The 2014 Congressional primaries begin

With primary elections Tuesday in Texas, we may get the first hint of whether voters are really ready to make major changes in the U.S. Congress, or if sitting lawmakers in both parties are able to withstand challengers who are ready to bring new blood to the halls of the …

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US scrambles to block Russian push in Ukraine

Threatening economic sanctions and penalties for military advances in Crimea, the United States and six other Western nations suspended plans for a summit in Russia this summer and condemned the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine, rushing to find some way to stop the Russians from a bolder …

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Putin trumps another U.S. President

As President Obama went to the White House Briefing Room on Friday to make comments on the Russian military moves in Ukraine, it was hard not to have a sense of déjà vu about how the United States was handling an aggressive Vladimir Putin.

“I’m deeply concerned about the situation,” …

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Congress shrugs off tax reform plan

A day after a powerful U.S. House committee chairman unveiled what may be the most comprehensive tax reform bill since 1986, lawmakers in both parties in Congress gave the plan a collective shrug, as it created next to no momentum for action on tax reform among either Democrats or Republicans …

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Details of GOP tax reform plan

Even without the support of GOP leaders in the Congress, the Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee unveiled his plans for major individual and business tax reform at the federal level, arguing it is time to streamline the code and promote new economic growth at all levels.

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CBO frowns on change to 30 hour Obama health law rule

Congressional budget analysts say a Republican plan to change the threshold in the Obama health law for employer health coverage would raise the deficit by over $7 billion a year, cost a million people health insurance coverage and increase the number of uninsured Americans by up to 500,000.

“This estimate …

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Battle looms over Obama defense budget

In remarks to reporters at the Pentagon on Monday, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel laid out a series of details about President Obama’s budget plan for defense in 2015, the first real postwar budget since the September 11 attacks led to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even as he detailed the …

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Five issues Congress might not touch in 2014

While both parties are jabbing furiously at each other over major issues like the Obama health law, a minimum wage increase, climate change, entitlement spending reform and more, don’t look for much of that to be up for actual votes anytime soon in the U.S. House or Senate.

After all …

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Chained CPI booted from Obama budget

A week after the Congress reversed course on a plan to save money by limiting yearly cost-of-living-adjustments for military retirement pay, the White House made clear its new budget for 2015 will not include a similar plan to limit yearly increases in Social Security benefits as a way to save …

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South looks at 2016 “SEC Primary”

From Atlanta, Georgia

With new primary and caucus rules in place from Republicans for the next race for the White House, elections officials in the south are already talking about putting together their own regional primary for 2016 as a way to enhance their influence in that Presidential election year.

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