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Halloween safety tips for this (maybe) rainy holiday


These kids were trick-or-treating in Dunwoody a few years ago. Find a neighborhood without much traffic when going from house to house. AJC file photo

Bad news, fun fans. The National Weather Service forecast for Atlanta now calls for an 80 percent chance of rain, starting today and lasting through Saturday. The good news, though, is that by Saturday night, the likelihood will decrease to 30 percent.

If you’re not willing to go house-to-house in the drizzle, check out the Holiday Guide for other kid-, costume- and candy-friendly activities going on that night. (There are even more parties, haunted houses and events for adults listed, too.)

So pack up the ponchos and roll back the clock if it’s going to be a late night for you. I’m not sure yet what’s in store for my Halloween — depends how quickly we run out of Skittles.

Here are some reminders for how to stay safe with your kids and pets:

  • It sounds like a bad comedy, but really: make sure costumes are flame retardant and stay away from jack-o-lanterns. (Don’t hurt yourself making one of those, either. Here’s how to carve a pumpkin.)
  • Try makeup instead  of a mask, especially for kids. It’s probably more comfortable, and less likely to obstruct vision.
  • Two words: reflective tape. And a few more: bring a flashlight!
  • FAKE knives, FAKE guns, FAKE swords. Fake weapons all around, and be careful not to hurt people with those. Plastic or cardboard may not cut or impale you, but it still smarts. Better yet, no weapons at all. Mom and dad always end up carrying them, anyway.
  • Don’t let kids trick-or-treat alone. Set some ground rules: no going inside other people’s houses, no getting into cars, no breaking away from the group.
  • Eat a meal beforehand to keep little ones from downing too much sugar while they’re out gathering their bounty.
  • Inspect to make sure candy isn’t opened and keep only what looks familiar. Wash fruit before taking a bite. If you’ve got too much, consider taking your leftovers to a candy buyback event at a local dentist’s office.
  • For pets: Fine, dress Mr. Snuggles up this season, but don’t feed your pets candy — especially dark chocolate — or let them get into the stash of bowel-obstructing wrappers. Raisins, too, can cause kidney failure in dogs and cats. Leave nature’s candy to the children.

For more info: Decatur police safety tips, ASPCA pet safety tips, CDC Halloween health and safety tips

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