South looks at 2016 “SEC Primary”

From Atlanta, Georgia

With new primary and caucus rules in place from Republicans for the next race for the White House, elections officials in the south are already talking about putting together their own regional primary for 2016 as a way to enhance their influence in that Presidential election year.

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Audit: IRS execs sidestepped travel tax laws

A review by internal auditors at the Internal Revenue Service confirms that top executives at the IRS who traveled extensively for tax agency work did not have certain federal tax laws applied to them – as they would be to ordinary Americans – for what is known as Long Term …

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How much will the debt limit increase?

Over the weekend, President Obama signed into law a bill that suspends the nation’s debt limit until March 15, 2015. As some in the GOP labeled it a ‘blank check,’ it did raise the obvious question – how much will the debt increase during that time?

If we look at …

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New Obama health enrollment numbers

The Obama Administration released new figures on private health insurance signups for the Obama health law, showing that almost 3.3 million people have enrolled in the plan.

“These encouraging trends show that more Americans are enrolling every day, and finding quality, affordable coverage in the Marketplace,” said Health Secretary Kathleen …

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Congress coughs on budget cuts

While both parties talk a very good game about ways to save money in the budget, Democrats and Republicans often like to use what amount to “gimmicks” that make you think that money is being ’saved’ – when in reality it might not really work out that way.   That …

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GOP unveils debt limit bill

Still searching for votes, House GOP leaders on Monday evening urged rank and file Republicans to back a plan that would extend the nation’s debt limit for just over a year, while also extending some spending cuts and altering a controversial change to future military retirement pay adjustments.

No matter …

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Feds still awarding contracts with ’stimulus’ money

February 17, 2014, will mark five years since President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – what many know as the “Stimulus Law.”

It may be hard to believe, but Uncle Sam is still handing out contracts funded with that same stimulus money – five years later.

Back …

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A tale of two Senates

The common perception of the Congress is that lawmakers can no longer work across party lines to get anything done, and that dysfunction was demonstrated again as the Senate deadlocked over a jobless benefits bill on Thursday, as Democrats came up one vote short in their quest to force action …

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Spin war over Obama health law report

Republicans for a second day seized on a Congressional Budget Office report about the economic impact of the Obama health law, as Democrats strongly criticized the news media coverage of the report’s findings about the health reform changes.

At a hearing of the House Budget Committee, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf …

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Highlights from CBO findings on health law

Raising questions about the economic impact of the Obama health law, the latest “Budget and Economic Outlook” from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office was seized on by Republicans on Tuesday, as GOP lawmakers argued it was clear evidence that the law needs to be repealed.

“Health Care Law May Result …

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