Babineaux’s innocence just took a hit (off the blunt)

Jonathan Babineaux's eyes weren't pinkish for the game Sunday.

Jonathan Babineaux's eyes weren't pinkish for the game Sunday.

When he retires as a defensive tackle, Jonathan Babineaux should come back as a quarterback. He’s already well-versed on how to audible.

According to the Gwinnett County police report on Babineaux’s arrest last week for multiple traffic violations and felony possession of marijuana, the Falcons’ lineman lied to police multiple times about whether: 1) There was marijuana in the car; 2) Whether anybody had smoked marijuana in the car; 3) Whether he had smoked marijuana in the car; 4) Pretty much everything that didn’t involve his name and profession (which police already knew).

You can read the entire police report here.

The release of the report comes after Babineaux released a statement last Thursday night saying he and his family “have faith that you will see I’m not guilty.” It also comes on the heels of Babineaux’s attorney, Patrick McDonough, releasing a statement, saying: “I believe Jonathan Babineaux is innocent of these charges.”

When McDonough retires as a defense attorney, he can be Babineaux’s offensive coordinator. Defense doesn’t seem to be his strength.

I’m sure that some day soon, Babineaux, probably at the urging of those sitting in the Falcons’ executive suite, will convince the player to hold a news conference and pronounce, “I screwed up.” Then we can all move on (except for owner Arthur Blank and general manager Thomas Dimitroff, who will wonder about the $25 million contract extension they gave him).

But the story just got new legs. A few highlights from the report, which was released Tuesday:

– When the officer told Babineaux that he smelled marijuana in his Escalade, the player responded that he had loaned the car to friends as few days earlier and that they had smoked pot.

– When asked if there was marijuana in the car, Babineaux said no. When the officer asked if he could search the car, Babineaux said no. When the police officer said he had probable cause to search the car, according to the report: “Babineaux looked scared and nervous. He rubbed his face and kept looking back at the vehicle. He told me that [his friend and passenger Aaron] Robinson had a medical marijuana license.”

– When police called for backup from the the K9 (drug-sniffing dogs) unit: “Ofc. Bailey deployed K9 Cody on the Escalade. K9 Cody alerted to the odor of narcotics by scratching at the passenger door.” Busted. (Scooby snack for Cody.)

– After marijuana was found in a backpack in the car, Babineaux was asked if he had smoked some. He said no. Problem was that his friend, Robinson told police that Babineaux had smoked “at least two or three times.” Busted. Babineaux then admitted what, again, police already knew.

By the way, Robinson told police that he has a California medical marijuana license to ease pain in his legs (strange because the two purchased the drugs in Atlanta).

Look, this is not a referendum on marijuana use. But the fact this took place during the season on a Thursday night of game week before the Falcons’ biggest game of the season — and while he was driving — speaks volumes about Babineaux’s maturity and intellect.

A little advice, Jonathan: Come clean before this gets any sillier.

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Coons Fan

December 15th, 2009
2:21 pm


December 15th, 2009
2:21 pm

busted! Again……


December 15th, 2009
2:21 pm

First, and it should probably be legal !!

Doyle Hargraves

December 15th, 2009
2:23 pm

Sweet mother of God, I am first. Big deal though.


December 15th, 2009
2:26 pm

Don’t even need to read the article…Title was PRICELESS….well done JS

Cindy Loo Hoo

December 15th, 2009
2:31 pm

Wasn’t he the guy who strangled/killed his girlfriends dog a while back?


Virginia Tech?

Country Boy

December 15th, 2009
2:31 pm

Silly is the right word Jeffy Boy. This guy is a cluster. Enjoy Tuesdays with the Count – although I believe you often get into the ‘ol square bottle while tapping the keyboard.

Tech Buzz

December 15th, 2009
2:32 pm

Just cut his stupid ars and move on. The Falcons don’t need, and the fans are tired of media circuses and NEGATIVE press!!!! After the Vick crap two years ago, why would ANY ONE on the team put themselves, as well as the team, in a situation like that?

Cut him, or suspend him with a HEFTY fine! It’s not like he did much against the Saints anyway, especially since we “needed” him to play!! This team and organization should have an absolute ZERO tolerance for this stuff after what we ALL went through with Vick!!


December 15th, 2009
2:32 pm

Just tell them you didn’t inhale.

Mr. Teacher Man

December 15th, 2009
2:32 pm

Can a teacher who is super clean get some of that 25 million? I promise that I’ve never smoked and I don’t even own an Escalade!!!!


December 15th, 2009
2:35 pm

Just fodder for debate….Babs is huge…that’s his be big, strong, and quick (in the lineman sense of the word). Point is, he’s not a QB or skill position player..he has less of a cerebral position on the team than say, Matty Ice, or Michael Turner. I really don’t care that he was smoking weed late on a Thursday night, that’s one of the perks of being an NFL player…life is pretty sweet if ya don’t get caught. Problem is Babs DID get caught…and then lied about it…wrong move. If I learned one thing growing up, it’s when you get busted..own up to it, be honest, apoligize and face the consequences. Wish Babs had done that.

Doyle Hargraves

December 15th, 2009
2:36 pm

I hope Babs’ friend is a big guy, because I think Jon is gonna open a can of whoop azz on him for telling the cops he was smoking too. That little comment might cost him a few million $. Whatever, a couple of losers, they deserve each other. Amazing how stupid people can be, putting everything they’ve earned at risk because they are so pathetic they can’t wait until they get home to get high.

I’m shocked that after the #7 debacle, and with Babs’ prior issue, that they didn’t do a thorough background investigation prior to the $25M extension. If they did do an investigation, maybe they need another investigator. Do they take this stuff seriously, or only after there’s a problem?

Actually, I don’t even know why this surprises me any more.


December 15th, 2009
2:43 pm

I think it should be legal as long as it’s good quality, but I am a little suprised Smitty didnt bench him. That was a good opportunity to set the tone for this team and he sold out a little bit. Babs is our leading tackler, too bad hes short on common sensamilla.


December 15th, 2009
2:45 pm

I might not have cared as much if he was sitting at home or in a hotel room doing this, but driving down the interstate??? I can tell you this – the fact that he endangered others by smoking pot while driving 60+ mph is dangerous to the community, and he needs to go to jail for a while. Shame on the Falcons for playing this idiot in Sunday’s game. Karma, Mr. Blank, Karma.


December 15th, 2009
2:45 pm

Arthur Blank is a fraud of an owner. He either couldn’t get Gwinnett Co. to give him some kind of idea of the actual nature of the incident or he didn’t try. Either way he has shown that he is full of baloney when he talks about integrity in his organization. What a fool.


December 15th, 2009
2:47 pm

ye gods, reefers? what a harmful selfish act. death penalty says I.

Paul H

December 15th, 2009
2:48 pm

Did anyone ever think this guy was “innocent?”

Who Cares

December 15th, 2009
2:48 pm

Babs is big. Just under 300 lbs.

Babs is dumb. Just wait 30 minutes and you can blaze up at your house without the feare of cops trying to snatch your crops.

Babs is strong. He killed a dog just by punching it!

Babs is angry. Again, he killed a dog just by punching it!

In conclusion we have a big, dumb, strong, angry guy on our Football team that plays D-Tackle. This is exactly what you want in the middle of your D-line. It was just a little soft dope people, we’re not talking about hard narcotics here. Everyone ease up.

Besides, all we need to do to motivate the guy next week is to convince him Thomas Jones has a sack in his hip pocket. We’ll never see Babs move faster!

bob horner had a sweet compact swing

December 15th, 2009
2:49 pm

I think pot should be legal….but it’s not…so if I was making $5 million a year in the NFL I definately would smoke pot only in the off season….that’s just me…

Paul H

December 15th, 2009
2:51 pm

Gotta cut him and move on. If these Falcons are indeed the “new” Falcons, they need to show it here. This isn’t the Vick Era anymore.


December 15th, 2009
2:53 pm

I did NOT have sex with that women! Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t inhale…….. Yeah, that’s what I meant….. I don’t have any idea how that stuff got in my car… This is all so STUPID! Somebody please legalize this stuff so we can get on with life….


December 15th, 2009
2:54 pm

Cut him, then you can probably cut most of the team….. Give me a break people!

Jeff Schultz

December 15th, 2009
2:57 pm

Quantavious… “too bad hes short on common sensamilla” That might be the line of the year.

NC Braves Fan

December 15th, 2009
2:58 pm

K9 Cody? Seriously?

December 15th, 2009
2:58 pm

With the way the season has gone we should’ve seen this coming, next week someone will commit a major indiscretion with a farm animal.


December 15th, 2009
3:00 pm

Why did he say he had a California medical license for pot, when he was in GA? And why did he drive around without a drivers license? Either arrogant or stupid, or both. Falcons probably do need him (he’s big and strong and pretty good), but they should cut him loose as soon as they can.

Alabama Jack

December 15th, 2009
3:08 pm

Could he be the Defensive Coordinator Mark Richt is searching for?


December 15th, 2009
3:10 pm

I like that Alabama Jack, but then our recruiting would take a BIG hit!


December 15th, 2009
3:12 pm

“Who Cares” is absolutely right. He is probably our best defensive lineman. Let Goodell levy out the suspension for next year and move on. By next year Jeff Schultz and Company (the media and certain fans) will have found a N.N.T.H. by then anyway.


December 15th, 2009
3:19 pm

Do these guys not take drug tests during the year? Babs is just a drop in the bucket.


December 15th, 2009
3:20 pm

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December 15th, 2009
3:26 pm

Why doesn’t the NFL just adopt a simple zero tolerance policy and get rid of stupid thugs like Babineaux?


December 15th, 2009
3:26 pm

Ricky, PLEASE, get a life. Regarding Babineaux, anyone surprised this happened? Anyone surprised he denies it? That’s how they roll. Never guilty!


December 15th, 2009
3:27 pm

The falcons only give large money in extentions to people who will soon embarass themselves and the organization… you can’t mess with tradition Jeff.


December 15th, 2009
3:28 pm

let me guess……like vicks followers insist, babs was set up by the nfl, the falcons, and by the white establishment…..just a quick observation……oh never mind….


December 15th, 2009
3:30 pm

This guy gets arrested a few days before a big game and is rewarded by being able to play. Falcons have no class.

Cap'n Nugs

December 15th, 2009
3:30 pm

Yeah, let’s cut him…I’m sure our defense will be just fine without him. And let’s test the rest of the team too…we can’t have any other stoners out there giving the Foulcons a bad name. Hell,
we can probably get rid of about 50% of them. (END SARCASM).

People who think weed is an evil drug, have never smoked weed. And what does smoking a J on Thursday have to do with playing a game on Sunday? Answer: Not a damn thing. What, do you people think…you stay high for 3 days after smoking??

Bab’s is stupid for putting himself in a position to be pulled over (lights, windows, etc), and stupid for smoking while driving, but being stupid does not make someone “low character”.

And BTW, obviously Mr. Robinson ain’t much of a friend. He could have claimed the weed was his and saved Bab’s a lot of grief. I’m sure Bab’s can afford the best legal representation money can buy. Do people still go to jail for 40 grams of weed? This country’s war on drugs is insane. I’ll take a smoker over an alcoholic any day.

OK, then…4:20 is less than a hour away! Bong hits, anybody??


December 15th, 2009
3:31 pm

He made a really bad decision…. one he’s probably made hundreds of times…. that said as a fan of the team I’m mostly disapointed this happened during the season. Since he is not one of the people on the field that really has to use thier brain very much…I don’t really care that much.

I just hope it serves as a lesson to the rest of the Falcons that they need to get thier freaking auto insurance up to date, pay the tags and don’t drive illegally. Don’t put yourself in the position to get in any kind of legal trouble. It’s really not that difficult.

Moral Victories = Losses

December 15th, 2009
3:31 pm

4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes.

Hillbilly Deluxe

December 15th, 2009
3:32 pm

Over 90% of the people in prison are innocent. Just ask them, they’ll tell you.


December 15th, 2009
3:34 pm

Ricky, those are great quotations!

Saint Simons is my caddy

December 15th, 2009
3:38 pm

Let him finish the season and then say goodbye

matt r

December 15th, 2009
3:39 pm

Why did we give an big extension to a dog killer anyway? I thought the Falcons frowned on that?


December 15th, 2009
3:40 pm

Cap’n Nugs…well said sir. Only criticism is that YES 40 grams is something ppl go to jail for…bc 28 grams is an ounce and that’s the line for a felony/intent to distribute. Any SMART person…we’ve established Babs is not that..wouldn’t mess with more than that.


December 15th, 2009
3:43 pm

I just think it’s funny that there are plenty of old, white, rednecks in GA that wouldn’t give two shi+s about shooting a dog out in the country but are the first to throw Babs under the bus and call Vick the AntiChrist. Let’s dig up everyone’s skeleton’s and see who looks like a thug THEN! If you don’t believe me about rednecks and dogs, ask your gradaddy.

Delbert D.

December 15th, 2009
3:49 pm

“have faith that you will see I’m not guilty.”

Faith is something to employ when the evidence says otherwise.

Bryan G.

December 15th, 2009
3:50 pm

I don’t mean to stand up for Babineaux, but as someone who has read police reports a lot…they tend to be inaccurate.

I’ve read a police report and then seen a video of an incident and COULD NOT believe that there were of the same incident.

I’m not saying that Babs is innocent or anything like that.

But you absolutely cannot believe everything written in a report by some kid with a 12th grade education pulling down 27K a year.

Again, I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I’m not saying that all cops lie…but…police reports are often innaccurate, lies, or just wrong.

I'm Gumby, dammit!!

December 15th, 2009
3:54 pm

People, people, people. You don’t kick your best defensive lineman to the curb, just because he decided to burn a little flat, cold spliff. It’s just pot, guys and gals. Get over it!! Now, as to the fact that he didn’t share, …


December 15th, 2009
3:54 pm

Jesus, Shultz, get a grip. Who are you, the morality police for Jonathan Babineaux? Come clean for what, so you can write another article? Let it play out in the justice system for crying out loud. That’s why we have a justice system. The guy smoked some freakin weed, who cares? He didn’t kill anyone.

Street Cred

December 15th, 2009
4:05 pm

He needs the weed for his injuries—he has a license, so it’s legal!