Weekend Predictions: Cam Newton and Auburn conquer all

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Before this season’s final week of dead, solid, perfect, financial locks — give or take an Alabama meltdown and the forgotten inevitability that Steve Spurrier would make Dabo Swinney look like he had a head full of nougat (what was I thinking picking Clemson last week?) — we have this update from the world of high of finance:

Stanley Ho, a billionaire casino owner in Macau (of course), who clearly has money and nougat to burn, won an action. For a castle? No. A vintage car? No. Video of Brett Favre’s last pass completion? No.

Rather, Stanley Ho, billionaire, just paid $330,000 for two white “truffles,” which is French for, “Fungus found in dirt or sometimes under old chicken lo mein forgotten in the back of fridge and often resembling the facial expression of Nick Saban after blowing a 24-0 lead at home. Roll [Over] Tide!”

Mmmm. Delectable, delicious fungus. Does that come with fries?

Mmmm. Delectable, delicious fungus. Does that come with fries?

So Stanley Ho paid $165,000 each for two pieces of fungus. You know, there actually was a time when I thought A.J. Green deserved an MBA for getting $1,000 for his Independence Bowl jersey. Now I’m thinking he got ripped off.

Even Cecil “Huggy Bear” Newton didn’t ask for $330,000 when he was pimping his son to Mississippi State.  And Cam isn’t even a fungus!

Seriously, I don’t know what Cam Newton is. Some indestructible being? Did he conquer Tokyo with Godzilla and Monster Zero? Regardless of whether you think this kid is wholesome or dirtier than his Polluted Padre, this dude is an unrockable rock star. I’m not sure there has ever — ever — been a college player who has performed at the level he has while all of the world outside of Auburn looked at him and thought: “You sir, are fungus, at $180,000 to $200,000 retail.”

And so, as much I’d like to crawl out on the upset limb in the SEC championship game, I can’t do it. South Carolina is good. But not that good. And whatever happened last week in Tuscaloosa must have something to do with cosmic forces. This team’s not losing. The line is 5. Auburn wins the SEC and covers.

Look out! It’s the three-headed Cam-Monster Zero!

Not Involving Cam Newton

ACC championship: Virginia Tech has won 10 straight since losing to James Madison. Here’s an idea: Schedule JMU for the spring game instead next year. Florida State was impressive last week against Florida, but who wasn’t impressive this year against Florida, except, well, you know. Arf. The FSU Board of Regents is sponsoring a Bobby Bowden Pin Cushion Doll to the first 10,000 fans. Hokies cover 4.

Big 12 championship: So Nebraska plays in a conference title game, then bolts for the Big Ten when it’s over? That makes for an interesting trophy ceremony with the conference commissioner if the Cornhuskers win. But they won’t. Oklahoma covers 5.

Conference USA: You think either George O’Leary (Notre Dame’s coach for seven minutes) or June Jones (former Falcons coach) ever envisioned the Conference USA title would be the highlight of their season? Oh well. Georgia may face the winner of this titanic tilt in the Liberty. Central Florida covers 9 over SMU.

NFL Value Menu

(Buy 3 games, win a copy of Derek Anderson’s new book, “Laughing in Last Place.”)

Matt Ryan threw everything but a backdoor slider in November.

Matt Ryan threw everything but a slider in November.

Falcons at Tampa: There haven’t been any grand proclamations from Raheem Morris this week about the Bucs being the NFL’s greatest team. So much for bulletin board material. No matter. The Falcons have won five straight, Matt Ryan completed 69.3 percent of his passes in November for seven touchdowns and zero interceptions and suddenly the franchise is national TV material. Don’t get dizzy from the altitude. Falcons cover 3.

Rams at Cardinals: Derek Anderson was caught by TV cameras laughing late in Arizona’s 27-6 loss to San Francisco and acted like a 2-year-old when asked about it, but at least he had the decency to apologize the next day. What Darnell Dockett’s excuse? The NFL’s Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Twitter is out of control. His latest short-attention span rants included to “[bleep] anybody” (the world starts with an “F”) who dared question him or said the reporter wasn’t “mann[sic] enough to ask me … why Im Laughing!” I don’t know. Because you’re stupid? St. Louis covers 3.

Steelers at Ravens: Ben Roethlisberger has a foot injury. Let’s assume it wasn’t from stumbling in the men’s room again. Take the Steelers and 3 — and in a straight-up upset.


It says here Belichick will capture Ryan's flag.

Saints at Bungles: Cincinnati has lost eight straight and here’s an actual factual: The team has been outscored 58-3 in the second half of the last two losses. That’s a sign of players either quitting or drinking from the same Kool-Aid bowl at halftime. Either way, somebody’s going to take the fall. Does Marvin Lewis’s plane ticket still say coach? New Orleans covers 6½.

Jets at Patriots: Rex Ryan vs. Bill Belichick. Forget that you wouldn’t want to buy cookies from either one. Which one would you bet on in a game of Stratego? (Kids, ask your dad.) Patriots cover 3½.

The Anderson meltdown, redux

“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.” – R.E. Shay

football-moneyLast week (not so great): 9-6 straight up, 5-10 against the line.

Financial overview: 111-38 straight up, 77-69-3 against the line.

Lock of the week: Cecil Newton, scared straight.

“Sack Schultz” (It’s over!)

LogoGrass_652173a1We have our final cheater! I mean, winner! Michael Murray, a local from Sandy Springs, was our national winner (edging contestants from Ohio and New Hampshire via tiebreaker). He wins the 37-inch HDTV. Greg Fox of Roswell won the Georgia-Georgia Tech tickets last week. For the record, I finished in 108th out of 4,815 entries. In short, I let 107 of you sack me — because I didn’t want to show off.

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December 2nd, 2010
6:43 pm


December 2nd, 2010
6:55 pm

The SEC has a vested intrest in Auburn winning, look for some poor officiating if S. Carolina looks like they might pull off the upset!


December 2nd, 2010
6:56 pm



December 2nd, 2010
6:58 pm

Jeff, you also missed on LSU beating the Hogs last week :(

Auburn beats SC by at least 17.


December 2nd, 2010
7:00 pm


I also heard that Colorado offered the job to the Redskins’ TE coach. Things are tight and also down in Boulder.


December 2nd, 2010
7:01 pm


I also heard that Colorado offered the job to the Redskins’ TE coach.

Money is tight and football is down in Boulder.


December 2nd, 2010
7:01 pm

Oh well I thought my first post didn’t make it

"Chef" Tim Dix

December 2nd, 2010
7:03 pm

Cam’s Daddy loading up on th SC side with a 150K marker in Tunica.

SC too much D, even for the pimp’s son. Spurrier crows about his ground game.

First time for everything I guess.

"Chef" Tim Dix

December 2nd, 2010
7:05 pm

Oh and great seats availible for the ACC title game.

A TV director’s worst nightmare.

Jeff Schultz Fan

December 2nd, 2010
7:09 pm

I hate to disagree with your pick of the Falcons Jeff but they will lose 2 more regular season games this year.
One will be to Tampa Bay and the other to the Saints.

The Nature Boy

December 2nd, 2010
7:11 pm

I wish you had given we denizens/losers a winner tonight Jeff….oh well..I got Philly -8
Auburn is soooo due for a stinker…Spurrier is truly evil…SC wins by 3 by running the football and Gracia playing well…(see Alabama game at Columbia)


December 2nd, 2010
7:14 pm

Well we would have never bought him as a tight end.

DAwgs lose to Boise State by 50.

Cam scores a 100 his dad 200k.


December 2nd, 2010
7:38 pm

If SC beats Auburn, wonder how many days it will take the NCAA to “discover” that Scam was, indeed, involved in selling himself?

War Eagle is a tool

December 2nd, 2010
7:39 pm



Aubie-love to-slobby-on some-knobby

December 2nd, 2010
7:43 pm

We are free and clear you drunken bammers……. to quote scam ‘we is blessed”

Nick Saban caused this Aubarn mess

December 2nd, 2010
7:44 pm

Barners know they could never beat him so they had to cheat.

Lets see how good you are next year and the year after.


Mindy is a fat sweaty pig barner

December 2nd, 2010
7:45 pm

She at least a deuce…maybe a deuce and a half

Matt "CHOKE" Ryan

December 2nd, 2010
7:46 pm

What is the great CHOKE’s record away from the dome?


December 2nd, 2010
7:55 pm

Gamecocks will beat down Auburn!

Old Gold

December 2nd, 2010
7:58 pm

Easy win for Carolina!

Bruce Mac

December 2nd, 2010
8:13 pm

Yea Mark, and George Bush blew up the twin towers. AJC bloggers prove everyday all you need is a computer not a brain.

We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
8:16 pm

NCAA Prez defends Auburn and Cam today!!

December 2nd, 2010
8:17 pm

Will the Auburn haters finally give it a rest? Will the AJC retract their goofy Milton McGregor conspiracy stories and apologize to Auburn University? Will USA Today run a front page new story with a massive picture of Cam and apologize for smearing him? Remember last week USA Today had a front page headline and Cam photo that said we AU folks were living in angst.

The NCAA President explained its position on Newton this way:

“In the Cam Newton reinstatement case, there was not sufficient evidence available to establish he had any knowledge of his father’s actions and there was no indication he actually received any impermissible benefit,” the NCAA said. “If a student-athlete does not receive tangible benefits, that is a different situation from a student-athlete or family member who receives cash, housing or other benefits or knowingly competes and is compensated as a professional athlete.”

President Emmert said:

“We recognize that many people are outraged at the notion that a parent or anyone else could “shop around” a student-athlete and there would possibly not be repercussions on the student-athlete’s eligibility.

“I’m committed to further clarifying and strengthening our recruiting and amateurism rules so they promote appropriate behavior by students, parents, coaches and third parties. We will work aggressively with our members to amend our bylaws so that this type of behavior is not a part of intercollegiate athletics.”

The NCAA, in a press release, explained its position under a heading that said: One size does not fit all: Differences between eligibility and investigations.

The release said:

Many in the media and public have drawn comparisons between recent high-profile NCAA decisions while ignoring the important differences among the cases. There is a purposeful distinction between determining student-athlete responsibility through an eligibility decision and university culpability through the infractions process. Universities are accountable for rules violations through the infractions process.

Student-athletes are responsible for rules violations through the eligibility process.
Reinstatement decisions are independent of the NCAA enforcement process and typically are made once the facts of the student-athlete’s involvement are determined. The reinstatement process is likely to conclude prior to the close of an investigation.

“The enforcement staff investigates all types of rules violations,” said Julie Roe Lach, NCAA vice president of enforcement. “Some of these investigations affect student-athlete eligibility and others do not. The investigation does not stop with a student-athlete eligibility issue, but school officials must address it as soon as they are aware of the violations.”

The NCAA looks at each student-athlete eligibility decision based on its merits, because no two are identical. In the Cam Newton reinstatement case, there was not sufficient evidence available to establish he had any knowledge of his father’s actions and there was no indication he actually received any impermissible benefit. If a student-athlete does not receive tangible benefits, that is a different situation from a student-athlete or family member who receives cash, housing or other benefits or knowingly competes and is compensated as a professional athlete.

“As the reinstatement staff reviews eligibility cases, we must review each case based on its own merits and the specific facts,” said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president of academic and membership affairs.

“During the decision, we must examine a number of factors, including guidelines established by our membership for what conditions should be applied based on the nature and scope of the violation. We also carefully consider any mitigating factors presented by the university to determine if relief from the guidelines should be provided.”

“While comparisons may be human nature, they should at least be made based on the facts.”

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We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
8:24 pm

NCAA Prez defends Auburn and Cam today!! Yes it looks like the NCAA decision has run into a hornet’s nest with their decision. Try reading Pat Haden’s comments today about the decision vs what USC was told by the NCAA regarding parents and players. Cam has his temporary pass to play so let the games begin. And let the NCAA and FBI continue to find the truth in this ugly , sordid affair.

We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
8:32 pm

The NCAA, in a press release, explained its position under a heading that said: One size does not fit all: Differences between eligibility and investigations.

The difference in opinion seems to exist between the eligibility vs the reinstatement divisions at the NCAA. How interesting that the NCAA would deign to respond so quickly to the apparent backlash in the sports talk shows and blogs concerning this ugly, sordid affair and the recent NCAA favorable decision.

Roma Locuta Est, Causa Finita Est

December 2nd, 2010
8:33 pm

The NCAA PRESIDENT has spoken, the matter is closed.

@We rent players Inc: To be an Auburn hater is truly a pathological condition, devoid of any logic or reasoning ability. How many times have you ever seen the NCAA president defend a school or player? If there was anything else out there on Auburn or Cam, do you think the NCAA would have gone public on this in a major way? They never even sent Auburn an official letter of inquiry.

Beast from the East

December 2nd, 2010
8:40 pm

I agree with all of your picks except for the Falcons. I think they’ll drop this one.
I’d love to see USC get their first title and SOS get his seventh but I have to agree with you about Auburn. Having a magical year and they look like they can overcome anything.
Nice jabs at UF, Bama, UGA, Dabo, etc. You’re on a roll tonight!

We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
8:45 pm

Roma Locuta Est, Causa Finita Est The investigation is not over pal.

We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
8:55 pm


December 2nd, 2010
8:56 pm

If you really believe Cam didn’t know what daddy was doing; raise your hand.

I’ve got some land down around Waycross that I’d love to show you.

Not Bying Your Crap

December 2nd, 2010
8:59 pm

Well duh, of course Au wins.

Ya think the SEC office and their corporate partners would allow any other result?


December 2nd, 2010
8:59 pm

BruceMac makes himself feel good insulting other peoples post.

Go Dogs

December 2nd, 2010
9:01 pm

Gosh Wally, I think those Auburn War Tigers are awful.

Good thing we are not like them.

Dr. Phil

December 2nd, 2010
9:02 pm

Cam is the best college player since Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indians in 1913. Ooops, Thorpe’s records were erased because of a lousy $6.00 baseball game.

Daddy got paid

December 2nd, 2010
9:04 pm

Let’s see…Cam didn’t know the laptop was stolen. Cam didn’t know the answers on the test so he cheated. And Cam didn’t know daddy was shopping him around. Who dresses this mental midget in the morning?


December 2nd, 2010
9:06 pm

Congratulation, Jeff, for getting your weekly Farve dig in, despite his not being involved in any of your
games of interest.

Petty is thy name. And shallow.


December 2nd, 2010
9:11 pm

By the way, I’ve thought for years that you were a talented and entertaining writer, before blog hits became the mantra.

But I have to say, Brett Favre is physically and mentally 1000 times tougher than you, and you really should just let it go.

Mr. Logic

December 2nd, 2010
9:11 pm

According to the SEC owned NCAA, you’re not guilty unless you actually exchange money, or you shake hands and agree. Right Mr. College Apologist?


Then your A D Damon is NOT guilty.

He only had her panties off. I mean c’mon.

No video of him boinking her, and no evidence of a handshake and agreement.

Solicitation and panties off in your lap don’t mean anything. Show me the proof.


December 2nd, 2010
9:17 pm

WAR EAGLE to all, great to be an AU Tiger with Cam leading the way. Love him or hate him the man is a beast. NCAA clears him and has to issue statement again today why they did so just to appease some folks who want the “aubarn fans” to suffer..I told you one day you folks would realize this was an eligibility issue only. Nothing came up now and nothing will come up…Hope to you you guys in Atlanta one day

We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
9:20 pm

atltiger15 Nawwww you are much too humble- all you Aubies said from day one that nothing happened- that neither Cam nor his Dad did anything wrong. It was all a nasty conspiracy against Cam and his family(violins playing softly in the background here).

Nick Fairley

December 2nd, 2010
9:22 pm

I threw the panties out the window


December 2nd, 2010
9:24 pm

So much to be proud of.


Mr. Logic

December 2nd, 2010
9:26 pm

Damon should have had the SEC lawyers.

My wife didn’t know.
My wife doesn’t know.

Damon Evans

December 2nd, 2010
9:29 pm

My wife didn’t know anything.

So, I’m still eligible, right?


December 2nd, 2010
9:30 pm

Would someone please tell the Auburn fans and YOU and YOUR AJC COHORTS that the investigation into Cam Scam isn’t over. Your readers need to go to espn.com for some real insight into this matter, not just biased personal opinions of AJC writers.

Flowery Branch Yellow Jacket

December 2nd, 2010
9:33 pm

Best line in the whole article … Arf.

We rent players Inc

December 2nd, 2010
9:37 pm


December 2nd, 2010
9:40 pm

Oh, a scary thought…Cam and his mother and father standing there smiling, throwing kisses, when (and if) he wins the Heisman. That will certainly take away from the importance of the trophy. What is Auburn doing to keep Cecil away from the team? Also, you only point out the articles on espn that agree with you, Jeff. There are many more negative articles about Cam Scam, but you naturally chose the one that is agreement with your opinion.

AU Engineer

December 2nd, 2010
9:50 pm

The NCAA’s investigation of Cam Newton’s recruitment at MSU is not officially over. Nevertheless, the NCAA president clearly believes Cam did not know about the Cecil/Rogers discussions for pay for play. Therefore, as far as AU and Cam are concerned, it is over. If there was evidence to show Cam knew about the $ discussions, then that would change the matter and he would lose his eligibility. But that would mean the NCAA still has substantive leads that need to be followed-up on. The NCAA people are mostly attorneys and professional investigators. If there was anything still out there, I don’t think the NCAA president himself would come out and exonerate Cam.

You have to really be delusional to think they did an incomplete investigation and left some major stones unturned. I think the whole agent selling player aspect and the MSU boosters still has some interest to the NCAA, as well as the FBI. I think the agent is in real trouble.