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Video of Paul Walker’s Crash

TMZ posted video of PAUL WALKER’S fatal crash, taken from a surveillance camera on a nearby building.

The crash occurs behind a set of trees, so it’s hard to see the car itself.  But you can see TONS of smoke, then several cars rushing to the scene.  (Check it out …

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Which party is better for economic growth?

A new study from economic experts at Princeton University concludes that economic growth in the United States is much better when Democrats control the White House, but provides no clear answer as to why that happens.

“We find that oil shocks, productivity shocks, and shocks to consumer expectations about the …

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Feds say making strides

The Obama Administration on Sunday declared that it had addressed broad problems with the rollout of the website, as officials said over 400 software fixes and other hardware changes had made it much easier for consumers to sign up for health insurance plans.

“The bottom line is that …

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Kennedy assassination still fresh in DC

Fifty years ago, it was just another Friday. On November 22, 1963, my father had walked the one block home from his job on Capitol Hill to eat lunch with my mother, who was just days away from giving birth to her first child.

After having his lunch, my dad …

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What happened in the Senate on the nuclear option

We have heard about it for almost ten years. Republicans threatened to go “nuclear” during the Bush Administration, but backed down. Democrats also threatened to change the filibuster rules for months, and then finally did it just before a Thanksgiving break.

So, what changes? And what doesn’t?

1. Most nominees …

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Health law gets thumbs down from small business

The discontent over the changes from the Obama health law spilled into a Senate hearing on Wednesday, as several small business owners gave Senators a blunt negative review of the changed health system, arguing that the results so far have not improved their bottom line or the health coverage for …

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Big chunk of health law IT work not finished

Raising more questions about when the Obama health law will be fully operational, a top federal official told Congress today that 30-40% of the IT infrastructure behind the website still hasn’t been finished.

Testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Henry Chao told lawmakers that “we still have …

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GOP stays on offense on health law

As lawmakers in the Congress – and average Americans – get ready to focus on Thanksgiving in coming days, Republicans are still pressing their case against the Obama health law, holding another hearing on Tuesday about security issues and readying plans to take their arguments on the road in coming …

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Feds send out “Black Friday” store safety ideas

After watching big crowds gather around the country at stores for various “Black Friday” sales on the day after Thanksgiving, the federal government has now issued “Crowd Management Safety Guidelines” for retailers, to help “avoid injuries during the holiday shopping season.”

“The busy shopping season should not put retail workers …

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Implementing the Obama health law

Almost every day in recent weeks, I get a message from a listener or a reader who demands to know how the Obama Administration can make certain changes in the operational details of the President’s health law.

“Unconstitutional!” they often say.

They usually don’t like my answer when I tell …

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