Georgia didn’t hire Tim Floyd; Don’t you feel better now?


Tim Floyd could've been the next Jim Harrick at Georgia. That's not a good thing.

Tim Floyd could've been the next Jim Harrick.

Welcome to the first edition of, “News and Views,” which will be an occasional feature on that will look at news items that have some connection to Atlanta sports fans. Two pretty good ones this Wednesday morning.

♦ NEWS: Tim Floyd resigns as Southern Cal basketball coach.

♦ WHY SHOULD YOU CARE: Because he wasn’t hired as Georgia’s coach in 2003.

♦ VIEWS: Maybe you forgot. When Jim Harrick was fired as Bulldogs coach, leaving behind probation and a grease spot, Vince Dooley and Damon Evans held a national search and narrowed their list of candidates down to two: Dennis Felton and Tim Floyd.

Now, I know things didn’t exactly work out great for Felton. But at least he didn’t get Georgia on probation (again), which is exactly what may happen at USC. Floyd’s resignation follows allegations that he gave $1,000 to a man who helped steer former star O.J. Mayo to the Trojans. Fact is, I wouldn’t want to be USC athletic director Mike Garrett right now. Rumors have swirled around the program ever since Yahoo! Sports wrote a series of stories about Reggie Bush’s family living in a home rent free and receiving other benefits while at the school and the Trojans football team is under NCAA investigation.

Interesting side note: Last month, Floyd and Carroll appeared together at a function for USC boosters. Both coaches were asked about pending NCAA investigations. Floyd never responded. Carroll said when he got to the school, he wanted to build a program where “everyone was coming after us. Be careful what you wish for.”

Now, Felton and Floyd both are available in the job market again. Something tells me Felton will get a job first.


That's attorney Lawrence Woodward, who gets paid way too much by the guy on the left.


♦ NEWS: A fed-up judge tells Michael Vick’s attorney’s to revise his bankruptcy plans — again.

♦ WHY SHOULD YOU CARE: Because it has become clear that one of Vick’s greatest flaws is his inability to choose a competent attorney and until this mess is resolved, he’ll never straighten his life out. And, well, it’s Michael Vick.

♦ VIEWS: I’ve seen smart people fail because they have dumb people around them. I’ve seen dumb people succeed because they surround themselves with brilliance. Vick is the worse combination. Talented but sometimes dumb and gullible — and almost always surrounded by advisers and attorneys who leave you wondering how they ever passed the bar exam and got hired to begin with.

Trust me when I tell you that Falcons’ officials were astounded when nobody in Vick’s camp advised and/or convinced the quarterback to deal with a woman who charged Vick with giving him an STD. That story never had to become public. Many similar stories never do. But when nobody cut a deal and she finally filed a lawsuit in 2005, it was an embarrassment for Vick, the organization and the NFL. As it turned out, that was only the beginning.

That's Paul Campsen (left), Vick's bankruptcy attorney and future fry cook.

That's Paul Campsen on the left. He's Vick's bankruptcy attorney and a possible future fry cook.

Vick’s long-time attorney Lawrence Woodward failed to act swiftly or do anything of consequence when the dog-fighting story first broke in Surry County, Va. Remember, for the longest time, this was a little local story. I’m not excusing Vick of anything he did. (You should know that by now.) But something could have been negotiated with local authorities long before the story grew legs and the feds stepped in.

Once the FBI took over, Vick was sunk. But even then, there seemed to be no rush to get to the negotiating table. Consequently, every other member of the Bad Newz Kennelz brain trust got deals. “Ookie” got the max.

I”m also assuming nobody advised Vick to avoid doing something really stupid, like going on a shopping spree on the way to prison, basically emptying your checking account of cash that could’ve been used to pay off creditors. Remember that one? If not, click here.

Now there’s this: U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank J. Santoro said Tuesday that Vick’s reorganization plan “left something to be desired.” Of course, it’s actually his attorneys plans. They keep coming to the table with fabricated numbers pointing to potential future NFL income, when any clear-thinking person realizes that such numbers have no guarantees. Vick has been slow to sell some of his possessions that could pay down $25 million in debt. 

Vick will go before the judge again Aug. 27. Santoro said if he’s not satisfied with the next proposal, he’ll appoint a trustee to liquidate Vick’s holdings. Think: Craigslist, only at a higher level. Of course, by Aug. 27, NFL training camps will be over and done.

Nice job guys.

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R Cagle

June 10th, 2009
8:36 am

Don’t you know that Reggie Bush and his family feel just awful about the whole thing.


June 10th, 2009
8:40 am

Why, oh why, do we have to be continually bombarded with writers writing about this guy – we really do not care and he is no longer in Atlanta. Let the VA newspapers deal with it!

Jack P

June 10th, 2009
8:46 am

Floyd is dishonest with a “win at any cost” attitude. He should be barred from working in all College and University settings.


June 10th, 2009
8:50 am

Yes, all of team Vick are dumb as a box of rocks.


June 10th, 2009
8:53 am

Jeff – didn’t Floyd’s name come up this year as well for the UGA opening? Nice to see a good move in hindsight.

Pack Of Smokes

June 10th, 2009
8:53 am

Anyone who wants theyre program to do good and play all the players on the bench should look no further than up the road from your house.Those coaches work so hard to get things done on the down-low.Winning programs have good canteens where everyone can eat a good lunch.

[...] Jeff Schultz | – [...]

Jeff Schultz

June 10th, 2009
9:16 am

R.CAGLE — Oh yeah. Reggie can’t sleep at night. Or is that because of the Kardashians?

LAKERAT — Maybe you don’t care about Michael Vick. But I can show you page view statistics that would indicate otherwise.

JACK P — That would be a nice if the NCAA enforced such a rule — get a school on probation, you’re suspended yourself. I like it. Kentucky might be looking for another basketball coach right about now. (Memphis: Calipari).

WAWEL78 – I can’t recall that. I do know that he came very close to taking the Arizona job — and in retrospect probably should have.

Pago Flyer

June 10th, 2009
9:18 am

We still think the Falcons should keep vick’s contract.


June 10th, 2009
9:33 am

Vick should not be allowed to play in the NFL again.

Is anyone really surprised with the USC thing? The only question is why does the SEC take so long with USC but things are moving right along with Bama. For the record all I ask from the UGA basketball team is not to be in trouble with the NCAA and win 1 conf game a year. You can’t be good at everything and if basketball is the under performing program fine.

Richy Rich

June 10th, 2009
9:35 am

Good read, Jeff.
Isn’t it true that Mr. Vick’s attorney gets a lot more billable hours when he does not resolve potential issues early?
I rest my case.

Sam Everyman, Citizen Journalist

June 10th, 2009
9:36 am

The AJC says pineapple upside down cake is a Southern favorite. That must make it so. I’m not sure where the pineapples trees are around here but I do know all I care to learn about Mike Vick. In the real news of the day . . . Tom Glavine is biding his time while the AJC does his dirty work with the Atlanta fans and Braves organization. Henry Grady’s statue will come down and be replaced by one of Tom Glavine . . . with a blue finger and a union label. Positioning of the blue finger as yet undetermined.

Sam Everyman, Citizen Journalist

June 10th, 2009
9:41 am

I don’t mean to suggest Tom would give the fans a finger . . . he did that when he left for NY. What we have now is an older, wiser, Tom Glavine. One who tops out at 83 mph. It was great seeing Bobby awarded that nice crystal last night for 2,000 wins as a Braves manager. There’s another statue for you. Where Bobby’s finger will be should be pretty obvious.


June 10th, 2009
9:49 am

I agree Jeff. I believe if Vick had addressed the issue early (before the feds stepped in) apologized, explained himself (young, naive, poor choices, ect.) and offered to do some sort of restitution ($$, public service announcements) this mess would have never ended up where it did. I have always wondered why this wasn’t his approach. I think what he did was terrible, but there are some in our society that have been raised in a culture that views it differently. We all can probably claim ignorance or indifference about many things we have been raised to believe. America is a VERY forgiving society if you are SINCERLY apologetic and remorseful. Most of us are willing to give you a second chance. Had that been done, I believe he would still be playing and his life would not be where it is today.

Proverbs 12:15 (NIV) “The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to (good) advice.”

Jeff Schultz

June 10th, 2009
9:53 am

PAGO: You willing to pay it? If so, I’ll give you Arthur Blank’s cell number and email address. He’d love to hear from you.

RICHY RICH: Point taken, sir. Might I suggest, though, that he should’ve fired these schmoes a long time ago?

SAM: Never been a pineapple upside down cake guy.

CARL: Assuming an attorney didn’t write Proverbs.

f leghorn

June 10th, 2009
10:08 am

There’s a grove of pineapple trees near my house. .we go snipe hunting there all the time.

Karl Childers

June 10th, 2009
10:18 am

This Schultz feller likes to eat potted meat as much as me…..



June 10th, 2009
10:21 am

I know where Bobby’s finger will be.

Vick Supporter 5,002

June 10th, 2009
10:28 am

Man that judge be trippin he just mad cuz MV7 make more bucks then he ever will

MV7 will rul the NFL when he get back jus watch.. just watch.. the BOREDome will b cryin when Ryan failz dis year.. jus watch.. just watch!


June 10th, 2009
10:32 am

That all being said and scandal aside…. at least USC has been relevant the last several years. Outside of a stroke of luck with a tornado…. UGA Basketball hasn’t existed.


June 10th, 2009
10:35 am

I’ve always wondered how the bankrupt companies individuals what have you are able to pay attorneys?

At this point Mike could probably blame attorney fees as being a reason for bankruptcy.


June 10th, 2009
10:36 am

The Mike Vick saga never ends….stupid is as stupid does..( FG ). He’s like a train wreck, you don’t want to look, but you just can’t stop yourself from looking.

Too bad for Vick that ol’ Johnny Cochran is dead….he’d have the Feds and the Falcons kissing his @$$ and giving him more money to waste.

When George Raft was asked how he could have ended up penniless after such a hugely successful acting career, he responded, ” Some of it I spent on drinking, some of it I spent on gambling, and some of it I spent on women….the rest of it I spent foolishly.”

Georgia News - 6/10/09 |

June 10th, 2009
10:43 am

[...] basketball news, back in 2003, Georgia decided to replace Jim Harrick with Dennis Felton.  Their second choice?  Tim Floyd, who just resigned at Southern Cal amidst the OJ Mayo scandal.  Suddenly the Felton hire [...]

Paul From Milton

June 10th, 2009
10:52 am

Great point about Vick, Jeff. It seems like one bad decision after another and his representatives have never gotten in front of an issue. The one thing I don’t know (maybe you do) is how truthful Vick has been to his attorneys and how much of the strategy he is dictating. I think most people would like to see him resolve all his legal issues quickly and at least have an opportunity to play again.

My guess is that Tim Floyd is the tip of the iceberg in college basketball. It seems to me that with the rise of influence of AAU programs there is a lot of room for corruption with little oversight. Maybe I don’t understand the system, but I know that Calipari has an “associate” who deals exclusively with AAU programs only and never has contact with high schools.


June 10th, 2009
10:54 am

Vick Supporter 5,002….sounds like you and MV7 are 2 peas in a pod.

Left to Right

June 10th, 2009
11:01 am

While we are giving some hindsight shoutouts to decisions involving the UGA basketball program (something that has been rare the past ten years), how about the decision not to allow Robert Dozier to enroll? It looks particularly good now that information regarding his “fishy” SAT scores (from a 1260 the first time he took it to a 720 the second time) has come to light.

Floyd and Dozier-two bullets dodged. Given what Georgia basketball has been through, I’ll take it as a sign that things are looking up.

What If...?

June 10th, 2009
11:03 am

If one of the women Vick knowingly infected with his STDs could go back in time and prevent his birth, would they?

If PETA members could go back in time and prevent Vick from ever getting the G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E Arthur Blank from giving him million$ with which to acquire, breed, fight, brutalize, torture and murder dogs as part of an illegal interstate gambling operation that violated federal law, would they?

If Atlanta citizens could go back in time and prevent the once-great, once-objective, once-informative AJC from becoming an ultra-liberal, socialist platform that demonizes anyone with non-liberal viewpoints and predominantly bashes local sports teams, would they?


June 10th, 2009
11:07 am

Tim Floyd gets hired first. He just got caught while every other team that does it got away with it. One thousand indirect dollars is child’s play for what is going on out there. My guess is Mayo was headed to USC anyway and that chump change would have barely covered a visit to the Los Angles campus. Felton spent three times that for one suit. I know this sounds bad but I kind of like Floyd’s priorities over Felton’s and I am betting other hiring colleges will too.

f leghorn

June 10th, 2009
11:10 am

According to Lester Munson of ESPN, Vick’s criminal defense attorney knew about Vick’s dogfighting long before the feds did. He may be the bigger criminal in this story. As for Vick’s ability to ever make big bucks in football again, though it seems doubtful at present, everything will change once the good commish reinstates him. Once that happens, and the Falcons release him, the dogfight will begin.

Vick Supporter 5,002

June 10th, 2009
11:16 am

SimpleDawg, your name fits.. is SimpleJack your daddy?


June 10th, 2009
11:18 am

Keep your eye on Florida State. If their appeal is rejected – and they usually are – their track team may have to forfeit a national championship. This adds credence to stripping USC of their football national championship once the NCAA opens their eyes and sees the conspicuous evidence.



June 10th, 2009
11:22 am

Jeff, No way Proverbs was written by a lawyer…….For one, it makes a great deal of sense. Two, almost anyone can understand it. And, the most obvious, you’re not charged a fee if you use it!


June 10th, 2009
11:24 am

We’ll know that MVick has turned over a new leaf when he shows up to an event with neither a lawyer nor a posse of body guards. When a person is right thinking, they don’t need body guards or lawyers.


June 10th, 2009
11:33 am

I agree with suspending a coach. I will never forget how Eddie Sutton left Kentucky in shambles while he skipped off to the Sweet 16 with Oklahoma State.


June 10th, 2009
11:51 am

anyone would be so lucky to wake up next to Kim Kardashian, NCAA violations nothwithstanding.
Back to MV, there was a long, exhaustive story on ESPN on the day of Vicks release by one of their sports legal consultants (Cossick, Munson?) abut how most of Vick’s bad advice came form 2 guys: Lawyer Woodward and some street guy.


June 10th, 2009
12:16 pm

Keep your eye on Florida State. If their appeal is rejected – and they usually are – their track team may have to forfeit a national championship. This adds credence to stripping USC of their football national championship once the NCAA opens their eyes and sees the conspicuous evidence.

Deadbeat Dad

June 10th, 2009
12:20 pm

Happy ILLEGITIMATE Father’s Day, Mike Vick !


June 10th, 2009
12:33 pm

The day the NCAA drops the hammer on USC, I’ll dance naked during a Falcons halftime.

Their “investigation” is nothing but lip service, because they can’t just come out and say “we punish programs very selectively, and neutering the Trojans is not in our interest.”

They will push paper around until people have forgfotten, slap the Trojans with a retroactive probation, or something else with less bite than an earthworm, and then they’ve get back to what they do best, devoting most of their enforcement efforts to the southeastern United States.



June 10th, 2009
12:35 pm

The only thing that I care about that thug Vick and the clowns he has surrounding him is what impact does his future have on the Falcon’s salary cap? Is Vick staying suspended the best case of the Falcons? What about a trade? Does the timing of the trade make a difference in the cap hit? What’s the best case for the Falcons?

Keeping It Real

June 10th, 2009
12:38 pm

If it were legal for athletes and their families to be compensated like others, there would be no NCAA sanctions and penalties. Why should a coach receive millions while his players cannot even work for money? Please don’t tell me that college administrators, coaches and ADs recruit these athletes in order to give them a good education. NOT!!! It is to win and get good TV and Alumni revenues. It is business. Stop the plantation mentality?

Jeff Schultz

June 10th, 2009
1:00 pm

F Leghorn — whatever Lester Munson says, I believe. He’s top notch.


June 10th, 2009
1:06 pm

Keep it Real…or more aptly put…Keeping it Stupid…
Are you kidding me? Pay the athlete AND his family for collegiate participation? We already have a system for that…it is called MLB, NFL, NHL etc…! What do you think would be the outcome for some of these athletes if a university did not provide them an education (that you just brush off as nothing)…most would not be able to attend and therefore wind up living off me and the rest of hard working Americans…

Forrest Gump

June 10th, 2009
1:09 pm

There is no question that Vick is stupid, but so was Arthur Blank. I think that the silliest sight I have seen in sports was Blank pushing Vick in a wheelchair on the sidelines. The argument here seems to be that Vick should have had a better “crue” to contain publicity of his bad behavior. What about just stopping the bad behavior? I have no doubt that Blank or someone in the organization made the dope-filled water bottle go away. Maybe Blank, the facilitator, learned his lesson. It was an expensive one for both Blank and Vick.


June 10th, 2009
1:12 pm

Ah, lakerat: the reason we get bombarded by the Vick stuff is because we, including you, read it. So stop whining about after you have read every word.


June 10th, 2009
1:16 pm

All the lies that Vick told to Blank and Goodell really have hurt him in the long run. Liars never ever have any credibility with their victims after the fact. Maybe since he had no upbringing he should get a pass. Mike Vick is a good athlete, but he is one dumb brother. If one needs an indicator just look at the $20,000,000 he pi$$ed away.

[...] Georgia didn’t hire Tim Floyd — don’t you feel better now?Not to really defend Tim Floyd, but don’t you think we should wait for the NCAA to, I don’t know, actually charge him with stuff before we convict and hang him? Just askin’. [...]


June 10th, 2009
1:23 pm



June 10th, 2009
1:25 pm


april glaspie

June 10th, 2009
2:01 pm

How did this degenerate into a Tommy Glavine debate? If umps had a clue about the strike zone, Glavine and Maddux would have been riding pine in Wichita a long time ago. That said, the Braves were their utterly classless selves in their treatment of Glavine. But excuse me, anybody that actually knows anything about baeball, or loyalty, or some combination, knows the Braves pulled this same Bushwa on Soltz, and Glavine wishes he was that good.

Chuck, how aobut the NCAA fessing up on the Coach Wooden hot-tub days? A few years back, Georgia lost a couple of scholarships because an assistant coach drove a destitute player to attend the funeral of a close family member who had no other way of getting there. Consider the case of Jamie Ponsoldt, who the NCAA deemed inelligible to play at Harvard because his college courses as a high schooler didn’t conform with their arcane rules. NCAA is avout as sensible and fair as NBA refs watching Kobe and LeBron fall down and deciding there must be a perpetrator.

Trey J

June 10th, 2009
2:02 pm

I’m still a Michael Vick fan, but God only knows why he’s still got the same attorney. (dumb as a box of rocks ok maybe, but he had enough time in the joint to get sharpen up) See Shawshank Redemption. It’s not like any of his old friends or attorney’s did him any favors.
I honestly want this guy to bounce back, but dammit Mike!
Let me say this one more time “Earth to Micheal Vick” cut them all off!
Clean house dude! Old friends,lawyers,business partners let them all go and please hire someone that has your best interest at heart. Call Tony Dungy and ask him for help. I’m sure he knows some good people.
He’s gonna get another chance but what good will it be if he hasn’t learned anything.