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Goodbye to WDBO’s Jim Turner

One of my best friends in radio is signing off the air this week, as Jim Turner, host of the WDBO-FM morning show in Orlando is hanging up his radio cleats, more than ready to hop in his pickup truck and quickly drive his way into retirement.

“I’ve been trying …

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Senate’s Hurricane Sandy relief plan

Senate Democrats on Wednesday unveiled the details of a $60.4 billion disaster aid plan to help deal with the damage from Hurricane Sandy.  The plan basically tracks what was proposed late last week by the White House and the Obama Administration.

Even as famous bands like the Rolling Stones took …

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In search of a fiscal cliff deal

As Democrats and Republicans wrangle over the details of a fiscal cliff deal, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke again warned leaders in both parties that going over the cliff, or just postponing scheduled tax increases and budget cuts should not be an option in Washington, D.C.

“There’s a problem with …

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No balanced budget in fiscal cliff talks

There are two words that for many years played a major part of the tax and budget debate in Washington, D.C. which are now no longer uttered on a regular basis in the halls of Congress. 

What has gone out of style? A “balanced budget.”

That was the buzz phrase …

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Fiscal cliff talks hazy

With two weeks until Christmas, we have reached a point where you might want to get out the Ouija board to figure out what is going on with the fiscal cliff talks between President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

After a sit down on Sunday at the White House, Messrs. Obama …

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$60.4 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster aid request

The White House on Friday sent the Congress a request for $60.4 billion in disaster aid to help with a variety of needs in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged the New York and New Jersey areas in October.  The Obama Administration wants action on the plan before lawmakers …

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21 days to the fiscal cliff

After finger pointing seemed to dominate last week on the fiscal cliff, many might expect this week in Washington, D.C. to be dominated by work behind the scenes to cut a deal to avert a year-end tax and budget impasse, while still delaying some of the battles on details into …

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Time marches on in the Congress

It has been almost 54 years since my parents arrived on Capitol Hill as fresh-faced staffers in the Congress; time, though is taking a toll, as their friends and the members of Congress from their era keep falling in what has become an ominous march in recent years.

This week, …

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Conservatives slam Boehner over committee changes

With at least four Republicans being booted from key committee slots in the House, GOP leaders and Speaker John Boehner are taking fire from their own right wing, accused of punishing those who don’t toe the leadership line all the time.

“We haven’t even been told officially that we were …

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Republicans make fiscal cliff counter offer

Republicans tried to push back against the White House in the battle over the fiscal cliff on Monday, offering a plan that allowed for some increase in tax revenues, but also called for more in the way of budget cuts.

The new GOP plan would bring in $800 billion in …

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