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How much will you pay for a New Year’s Eve party?

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The Peach Drop in Underground Atlanta is a good time for the price of a good coat and hat, but other New Year's Eve party prices go way, way up from there. AJC file photo

Well, hello, hello! I’m back from an exhausting week of travel and merriment, and shifting now from Christmas mode to New Year’s Eve planning.

The chatter I hear isn’t so much about which party people will go to, but how much they’ll pay for it. You can get a night’s worth of chilled-to-the-core entertainment for free at the Peach Drop in Underground Atlanta, I see a lot in the $20 to $125 range…and then there are parties around town charging $2,000 for a VIP ticket.

I’m sure it’s a memorable way to ring in a new decade, but at that price, I’d never hear the end of it from my Atlanta Bargain Hunter cubicle-mate — or my conscience. At this point, any checks that require a comma had better be tiling my bathroom or feeding hungry wedding guests. 2010, I will toast you with pals and a SweetWater, thanks.

If you haven’t decided where you’ll meet the new year, here’s a list of dozens of New Year’s Eve events around Atlanta, from restaurants to comedy clubs to the Botanical Garden to Symphony Hall.

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