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Know before you go: Peach Drop at Underground Atlanta

DCS2 PEACH DROP _509221 (Small)

Atlanta's Peach Drop in 1999. Ten years later, that 800-pound peach is ready to drop again. AJC file photo

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2013 Peach Drop New Year’s Eve at Underground Atlanta

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Jamie Gumbrecht

January 1st, 2010
5:53 pm

Terry, you’re totally right — image matters. I grew up just outside Detroit, and no matter what good happens there, it’s overshadowed by the bad; we never hear of it, or it’s treated as an isolated incident. The panhandling downtown is a complicated issue, too — it’s incredibly uncomfortable and skews the perception of the city’s problems. I suppose more cops could cut back the panhandling, but I can see why it’s hard to focus police attention on it when there are far more serious crimes occurring. You’re right about the NASCAR museum, too, but since then, we’ve had a glut of new venues working on moving in downtown. Still, I think I’m more heartened by the work going on around Georgia State. Facilitating more street life downtown will only help the businesses, image and quality of life.

Dave, you make an interesting point, too: Post-Peach Drop, there wouldn’t be a lot going on downtown that wasn’t a party inside a hotel or the venues inside Underground Atlanta. Some of that has to do with the last-call law within the city, which we’ve discussed in earlier posts on the blog, and some has to do, I think, with the tourism/resident culture. Downtown is generally more tourist-friendly, I think. When I’ve got visitors in town, we do often wind up downtown for an event or a specific venue, like the Georgia Aquarium, but when we just want to walk around, grab a drink or shop, we head to other neighborhoods that aren’t quite so obvious to those who have only a guidebook or a few days to play.


January 1st, 2010
3:16 pm

Seriously, I agree! Atlanta wants to market itself as this fantastic, progressive city, but it is so behind. Tourist would probably have a more exciting time in Buffalo, New York!


January 1st, 2010
3:06 pm

Well, I decided to venture down to Underground lastnite around 10:00. There were hoards of people everywhere, but it was impossibe to hear the band unless you were close to the stage. I couldn’t understand why there weren’t speakers placed throughout the area.
The only thing that I was able to hear were the street preachers, yelling while carrying their signs informing everyone to repent.
Furthermore, after leaving Underground once the clock struck midnite there was nothing to do
in downtown. Except for the Hooters and the Hardrock Cafe. The few bussiness in downtown were all closed. Could not even get a cup a coffee!