Greatest explainer of NBA lockout ever! (Taiwan cartoon)

The cartoon version of David Stern is much more entertaining than the real thing. (AP photo)

The cartoon version of David Stern is much more entertaining than the real thing. (AP photo)

Don’t worry. Although I’ve already written a couple of things on the NBA lockout, I promise not to make it a habit because I find the whole thing as stupid as you do.

But this video rocks!

It’s an animated breakdown of the labor war between the owners and players. The audio is in Taiwanese. But don’t worry. There are English subtitles. Besides, the cartoons break it down quite nicely by themselves.

This production comes from the website (Next Media Animation). It includes Lakers and union mouthpiece Derek Fisher playing one-on-one against NBA commissioner David Stern, Stern carrying a chainsaw to divide a pizza as Fisher and LeBron James watch, a doctor caring for “franchises” (logos with dangling legs) in intensive care … well, I don’t want to give it all away.

The summary concludes: “The first two weeks of the season have been cancelled, prompting some players to join foreign leagues. We in Taiwan say, “long live the lockout!”

And now, we present our feature attraction.

By Jeff Schultz

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October 12th, 2011
3:47 pm

goody, i like cartoons!


October 12th, 2011
3:49 pm

did not click on bikini……


October 12th, 2011
3:53 pm

Good stuff. It almost makes me want to watch cartoons right now instead of adult movies. Well… almost.

Gwinnett Fred

October 12th, 2011
3:53 pm

Maybe next they can do one that simplifies the absurdity of J-Smoove jacking up 3 point brick after 3=point brick. Maybe Smith can watch the cartoon, understand it better than a coach blasting away, and finally learn that his butt belongs in the paint.

Alas, both ending the lockout and ending Smith’s bricks appear to be a long way away!

C dog

October 12th, 2011
3:54 pm

i love the panda, “king who?”….and i am pretty sure Stern was goal tending

5150 UOAD

October 12th, 2011
4:14 pm

Let them ALL play overseas and see how good life is in the US.

Black Coffee & Bourbon

October 12th, 2011
4:20 pm

Best part is the logos with legs being tended to by Stern. HA!

Dawgdad (The Original)

October 12th, 2011
4:32 pm

Oblamer says he is “heartbroken” over the lockout. Wish he cared that much about the economy!


October 12th, 2011
4:34 pm


October 12th, 2011
4:37 pm

Well, when no paychecks are given out and the baby’s momma’ got to be paid along with those dang Bentley payments-Cooler heads will prevail..I could care less-I don’t watch the NBA although I love basketball..Who wants to talk NBA during football?


October 12th, 2011
4:43 pm

The difference between the NFL and the NBA: This has been posted an hour. 20 (I’m 21) comments. If this about the NFL lockout there would be 1,973 comments by now.


October 12th, 2011
4:44 pm

Whoops. That’s 10 comments! (with my previous being the 11th) Awesome!

GT Dude

October 12th, 2011
4:57 pm

does anyone really care?

is that crickets I hear

Frank Lane

October 12th, 2011
5:11 pm

I found this to be not at all entertaining. Jeff, what are you drinking?

Gravy Train

October 12th, 2011
5:37 pm

Great, another reason to dislike China. What is the Hawks place in this spat? They have no owners. The contracts of Josh Smith and Joe Johnson should be exhibit A of what stinks about the Hawks franchise and the NBA.

Curious George

October 12th, 2011
6:27 pm

Did anyone else find that animated feature FAR MORE ENTERTAINING than an actual NBA game?


October 12th, 2011
6:29 pm

A plague on both their houses. I favor cancellation of the entire season. Won’t miss it a bit. Couldn’t care less. The vibrant school spirit of college basketball is so much more appealing than a bunch of self-centered prima donnas playing for their next endorsement.


October 12th, 2011
6:54 pm

Man – how did that commie panda get front row seats?

The Bro

October 12th, 2011
7:01 pm

Well at least Joe Johnson won’t worry about getting arrested for stealing if nobody is paying him………


October 12th, 2011
7:21 pm

jeff the bottom line is that we the fans hate the fact that our players are over paid for sub par performance. time to get even.


October 12th, 2011
7:47 pm

I love basketball as well. The shows put on by the NBA rarely resemble the game however.


October 12th, 2011
8:32 pm

People gripe about unions striking but one never hears criticism of owner’s locking out people.

(STILL) 2-10 Against Ranked Teams

October 12th, 2011
8:40 pm

……wait, Atlanta has a pro basketball team??? Really???

hmmm…..go figure.

Let’s go Thrashers!!!!……uh, well maybe not


October 13th, 2011
12:47 am

This isn’t like the NFL where the players have no alternative. The cartoon is right, the players can go overseas and basically make the same money. I don’t see them caving for a while.


October 13th, 2011
10:13 am

Sports is not identified by the players…but by the fans…and they continue to be overly paid children who have no need to make that much money per year. When all that extra revenue could be given back to the fans, lower ticket prices, concessions, and new stadiums…instead of taxing the general public for these things. How much money is enough to this people? especially when there are people needing job and income.


October 13th, 2011
11:10 am

The NBA lost $300M? I think $100M of that came from Joe Johnson’s contract alone.


October 13th, 2011
1:59 pm

That was awesome.

The bleeding money, King Panda, LeBron’s crown.

I like that they had the asian player dunking over LeBron at the end. Seems like wishful thinking if the stars actually end up playing in foreign leagues/.


October 13th, 2011
2:01 pm

This is literally the first time I have cared about the lockout.

You “lost” $300 million because of the way the financial documents are created by slick accountants under GAAP, not because you actually lost any money at all.


October 13th, 2011
7:34 pm

Wow. Over 24 hours and 28 comments. If that isn’t an indictment of how unpopular the NBA is, I don’t know what is.


October 15th, 2011
1:04 am

I wouldn’t be surprised if MLS doesn’t overtake the NBA and NHL in popularity within the next ten years, maybe less! I’m not saying it will, simply saying I wouldn’t be surprised.

l jones

October 17th, 2011
7:35 pm

I look forward to Ga Tech and Georgia’s seasons, but if the NBA disappeared forever, I couldn’t care less. A bunch of punks and thugs with some degree of talent, where travelling doesn’t exist unless you take 5 steps. The NBA is almost closer to rugby than basketball. At the end of a bunch of boring, no-talent running and hitting, some goon puts the ball in the basket, then everybody acts like they’ve done something important. If you didn’t have the loud-mouthed moron broadcasters, fans would probably abandon the NBA.


October 19th, 2011
1:31 pm

Spud- given the increasing number of Latinos in this country, barring a massive export of illegals you probably are correct.

Bryant Gumbel called David Stern a “plantation overseer”???? Take race out of it for one second. Stern is the president of a league where the majority of the participants probably have a 9th grade education AT BEST!! IF they went to college it was only for a year and they only have to make grades the 1st semester (which they are tutored around the clock for) since you have to have a certain GPA to participate. They finish their season in March, essentially drop out, and enter the draft, and that’s if they went to college at all.

A powerful business man taking advantage of the fact that his employees are uneducated. Shocking.

By the way, trying to compare this to slavery is pretty awful considering 90% of the league could retire today and never worry about money.


October 19th, 2011
2:03 pm

They left out the automatic weapons, drugs, and illegitimate kids