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September discounts for members of 9 Atlanta attractions

I typically leave the money-saving news to Rana Cash over at the Atlanta Bargain Hunter blog, but this one involves enough fun stuff around Atlanta that I want to make sure you see it.

Here’s the deal: during the month of September, you can use your membership at any of nine different institutions to get discounts at all the others.

Show your membership card to Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta History Center/Margaret Mitchell House, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Georgia Aquarium, High Museum of Art, Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, Michael C. Carlos Museum or Zoo Atlanta at any of the others. With that, you’ll get a free class or discounts on admission, cafe food, book shop purchases or memberships at other attractions.

Not a member? The deals are still good as soon as you join. Even without the discounts, memberships can be a good deal, if you are out and about often enough or like to have a first glimpse at what’s new.

Want the details? …

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‘Gold’ exhibition to open at Fernbank Museum on Sept. 26

The title of an exhibition to open at Fernbank Musem of Natural History next month pretty much says it all: “Gold.”

What will you see when it debuts Sept. 26? Ancient jewelry, doubloons from sunken Spanish galleons, Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, oh my! Indeed, lots and lots of gold.

A crystallized gold specimen found in Leadville, Colorado. Denis Finnin/American Museum of Natural History

Fernbank’s announcement said the exhibition is split into seven sections that cover mineralogy and geology, mining, gold in culture, art and fashion, treasure, world economies, symbols of success. There’s a section on Georgia’s local connection, too, from the Dahlonega Gold Rush to the gold dome at the State Capitol.

The exhibition also will include a photography exhibition, “Georgia’s Heart of Gold,” with work by student photographers from the Portfolio Center.

This is a touring exhibition organized by the American Museum of Natural History, in cooperation with The Houston Museum of Natural …

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Nickelodeon’s TV-free ideas for Atlanta-area fun with kids

Best ofs, Top Tens, Hot Lists for this or that — every media outlet does them, and rarely are they definitive, matching, or all that helpful.

But the list of Atlanta-area winners and nominees on Nick Parents’ Pick offers some solid suggestions for how to have fun with kids around here.

Here are a few of them:

For instant updates, follow @insideaccess on Twitter.

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Miley Cyrus’ whale shark swim not just Hollywood magic

Swimming with whale sharks at Georgia Aquarium. AJC file photo.

Miley Cyrus swam with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium this week while shooting for “The Last Song.” She climbed into the world’s largest fish tank as part of the film, which shot mostly along coastal Georgia. Reports Peach Buzz:

Spies on the set report that Miley took to the water right away in a specially made cobalt and red wetsuit created for her for the film (aquarium employees normally use less flashy and film-ready black wetsuits). Cyrus remarked to her mom (and film producer Leticia Cyrus) “how great” the experience was.

I didn’t have the customized fancy-pants-Hollywood-built wetsuit, but her dip into the water wasn’t a special effect either. I swam with the whale sharks last year for a story, which you can read here: “How to swim with (whale) sharks.”

I stick with my earlier assessment: it’s a fun and interesting experience, weird on the lungs and a clear reminder of the importance of personal …

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Finding fun on Twitter: Atlanta museums and attractions

I’m off an an adventure today, but for those in front of their computers working diligently reading this blog, maybe you can plan something fun for later?

Obviously, I spend a lot of time wading through the calendar — those daily to-do posts don’t curate themselves — but Twitter is a solid tool for instant updates on what’s going on around town.

So here ya go, a list of Atlanta area museums and attractions on Twitter. I’ll do another few rounds for music and arts venues and organizations. Till then, if you have recommendations for this or other Twitter lists, share them in the comments or on Twitter — I’m insideaccess.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
On Twitter: AtlBotGarden
Why follow? Great event reminders, but only when updated — not since July.

Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
On Twitter: BeContemporary
Why follow? Interesting place, but hasn’t updated since June. Tell us more, ACAC!

Atlanta History Center
On Twitter: ATLHistCenter
Why follow? Discounts, …

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Panda-inspired ice cream, then ‘Pints for Pandas’ tonight

Lun Lun at Zoo Atlanta. AJC file photo.

Lots of delicious news about pandas for today, as Zoo Atlanta continues its Give So They Stay campaign to raise $500,000. They’ll use the money to help extend the lease on pandas loaned from China.

First, panda ice cream:

Jake’s Ice Cream has just introduced the flavor Pandamonium, with 50 cents from every scoop sold benefiting Zoo Atlanta’s Give So They Stay campaign.

Pandamonium is a fusion of Sencha green tea, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg with a sweet cream base.

Jake’s, scooping its latest creation at its Old Fourth Ward and Emory area locations, hopes to raise $10,000 toward the panda campaign, which has received donations of $66,000 since its mid-June launch.

Not so much into ice cream? How about beer?

From Peach Buzz:

Sidle up to the bar at SweetWater Brewing Company Friday night for the Atlanta brewery’s “Pints for Pandas” tasting event. The evening featuring bottomless pint glasses will benefit Zoo Atlanta’s …

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Fernbank IMAX Film Festival schedule, ticket deal announced

The IMAX Film Festival at Fernbank Museum of Natural History starts this month, and the lineup announced to today goes from below sea level to the reach of the trapeze.

The museum asked viewers to pick their top six films in a field of 13. Each winner will show for two weeks in the next few months.

The films are listed below, but first: the museum also announced a Festival Flex Pass, which includes six tickets that can be used in any combination during the festival. (The can be used at Martinis & IMAX shows, too.) The passes cost $60 for non-members and $45 for members and must be used by Oct. 1. Regular ticket prices are $13 for adults, $12 for students and seniors, $11 for children and $8 for members.

Here’s the movie lineup — I added the links, but the descriptions came from Fernbank:

Aug. 17-Aug. 30
“Hurricane on Bayou”: Dive with baby alligators, dance to Cajun rock’n blues music and experience the force of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
“Greece: Secrets of the …

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Night at the museum: Fernbank offers sleepover with dinos

Fernbank Museum of Natural History held its first public sleepover on Aug. 2. Goodnight dinosaurs! Jamie Gumbrecht/AJC

An artifact had gone missing, so they were told, and if anybody would find it, it would be them — this band of children with swiftly approaching Sunday night bedtimes.

Dance party at Fernbank! Jamie Gumbrecht/AJC

With parents and grandparents in tow, a few dozen kids ages 7 to 12 were the first public crowd ever to spend the night in Fernbank Museum of Natural History. They paid $75 to $100 per person for overnight access to the exhibits, two meals, a morning IMAX movie and the bragging rights that come with having worn pajamas in public. (More photos to come soon!)

Fernbank says that customers have long asked for overnight programs like those at Zoo Atlanta or the Georgia Aquarium, but “Night at the Museum” movies upped the number of requests. (Fernbank certainly isn’t the only museum seeing these requests roll in more frequently. This isn’t new, …

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POLL: Are you over Zoo Atlanta’s pandas?

Xi Lan was born Aug. 30, 2008. In this recent photo, he lounges in his favorite spot in Zoo Atlanta's panda enclosure. His big sister, Mei Lan, will soon head back to China. Vino Wong/AJC

For years now, the biggest draw to Zoo Atlanta has been its black-and-white fuzzballs, a pair of panda parents and their Atlanta-born offspring, Mei Lan and Xi Lan. This is no surprise. There are 13 captive pandas in the United States and we’ve got four of them. It’s incredibly special.

But now the Grant Park zoo is trying to raise $500,000 more to keep them, rather than sending them back to China when the lease ends. An AJC story, “Fund-raising lags to keep pandas in Atlanta,” says even the undisputed stars of the local animal kingdom aren’t a big moneymaker right now:

With $2 million already pledged from corporations and foundations, the zoo went public with its “Give So They Stay” campaign in mid-June, and has raised $59,000. That’s roughly a tenth of the goal, but no one seems …

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Budget cuts may cause Georgia Music Hall of Fame to close

Photo courtesy Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame was already on the ever-growing list of attractions, cultural venues and community centers to cut back, and now there’s this: it might close at the end of 2009 if it can’t raise $225,000 by Oct 27.

Friday’s AJC story said the Hall of Fame authority met Thursday in Atlanta to address cuts in state funding and earned income. Already, full-time staff has been reduced, furloughs implemented and hours cut. That $225,000 is the minimum it needs to remain open. (9:40 p.m.: An updated AJC story, including Macon and museum officials.)

A Nov. 2008 report* from the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts shows the museum relies on state funding for about 75 percent of its annual budget. In 2008, it brought in about $277,000 on its own, and spent about $1.5 million. Plainly: the state can’t afford to cover it anymore.

The Hall of Fame had been inducting artists since 1979, but state leaders pegged Macon for the …

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