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PHOTOS: Atlanta ‘Twilight’ convention March 6-7

twilight4 (Small)

Actor Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays Marcus in the "Twilight" series movies, spoke at a conference dedicated to them in Atlanta on March 6. It continues through the weekend. AJC photos by Jamie Gumbrecht

It’s thousands of people and a parade short of Dragon*Con, but the mood at a “Twilight” convention going on this weekend at the Westin in Buckhead felt very much the same: curious and companionable.

Visiting actors including Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen), Daniel Cudmore (Felix), Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) and Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus) faced questions like Who was most interesting to hang out with? Why doesn’t your character wear shoes?, What’s your nationality? and What’s your pet peeve?

Yes, the audience was mostly teen girls, but there were sections, too, like the TwilightMOMS panel, where women who’ve escaped high school were able to get together and say, “Hey! I’m not the only one in her 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, who thinks this is great!”

Rebecca Dewalk, Tiffany Murphy, Lynn Milton and Erin Fisk talk about other vampire and romance series during the Twilight Moms panel.

North Georgia Twilight …

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‘Brawl at Symphony Hall’ returns as ‘Beatdowns in the Ballroom’: Ultimate Fighting at Ga. World Congress Center

We reported a few months ago that Mixed Martial Arts would take over Atlanta Symphony Hall in January at an event titled “Brawl at Symphony Hall.” Of course, it never happened; the fights were swiftly canceled after angry reactions from arts patrons.

But “Brawl” organizers said in a press release today they’re “still considering legal action” after the cancellation, and they’re planning another bout in an unexpected venue, if not one with the high art cachet of Symphony Hall.

This time, they’re calling it “Beatdowns in the Ballroom” and the Ultimate Fighting event will feature Cortez Coleman, Douglas “The Phenom” Lima, Diego “The Octopus” Saraiva, Ethan Garrison and others in the Thomas Murphy Ballroom at the Georgia World Congress Center, home to so-many bridal shows and pep rallies. The winner takes home a $10,000 prize.

Melissa Sanders, the director of public & media relations for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, said in an e-mail Tuesday that they have nothing further to …

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‘Brawl at Symphony Hall’ Ultimate Fight night canceled

I reported last week about a Mixed Martial Arts event scheduled in January at Symphony Hall, but the event has been canceled after patrons complained.

From an AJC story, “No brawl in Symphony Hall“…

Symphony Hall officials had signed a contract with Sin City Fight Club promoter William McAlister, but they pulled out after a story in the Dec. 17 Atlanta Journal-Constitution prompted calls from angry patrons, McAlister said.

A few days later, he received his deposit in the mail along with a letter of termination, dated the same day as the AJC story.

What do you think? Did Symphony Hall officials make the right call?

For instant updates, follow @insideaccess on Twitter.

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Stone Mountain becomes Snow Mountain Dec. 26-March 7


Stone Mountain Park becomes Snow Mountain Park! AJC/John Spink

Here’s something to cheer you up on this decidedly gray, rainy day: there’s snow on the way. Don’t you feel better already?

What I’m talking about, though, is the best kind of snow — fluffy stuff that will never back up traffic, but happens to be perfect for tubing. As of Dec. 26, Stone Mountain Park becomes Snow Mountain Park, complete with tubing on the laser lawn, snow play areas for building igloos and snowmen, special spots for little kids and areas to take it all in or warm your feet by the fire.

Like in past years, Snow Mountain uses a closed-loop system that chills snow from Stone Mountain Lake. They’ll take several weeks to pile on layers, creating a nice slick for the daredevils who arrive on opening day. Here are some photos of Snow Mountain construction, shot yesterday by AJCer John Spink. The attraction opens a little earlier this year, catching that post-Christmas crowd that so badly needs to get …

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Best Event of 2009: Paul McCartney at Piedmont Park

After tallying your nominations and analyzing your votes, the clear winner for Atlanta’s Best Event of 2009 was The Green Concert at Piedmont Park with Sir Paul McCartney.


Paul McCartney's Green Concert at Piedmont Park was voted Atlanta's Best Event of 2009. AJC file photo

Why, despite the huge crowd, rough weather and ticketing troubles? Just check out this user-submitted photo gallery.

Or consider what one commenter wrote: “Paul McCartney at Piedmont Park reminded us all of what an amazing feeling you get when you join with thousands of other people to experience the performance of a musical legend and master communicator.”

Indeed, much of Atlanta seems to be celebrating Piedmont Park — now drought-free, three of the five most popular events were held there.

Of course, all the finalists drew big crowds, and I hope we’ll see all those festivals and events grow and get more creative. More fun=better Atlanta.

Here are the other events that filled out your Top 5 Atlanta Events …

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Ultimate Fighting at Atlanta Symphony Hall?

Well, this isn’t a headline I expected to see on a press release: “Brawl at Atlanta’s Symphony Hall.”

It has nothing to do with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s new 25-year-old concertmaster, nothing to do with musicians in a duel of skill, nothing to do with diva rivalry.

Indeed, Sin City Fight Club and SportFight X will hold 15 mixed martial arts fights at Atlanta Symphony Hall on Jan. 16, 2010.


Atlanta Symphony Hall, all decked out for Christmas. Now, can you picture it as a fight venue? Photo by Jeff Roffman.

A quick definition for those of you who, like me, know only that brawls are atypical at Symphony Hall: mixed martial arts is also known as Ultimate Fighting. Competitors use techniques from boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and other fighting styles to knock each other out.

This event will feature Saraiva Mixed Martial Arts owner Diego “The Octopus” Saraiva of Doraville, “Georgia’s fastest rising and possibly brightest new star” Ethan Garrison and former Tennessee …

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Buckhead’s luxury St. Regis Hotel opens 7th floor ice rink

icerink.1201_3 (Small)

The St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead opened an ice rink on 7th floor terrace on Dec. 5, 2009. AJC/Elissa Eubanks

Ice skating at downtown Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, a temporary rink known for craggy ice and a family friendly atmosphere: $9 for 90 minutes and skate rental.

Ice skating at the IceForum at Town Center, a permanent facility in Kennesaw with public skating sessions: $10 for up to two hours and skate rental.

Ice skating at the St. Regis Hotel’s new temporary rink on Buckhead hotel’s 7th floor terrace: $30 for one hour and skate rental.

Um. Wow. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t skate.

Don’t get me wrong, the new rink that AJCer Katie Leslie wrote about in today’s paper sounds lovely, with a gentler crowd and curiosity-inducing location:

Organizers have created the rink atop a grassy lawn on the seventh floor terrace of the luxury building, next to its spacious pool and waterfall. Engineers from Ice Rink Events, partnering with event production firm The Maverick …

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PHOTOS: Atlanta Critical Mass-querade Halloween bike ride


Hey drivers, watch for that clown, chef, Boy Scout and guy wearing a parrot. AJC photos by Jamie Gumbrecht

And so, Halloween weekend begins.

Or rather, this is how Halloween weekend began at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. The last-Friday-of-the-month ride didn’t draw the same crowd that last year’s Halloween ride got, but there were still a couple hundred people in crazy costumes heading up Peachtree Street by 6:45 p.m.

As one rider put it, “This is the only time people actually like us.”

How could you not smile when you see Rainbow Brite pedaling down the road?


The Mighty Beardapus is mighty, but not above accepting help on his bike cam.


Sergio Garzon of Atlanta can, indeed, fly. On a bike.


Pippi Longstocking helped Spider-Man prep for the ride.


And they're off!

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PHOTOS: Little Five Points Halloween Parade

parade1017_6 (Small)

The Little Five Points Halloween Parade, where Atlanta gets freaky in a (mostly) family friendly way. Here, James Abele hula hoops. AJC photos by Jamie Gumbrecht.

Here’s what I noticed this afternoon at the Little Five Points Halloween Parade (<<more photos) down Euclid Avenue:

  • The crowd seemed a little smaller, but the parade itself seemed longer.
  • “Thriller” is this year’s Halloween song of choice. If there was music, it was Michael.
parade1017_13 (Small)

Go-go-dancing, baton-twirling, dress-flapping, hair-bouncing gals of Atlanta.

  • A league of baton twirlers! Why did nobody tell me?! That’s awesome!
  • No ninjas, tons of pirates. Maybe there’s something to this pirate museum after all?
parade1017_14 (Small)

These fellows walked with the Atlanta Pirate and Wenches Guild.

  • The Seed and Feed Marching Abominable: still charming.
  • The most dominant characters were werewolves on little bikes, lucha libre wrestlers and oversized dragons.
parade1017_9 (Small)

Doesn't the dragon look just as surprised as the skeleton? Were they not expecting the …

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Castleberry Hill’s Art House Co-op to move to Brooklyn

Art House Co-op, the Atlanta-based organizer of nationwide art projects, will leave the South in January to move to Brooklyn.

Art House opened a gallery in Decatur in 2006, then moved to its Art House Gallery in Castleberry Hill. It’s a fun place to stop by — I posted a Le Flash photo from there on Friday night — but the projects are fun to participate in, too. The good news for Atlanta, and the rest of the world, is that those massive community art projects will continue. Geographic variety always seemed like the point.

Here’s part of the letter sent to the mailing list on Tuesday:

For the past three years, Art House has resided in Atlanta, Georgia. We have grown to love it here and love the people around us. This is where we started and this is where we grew. It was here where we had our first “project” and grew faster then we ever thought we could. Atlanta was where all of your amazing art has been shown and resided at for the past few years. With growth comes the need for …

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