Rasmussen: Georgia’s Herman Cain within 5 points of Obama

Rasmussen reports that Georgia’s own Herman Cain has drawn to within five points of President Obama in a head-to-head matchup.

That sounds too crazy to be true, and of course in a practical sense it is. According to Rasmussen, Obama draws 39 percent of the vote and Cain 34 percent, which makes it hard to take seriously as a true head-to-head poll. That 34 percent isn’t a measure of Cain’s support, it’s a measure of the number of Americans who will vote for anybody against Obama.

In fact, only 61 percent of REPUBLICAN voters told Rasmussen they would vote for Cain over Obama. (The Daily Caller reports that Cain gets 3 percent of the black vote in the poll, while Obama gets 76 percent, but that information is missing from the Rasmussen site.) Rasmussen also acknowledges that in all of its polls, Obama leads every announced Republican candidate.

As a more telling measure of Cain’s strength, he draws 9 percent nationwide among Republicans, according to a CNN poll. In Florida, where Cain won the straw poll, he’s at 7 percent.

The Hermanator does seem to be enjoying his time in the spotlight, and more power to him. He’s also doing wonders for his post-primary media career. But I don’t think he’ll be filling out a change-of-address form for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anytime soon.

UPDATE: Fox just released results of its new poll, with good news for Cain. Romney leads with 23 percent, Perry’s at 19 percent and Cain is at 17 percent.

Other data from the Fox poll:

Obama leads Romney 45-42, within the margin of error. Among voters 35 and under, he leads 61-27 percent. Yes, young voters tend to not vote as often. But as time passes and American demography changes, that’s a serious problem for the GOP.

Perry’s support fell by 10 points, from 29 to 19 percent, from the previous Fox poll in late August. But almost none of that lost support gravitated to Romney. Cain and Gingrich were the biggest beneficiaries.

– Jay Bookman

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September 29th, 2011
11:51 am

Does anyone but desperate Republicans take Rasmussen seriously any more?

Trotsky Foxtrot

September 29th, 2011
12:22 pm


Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

Mr. Churchill was wrong. He had it backwards.

If you’re under 30 and you’re not a conservative, you’re proving you’re not clever enough (i.e. you’re not really a striver), while if you’re over 30 and not a liberal, you’re too clever by half (i.e. you’re definitely a striver and you’re naive in your faux hard-heartedness).

Mad Max

September 29th, 2011
1:35 pm

GM – As Obama told the black caucus – take your slippers off! Who’s dancing GM?


September 29th, 2011
3:07 pm

At this point the Rep would run satan against Obama, these people hate anbody with a moral obligation to help the elder, sick.
These are your conservatives rep whites who every sunday run to church but scream let some body without insurance die or scream hate at our gay soldiers, I am sure God is very pleased with them, they are no different from the past cristians klan.