously do the Falcants like their quarterback situation?

It’s been 8 seasons since a playoff win.

I guess Bradley was right – misery does like company :)

5150 UOAD

November 23rd, 2011
11:29 pm

Well, done with all the prep work for Thanksgiving Dinner now time for bed. Didn’t post much today but I see the Dawgs fans still are not worried about Tech and the High School Offense. It took 21 pages for UGA fans to convince me they don’t care about Tech. I sure would like to see how many page of post there would be if Tech were Relevant. Dawgs still trying to say tech Doesn’t matter on this blog too. Why you you Dawgs even post if Tech is not relevant?

Matt "CHOKE" Ryan

November 23rd, 2011
11:30 pm

I remember people criticizing the Dolphins for passing on CHOKE for Jake Long.

Well 4 seasons and 4 pro bowls later, Miami is all smiles :)

The Dolphins saw right through that busttttttttttttt :)


November 23rd, 2011
11:34 pm

Wow, Draper– pretty funny– that’ll come in handy for you interview… Remember,”welcome to Wal-Mart” and smile…


November 23rd, 2011
11:45 pm

Tech Rules
November 23rd, 2011
11:06 pm

“Can’t wait to watch the Tech vs Georgia match on Saturday! Drinking some Mountain Dew and Eating Funnions with my buds! Go yellow jackets!”

Mt.dew and funnions….sigh. Case / point


November 23rd, 2011
11:45 pm

I COUGAR is an old lady who has sex with young boys…..What do you call an old man who has sex with young boys??????? A NITANY LION


November 23rd, 2011
11:46 pm

This UGA-Tech game is fascinating. I’ve run the gamut from Tech won’t be able to run to Tech will be able to run but will lose anyway to Georgia better not turn the ball over. Any sane person would have to admit they have no idea what’s going to happen.

Matt "CHOKE" Ryan

November 23rd, 2011
11:46 pm

“My Commentary”

Once upon a time some 46 years ago, a franchise was born. Through countless coaches, quarterbacks & front office so called gurus. This franchise has been snakebit more than a diamond back in the Arizona desert.

There have been some 10 or so franchises half the shelf life as these underachieving Falcons. Steve Bartkowski and that forever choke versus America’s team in 1980, to the worst playoff loss versus Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers (Oh we need those Saints paper bags after that masacre).

Then came one of the greatest athletes to ever play in the NFL, by far the greatest athlete at the quarterback position. This guy received so much hatred & ill will, even more so than other quarterbacks with far less success.

He is the only quarterback in Falcons history to lead a team to 2 different playoff wins, in separate seasons. It’s really a mystery why he received so much scrutiny, even though he lead a team, at the ripe old age of 22 into a freezing Green Bay in the playoffs. He accomplished something that had never been done before in NFL history – he beat Green Bay in their historic building, yet there was not a single other player on the team that anyone remembers.

The just two years later, he led the team to a division title, and gave the Falcons their greatest one sided win in team history. All this while still receiving blame for losses, and no credit for the wins. Even to this day it is still a mystery why he is still hated, even though he has moved on to lead another franchise.

That brings us to the guy that was supposed to replace his memories in the eyes of the fans. It has not been easy, considering Vick’s jersey still is the hottest item in Atlanta. In comparison, Vick did more by the time he was 24 years old, than CHOKE has done in his, well, whole life.

It’s really amazing how a guy with 4 years as the starter can get so many free passes, even though at age 26 has no playoff success other than committing some 7 turnovers in two lack luster playoff performances.

More to come……………….


November 23rd, 2011
11:54 pm

Too bad steroids ruined the Bullpups vs the Baby Jackets, Thanksgiving Day game. But then in its final days, Georgia was suiting 100 freshmen and juniors, who all held dummies during the week for the varisty team, while Tech was making announcements over the intercom, “Anyone still on campus who wants to play a football game this Thursday, see the equipment man at Grant Field.”


November 23rd, 2011
11:58 pm

Some people get more from being positive. Others get more from life by being negative – or a “hater.”
The Matt Ryan Hater is one of these individuals.
If you have enough free time to write an article detailing the history of the hometown team documenting the rise and (in your opinion) fall of the new franchise QB, then you’re already too far gone. And after devoting so much of your time to that article you feel the need to share it with all of us here on the blogisphere -copying and pasting it; then you’re not only hater, you’re obsessed.
Get a life.


November 24th, 2011
12:04 am

I bet that if Georgia only win’s by 1 point CMR and for that matter I will be very happy. In a few year’s nobody will know what the score was , all they will see is the win lost record.

Trapper John

November 24th, 2011
12:09 am

Jeff, is it just me, or did everybody else notice that brunette in the front on that photo at the top of your blog. Nobody can say this man Jeff doesn’t know his business! NO–BOD–EEEE!! Well, that is obviously a contradition in terms in terms of the photo — and maybe a poor choice of words. And to “Choke” Ryan, how are those Vick led Eagles working out for you this year???


November 24th, 2011
12:10 am

I’m scared about this but – My read on the game is confident. Maybe 10 – 14 point win. And I hate that I feel that way because it means it’s going to be a nail-biter for far too long.


November 24th, 2011
12:32 am

What’s with JS and MB’s articles only mentioning CPJ’s Wal-Mart comment, and NOT mentioning his offensive follow-up and subsequent apology? Why does that dude get such a pass? Before, his “I have a chip on my shoulder ’cause Tech gets less respect” thing was cool- I’m a Georgia fan, and even I could kind of appreciate it. I get it. Over time though, he’s really just come off as kind of an insecure jerk. I’d be willing to bet that there are plenty of Tech fans who feel the same way. They bought into it bigtime at first, and after plenty of on-field mediocrity and even more off-field blustering… deep down, I bet a lot of them feel like it’s getting old.


November 24th, 2011
12:58 am

I’d be willing to bet that there are plenty of Tech fans who feel the same way.

Nope. Still love the guy.


November 24th, 2011
1:33 am

Can a car run on vitriol? Lot of that around here lately.

Can a troll run on forever on more than their own hot air?

Rex, you don’t get to claim “it’s just a personal thang” when you’re putting both yourself out there as a public sports figure and putting out foot fetish internet postings to swinger sites.

And Jeff, you’re being a heel ;·)


November 24th, 2011
1:40 am

This game is a coin toss. Either team has a chance to win, and its all going to come down to turnovers. The UGA defense hasn’t played anyone of merit thus their number 4 rush stats is untested. Comparing the trip option with Alburn or Florida is comparing apples and oranges.
The smple truth, if the Tech team that played Clemson or V-Tech shows up……Tech wins
If the Tech team that played Miami, Va., or Duke darkens the field…..UGA wins.
As for CPJ, If given time his offence will become a true national power, just as Nebraska was back in the day. The real question is can Tech ever forge a solid defence…….something a kin to the Black Watch of the 80’s( Pat Swelling was a beast). Never the less, the tide is changing, and the days of ole’ are near. At the very least, I’ll take our four National Championships over the one UGA has any day. THWG !


November 24th, 2011
2:31 am

“Even to this day it is still a mystery why he is still hated, even though he has moved on to lead another franchise”

Um, well maybe because he is a sociopath who gets excited in seeing dogs get drowned, electrocuted and slammed to the ground. Not to mention he was admittedly lazy and didnt prepare for games. He would be the last one in and the first one out.

He sure looked good “leading” the “dream team” to a 3-6 record. He didn’t play when the Eagles won their 4th game of the season.


November 24th, 2011
2:32 am

GTcline. “offence?” “defence?” You have to be either 6, stupid or about 80 and senile. You choose and I’ll go with that thought.


November 24th, 2011
2:45 am

Georgia tech just doesn’t have the athletes to win this game. Georgia is way to fast and physical on defense. There will be some helmets flying off of tech when jarvis and ogletree come lay the lumber on one of those 2 star backs.


November 24th, 2011
3:21 am

Two possible outcomes :
1) A good old fashioned 2004 like beatdown. UGA Big.
2) both team trade punches and struggle at times. UGA in a close heated battle.

Either way – Dawgs win.


November 24th, 2011
3:48 am

I wonder if MR has a restraining order against Choke, because that guy is obsessed! Or is it Vick under an alias?

Get help, Choke. Vick tortured animals. He’s a felon. If you want to show the love to great Falcons, how about Turner? Or Jamal Anderson? Or dozens of others? You aren’t going to convince people that a sick, twisted person is a hero. Move on. Get therapy.


November 24th, 2011
4:11 am

This game is way to close to pick. As far as the UGAG defense that is so good against the run, come on guys whom has UGAG played? The best offense they have played is BSU and we saw what happened in that game. Georgia’s SEC wins are against teams with a combined SEC record of like 23-33 ( and you can honestly say you have beaten a legite team)? NMS had the second best offense at #40 and then it goes down to the low 70’s to 118 for the remaining teams they have played.

GT has the #15 offense in the country and the only people to stop this offense to this point is the offense themselves. I also hear how Tech has not played a team with the players UGAG has either, and honestly get your head out of your ARSES because VT has just as good a D and dare I say without a doubt the better coach. That would be just one that they have played every bit as good as the UGAG D. I mean come on let the kids play and when it is all said and done we can give honest answers. This GT team was picked to maybe win 6 games while UGAG had the dream team.

I have watched both teams play all season and you have to be more impressed with the GT body of work then UGAG’s especially with the players each team has on the rosters. GT is one of the youngest teams in the country with no 5 STARS and maybe 1 or 2 4 STAR players. Being on the outside looking in with the body of work done this season without a doubt GT has outplayed UGAG (while winning 9 in a row is impressive) but don’t beat your chest because whom you beat meant nothing to anybody.


November 24th, 2011
5:40 am

Please bear with the long post; I’ll get to the UGA – GT rivalry.

But first, from a pure SEC perspective:

The Georgia – Florida game is my most favorite SEC East rivalry game to win because of my pure dislike of our Gator opponent and some of the after-game fan encounters; I know some GA fans knowingly show disrespect to our opponents also and I hate that they do, but in Jacksonville, I’ve seen it downright nasty whether they win or lose.

I enjoy a win over the Gators primarily because of our most recent past two-decade losing history and because it is usually the most difficult and more meaningful for us in our effort to win the SEC East.

And the Georgia – Auburn game is an enjoyable win just because it’s our longest-term rivalry, it’s usually not an easy win, and with all the recent history of on-field unsportsmanlike play from some certain AU players and the sideline demeanor of certain AU coaches, and because of the history of off-field controversy (game-ending end-zone sprinkler event).

And because ALL my wife’s family and their children went to Auburn, beating the Tigers makes the holidays’ so much easier to enjoy!

For some strange reason, when we do win, I never hear a ‘War Eagle’ when we walk in the door at Christmas!

But from an In-State Perspective:

The Georgia-Georgia Tech Game is just plain and simple, good old fashion hate!

I pull for GT every game of the year with the exception of ours; I want them healthy, at their best, and on top of their ACC conference ladder when we play.

Listening to and reading their ’superiority’ rantings all week before the game about how they’re gonna beat the Dawgs this year, even if their ‘win’ is a moral 400 – 500 rushing victory, and the scoreboard shows less GT points scored; priceless!

It’s just great to beat Georgia Tech and I’m glad to read our players feel this way.

After CTG has had another year to get our defense playing stout and executing a sound and fundamental 3-4 defensive scheme, I don’t think GT will get their moral ground game win this year.

IF our offensive line can block for four complete quarters and give Murray just a little time to throw, he’ll pick GT’s defense apart, and with even a small hole open to them, whoever plays RB for us, even our smallest will be able to move the chains on the Tech defense.

A lot of If’n, but I think this is Georgia’s year to quieten the Tech blog faithful for a while.

It’s a fun week of bragging rights leading up to the game, and if UGA plays like it did against Auburn, it will be a fun year of bragging rights after the game!

From what I’ve read on these blogs, these Dawgs are hungry for a win and are not looking beyond Tech. I’m thinking UGA 30 – Tech 13.

Hope UGA (and GT) has an injury-free game; we’ll need all of our players at their healtiest and best next week in the SEC CG. .. Go Dawgs!


November 24th, 2011
6:00 am

And a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

tell me again

November 24th, 2011
6:11 am

GT CLine – unless you’re on drugs, Auburn’s running game is a legit running game – # 2 in the SEC. As for Johnson’s offense returning Tech to being a national power – I WANT SOME OF WHATEVER YOU ARE DRINKING! GO DAWGS!

tell me again

November 24th, 2011
6:16 am

So BCS stinks – I guess after we route Tech we STILL will not have played anybody worth mentioning, huh? UGA STARTED the season playing two ranked teams and if the offense had not imploded we would have beat SC. We were young and starting the season against two good teams….if you want to compare “body of work” – all you have to say is Tech plays in the ACC – that pretty much says it all !


November 24th, 2011
6:21 am

Why is it that the Tech fans posting on here all seem to be illiterate? Usually, we can hold out hope for a little grammatically correct smug commentary, but not today. GTcline and BCSstinks both needed to pay more attention in high school English class.

Tech fans are having a lot of fun talking about Georgia’s schedule and implying that the Dawgs somehow are not deserving of their lofty defensive ranking. Enjoy your little party of blind conjecture while you can, Jacket fans. The truth (and Jarvis Jones) will smack you in the face on Saturday morning at noon.

That being said, it is valid that being ranked #2 in the nation in rush defense (not #4, as one poster said earlier; that’s our ranking in total defense) means little when facing the triple option. Tech will get some yards Saturday. As one example, little old Georgia Southern rang up over 300 yards rushing using the same offensive scheme last week against Bama, the #1 rushing defense in the nation. It’s all going to depend upon how effective the Dawgs are in limiting big plays–which means playing disciplined football. That and turnovers will determine how Georgia’s defense does against the Jacket O.

On the other side of the ball, if Georgia has any semblance of a running game and Murray is on target, the game might get ugly.

Playing the law of averages, I like the Dawgs in this one by ~10 or so. Say, 31-21.


November 24th, 2011
6:25 am

is JOHNSON really going to be the front door greeter at wally world?

uncle kirk

November 24th, 2011
6:38 am

BCstinks……Boise was a primary passing offense…. not rushing. The dream team is only freshmen. not many are contributing….but some are. the dawgs only lose 2 starters on defense and return basically everybody on offense except 3 O linemen. You are dillusional if you think VT has a better defense than UGA…..BTW i will take our coach over the VT coach all day. and for the record…..who has gt really played?

Buddy Landell

November 24th, 2011
6:45 am

Matt “CHOKE” Ryan

November 23rd, 2011
11:30 pm
I remember people criticizing the Dolphins for passing on CHOKE for Jake Long.

Well 4 seasons and 4 pro bowls later, Miami is all smiles

The Dolphins saw right through that busttttttttttttt


I live in South Florida. The Jake Long pick is still debated OFTEN. People are wondering wht he gets voted to ProBowls. abraham beat him early and often when the Falcons played him. Check out his stats for this season. It’s a subpar one. Meanwhile, Miami is STILL searching for a QB.
You FAILED on that post, try again!

Meanwhile, the 4-6 Eagles defeated NYG WITHOUT michael Vick. Boy, they sure missed him.


November 24th, 2011
6:54 am

Tech Gives 31 to Duke.Dawgs a whole lot better than Duke on O. If Dawgs Defense plays like the last 3 weeks, this one is over early……..But…..Tech always plays us like they are a top 10 team… It’ll be interesting, but Dawgs too big and fast and physical for Tech to hang around long, and they won’t score much against our D, cause Dawgs real good at stopping the run….and that’s what Tech does. Would love to see a blow out and get the ” We’re an academic school and football is not that important to us” comments going early.

[...] Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) [...]


November 24th, 2011
6:57 am

Uncle Kirk, you are kidding me. CTG over Bud Foster??????

I Crowell

November 24th, 2011
7:02 am

I wont ever have to sweat Saturday for Dawgs to win. I reckon I’ll play 2 or 3 downs and give it to third string again.


November 24th, 2011
7:12 am

Anytime you play a gimmick offense, that you very rarely see, you are bound to give up some yards. Tech. is bound to rank up there in the rushing category because that is what they do 85% of the time. Their passing game depends on teams gearing up to stop the runs, and a QB that throws up wounded ducks for passes. How many teams are still using the TO outside of the service academies anyway?
Now for the facts.
1. Techs. line averages 295 pounds. UGA’s DL averages 340 lbs. You do the math. Can anybody say chop blocks?
2. UGA has linebackers that are fast as the tech. RB’s. They also get into a opponents backfield, seal up the middle and are quick to get to the ball.
3. In a regular offense, you know, one what the big boys play in, the QB tech. has, would not even be a 2nd stringer.
4. Tech. seems to have forgotten, that you also have to play some defense so you can prevent mighty teams, like Duke, from putting up 31 points against you.
5. techs. offense scores on average, 27 points against the 7 FBS schools that have faced, and gives up 27 points. UGA averages 28 points in the 9 FBS schools that have faced, and gives up less than 14 points to their opponents. with our defense playing. Defense wins games.
6. Tech. plays in the ACC, and UGA plays in the SEC. Enough said there.
7. UGA has probably the all SEC QB and tech. has a person that fills that position.
8. UGA teams are generous to a fault, in that almost every holiday season, they give Tech. another early Christmas present, and a reason for tech. fans to brag, about how academically superior they think they are to everybody else, and therefore they are really a very good team. Funny, how we never see or hear about all of these engineering students putting on the pads and getting on the football team.
9. Tech. fans are obsessed with beating UGA every year, while UGA fans know it is a football game and a chance to smack their little sister around again. UGA is going to the SEC Championship game this year, and tech. is going where exactly?

I think you can get the picture. Tech. fans come onto these blogs high as all get out, the week before the ball game and brag about how good they are and it last until the game is over. Then they go into the justification mode (BS Excuses), and say, wait until next year once again. UGA fans get ready for more meaningful games and tech. fans go into the excuse, we are academically superior, we are the greatest, we own UGA fantasy world for another year. They really emphasize the moral victory excuse and brag about how they ran this many yards and anything else that might have helped them, think they are great. When is the last time that a moral victory got you into a better bowl game or counted on the record?



November 24th, 2011
7:15 am

heeldawg, you are talking like this Georgia team has a played such stiff competition. The offenses UGA has played this season
BSU 30
NMS 40
USC 79
MS 87
UF 92
UA 93
UT 97
Vandy 100
Ole Miss 114
UK 117
CC AA and no rankings
GT 15

Now, you look at these offenses and how can you not have a Defense ranked high. Bring some stats to validate this defensive ranking and you will get no argument from here. Typical DAWG fans here that speak and have no facts. I never once said that GT would win the game but stated a fact that UGAG’s defensive ranking is a little inflated by the competition they have played. To be honest with each and every person on this blog, GT should never beat UGAG when you look at the rosters from both teams. With that being said, which team plays to there ability?