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gloATL dances again with ‘Crea’ at Woodruff Arts Center


A gloATL dancer performs at Le Flash in Castleberry Hill. The dance company performs "Crea" inside the High Museum of Art on Dec. 10, 2009. AJC file photo

Two weeks away from Christmas, you’d think the most accessible dance performances would involve nutcrackers and eye-high kicks, but I’ll argue for another: “Crea” by gloATL.



If it’s anything like performances by the dance company earlier this year, it won’t be anything you can call familiar. I don’t expect that we’ll recognize a signature move or a traditional costume. I just love how creator-choreographer Lauri Stallings creates art that fits into spaces we already know, or think we know — the Woodruff Arts Center lawn, the streets of Castleberry Hill and this time, the Robinson Atrium inside the High Museum of Art. Stages and auditoriums are rightfully beloved spaces, but they’re special occasion spaces, places that very few experience in their day-to-day lives. Robinson Atrium is hardly a hang-out, but it’s the kind of place that people mostly check out on their way to see other works of art. Not this time.

In an interview with Pierre Ruhe of — read the entire story on the AJC Arts & Culture blog — Stallings explains:

“I spend my off hours thinking about photography and sculpture and the other arts,” she says, “and my choreography is very largely a response to the surrounding architecture, where gloATL is like water: we’ll shape to fill whatever space we’re in.”

In conversation, Stallings is a bit of a mystic. “The arts are more alike than different,” she offered. “Richard Meier’s architecture screams to us: ‘Move!’ ‘Dance!’ His atrium is built on spontaneity and a mode of play, and there’s a crazy vortex of energy in there that sucks you upward. He seems to be talking [in architecture] in the same movement language that our dancers use.”

Nutcracker it is not, but I can’t think of dance more accessible than one that fits into the space we’re in.

Want to go? “Crea” by gloATL. 8 p.m. Dec. 10. $25-$100. $19 museum/dance admission deal from Atlanta Bargain Hunter. High Museum of Art’s Robinson Atrium, 1280 Peachtree St. N.E. 404-733-5000,

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