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Center for Puppetry Arts announces 2010-11 season


"The Lion, The Mouse & Other Aesop's Fables," by Red Herring Puppets of Fairview, N.C. is on the Center for Puppetry Arts 2010-11 series.

The Center for Puppetry Arts announced its 2010-11 season this week, one packed with family shows, a few not-for-kids shows, films and workshops. Some of the shows written locally by Jon Ludwig include “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”,”The Body Detective” and “Beauty & The Beast, and there are plenty of shows produced by other theaters, as well.

I’ve posted the list below, or you can see more details on the shows, times and prices.

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May 25-June 6:
“Stellaluna” by Tears of Joy Theatre of Portland, Ore.
June 8-20: “The Lion, The Mouse & Other Aesop’s Fables,” by Red Herring Puppets of Fairview, N.C.
June 22-July 3: “Hansel & Gretel,” by Tanglewood Marionettes of Ware, Mass.
July 6-18: “Billy Goats Gruff and Other Stuff,” by All Hands Productions of Atlanta
July 20-Aug. 1: “Everybody Loves Pirates” by Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers of Bar Harbor, Maine
Aug. 6-Sept. 12: “Rumpelstiltskin” by
Sept. 16-26: “Wake Up Your Weird” with Lolly and Leslie
Sept. 30-Oct. 31: “Charlotte’s Web”
Nov. 2: “The Nightingale” by Figures of Speech Theatre of Freeport, Maine
Nov. 18-Jan. 2: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
Dec. 3-5: “Hats Off to the Sea (Chapeau la Mer)” by Compagnie Coatimundi of Chateaurenard, France
Jan. 4-16: “Randel McGee & Groark” by Randel McGee of Hanford, Cali.
Jan. 20-March 13: “The Body Detective”
Feb. 1-13: “There’s a Dinosaur in the Closet” by Coad Canada Puppets of North Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb. 22-March 6: “Coyote Sings” by Magical Moonshien Theatre of Vallejo, Cali.
March 8-20: “The Dragon King” by Tanglewood Marionettes of Ware, Mass.
March 22-April 10: “The Stinky Cheese Man” by Paul Mesner Puppets of Kansas City, Mo.
April 7-May 29: “Beauty & the Beast”

Oct. 14-31:
“The Ghastly Dreadfuls: Demi-Omnibus”
Feb. 15-20: “A November Day: A War Story”
April 15-17: “Suspended Animation” by The Huber Marionettes of Cookeville, Tenn.
May 19-22: “Xperimental Puppetry Theater”

8 p.m. June 5:
“Handmade Puppet Dreams IV”
8 p.m. July 9: “Mary and Max”
8 p.m. Aug. 14: “Sita Sings the Blues”
7 p.m. Sept. 22: “Spook House Dave! A Boy. A Castle. And a Bunch of Monsters.”
8 p.m. Jan. 21: Puppet Animation from the National Film Board of Canada
8 p.m. April 7: “Stories of the American Puppet”

7 p.m. Dec. 11:
“A Muppet Family Christmas”
8 p.m. Feb. 11: “Dreamchild”
8 p.m. March 12: “The Witches”
7 p.m. April 23: “The Tale of the Bunny Picnic”
7 p.m. May 14: “Hey Cinderella!”

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